How FIFA 16 Chemistry is Calculated

How FIFA 16 Chemistry is Calculated


The way the chemistry is calculated is probably the most well guarded secret in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.

We came up with the idea of uncovering it.


How FIFA 16 Chemistry is Calculated


If you are not familiar with chemistry, please read carefully our Chemistry Guide or watch the following video.

Let’s find out how FIFA 16 Chemistry is calculated.


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The Chemistry Effect on the Game


The chemistry interferes directly on the potential efficiency of the team during the match. More precisely, on the players’ attributes. That way, in the beginning of each match, the players’ attributes are directly affected by their individual chemistry and also by the team’s depending on the chemistry style that is active.

In the first place it is important to know that the chemistry value that is used in game is the weighted average of the individual chemistry (75%) and the squad’s chemistry (25%).

Unlike many people think, having individual chemistry values of 10 is much more important than having a value of 100 on the squad’s chemistry display. Even because the individual chemistry doesn’t only weights three quarters of the chemistry utilized on the game, but it also affects directly the chemistry of the squad, as we’re going to see next.

In other words, you can say that the attributes that each player starts a match with depend directly on the individual chemistry and partially on the squad’s chemistry. The following equation shows how the chemistry in game is calculated for each player:

Chemistry = (Individual Chemistry x 0.75) + (Team Chemistry x 0.025)


For example: a player with individual chemistry 10 on a squad with team chemistry 90 will play better than a player with individual chemistry 9 on a squad with team chemistry 100 (9.75 > 9.25).


Team’s Chemistry Calculation


Team Chemistry represents an accumulation of all the Individual Chemistry values. It varies between 0 and 100 and can be calculated with the following formula:

TC = IC1 + IC2 + … +IC11

TC is the team’s chemistry
IC is the player’s individual chemistry (to be seen further)

This formula allows team’s chemistries up to 110. However, in practical terms, any value that is superior to 100 has the same effect as 100.


Individual Chemistry Calculation


The Individual Chemistry varies between 0 and 10 and can be calculated with the following formula:

IC = PLC + MB + LB

IC is the individual chemistry of a player
PLC is the positioning and links chemistry
MB is the manager bonus
LB is the loyalty bonus

This formula allows individual chemistries up to 12. However, in practical terms, any value that is superior to 10 has the same effect as 10. Being possible, in theory, to get more than chemistry 10, allows other ways to reach the maximum chemistry and increases the diversity of teams with high chemistry.


Position and Links Chemistry (PLC)


The PLC depends of the player’s position and of the connections with his team mates. It varies between 0 and 10 and can be known on the following table:

How Chemistry is Calculated

Read the text below to understand how to get the PLC from this table


The columns correspond to the four categories of player’s positioning: red if he is in wrong position; orange if he is in an unrelated position; yellow if he is in a related position; green if he is in his natural position.

The following table shows all the combinations of possible positions:

How FIFA 16 Chemistry is Calculated


The rows correspond to the value L, which measures the links intensity of a player with his team mates, and that can be calculated as follows:

L = Sum of the numerical value of links received from surrounding players / Number of Links

The Numerical value of a link can be:

    3 (Hyper Link – Green)
    Same Nationality and Club
    2 (Strong Link – Green)
    Same Club but different Nationality
    Same nationality and League but different Club
    1 (Weak Link – Orange)
    Same League but different Nationality and Club
    Same Nationality but different League
    0 (Dead Link – Red)
    Different Club, League and Nationality.


Manager Bonus (MB)

The main Managers increase the Individual Chemistry by 1 point for every player that has a matching nation or a matching league.

However, the Individual boost of players with the same league and nation is 1. The bonus can not be higher than 1, so matching an individual player’s league and nation is not important.

How FIFA 16 Chemistry is Calculated


Loyalty Bonus (LB)

Loyalty increases the Individual Chemistry by 1 point for every player that has pulled from a pack (first owner) or has played 10 matches.

However, the Individual Chemistry boost of first owners cards with more than 10 matches is 1. The bonus can not be higher than 1, so getting these two thing is not important.

How Chemistry is Calculated


Legends’ Chemistry


Legends also need good chemistry to play better. Since they don’t have a league or club associated, there are slightly differences on how to calculated their chemistry. Basically, they link well with other Legends just like regular players link with their team mates. It’s like being a legend was a club.

In FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, the way how legends connects with other players has changed, to avoid penalize teams with legends:

    3 – Hyper Link (Green)
    Legend of the Same Nationality
    2 – Strong Link (Green)
    Legend but different Nationality
    Not Legend but same Nationality
    1 – Weak Link (Orange)
    Not a Legend and different Nationality
    0 – Dead Link (Red)
    Legends don’t have dead links no matter the player they are linking.

Manager bonus and loyalty bonus work with Legends just like for any other player. There is a Manager League card ‘Legends’ that can be used to give the extra chemistry point to your Legends. In certain cases, it may be useful to reach the maximum chemistry.


