FIFA 17 Squad Rating Guide – Team Rating Overall Explained

FIFA 17 Squad Rating Guide - Overall Team Rating Explained


Do you want to know how is team rating overall calculated? Do you need to know which players you should use to complete a specific squad building challenge for the lowest price possible? Would you like to know the reason why sometimes the team rating goes down when you add a player with a higher rating? Well, all these things and much more are explained in our FIFA 17 squad rating guide.


A few days after we published this guide,
EA changed the formula to calculate the FIFA 17 squad rating.
If you want to know the new formula, please click here.


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FIFA 17 Squad Rating Introduction

What is the FIFA 17 squad rating?

Team rating is a quality evaluation system that allows you to compare different squads. It measures how good, supposedly, a team can be.

This measurement is made through each player’s individual rating/overall in a team (all starting eleven plus the seven substitutes). It is, then, a little subjective, because a player with the highest rating is not always the best player.


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The FIFA 17 Squad Rating varies between 0 (worst) and 99 (best). As the image illustrates, this number is shown on the superior right corner of the active squad menu. In this case, the team rating of our squad is 78.

If you want to know the team rating of your squad, check it in your console, companion or web app. Do not use squad builders, like FUTHead or FUTWiz, because the way how they calculate the FIFA 17 Squad Rating is not totally right.

Besides measuring the quality of the team, the FIFA 17 Squad Rating also provides another general rating: the Star Rating. The Team and Star ratings are related as the table shows.

Star Rating Team Rating
5 > 83
4,5 79 – 82
4 75 – 78
3,5 71 – 74
3 69 – 70
2,5 67 – 68
2 65 – 66
1,5 63 – 64
1 < 62


How is FIFA 17 Squad Rating Calculated?

Understanding the FIFA 17 squad rating formula

The Team Rating is basically the result of the average between all 18 players’s overalls plus a correction value. This correction value is there to give different weights to the starting eleven, giving them more importance than the players that start on the bench.

The way how FIFA 17 squad rating is calculated is not well known by the FIFA players community. For this reason, we will share it with you, trying to make it as simple as we can.

In order to find out the team rating you just need to know each one of the starting eleven and substitutes’s ratings. As it was said here, the first step is to calculate the average between all these 18 players’s ratings. You just need to sum all those ratings and then divide the result by 18. Each player whose rating is superior to the average contributes positively to the correction factor with the difference between these two numbers. For the substitutes, this factor is divided by two.


This is the general formula used to calculate the FIFA 17 Squad Rating:

SR = AR + CF

in which
SR is the FIFA 17 Squad Rating
AR is the Average Rating of the 18 players
CF is the Correction Factor


The Correction Factor CF is calculated in this way:

CF = ((IR1 AR) + … + (IR11AR) + (IR12 AR)/2 + … + (IR18 AR)/2) / 18

in which
CF is the Correction Factor
AR is the Average Rating of the 18 players
IRn is the Individual Rating of the player number n


Remember that, in each one of these steps, it’s always the whole nearest round down that counts.
Besides that, only players with ratings higher than the AR can be used to calculate the CF.


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Do you still have questions about how this calculation is made? That’s natural. To make the things easier, we will look to an example of a Premier League squad without substitutes, just like it happens on Squad Building Challenges. We suggest to use this guide or the EA’s concept squad building when you want to test team ratings.

Consider the team shown on the image above. The starting eleven’s ratings are: 83, 82, 86, 85, 84, 82, 82, 82, 86, 82, 76.

Step 1 – The Average Rating calculation
This is extremely easy. Add up all these numbers together and you’ll get 910. Divide it by 11, then you get 82,73. This is the number you will use in step 3 but for step 2, AR is rounded down to 82.

Step 2 – The correction factor calculation
The correction factor equals the difference between each player’s rating and the average you got at step 1 divided by 11. When a player’s rating is equal or lower than the average, like it happens in this case with Rashford, we assume that the difference between them is zero.
Therefore, CF = ((83-82)+(86-82)+(85-82)+(84-82)+(86-82)) / 11 = 14 / 11 = 1,27.

Step 3 – The team rating calculation
Finally you add up the values obtained at steps 1 and 2: 82,73 + 1,27 = 84. In this example, it wasn’t needed to round down.


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Imagine now that you replace Rashford by Jermain Defoe. What happens when you replace a 76 rated player by a 80 rated player in this starting eleven? If you answered that the team rating will go up, then you are wrong. If you know something about math, you will understand that the team rating will go down to 83 and this is because of EA and the stupid formula they use to calculate the FIFA 17 Squad Rating. If you still don’t believe, try it by yourself.

Most of the times, the team rating overall goes up or remains the same when you add a better rated player. Doing this, you are increasing the average rating but you may be also reducing the correction factor. It means that, in certain cases, when average rating doesn’t increase enough to go up to the next nearest value, it just eliminates some of the additional deviation points. In these specific cases, the FIFA 17 squad rating goes down. That’s why you should always apply the formula or check the tables we publish in the end of this guide.


FIFA 17 Squad Rating Considerations

What affects the FIFA 17 squad rating?

For those who are not very good at math, we gathered here some conclusions you can get from the FIFA 17 Squad Rating calculation in order to tear down a few myths.

    – The FIFA 17 Squad Rating will never be inferior to the simple average between all the 18 players’s ratings because the correction factor is always positive;
    – The starting eleven’s ratings weigh more over the Team Rating;
    – The correction factor raises as the difference between ratings get bigger;
    – The Team Rating does not depend on the reserves;
    – The Team Rating does not depend on the players or team’s chemistry;
    – The Team Rating will not vary if a player card is regular or IF as long as they have the same rating.
    – When you add a better player to your squad, it is not guaranteed that the team rating will not drop.


