EAS FC Catalogue Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

EAS FC Catalogue Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


EAS FC Catalogue houses hundreds of different in-game unlockable items that help improve your FIFA experience. Find out how it works and what is new in EAS FC Catalogue for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team in this complete guide.



November 23, 2014
The loan players from the EAS FC Catalogue were updated.

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What is the EAS FC


EA Sports Football Club is FIFA’s social network. It the heartbeat of FIFA and it becomes more connected and more social.

It connects you to all of your FIFA friends and shares your successes and accomplishments with them via an in-game news and alerts feed. The ability to send gifts or messages to them is back as well as the ability to go directly to different areas of the game directly from the news and alerts feed. This means that everyone is connected to friends in FIFA like never before. It also tracks progress through the game by awarding you with XP and Football Club Credits, which allow you to redeem hundreds of in-game un-lockable items to enhance your FIFA experience.

The EA Sports Football Club experience doesn’t just start and end on your console. When you’re not playing the game, you have the ability to stay connected to all of your friends FIFA activity on the EA Sports Football Club companion app and on the EA Sports Football Club website. This means your FIFA experience can stay with you wherever they are.


This year, EA Sports Football Club has a new widget present across all modes that makes it easier to share news with your friends and redeem items in the Catalogue. With the new EAS FC Widget you can:

    You decide exactly what to share with customized messages around big wins, promotions or that amazing player you just found in Ultimate Team.
    Comment, like or dislike news shared by your friends as it happens. The messaging system was also improved. There will be less spam filling your news feed.
    Catalogue items related to the mode you’re currently in are now displayed first. New virtual boots, kits, celebrations, FUT items and more will be available to redeem using Football Club Credits built up just by playing the game.


EAS FC Catalogue Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

The new EAS FC widget brought great improvements



What is the EAS FC Catalogue


There is a 2000 XP daily limit

Now that you already know what is the EA Sports Football Club, we will focus on the EAS FC Catalogue. It is a kind of store where you can trade the FCC (Football Club Credits) earned with hundreds of items.

The EAS FC Catalogue houses hundreds of different in-game unlockable items that help improve your FIFA experience. Your EA Sports Football Club Level determines which ones are available for you to redeem. As a Level 10 gamer, you’ll only have access to items categorized from Level 1 to 10. So, the more you play and level up will give you access to more unlockable items. Use the FCC you’ve earned through your play to redeem the items for use. Items include things like goal celebrations, historic kits, extra matches in Seasons and coin boosts in Ultimate Team.


The EAS FC Catalogue was initially created for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. It was the way that EA found to reward you by your FIFA time play. Until there, your progression could be tracked by your level XP but it was useless. With the addiction of EAS FC Catalogue, you have more reasons to play the game because your efforts are rewarded with unlockable items.

Last year, the biggest addition to the EAS FC Catalogue was the feature that allows you to send gifts to friends. But things did not go well. EA Sports have disabled the most popular and most wanted item of the EAS FC catalogue, the FUT Coin Reward Boosts, because thousands of players have exploited a glitch that allow them to earn much more coins than it was supposed to give. The item was unavailable for five months, between October 2013 and February 2014.

FUT Coin Reward Boosts and the feature to send gifts are now back in FUT 15. The biggest addition this year is probably the loan players item that gives you the chance to try top players in your Ultimate Team squad.


EAS FC Catalogue Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

There are many players waiting to be loaned to you inside and outside the EAS FC Catalogue



How EAS FC Catalogue works


As we have said, you need two things to redeem items from the EAS FC Catalogue on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: EAS FC Level and FC Credits.

  • EAS FC Level
  • No matter what game mode you’re in, there are numerous things you can do to be automatically awarded with XP (Experience Points). Once you complete one of these events you’ll be notified that you’ve earned XP via an in-game pop-up. It will also appear in your personal news feed and be blasted out to all of your friends’ news feeds to showcase what you’ve just done (it depends of which filters are on). Your XP total will be seen in the EA Sports Football Club widget in the corner of most screens. Each time you reach a certain XP threshold, showcased in a meter that fills up, you’ll reach a new level. You can also compare your Level with all of your FIFA friends within the Leaderboards panel from the EA Sports Football Club hub.

  • FC Credits
  • FCC is the abbreviation of Football Club Credits, the EA Sports Football Club currency. Don’t confuse with Ultimate Team coins. In the exact same way you earn XP, you’ll earn FCC. Your FCC total can be seen in the EAS FC widget in the corner of most screens. You can use your FCC to redeem unlockable items that can enhance your FIFA experience in the EAS FC Catalogue.

