A FC 25 Game Mode is a distinct setting/configuration that varies gameplay and affects how other game mechanics behave.
FC 25 Game Modes

Best Game Modes

FC 25 offers a wide range of game modes, catering to players’ diverse preferences. Your choice might depend on whether you prefer single-player or multiplayer experiences, classic or contemporary modes. It’s important to note that the best game modes for you may not be the same for others.

You can access all the available game modes from the Football Club main screen.

  • Clubs
  • Co-Op Seasons
  • Kick Off
  • Learn to Play
    – Practice Arena
    – Skill Games
    – Training Centre
  • Manager Career
  • Online Friendlies
  • Player Career
  • Seasons
  • Tournaments
  • Ultimate Team
    – Champions
    – Draft
    – Friendlies
    – Moments
    – Objectives
    – Rivals
    – SBCs
    – Squad Battles
  • Volta Football

All Game Modes Explained

Clubs, formerly known as Pro Clubs, is an online mode that allows you to create an avatar, known as Virtual Pro player, and play your position on the pitch with other online users and your friends in a 11 vs 11 match and improve your Virtual Player by levelling up and gaining XP.

Co-Op Seasons
Co-Op Seasons is a game mode similar to Online Seasons, but that is played with a friend online against two other friends anywhere in the world in 2v2 ranked online play.

Kick Off
Kick Off is the most popular FC 25 game mode for casual players. It allows you to create quick matches to play against CPU or your friends, using any of the available teams. The first game mode in the FIFA franchise was created for pure enjoyment, but you can enhance the competitive aspect by tracking your statistics or switching to a different match type.

Practice Arena
If you love freedom, you need to go to the Arena. There you can select a player and a goalkeeper to train and improve your dribbling, shooting and goalkeeping skills, as well as practice free kicks and penalties.

Skill Games
In Skill Games mode, you can test and improve your skills by completing challenges that test specific maneuvers such as chip shots, free kicks, and dribbling. Compare yourself to Friends and others on the leaderboards for extra motivation as you progress through the levels.

Training Centre
The Training Centre is a feature you can find in the ‘Learn to Play’ section, that lets you improve your gameplay skills by playing matches with a chapter progression system.

Manager Career
The Manager Mode in FC 25 is a game mode that offers you the chance to play through a lifelong football career. As a manager, from real life or not, you have to use the club’s budget to balance your team and conquer the board’s goals.

Online Friendlies
Online Friendlies mode allows you to invite a friend to play a game online, and keep track of your competition over five seasons to see who has the best talents on the field. The player with the highest points after five games wins the trophy. With a new season, keep the competition going as you fight to defend your championship or take it away from your friends.

Player Career
Player Mode is a game mode that allows you to experience a football career from start to finish. As a player, your goal is to enhance your character’s skills as much as possible and ideally, win titles.

Seasons is split into online or co-op. In Seasons online, you play with your favourite team against other online users within your division and earn points to climb to higher division and win the title. In Co-Op Seasons, you play with a friend online against two other friends anywhere in the world in 2v2 ranked online play.

On this game mode, you can create a custom tournament, selecting your tournament type, rules and teams; or experience over 50 real football tournaments from around the world. You can also lead one of the UEFA Champions League or CONMEBOL Libertadores teams to the final or play in the Women’s International Cup.

Ultimate Team
The most profitable game mode of the FC franchise, lets you build your dream squad. You can add new players to your club by buying them on the global transfer market or opening packs which contain random items. By playing online and offline matches, completing objectives and challenges you can earn more coins and players.

Volta Football
Volta brings back street football and futsal to the FC franchise. This game mode allows you to create your football character and improve him/her by playing single and multiplayer matches, and skill games. Within Volta Football, you can play different game modes (Arcade, Squads or Battles) and stylish your players with new cosmetic items.
FC 25 Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team Game Modes

Each year, Electronic Arts introduces new game modes to Ultimate Team, expanding the possibilities for progression and competition. In FC 25, UT offers players the most extensive array of playing options to date.

Champions brings you the best head-to-head competition in the Ultimate Team. It is the most popular UT game mode because it also has the best rewards. If you achieve the qualification for this competition, you can test your skills across the Play-Offs and the Finals, previously known as Weekend League because it’s played from Friday to Monday.

Draft is a game mode within UT that lets you test your team-building skills. In this mode, you can compete online or offline with football players you don’t own. You draft a random selection of players available in UT, including IFs, and use them to fill in each position to build your squad, and then compete in a four-round, single-player, or online multiplayer knockout competition. The higher you finish in the competition, the better your rewards.

Friendlies in Ultimate Team is a fun and relaxed way to play Football Club. Here you can choose from a variety of different House Rules to play against the CPU AI, your friends both locally or online, or random solo or co-op opponents online. There are ten Friendly types in FC 25:

  • Classic Match;
  • King of Hill;
  • Mystery Ball;
  • Swaps;
  • Max Chemistry;
  • Headers & Volley;
  • Survival;
  • Long Range;
  • No Rules;
  • Live UT Friendlies.
The Moments game mode challenge you to recreate iconic football moments in exchange for packs, coins, special items and other rewards.

Season objectives allow you to progress towards rewards for your Ultimate Team. Completing management or in-game objectives and earning XP will move your level on the season rewards tab. A diverse mix of rewards is available, like packs, players, club customization content, or other items to help progress your club.

Rivals is an online seasonal competition with a skill-driven rank system that you can play Solo or in Co-Op. Each season runs for the duration of a UT Season, which is approximately six weeks long. By winning matches, you climb the ladder, increasing your Rank and Division so you can challenge for better rewards. The qualification for the UT Champions is made through this game mode.

Squad Battles
Squad Battles is a single-player game mode where you take on other squads from the UT community to earn rewards and move up the leaderboards. A new campaign refreshes every week and includes up to 34 matches of 8 minutes each. If you love to play against the AI, this UT mode is perfect for you.

Squad Building Challenges
In Squad Building Challenges, you are invited to test your building abilities by creating Squads that match specific requirements. Once met, you can exchange your squad for rewards.
Frequently Asked Questions
FC 25 features thirteen game modes:

  • Kick-Off;
  • Online Friendlies;
  • Ultimate Team;
  • Player Career;
  • Manager Career;
  • Clubs;
  • Volta Football;
  • Skill Games;
  • Practice Arena;
  • Training Centre;
  • Seasons;
  • Co-Op Seasons;
  • Tournaments;
Ultimate Team features seven game modes:

  • Squad Battles;
  • Rivals;
  • Champions;
  • Friendlies;
  • Draft;
  • Squad Building Challenges;
  • Objectives.
As of now, no new game modes have been announced for FC 25.
Ultimate Team and Career Mode (Player Career and Manager Career) are the most popular game modes.
No, FC 25 doesn’t have a story mode. ‘The Journey‘ was only released for FIFA 17, FIFA 18 and FIFA 19.