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Chemistry Calculation Example


It is too easy to find the team’s chemistry but, in order leave no doubts, we’ll calculate a hypothetical individual chemistry.

Imagine that we are trying to place Luis Suárez as LM on our 4-4-2 BBVA squad. How much individual chemistry he can reaches ?

The first thing to do is to see in the table of positions which ones have something to do with LM. Applying CF-CAM and CAM-CM cards, he will become a CM, an unrelated position to LM (orange). He has two strong links (same club with Iniesta and Alba) and one weak link (same league with Benzema), in three links possible. It means that L = (2+2+1)/3 > 1.6. So, looking this L on the orange column of the PLC table, we find that Suárez chemistry is 5, without bonuses. He didn’t need so much good connections since he would get the same chemistry even if L was lower than 1.6 and higher or equal than 1. With a manager from BBVA and playing more than 10 matches, he gets two extra chemistry points (5 to 7).


How Chemistry is Calculated


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  1. Hi,
    If a player reach chemistry of 10, does it matter how many red, orange or green link he has? I have players With 2 green, 1 orange and 2red and has 10 in chemistry.

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      No, it doesn’t matter. If he has individual chemistry 10, then you don’t need to improve it because he will not play better.

  2. Hey Rodrigo, correct me if I’m wrong.
    If I follow your formula : Chemistry = (Individual Chemistry x 0.75) + (Team Chemistry x 0.25).
    So, if a player has 10 individual chemistry and the team chemistry is 90 it gives you: (10 x 0.75) + (90 x 0.25) = 30
    On the other hand, if a player has 9 individual chemistry and the team chemistry is 100 it gives you: (9 x 0.75) + (100 x 0.25) = 31.75
    In your post your findings are: (9.75 > 9.25) is that just a mistake or is the formula not correct?
    Plus, where did you find this formula.
    Thanks in advance for your reply and your posts

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Hi Jorge.
      We like to find these formulas. It’s changeling. We spent a few days finding this one.
      The idea is right but the formula is not 100% correct because individual chemistry is measured between 0 and 10 while team chemistry is measured between 0 and 100. To find the final chemistry we need to use the same scale.
      To make things more clear, we updated the formula. Now, it is OK, right?!
      Thank you.

  3. Hi Rodrigo, in the Suárez example, you listed the first strong link as Xavi but it is actually Iniesta in the picture. Just wanted to point that out. Also how exactly does chemistry affect player performance. Is there a change in the in-game stats or something else?

  4. I’ve been struggling in FUT .. When I started things were going so well .. From Div 10 to Div 3 relatively comfortably as expected a few hiccups but comfortable nonetheless. When I hit Div 3 the problems started, and would you believe it I’ve been relegated back down to Div 7 .. Yes 7 .. I know it’s embarrassing. I sold all my players and I have 65k .. I was wondering if you guys could build a squad for me to help me get back up into divisions. I play mostly counter attack but at times I put together some sweet pass play. I’ve tried the 4-3-3, 4-3-3(4), 4-3-2-1, 4-5-1, 4-5-1(1) and 4-1-2-1-2 and none of them seem to work for me .. I’ve tried bundesliga, BPL, BBVA and even some hybrids but nothing works. PLEASE HELP

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      The problem is not your team. When we start it’s much easier to reach the top divisions because there are less players and with less experience. If you want to go to top divisions you will need a higher budget.

    2. Try this team it has been amazing for me
      Got me from div 10 to div 4 in a couple of weeks and ive been missing out on div 3 by a single point for 3 times
      Unlucky 🙁
      The team is basically built on pace and if correctly used it is a powerful weapon.
      GK Buffon
      RCB Manolas
      LCB Caceres
      RB Lopes
      LB Zuniga
      RCM Nainggolan
      LCM Perreyra
      CAM Callejon
      RW Candreva
      LW Felipe Anderson
      ST Doumbia
      They are all players from serie a and will cost you probably about 40k i assume
      The formation is 4-3-3 (4) and your most powerful weapon are counter attacks
      Just kick the ball to your wingers or try to get doumbia in a good chance
      Quality long balls will also be useful and corners too
      Let me know if it works for you 🙂

  5. Hi Rodrigo, helpfull article, thanks. Small correction, its Alba (Barcelona) – not Alaba (Bayern München), both FCB 😉

  6. Hi Rodrigo,

    In game, does a substitute take the chemistry of a player that has started the match ? A lot of players in FUT do that : they have full chem team, press start at the beginning of the game then do substitutions with 3 players with normally no chem, what’s the point ?

    Thanks for answer,

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      There is nothing official about this but we believe that the substitute take the chemistry of a player that has started the match. That’s why they do it.

  7. So does it affect player’s attributes? E.G. Player has 90 pace, 10 Chem in a team with 100 Chem and has Hunter card on him. Will his pace be like 93?

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