You may earn XP and FCC in FUT 15 playing matches, winning tournaments, getting promoted or leveling up your EAS FC level. Outside Ultimate Team mode, you may also earn XP and FCC completing challenges in highlights of the week, getting promoted in seasons head to head or in Co-Op and winning awards or cups in career.


Unlike what happened in previous years, you can now access the EAS FC catalogue wherever you are. You don’t have to back out of the mode you’re in because it is always available through the new EA Sports Football Club widget. To access the catalogue, follow click on ‘Catalogue’ in Home menu or press the Right Stick and then go all to the right until you see the shopping cart icon. The EAS FC catalogue is now optimized to show you first the items of the game mode you are in.

Inside the EAS FC Catalogue, the items are organized by level of experience and by game mode. It is possible, for example, to filter the items that are exclusively for Ultimate Team mode. You can not redeem items of a higher level of yours and you are not allowed to buy a item more than once. The purchased items are marked with a green tick and the inactive items are marked in gray until you reach the respective level.

The EAS FC catalogue is only available in the console. You can not access it through the Web App or mobile devices. You will not find it in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for Android or for iOS, but your progress in the game will contribute for your level XP and FC credits. You can use them to redeem items on your console.


It is possible to offer an item that you already have redeemed to yourself

To offer an item can be very advantageous because it only costs half the price you pay when you redeem that item for yourself. Ask a friend to offer you the items you want and do the same to him. Both will save.

It is very simple to send a gift. You just need to go to the EAS FC catalogue, find it and select the option ‘send a gift’ which is right besides the ‘redeem’ option. It will pop a list of your friends and you just need to choose who you want to send the gift to finish the process. You can only offer items to friends that play in the same console you do. For example: it is not possible to send a gift to a Playstation 3 owner if you play in Playstation 4.

You can only redeem an item to yourself once. However, you can send it as a gift as many times as you wish, even if you already have it. In the same way, you can only accept gifts if you do not have them yet.


EAS FC Catalogue Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

You can only redeem an item once



Items for FUT 15


The EAS FC Catalogue has hundreds of items but we will focus on the Ultimate Team ones. We will explain one by one, the role of each item.


FUT Increased Transfer Targets Pile Size

EAS FC Catalogue Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


FUT 15 transfer targets list has, by default, 30 slots. This EAS FC Catalogue item allows you to manually add more 20 items into your transfer target.

This increase takes places automatically the next time you go to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team after purchasing the item.

We strongly recommend this item, especially if you think you have good trading skills. A large transfer target pile is really useful to help to study the market.

20 500 FC C 20


FUT Increased Transfer List Size

EAS FC Catalogue Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


If you have not reached the requested level to redeem these items, ask someone more experienced than you to offer you them

FUT 15 transfer list has, by default, 30 slots. This EAS FC Catalogue item allows you to increase your transfer list. This increase takes place automatically the next time you go to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team after purchasing the item.

This is a must-have. You can improve your profits thanks to a larger transfer list. You will be able to send to the market more items, which means that they will sell more. It’s like having a small and a huge store. Which one sells more ?

The players with highest levels have the chance to increase the transfer list size from 30 to 100 slots (!).

11 600 FC C 10
35 1,250 FC C 10
53 2,750 FC C 30
83 2,000 FC C 20


FUT Coin Reward Boost

EAS FC Catalogue Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


This EAS FC Catalogue item allows you to receive some additional FUT Coins for each match you play and the item is active. The bonus is added at the end of each match, along with the coins resulting from your performance. For example: a FUT Coin Reward Boost 1000×5 means that you will receive 1000 additional FUT Coins at the end of each of the 5 next matches you complete.

This is the most wanted EAS FC Catalogue item for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Depending of the amount of matches and your level XP, you can get up to 90k coins. It is a huge gift for any club. Players should get these items as soon as possible, because they are more valuable on the beginning of the game when there is less cash flow in the market.

1 150 FC C 200×10
8 350 FC C 200×5
14 600 FC C 200×10
20 1,000 FC C 1000×10
28 1,500 FC C 200×15
32 800 FC C 1000×5
36 750 FC C 200×5
45 2,000 FC C 1000×15
51 2,000 FC C 1000×10
56 2,250 FC C 1000×10
61 1,750 FC C 1000×5
73 3,500 FC C 1000×10
95 5,000 FC C 1000×15
113 6,000 FC C 200×15



Redeem all the coin boost items at once. Only one will be active at a time but the game will make sure that you will always be rewarded until the items run out.


