FIFA Points in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

FIFA Points are one of the news of FIFA 13.

Learn here what FIFA Points are and how they work.


FIFA Points: What you should Know

The FIFA Points are the FIFA currency. They are used to shopping.

With FIFA Points, everything is more simple, fast, easy and even cheap.


  • Simple

EA initially introduced this currency for PC users in Ultimate Team 12. Now, with FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, FIFA Points are available too to the consoles. All the platforms uses the same payment system.

FIFA Points are sold in bundles and can be purchased in the Ultimate Team console store with Microsoft Points (XBox) or PSN Wallet (Playstation 3).

  • Fast

In FIFA 12 Ultimate Team, users had to click through two or three Xbox Live Marketplace and PSN menu windows every time they purchased a single pack. Since FIFA Points are directly tied to the Ultimate Team ecosystem, it is possible to buy multiple packs with a FIFA Point bundle faster and more efficiently.

  • Easy

After buying FIFA Points on the console with the respective currency, they will be available to spend in the Web App and future extensions of the Ultimate Team ecosystem, which includes the Web App.

Packs in Ultimate Team will now be purchased with either coins or FIFA Points.

  • Cheap

FIFA Points have another advantage: Bulk Discounts. Purchasing larger FIFA Point bundles gives you a bigger discount and more bonus points. This offers great value to users who buy several packs in Ultimate Team. For example: buying a 2,200 FIFA Point bundle will give you 200 bonus FIFA Points, which is enough to buy two extra Gold packs.

If you’re and EA SPORTS Season Ticket subscriber, your 20% discount is applied to the price of FIFA Point bundles, which saves you even more.


FIFA Points Store

FIFA Points can be purchased and used on the FIFA Ultimate Team Store


FIFA Points Prices

Price [£]
FIFA Points Bonus Normal Season Ticket
100 0 0,79 0,65
250 0 1,99 1,59
500 0 3,99 3,19
750 0 5,49 4,79
1050 50 7,99 6,49
1575 75 11,99 9,69
2200 200 23,99 15,99
4600 600 31,99 23,99

Note: Prices may vary depending on your region




P: When FIFA Points will be available ?

R: FIFA Points will be available for you to purchase as soon as you play FIFA 13 from a retail disc.


P: Which advantage Season Ticket gives me when I buy FIFA Points ?

R: 20% discount.


P: Where can I find the FIFA Points prices ?

R: FIFA Point prices in your region will be available to view in the FUT 13 Store on your retail copy of FIFA 13. You can also view them above.


P: How much FIFA Points should I buy ?

R: It depends on the number of packs you want to buy. For comparison, 1 FIFA Point corresponds to 50 coins when buying packs.


P: So, I buy FIFA Points with Microsoft Point & PSN, then I buy packs with FIFA Points. Right ?

R: Yes. You are right.


152 thoughts on “FIFA Points in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team”

  1. My 13 yr old son has just bought fifa points online by using minimal details like my name and the bank that I am with!I am furious!How irresponsible of EA Sports.I would have at least expected to have entered my CVA number!! He has deleted that section,is there anything else I can do?

  2. Regie atmadja

    So I live in Indonesia, my bro bought me a 20 psn card but since i cant access it i use his Fifa account, when i tried purchasing fifa points it says its not in my region why is tht?

      1. Hi.
        The FIFA Points may have region limitations. We know that, for example, players from Brazil are not able to buy it yet. Probably there is some limitation in Indonesia…

  3. I have put money into my playstation store wallet and want to buy FIFA 13 point in Ultimate Team.what should I do

  4. Hey guys is it possible to transfer my fifa points and FUT into a new psn account? I have two psn accounts an wannt to transfer all my players, fifa points and coins into one account? Is is possible? Thanks in advance for your comments !

  5. Hi so I bought fifa 13 on my ipad and I recently got a fifa 13 for my Ps3 but I used different accounts for the two systems. Is there any way to transfer my players and coins from the ipad to the ps3?

  6. hey last time i bought 2200 fifa points i got them on my ps3 and when i went on the web app some time later i got another 2200

    now this time when i bought my points i got the 2200 again on my ps3 just as normal but i didnt receive any extra fifa points on my web app? is this normal? is this how its supposed to be and was the first time some sort of bug? or is there some delay in getting your points on the web app?

  7. Hi I would like to know how I could change my psn card into fifa points like what do I do to make them into fifa points like instructions

  8. Hi
    I have £15 and i was wonering what the best package is to get.Im on PS3 .

    1. Hi. With one more pound you can buy 2000 and get 200 extra FIFA Points.
      But if you really want our advice: don’t waste your money on packs. You can you use it to buy coins. Just click on the fifabuyplayers banner in the right side of this banner.

