FC 25 Live Friendlies are time-limited and can have special requirements.
FC 25 Live Friendlies

How Live Friendlies Works

Live Friendlies are accessible for a predetermined duration and may entail specific entry prerequisites, such as a designated number of loan players or specific gold or special items. Certain objectives necessitate participation in these matches.

Furthermore, Live Friendlies might restrict opponents or impose limitations on the total number of matches allowed, either globally or on a daily basis. These matches adhere to standard Friendly rules, typically adopting the ‘Classic Match’ format, although variations like ‘Max Chemistry’ or ‘First To’ may also be featured.

How to Play Live Friendlies
  1. From the Ultimate Team main screen, press R1/RB once to go to the [Play] tab;
  2. Use R1/RB to select [Play Friendlies];
  3. Select [Play Online];
  4. Choose one of the events available.

Live Friendlies List

Friendly Name
Rules: –
Matches: -/day
Max –
Min –
Min –
All times are shown in the UK time zone
Frequently Asked Questions
Live Friendlies in FC 25 is a time-constrained mode within Online Friendlies, enabling gameplay under specific conditions or requirements.
To access Live Friendlies, follow these steps:
  1. From the main Ultimate Team screen, go to the [Play] tab;
  2. Select [Friendlies] and then [Play Online];
  3. Choose one of the events available.
Many objectives need to be completed in the Live Friendlies game mode. If you want to do them, you will have to play this mode.
Live Opponent pairs two Live Friendlies together, allowing players participating in one type of Ultimate Team Friendly match to face off against players engaged in another compatible Live Friendly.
No, match halves can vary in duration within Live Friendlies.