FIFA 17 Squad Rating Tips

How to play against weaker opponents?

Star Rating, which gets its results from the FIFA 17 Squad Rating, is important in two different situations: in tournaments and matchmaking.

There are tournaments that require a maximum or minimum amount of stars. If you don’t know how to change your team rating, you won’t be able to disguise in order to earn your right to participate.

Matchmaking is the game system responsible for finding your team a fair opponent. One of the considered factors is the Star Rating. Pairing two players who have a similar team value is its role. If you don’t like to play against string teams, then you just have to artificially lower your Star Rating to the minimum possible without having to lose any players you intend to use. If you already learned how to calculate the Team Rating, then we don’t need to go any further.

There is an excellent trick that makes your way to the first division title easier. Want some help? Alright. Go to the auctions market and buy 7 low-rated players, the lower the better. Have you ever realized why unpopular players like Max Wright or Alex Atkinson are so expensive? That’s because they are the lowest-rated player of the game, and many people is already using this trick. You don’t have to buy these ones, because they are too expensive, but try to buy players with the lowest overall rating possible. Place them on the bench and play with your best starting eleven. If you feel like you need to place better players on the bench, do it, but know that because of this you’ll be facing an opponent with a stronger team.

Despite being very useful for many players, this trick has its disadvantages. One is that, most of the times, opponents who have weaker teams end up being tougher. A loss in these situations may demoralize a player, making him weaker for the next matches. Another disadvantage is all the work you have to go through in order to reorganize the team. Searching your club for other players will be frequent because of potential player injuries and suspensions. Also, when players have their fitness decreased, they have to rest between the reserves while a match goes on. That’s another problem. Finally, there’s that obvious disadvantage of not being able to make good substitutions in a match. If your connection isn’t very good you may end up facing a player with a better star rating than yours.

If you’re aware of this method, know that it’s possible to reach considerable star rating changes for your team. We tested adding the seven lowest-rated players of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team to the starting eleven we used as example to show how the team rating is calculated. The result was an impressive team rating decrease from 83 to 77, which means that the star rating also changed from five to four stars.


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14 thoughts on “FIFA 17 Squad Rating Guide – Team Rating Overall Explained”

  1. Loris Locatelli

    But if I want to calculate with, for example, 11 players that are 82 everybody?
    If i didn’t read right, 82X11 → 0 + 0 + … + 0 = 0

  2. Hello i have set up a team in fut fifa 17. I play 4 4 2 with robben ribery on the wings, Werner (84) and Modeste (87) as forwards.Thiago (87) and keita (86) midfielders.When i search fut champion it says my attack is 77. How is my attack low despite I’ve a very good squad with good players. DEFENCE i have lahm hummels naldo alaba .. it says my def 85 mid 82 attack 77. can you explain me this ?

  3. HI, i just read the guide.. its nice explained. I rebuild your calculation on excel. But i get a different result on my calculation than on the game:

    For the upcoming team i get a rating of 81 based on your calculation, but on the game i get 84:

    Here the details:

    Player 1 94
    Player 2 88
    Player 3 90
    Player 4 89
    Player 5 80
    Player 6 88
    Player 7 86
    Player 8 88
    Player 9 89
    Player 10 85
    Player 11 87
    Player 12 87
    Player 13 84
    Player 14 87
    Player 15 47
    Player 16 48
    Player 17 48
    Player 18 45

    AR: 78,33 (78 for step 2)
    CF: 2,67

    Formular: ((D3-H3)+(D4-H3)+(D5-H3)+(D6-H3)+(D7-H3)+(D8-H3)+(D9-H3)+(D10-H3)+(D11-H3)+(D12-H3)+(D13-H3)+(D14-H3)/2+(D15-H3)/2+(D16-H3)/2+(D17-H3)/2+(D18-H3)/2+(D19-H3)/2+(D20-H3)/2)/18

    Player 1 starts at D3 until Player 18 at D20.
    H3= AR(78)

    Could you show me the problem?

    Best Regards

    1. Hi.
      I tested your example on Excel and I found the difference. If you look to the example we gave, you will see that there is no factor correction for Rashford. That’s because “When a player’s rating is equal or lower than the average, we assume that the difference between them is zero”. In other words, your last four players doesn’t count for the CF calculation. Try it yourself and you will see that you get CF=6, which means that the team rating is 84, as expected.
      I will add that note to the formula to be sure everyone understood this point. Thank you.

      1. Sorry its me again…
        Somehow i am not able to get the 84 on the calculation. After i set the last 4 Player in the calculation to “0” i get a rating of 85 🙁

        My CF is 6,56 in that case… so normally it is rounded 7, right? Or i don´t care about the numbers behind the “,”? As you write “…it’s always the whole nearest round down that counts.”

        Player, Rating, CF Calculation value

        Player 1 94 16
        Player 2 88 10
        Player 3 90 12
        Player 4 89 11
        Player 5 80 2
        Player 6 88 10
        Player 7 86 8
        Player 8 88 10
        Player 9 89 11
        Player 10 85 7
        Player 11 87 9
        Player 12 87 4,5
        Player 13 84 3
        Player 14 87 4,5
        Player 15 47 0
        Player 16 48 0
        Player 17 48 0
        Player 18 45 0

        Sorry to bother you 🙂

  4. Rodrigo Heverton

    Mais uma guia espetacular….. Parabéns!
    Mas em mim ficou um dúvida quando vc disse a respeito dá conexão se não for muito boa… Nesse caso será escolhido o adversário mais próximo mesmo com classificação de times distintas?!

    1. Obrigado.
      Sim, o que quis dizer é que nesse caso o truque de descer artificialmente o rating pode deixar de resultar pois haverá menos adversários com quem jogar. Podem calhar melhores ou piores.

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