Players on Loan

EAS FC Catalogue Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


Matuidi, Bale and James Rodríguez are examples of players available for loan in the catalogue

This EAS FC Catalogue item allows you to try in your team some of the most popular football players of the world during the loan duration.The player is added to your team the next time you go to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team after purchasing the item.

Players on loan is the biggest addition to the EAS FC Catalogue for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. During the season, there will be new loan players added. You should redeem these items as soon as possible. You can play with several players on loan at the same time. If they remain on the subs or reserves, their loan duration keeps the same.

2 200 FC C Killian Brennan (24)
5 400 FC C Sam Winnall(24)
7 800 FC C Luca Toni (15)
10 1,000 FC C Jonathan Soriano (14)
12 1,200 FC C Raheem Sterling (11)
15 1,200 FC C Aaron Ramsey (9)
18 1,800 FC C Blaise Matuidi (8)
21 2,200 FC C Wesley Sneijder (7)
23 2,500 FC C James Rodríguez (5)
25 3,000 FC C Arturo Vidal (5)
27 3,500 FC C Gareth Bale (4)
30 4,000 FC C Robert Lewandowski (4)
2 200 FC C Mauricio Albornoz (23)
5 400 FC C Sven Lüscher (22)
7 800 FC C Habib Habibou (17)
10 1,000 FC C Graham Zusi (16)
12 1,200 FC C Esteban Paredes (12)
15 1,200 FC C Arribas (12)
18 1,800 FC C Juanfran (11)
21 2,200 FC C Rémy Cabella (11)
23 2,500 FC C Marko Baša (10)
25 3,000 FC C Paul Pogba (9)
27 3,500 FC C Sergio Agüero (3)
30 4,000 FC C Manuel Neuer (3)


FUT Extra Squad Slot

EAS FC Catalogue Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


FUT 15 clubs have, by default, 15 squads. This EAS FC Catalogue item allows you to create an extra squad to your club. This increase takes place automatically the next time you go to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team after purchasing the item.

Most of gamers do not need this item. It is only for those who love to build several squads and has reached the limit.

4 200 FC C 1
12 400 FC C 1
25 600 FC C 1
29 800 FC C 1
40 1,000 FC C 1
49 1,100 FC C 1
58 1,200 FC C 1
63 1,300 FC C 1
69 1,400 FC C 1
89 1,500 FC C 1


FUT Match Player Contract

EAS FC Catalogue Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


This EAS FC Catalogue item allows you to receive one card which can be applied to any player, increasing their contract length to 99 matches. This is awarded automatically the next time you go to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team after purchasing the item.

Everyone should redeem this item. Contracts may be very expensive and it is a good way to save a few coins. You should apply this item to good final players of your squad when they are running out of contracts.

15 1,000 FC C 99
31 1,800 FC C 99
62 3,000 FC C 99
80 4,000 FC C 99
99 6,000 FC C 99


FUT Change Club Name

EAS FC Catalogue Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


This EAS FC Catalogue item allows you to change your club’s name in FUT. You are automatically prompted with the name change option the next time you go to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team after purchasing the item.

When you create a new club, you choose a name for it. If you played FUT 14 you have the chance to change it when you start FUT 15 for the first time. This item is the only way to change it again after that. Most of gamers do not need this item, but for the ones they need, it can be really precious.

22 2,000 FC C 1


Celebrations, Kits and Balls

EAS FC Catalogue Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


Items like celebrations can be used in several game modes

In previous years, it was possible to use celebrations, kits and balls in all game modes, including Ultimate Team. If you didn’t know it, you have the chance of doing it this year.

You can redeem any celebration, kit or ball you like and it will be unlocked to use also in your Ultimate Team modes. It is a good way to impress your opponents. If you want to know which buttons you have to press to perform the celebration you have chosen, click here. If you want know more about kits and balls, click here.

1 50 FC C Muevelo
11 350 FC C Prancing Bird
16 500 FC C Muscle Fle
22 750 FC C Dance
31 1,250 FC C Calm down
37 1,500 FC C The Worm
41 2,000 FC C Push Ups
47 2,250 FC C The Bear
50 2,500 FC C Chicken Dance
55 3,000 FC C Gallop Dance
60 3,500 FC C Patty Cake
77 4,000 FC C Ride the Cat