  9. Hey, I purchased the fifa 13 bonus edition a couple of days ago. I used the code, signed in and out of ultimate team, gone back to the home screen, signed out completely, waited a day, and the fifa points didn’t update/ add to the amount I’ve got. Please help me!

  10. I have bought Fifa 13 in Dubai but I am a student from another country. My credit card is not local. When I was trying to add money to my wallet in the store, it says that my card is invalid, check the details. How this can be explained?

  11. RStylesGeleen PS3

    why cant i find the Indonesian players Arthur Irawan from Espanyol and Syamsir Alam from DC United? why are they not in ultimate team?

  12. RStylesGeleen PS3

    So, I got a german team on ultimate team:

    Goalkick: Wiese (83)
    Defenders: Lahm (87), Hummels (85), Badstuber (83), Schmelzer (78)
    Midfield: Muller (84), Schweinsteiger (86), Reus (84)
    Attack: Podolski (83), Ozil (87), Gomez (87)

    But is there really not any german player with a 5 star skills ratio??? that really sucks…-_-

    BTW, any tips for my team? Got Khedira, Klose, Kroos, Kuranyi, Schurrle, Walcott and Huntelaar on the bench, was thinking about buying Gotze..?


    1. Hi.
      There is no German player with 5 star skills in FUT 13.
      We can not help with your team since we have not tested the german players.
      We only advice the players that we have tested: BPL, BBVA, Serie A and Brazilians.
      But is seems a very good team.

  13. is there any way to check your fifa point history (i.e. what packs you have spent your points on)?

  14. Hi, my friend has loads of FIFA points on his FIFA 13 on xbox 360 but he doesn’t want them any more. Is there any chance he can give them to me? Thanks!

  15. RstylesGeleen PS3


    This month i bouth 1050 FIFA points for 9,99 euro’s, but the problem is that i used 1025, so now i only got 25 points, but nothing is 25 points, so what can i do with it? Nothing? Is there an option for them to exchange them with coins or something like that?

    Please help..

  16. Hi, i can’t add fifa points on my ps3, my region is the US but i bought the game while i was in Singapore, what should i do?

    1. Hi.
      To solve this problem, first of all you should create another account depending on your game region.
      Create an PSN Account with that address, apply the Online pass and after the online pass is successfully added, go back and log in into any other PSN Accounts.

  17. Hi I just want to know if you can somehow transfer your fifa coins from your phone to your Xbox

    1. With iOS FUT 13 App you can manage your XBox squad. The coins on iOS are the same of the XBox.
      In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team for iOS the database is different and you can not transfer coins between your iOS device and your Xbox. The same is valid for your Android device and your XBox.

  18. Hi If You Buy The Gold Upgrade Pack Does It Give You 11 Gold Players And A Manager And You Keep Your Team Or Does It Change Your Team And Give You Those In The Pack ?

  19. I just purchased some FIFA points to get the season pack but I can’t you can only use Microsoft points any help

  20. Hey, I can’t buy fifa points, and my account and game is from the us , can you please tell me why

  21. Cant add point and havnt been able to few a fews days now. driving me mental, just keeps saying ‘cant add fifa points right now ect…BUL****…ea, u not want my money??

  22. Hi i am not ableto but fifa pounts for my fifa 13 on ps3 why is this i did it yesterday but i am not able to do it today when am i able to do it

  23. hi there,
    i activated my bonus point on the wrong account………i need to transfer 2200 point to my other account………….can you help please ? 🙂

  24. I’m trying to add fifa points, it says that there’s an error.

    I’ve quit game and reloaded it it won’t work.
    If my credit card has got money taken of it I swear…

  25. Hi there, If i was to purchase the PC version of fifa 13 and buy fifa points (using same ea account if possible) will i be able to use the points on the web app (which atm is linked to my xbox accounts). So basically can i buy the points through pc then use them on web app for my xbox team?

  26. Simon sørensen

    how to remove I code for my credit card when I buy fifacoins because when I go in and buy, I will not enter my code it says alerede, it’s more if I get hagged

  27. I was wondering if i could use a different credit card to buy fifa points once i already bought fifa points with my previous credit card

  28. Is the page where you buy fifa points down or malfunctioning? I really dont want to miss out on the 100 k promo pack….

      1. Do you have visa ? Me and my dad has fifa and both our cards wont be able to do the transaction , it tells ous to try another card ord try again later :/
        i mean we both have visa* sorry
        I also had forgotten to add it’s on PC!

