FIFA 23 Bundesliga Goalkeepers

The Best Goalkeepers

Bundesliga goalkeepers are the players who are used least on the field. Because of this, they are also first ignored when building a team. Most players start their purchases with a forward. Later they strengthen the midfield, the defence and the goal.

The truth is a good goalkeeper may be worth a lot of goals. Moreover, they are a good investment because they are usually the most economically accessible players.

When choosing a good goalkeeper, you shouldn’t focus only on his rating. Two fundamental attributes for choosing a good goalkeeper are reflexes and diving. The first measures a goalkeeper’s agility when making a save. The other measures the goalkeeper’s capacity to make a save when jumping.

The most experienced Ultimate Team players know that there is another leaning factor on a goalkeeper’s performance: height. The taller a goalkeeper is, the better his chances of having a clean sheet.
The Best FIFA 23 Bundesliga Goalkeepers

Global Overview (GK)

Neuer is still the best goalkeeper playing in the Bundesliga despite his age. No one can be compared to him. We have been writing these guides for ten years and have never seen a superiority as in this case: Neuer is the best Bundesliga goalkeeper in four of the six face stats! He doesn’t have weak points.

Péter Gulácsi and Kevin Trapp are also good Bundesliga Goalkeepers. If you don’t have enough coins to buy the Bayern keeper, they are who you should add to your team. Yann Sommer is also a decent choice but not as good as these two because of his height and not as good handling stats.

If you want someone even cheaper, you can try Koen Casteels.

Top 10 GKs

1 Manuel Neuer
2 Kevin Trapp
3 Péter Gulácsi
4 Yann Sommer
5 Koen Casteels
6 Gregor Kobel
7 Oliver Baumann
8 Lukáš Hrádecký
9 Mark Flekken
10 Manuel Riemann