Moments for Football Club 25 is a game mode that challenges you to recreate iconic football moments.
Moments for Football Club 25


Moments is a game mode that challenges you to recreate iconic football moments within Ultimate Team.

In Moments, you’ll find single-player scenarios with adjustable difficulty levels, offering bite-sized gameplay challenges to complete. Whether it’s turning around a 4-0 deficit in the final 15 minutes, replicating a spectacular goal from recent matches, or even scoring with your goalkeeper, there’s a variety of challenges to tackle. New scenarios are regularly added throughout the season to keep things fresh.

Additionally, Moments introduces a new currency called Stars. By completing challenges, you’ll earn Stars which can be used to redeem packs, coins, loan player items, and other rewards from the Moments Star Gallery. The more difficult the challenge, the more Stars you’ll earn upon completion.
Frequently Asked Questions
Moments is a game mode that allows you to recreate iconic fooball moments in exchange for coins, packs, special items, and other rewards.
To access Moments follow these steps:
  1. From the main Ultimate Team screen, press R1/RB once to go to [Play];
  2. Select [Moments].
When starting a new Moment, you’ll encounter Stories as your initial choice. These Stories revolve around Seasonal Themes, Ultimate Team Campaigns, or real-life events from football’s history or current affairs. Some Stories are time-limited, requiring completion before they expire, while others remain available throughout the duration of Ultimate Team.
Chapters are themed collections of gameplay scenarios that encompass the Moments within them. A set of chapters forms a story. Initially, you’ll have at least one Chapter unlocked within a Story, while others may be inaccessible, necessitating the accumulation of a specific number of Stars from the unlocked Chapters to unlock and progress further.
Moments are the individual scenarios you will be playing.
Each Moment comprises one to three Challenges that you must fulfill to complete it and earn Stars. These Challenges begin at various points in the game, such as a free kick, throw-in, or during an attacking or defending scenario, determining your starting position for the Challenge.

To succeed, you must complete all Challenges within the allocated time. Failing to do so will require you to retry the Moment. Successfully completing all Moments and reaching all Reward Levels in a Chapter will grant you bonus Stars.
Each Moment includes at least one Reward Level, with some featuring up to a maximum of three. Each Reward Level corresponds to earning one to three Stars, respectively. You can start from the lowest Reward Level and progress upward, earning a Star for each completed Reward Level. Alternatively, you can attempt the highest Reward Level first to aim for earning all Stars for that Moment at once.

The Reward Levels may vary in elements such as Squad Requirements, completion time, or CPU AI Difficulty as you progress through them.
Certainly. If you didn’t complete a Moment on your first attempt, there’s no need to worry. You can easily reset the Moment at any time and resume your efforts to complete the Challenge. While you can replay an unlocked Moment whenever you like, remember that you can only earn the associated Stars once from each Reward Level.
Stars is a new currency that can be exchanged in the Moments Star Gallery for Rewards. There are two ways to earn Stars:

  • Completing Moments
    Increasing the Reward Level will reward you with more FUT Stars. You can earn the Stars for a Reward Level only once, but you are free to continue to replay a completed Moment if it is still available.
  • Completing all Moments and their associated Reward Levels within a Chapter will earn the Group Reward, a bonus number of Stars.
At the end of every Moment you’ll see which Challenges you have completed and, if you were successful, how many Stars you earned.
Stars Gallery is where you can redeem your Stars by rewards. Here you’ll find a variety of rewards available year round, as well as some rewards only available for a limited time.