The FC 24 Mad Ready event, sponsored by Nike, is the first promo of the season, available exclusively for early access players.
FC 24 Nike Mad Ready

Nike Event

The first event of the UT cycle is a collaboration between EA Sports and Nike, two renowned brands in the world of sports and gaming. This event offers players the opportunity to unlock exclusive in-game themed content, including special player items.

This campaign is an exclusive for player who got early access by buying Ultimate Edition or by subscribing EA Play.

Unlike traditional post-launch Ultimate Team Campaigns, Nike Mad Ready is focussed on completing unique Objectives to get special rewards by using Mad Ready Players. The Objectives and rewards have been tailor-made to help you get in the best shape for the upcoming year ahead.

During one week, five Nike Mad Ready Players will be available in packs featuring cosmetically upgraded versions with the same Attributes as their base versions.

Release Dates

The Mad Ready event was released for the first time in FC 24.
Release dates for FC 24 are estimated.

Start 22/09/2023 18:00 Fri
End 29/09/2023 18:00 Fri


The Nike event features several offers, including special items in packs, and objectives. To know which promo packs are available, go to our dedicated page.

18:00 7d Marquee Matchups W2
Rare Electrum Players Pack T
18:00 7d Loan Base Hero PP
Loan Player Pick
18:00 14d Themed team Pursuit
5x 80+ Rare Players
18:00 30d Banini SF 85
18:00 37d Squad Foundations Liga F
Babajide SF 83
Ojeda SF 83
Prieto SF 84
18:00 3d 78+ Upgrades
78+ Rare Player Pack T
18:00 3d Swoosh Classics
Ronaldinho ICO LOA 93
Scholes ICO LOA 88
Thierry Henry ICO LOA 91
Roberto Carlos ICO LOA 90
18:00 30d Chuba Akpom SF 85
18:00 39d Squad Foundations Eredivisie
Driouech SF 84
Cillessen SF 83
Smal SF 83
18:00 40d Evo Lounge
2x 83+ Rare Players
18:00 30d James Maddison POTM 86
18:00 2d The Red-and-Blues
Prime Electrum Players Pack T
18:00 7d Mad Ready T1
18:00 7d Nike Mad Ready
2x 85+ Rare Players
1x Mad Ready Loan PP 1/5
18:00 7d Kevin de Bruyne FLA 87
18:00 2d The Reds
Premium Gold Pack T
Release DateContent

Nike Mad Ready Items

During the event, a team of themed players are released on the following dates:

Team 1
Available in Packs: 22/09 to 29/09

Team 1
CB Virgil van Dijk 89
CM Enzo Fernández 83
LM Federico Chiesa 84
CAM Alexia Putellas 91
ST Sam Kerr 90
Click or tap in the player to see his item.

FC 24 Nike - Team 1

Frequently Asked Questions
A Mad Ready item is a special category of item assigned to a very limited selection of players, replacing their regular cards at specific times. These items feature a cosmetic upgrade and the same rating/stats as the respective base versions.
FC 24 Nike items are released with the same stats as their base versions.
You can win a Nike player item by pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition. You can use it for up 24 Ultimate Team matches.