Electronic Arts periodically performs scheduled maintenance or extraordinary maintenance on the servers that host FC 25.
FC 25 Maintenance Times

FC Online Maintenances

EA routinely conducts server maintenance for Football Club 25, either through scheduled sessions or extraordinary measures to address unexpected issues.

When encountering a ‘FC Online Maintenance’ message upon logging into the game, it indicates that Electronic Arts is actively working to enhance your gaming experience. The in-game message typically specifies the affected titles, game modes, and the scheduled start and end times.

Common maintenance activities involve upgrading server software to align with game updates. This process includes deploying server code, restarting scripts, and enabling new content. Hardware-related maintenance is less frequent.

Typically lasting a few hours, these maintenance sessions rarely extend beyond six hours. Following completion, players can resume their gaming activities as usual.

FC 25 Maintenance List

Experiencing connectivity issues? Unable to access FC 25? If a problem is preventing numerous players from connecting to the servers or if EA is conducting maintenance, you can find updates on this page. We will provide real-time information on ongoing maintenance or sudden server outages that may occur throughout the season, so remember to check back here. All times are displayed in the UK time zone.

1 13/09/24 19:00 Fri18/09/24 17:55 Wed
The FC 24 Web App was disabled on September 13, 2024. At the same time, the technicians carry out indefinite maintenance to prepare for the launch of the new Web App of the FC 25 Ultimate Team scheduled for September 18. After this date, it won’t be possible to return to the FC 24 version of the Web App.
Frequently Asked Questions
There are several reasons why you might not be able to play FC 25, including connection issues, scheduled maintenances and servers downtimes.
FC 25 maintenance takes place when Electronic Arts addresses issues or introduces new features, requiring a temporary server takedown or limited online service availability.
Scheduled maintenance occurs when EA plans to take the server down to perform maintenance.
No. EA servers are separated into two groups:
  • PlayStation and PC;
  • Xbox, and Switch.
FC 25 maintenance can take place separately for each one of these groups or simultaneously.
A FC 25 maintenance usually takes from one to four hours. In rare cases, it can go up to six hours.
If a FC 25 maintenance is going on and you want to know when you will be able to play again, pay attention to the end time that shows on the in-game message. Be aware that this is only an estimated time, so that it can take much more. Follow this page to see updated times.
There are around 20 scheduled maintenances every year.
Usually yes. You can play while in a FC 245 maintenance as long as you are not playing any game mode that requests connection to the servers.