1 250 FC C uhlsport Ligue 2 OMB Winter
5 500 FC C adidas Fevernova and adidas Jabulani
6 250 FC C hummel Blade
16 250 FC C Under Armour 695 OMB
16 500 FC C adidas Tango España and Tango Pasadena
18 500 FC C adidas Questra and Tricolore
21 250 FC C adidas Teamgeist
21 500 FC C Macron Fusion and Macron Horizon
26 500 FC C adidas Telstar Duralast
28 500 FC C Warrior Superheat (white / gold / red)
30 500 FC C adidas Azteca Mexico and adidas Etrusco Unico
30 500 FC C adidas Tango Rosario


3 600 Notts Country (1948) and Preston (1888)
4 900 Helsingborgs IF (1944), IF Elfsborg (1949) and Malmo FF (1951)
5 900 Chelsea (1981-1983), Newcastle Utd (1995) and West Brom (1968)
6 900 Atl. Nacional (1989), Ind. Santa Fé (1975) and Millionarios FC (1987)
8 900 Arsenal (1970), Burnley (1960) and Stoke City (1972)
9 900 Blackburn Rovers (1995), Derby County (1971) and Wolverhampton (1986)
10 900 1. FSV Mains 05 (1006-1997), Bayer 04 (1970), Eint. Frankfurt (1959) and FC Augsburg (1973-1974)
13 900 Boca Juniors (2000), River Plate (1996) and San Lorenzo (2007)
14 900 AIK (1937), Djurgardens IF (1977) and IFK Goteborg (1957)
15 900 Bor. Dortmund (1966), Bor. M’gladbach (1972) and SC Freiburg (2004)
16 900 Athletic Bilbao (1902), FC Barcelona (1992) and Valencia CF (1980)
17 900 1. FC Koln (1973), FC Bayern (1972) and VfB Stuttgart (1991/1992)
18 900 América (1987), Guadalajara (1990) and U.N.A.M. (1980)
20 900 Inter (1908), Milan (1899) and Sampdoria (1946)
22 900 Marseille (1984), LOSC Lille (1940) and Olympique Lyon (2001)
23 900 1899 Hofenheim (1974-1975), FC Schalke 04 (1997), Hamburger SV (1983) and Hertha BSC (1906)
24 1500 Bordeaux (1984-1985), Fiorentina (1926), Braunschweig (1950), 1. FC Nurenburg (1920-1940) and United States (2013)
26 900 Aston Villa (1960), Everton (1986) and Manchester City (1969)
28 900 Juventus (1996), Roma (1983) and Torino (1977)
29 1500 Atlético Madrid (1974), Liverpool (1998), Napoli (1986), PSG (1998), Germany (1988)
30 900 Hannover 96 (1972-1973), VfL Wolsburg (1993-1994) and Werder Bremen (1966)





Here it is a video that will show you the entire catalogue:



New Stuff


For experienced Ultimate Team gamers, most of what we have published here isn’t new. In that way, we have created this short chapter to show you what has changed with EAS FC Catalogue:


FUT 14 >> FUT 15

    New Design
    Integration into a new widget
    Easier and faster access
    Added Players Loan items
    Level, prices and bonus adjustments in coin boost items



EAS FC Catalogue Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I access to the EAS FC Catalogue ?
A: From the EAS FC widget.

Q: Which items can I buy ?
A: You can buy all the items for which you have enough credits and which are not marked in grey. The items of a higher level than yours are not available for you until you reach these levels.

Q: Is there a limited number of times you can buy an item ?
A: Yes. You can only buy each item once, except to offer to your friends.

Q: Where is the item to increase the Consumables Pile size ?
A: It doesn’t exist. In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, the consumable pile has no limit.

Q: I already used the FUT Change Club Name item but I want to change it again. What can I do ?
A: Nothing. There is no other time.

Q: How many FUT coins reward boost can I use ? They are accumulating ?
A: You can and you should use all the FUT coins bonus that your level allows you. However, only one bonus will be active at a time. You can buy them all at once and every time a item expires the following turns active.

Q: Will my FC Credits and XP level be transferred from FIFA 14 to to FIFA 15 ?
A: Yes. Both.

Q: How can I send a gift to a friend ?
A: Simply select the item in the Catalogue, choose to redeem it, and you’ll be given an option to gift it to a friend. It only costs 50% of the regular price to send a gift and you can gift an item to a friend that hasn’t reached the level that the item is from.

Q: If I send a gift to a friend, still I be able to redeem it for myself ?
A: Yes! You can gift the item to as many people as you want, and still be able to redeem it for yourself.

Q: Every time I buy a item on the EAS FC Catalogue, my friends are notified. How do I disable it ?
A: You can modify your privacy settings to share or not share your news with your FIFA friends through EA Sports Football Club. Simply go to: ‘Customise’ – ‘Online Settings’ – ‘Privace Settings’.


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