FC 25 Champions is an online competitive game mode within Ultimate Team, where players aim to advance to the Finals and achieve the highest rank.
FC 25 FUT Champions

Champions Explained

Champions is the premier online game mode in Ultimate Team, offering intense head-to-head competition. This popular mode consists of two main stages: the Play-Offs and the Finals.

The Champions Play-Offs mark the initial phase of the competition. To enter, players must accumulate the required number of Champions Qualification Points by participating in Rivals and Champions matches. Each season, which typically lasts around four to six weeks, resets the limit on Play-Off entries.

Qualification for the Champions Finals is achieved by earning sufficient points during the Play-Offs. Players can compete in up to ten matches, and upon meeting the qualification criteria, they receive a token for future use.

The Finals represent the pinnacle of Champions competition. Open for 72 hours from Friday to Monday, players engage in up to twenty matches against other qualified participants.

Similar to the Play-Offs, wins earn four points while losses yield one point. Higher points lead to better rankings across ten tiers, resulting in improved rewards.

At the conclusion of each campaign, players receive rewards based on their performance in both the Play-Offs and Finals. Rewards may include packs, coins, and coveted Champions Player Picks.
Frequently Asked Questions
FC 25 Champions is an online game mode within Ultimate Team, where the best players try the qualification for the Finals. Once there, they have three days to play up to 20 matches and win as many as possible.
The Champions Play-Offs represent the initial phase of the overarching Champions competition, spanning the duration of the Ultimate Team Season, which typically lasts around four to six weeks.
Previously known as Weekend League, the Champions Finals are this competition’s second and final stage.
Upon meeting the qualification criteria, you’ll gain access to participate in the Champions Play-Offs at your convenience. Achieving the required points will secure your entry into the Champions Finals, held from Friday to Monday. The number of Play-Off entries available per Ultimate Team Season is limited, as indicated in-game, with this limit resetting at the beginning of each new Season.
The FC 25 Champions occur uninterruptedly from October 2023 to September 2025. The schedule is being published in-game as the competition goes on, and for that reason, sometimes it shows one more round, and at other times it shows two or three rounds.
After qualifying for the Play-Offs, you must compete in matches to accumulate the necessary points for advancement. However, there is a cap on the number of matches allowed in this stage, set at ten.

Conversely, in the Champions Finals (previously known as the Weekend League), players can engage in up to twenty matches each weekend
You can secure qualification for the Play-Offs solely through Champions Qualification points, which are obtainable via Division Rivals. The number of points garnered at the conclusion of each match and each week is contingent on your division performance. The higher your performance, the greater the points earned. Once you accumulate 2,000 points, automatic entry into the Play-Offs is granted.

Furthermore, each participation in a Champions Finals campaign yields Champions Qualification Points. The quantity of points earned corresponds to your final tier ranking at the conclusion of the campaign. Higher rankings bring you closer to future participation.
You can easily find your Champions Qualification Points balance in-game, going to Ultimate Team and selecting [Play] > [Champions]. You can also enter the [Rivals] tile, then select the [Champions] tab to see your total there.
After qualifying for FC 25 Champions via Division Rivals, proceed to compete in the Champions Play-Offs. Earning enough points in the Play-Offs grants you access to the Champions Finals through a Finals Qualification Token.

During the Play-Offs, you have ten matches to accumulate a minimum of 20 points. Each win earns you 4 points, while losses grant only 1 point. Upon achieving the required points, you can utilize the Finals Qualification Token to select your preferred timing for participation in the Finals.
No. There is a maximum number of attempts.
If you did not make it to the Finals and still have entries available, you could always return to the Play-Offs after re-qualifying through Rivals.
No, the exclusive method to qualify for the Play-Offs is by accumulating 2,000 Champions points, achievable through either Rivals or Champions Finals. Attaining Rank II or higher in the Finals is sufficient to amass the necessary points for Play-Off qualification. Conversely, the sole means to qualify for the Finals is by accruing adequate points in the Play-Offs. There are no alternative pathways.
Certainly, the Finals Qualification Token offers the convenience of entering the competition at your convenience. Should you advance to the Champions Finals, these tokens can be retained for future use on subsequent weekends. If a Finals Token remains unused by the conclusion of a Season, fret not, as it carries over to the next Season seamlessly.

