FIFA 19 Head Coaches and Goalkeeper Coaches Guide

FIFA 19 Head Coaches and Goalkeeper Coaches Guide


Do you want to know more about FIFA 19 Head Coaches and Goalkeeper Coaches, right? Then, keep reading.




What FIFA 19 coaches do?

Both head coach and goalkeeper coach cards can be understood by one explanation since they do the same thing: increase the effect of training cards.

Head coaches give the player training cards bonus while goalkeeper coaches give the goalkeeper training cards bonus. In order for you to realise what they’ll be good for, it’s important that you know what training cards do: they are consumables that increase one or all the attributes of a player for a single match.

FIFA 19 Head Coaches and Goalkeeper Coaches Guide for FUT


Training Boost

How coaches can improve your players?

Coaches are not all the same. Their cards differ each other in the attribute they benefit and how well they do this. Each coach benefits one of the six basic attributes of a player or goalkeeper, and for each attribute, there are several coaches with different bonus amounts (5 to 15%).

Every time you apply a training card to a player or goalkeeper, the bonus they receive depends not only on the card’s value itself but also all the coaches stored in “My Club” for this attribute are taken into account. The system automatically sums up all coaches’ displayed percentages and then give you the total bonus for the attribute, which can’t be higher than 50% because this is the maximum value possible according to the number of coaches there are in the game for one attribute.

When a training card is applied for all attributes at once, there is no difference on the way coaches work. Immediately before the six attributes are increased, the system calculates the bonus for each one of them according to their coaches. It’s important to note that the coaches do not increase the duration of the training card’s effect. It never works for more than one match. Coaches will only increase the bonus for each specific attribute.





When you are applying a training card, you can check how big is the current coach boost of your club. You just need to look to the percentage that is shown in the ‘Training Bonus’ card. If you sum the coefficients of all the coaches your club has, you should get the same percentage.



Should I buy Coaches?

The vast majority of players don’t occasionally use training cards. For them, buying these cards is clearly a bad investment. In the same way, though, for people that use training cards on almost every match, buying coaches should be almost mandatory.

For people that use training cards moderately, like when they’re playing finals or decisive season matches, this matter should be analysed according to two aspects.

Firstly, having coaches is the only way there is for you to be able to get higher attribute increases. Having all coaches for an attribute, you can get up to a +23 increase on it, provided a maximum +15 increase it’s possible for a training card.

On the other hand, everything has its costs. In general, the investment on coaches that will give an attribute a 50% bonus costs around 2,000 coins. The return depends on the attribute. It is practically insignificant for all of the goalkeepers’ attributes and for most of the players’ attributes, but it can reach savings around 300 coins per match when pace or passing are the attributes improved. In this case, the investment is paid off after 7 matches of pace training cards used.

FIFA 19 Head Coaches and Goalkeeper Coaches Guide for FUTFIFA 19 Head Coaches and Goalkeeper Coaches Guide for FUT

To buy head coaches or GK coaches you need to go to Transfers – Transfer Market – Staff Search


FIFA 19 Head Coaches List

Every single head coach included in the game

Here is the list of all FIFA 19 head coaches:

10 A Militaru
10 A Serb
10 C Ge
10 F Louie
10 J Chan
10 J Fula
10 M Lavery
10 M Nikitiuk
10 S Lee
10 S Petre
10 S Roman
10 T Blair
05 B Hunt
05 B Timmerman
05 C Ionescu
05 Dk
05 F Lai
05 J Scaglione
05 K Scott
05 M Gleeson
05 P Waites
05 R Bendik
05 R Bendik
05 S Goncalves
05 T Jamal
05 V Marin

15 C Lockhart
15 E Ben-Shitrit
15 T Mueller
10 A Chelarescu
10 A Chirinus
10 A Dascalu
10 C Roman
10 C Sonfonea
10 C Yoon
10 D Levesque
10 J Kim
10 J Lu
10 M Chu
10 N Senger
05 A Berg
05 A Gazzola
05 B Munteanu
05 B Sefcik
05 D Boscu
05 J Uljevic
05 L Thompson
05 M Turner
05 R Mascareno
05 V Matache

15 A Tudor
15 L Dias
15 S Jaramillo
10 A Irimescu
10 A Keinanen
10 A Nanji
10 A Rosca
10 B Neascu
10 C Bailey
10 M Cheal
10 S Zetina
05 A Jandrijevic
05 A Pietramala
05 L Steinberg
05 M Johnson
05 M Magheru
05 R Tang
05 R Varvara
05 S Dunn
05 S Roman
05 W Motz