To utilize your Token, simply access the Champions Mode and follow the on-screen prompts.
If you accidentally started a Champions Finals run, you cannot cancel it and start on another time. Your entry into this competition is final and can’t be reversed.
It depends. Champions Qualification Points and Finals Token carry over for the next Season. However, in the opposite direction, unused Entries and Play-off Progression do not carry over for the next Season.
Unused Champions Qualification Points will indeed roll over to the new season. This implies that, for instance, if you possess 1,500 points at the season’s end, you can engage in several Rivals matches in the new season to gather the remaining 500 points required, thereby achieving the requisite total of 2,000 points.
If you’re unable to finish your Play-Offs matches before the season concludes, your progress will be reset, but your qualification status will remain intact. This means that your current points and completed matches will be reset, and you’ll have unrestricted access to the competition in the upcoming season.
Yes, each Champions campaign is a different competition if played on a different platform.
Yes. When you start the Play-Offs, you are competing for the first set of rewards and a chance to qualify for the Finals, where you can further increase your rewards. One of the goals of introducing the Play-Offs and Finals was to rebalance the rewards across both competition stages while lowering the overall match requirements.
Once you’ve completed the available matches in the competition, typically up to a maximum of 9, you’ll receive rewards. Additionally, you have the option to conclude your current Play-Offs event at any time, even before finishing all matches, enabling you to promptly collect the available rewards. If you’re unable to finish all your Play-Off matches before the end of a UT Season, you’ll automatically receive rewards for the matches you did complete.

You can monitor your progress in-game and review the requirements and rewards for each Rank.
Play-Off and Finals Champions Rewards are based on your total points in each stage of the competition: +4 for each win; +1 for each loss.
In the Play-Offs, rewards are distributed immediately upon completing your campaign. If you’ve already earned enough points to qualify for the Finals, you have the option to skip ahead of your remaining matches. However, by doing so, you forfeit the opportunity to potentially achieve better rewards.

As for the Finals, your final rank determines your additional rewards. If you’ve completed all your matches, you can claim your rewards right away. However, if you still have matches remaining, your rewards will be granted at the end of the competition, typically on Monday morning, based on your final position.
The Champions Finals rewards are not delivered before the end of the round unless you have finished all your matches.
Yes. Seeing and opening your rewards through the Web and Companion Apps is possible.
No. You can open the packs you receive as Champions rewards at any time. They don’t expire. You don’t have to claim your rewards before the next round starts. They will be waiting for you as soon as you open UT on your console next time.

If you want, you can save them to open when better items are in packs, as is the case of the Team of the Year. However, remember that Player Picks will always be from the week you have won them.
For any of the two stages, Play-Offs and Finals, you need eight points to rank, which you can make in just two matches (if you win both) or a maximum of eight matches (if you lose them all). If you don’t reach that score, you will not receive any reward for that week. It’s like you haven’t played at all.
All Champions Matches are played in the Champions Stadium. Any customizations you have applied to your Club will be visible to your opponent when you are the home team, except for pitch line customization.
It is not possible. That feature is not available in this game mode.
To prevent you from recognizing your opponent, EA doesn’t allow you to see which kit he/she is using. For the same reason, you will not see his real name either.
FC 25 Champions is based on the number of wins and losses a player reaches in each round. Every match must have a winner and a loser, even if it is necessary to take penalties.
Matchmaking in FC 25 Champions Play-Offs and Finals is determined by two main factors:

  • Your location.
    This determines the dedicated FC Game Data Center location used for your match, ensuring optimal connectivity.
  • Your current Form in Play-Offs or Finals.
    Your Form in either the Play-Offs or Finals determines your matchmaking. Form starts at 0 when you begin either competition and reflects your recent performance. Form does not carry over between the Play-Offs and Finals.
As players perform well in Champions, their Form increases, leading to more challenging opponents. Higher Form indicates greater skill and competitiveness.

Additionally, matchmaking considers game servers“>location to match players with others nearby, ensuring smooth and responsive gameplay experiences.
Your Form in Champions Play-Offs and Finals is a reflection of your recent performance in the current competition. At the start of each competition, your Form begins at 0 and adjusts based on your match outcomes.

For instance, let’s consider a scenario where you play five matches in a Play-Offs run, with results as follows: Win, Loss, Loss, Win, Win. After these matches, your Form would be +1. Here’s how it breaks down:

  1. Before your first match, your Form is 0.
  2. You win the first match, earning +1. Form now at +1.
  3. You lose the second match, losing -1. Form now at 0.
  4. You lose the third match, losing another -1. Form now at -1.
  5. You win the fourth match, earning +1. Form now back at 0.
  6. You win the fifth match, earning +1 more. Form now at +1 again.
In Champions Play-Offs, your Form can be as low as -8 and as high as +8.
In Champions Finals, your Form can be as low as -15 and as high as +15.
Yes. Since FIFA 23 you can play Champions with players from the same generation if you have crossplay enabled on your account.