15 A Burghelea
15 L Murray
15 M Adamescu
15 S Rivera
15 V Vascencu
10 D Ionescu
10 D Stevenson
10 G Haddaway
10 I Stocker
10 J Shen
10 L Okeynan
10 M Mckie
10 S Nirlu
10 T Gherghe
05 D Smith
05 F Muoio
05 H Sanaie
05 J Hardy
05 K Krilow
05 L Brechka
05 M Cole
05 M Smith
05 M Thomas
05 R Monticello
05 S Mitu
05 T Lam

15 A Hoo
15 A Schmidt
15 E Yuen
15 M Cristea
15 R Walz
10 A Adebiyi
10 A Fasui
10 D Mantzel
10 E Dragomir
10 H Yu
10 K Cote-Dear
10 L Funa
10 M Barnucz
10 M Ion
10 M Yamaguchi
10 R Field
10 T Zavoianu
05 A Gargus
05 A Negri
05 E Padilla
05 J Morse
05 J Yang
05 M Candea
05 M Ghideu
05 P Khurana
05 R Virk
05 S Bo
05 T Aguilar

15 A Shaikh
15 A Spatarenco
15 C Matei
15 G Reeder
15 I Stanescu
15 J Lygaard
15 M Racof
15 S Humber
15 T Qian
15 V Boicea
15 V Popescu
10 C Ross
10 G Oprina
10 G Pandele
10 J Amougou
10 J Hornthal
10 J Kim
10 K Scheutze
10 M Twohig
05 A Routledge
05 D Karmazin
05 E Ionescu
05 G Wu
05 H Xian
05 J Ensing
05 K Doust
05 R Yau
05 S Vieira
05 T Jozic
05 V Beu
05 V Pantakadi


FIFA 19 Goalkeeper Coaches List

Every single goalkeeper coach included in the game

Here is the list of all FIFA 19 goalkeeper coaches:

15 C Lindstrom
15 N Mackay
15 P Myint
15 V Alecu
10 B Robinson
10 D Logigan
10 H Syed
10 I Forster
10 J Harty
10 J Kwok
10 M Guercio
10 P Lopetrone
10 R Arshar
10 R Dunca
10 R Minhas
5 A Lo
5 F Rahal
5 M Geantau
5 R Jadavji
5 S Gosling

15 A Fong
15 A Marks
15 M Jones
15 M York
15 S Dinca
15 Z Rawji
10 A Gillooley
10 C Duke
10 J Sorensen
10 M Rowe
10 T Roberts
5 A Marin
5 A Plesa
5 B Chen
5 G Stefu
5 J Wai
5 K Li
5 S Buduroi
5 S Chan
5 S Jayewardena
5 W Busbey

15 J Doonan
15 S Beaudoin
10 D Daumas
10 D Rieger
10 D Sutherland
10 E Mateo-sagasta
10 F Anthore
10 G Fredley
10 H Kong
10 J Broomhall
10 J Green
10 K Homann
10 M Alimomeni
10 P Yu
5 B Bai
5 I Baciu
5 K Irawan
5 M Duric
5 M Zgubea
5 P Rigirioli
5 V Balanescu
5 V Popa
5 Yy Maruno

15 L Bowerman
15 M Kuhn
15 S Enrique
10 A Bajc
10 C Yuen
10 J Lee
10 J Rubio
10 K Doskov
10 L Antonescu
10 L Kong
10 P Baruzzi
10 W Jiang
5 A Kroeker
5 A Kwok
5 A Tiew
5 B Hsieh
5 O Lewis
5 P Mauta
5 R Auschrat
5 R Manolescu
5 Y Ishii

15 E Herbstreit
10 A Lebeda
10 D Chen
10 E Choi
10 E Marrero
10 E Thring
10 G Daly
10 G Stenton
10 K Schmidt
10 P Magor
5 A Lucescu
5 C Harms
5 D Harries
5 D Kim
5 J Bellini
5 K Pongsupha
5 L Pantaleo
5 M Hur
5 O Cortes
5 P Maurice
5 P Stott
5 S Rowe
5 T Hulstein
5 V Mogaldea

15 O Harrison
10 A Benitez
10 B Cichy
10 B Mendoza
10 B Reid
10 M Dueckman
10 M Lee
10 M Ng
10 N Hamouda
10 S Zhang
10 W Xie
5 A Adeniran
5 A Kim
5 A Leung
5 D Apostolopolous
5 D Bouchard
5 D Mantzel
5 D Mititelu
5 I Vallejo
5 K Kury
5 R Baluta
5 S Dietelbach
5 S Hugel
5 S Pejic
5 T Muirhead

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