  29. Fodi Kyriakos

    Hi, We have experienced a most unfortunate situation this month with Fifa 13. My 11 year old nephew has been playing FIFA and my brother (his Dad) finally and reluctantly agreed to buy him some FIFA points after weeks of being badgered. so he bought him £7.99 as a one off Christmas present. He inputted his credit card details into the PSN with the intention that it was only going to be an individual amount only, not a constant opportunity to transact. This was on the 13th December, since then to our horror, my nephew has managed to rack up over £250 completely unaware that he was buying more FIFA points. this only came to light when his bank statement came through, the further worrying part is that he has been using FIFA ultimate since then so the bill could end up being 2 or 3 times worse!!! We are disgusted that there was no type of pin protection to stop this event from happening, it is also unfair to hold my 11 year old nephew accountable. This recently happened to a friend of mine whose Son was playing FIFA 13 via the IPad and managed to rack up over £800 worth of FIFA points, on that occasion he gained a full refund as the transactions were made unbeknown to the credit card holder and without the knowledge from the son that it was costing each time he was buying points, this is the same situation we face here, except for the fact that he was reimbursed via Apple.
    What would you advise in this instance? Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Fodi

    1. Hi. First of all, we sorry about the delayed answer. We have been upgrading our server.
      We are sorry too to know the situation you described to us. We think that this alert is very important to other users.
      Unfortunely we don’t have any good advice to you. You should try to contact the bank to see what they can do. Maybe they can contact the PSN to try a refund.

  30. hey i have i problem, everytime i try to buy fifa points it says i cant put money in my wallet or so, do you know why that would allways happen, i think it has something to do with my billing address or so compared to to the credit card i am trying to buy the points with,

  31. Can’t I use the FIFA points to buy individual players? I can buy only packs from it?

  32. Hi, I have Reus (LM) and Müller (RM) both playing in CM positions in a 4/3/1/2 formation and they obviously aren’t totally comfortable playin more central roles! How do I get to change their respective positions to CM??


    1. Everything you do inside EA Sports network is suposed to be safe. When I have to use my Visa card on the internet I create an MBnet card (temporarly card of visa card). It is a safe solution but I don’t know if you can do it on your country/bank.

  33. Abdul Momin Hussain

    hey im on ps3 and wondering which is the best value for money fifa points package for 25?

    as in which package will give me the most points.


    1. Hi. Thanks for sharing it. It seems everything OK to us but it’s impossible to know if he will cheat you or not. In the worst scenario, you can lose your money, not your squad. If you do not want to take risks, buy to those who have good feedback or use a middleman. Thanks

  34. One website claims they can transfer his team which includes Falcao to me for 60$. Is this possible or some scam.

    I understand that one cannot transfer players to friends etc.
    Also I don’t know how to add team coaches and physio to the team.
    Is it enough to store in club for increasing performance?



    1. Hi Aziz. It’s probabibly a scam. Could you post the URL of that website? Try to read our article about this subject.
      About the staff, the answer is YES. Is it enough to store them in your club for increasing performance. We are finishing an article about this topic where we explain everything.

  35. Hi,
    I know someone who got 15free packs yesterday on fut13 and 6000fifa points today for free !! How come I got nothing?

    Really want to know….. Thanks!

  36. Having real trouble with FUT on xbox. Bought 1200 ms points to exchange for 1575 fifa coins but it wont work. I get an error message with a code on every time. Error code 80153003. I checked the code followed the instructions even cleared the cache but no different! Any help would be much appreciated thanks

  37. connor foreman

    im having really bad trouble again in my trade pile it is saying that there is loads of things expired and havnt got the money such as i have got kompany and lescott and nani and david silva and loads of contracts and fitness and thy havnt give me the money for it please help me asap

    1. EA knows what is happening. They will try to fix it this night.
      During maintenance they will address the following:
      – Items not appearing in ‘Sold Items’ after a completed trade in FUT
      – Stability in FUT Silver Shield tournaments
      – Optimized browsing through pages in FUT Auction House search results
      – In FUT, repeating requests to set and answer the profile security question

  38. ive put my credit card details to buy the points but i didnt do the address correct by accident, how do i get back to the details to change them?

  39. connor foreman

    hi when i buy fifa points it dosent give me my fifa point bonus could you help me how to get them ? thanks

    1. Hi. The bonus is included in the FIFA Points you bought. For example: when they said that you get a bonus of 200 points, this bonus is included in the 2200 points. In fact, you bought 2000 points and they give you 200 more for free. Thanks.

  40. hi,
    i have some money on my psn account, i was wondering how i could change that into fifa points?
    need help please

  41. So I can buy 2,200 points and 200 FIFA points for $19.99 or a PSN $20.00 card for a penny more. With the card I can cash in for 6 Gold Packs plus have $2.00 left over. Or get the FIFA points and get only 2 Gold packs?
    Hmmmmm…still thinking and scratching my head, why in the world does this make any sense to anyone outside of FIFA??

    Nice try…

  42. hello,

    i purchased 2200 fifa points, but cannot see bonus 200 points…

    could you advise please?

    thank you in advance

  43. I recently purchased 1575 FFA points / £11.99 the transaction went through then ultimate team crashed when I re loaded ultimate team the money has went from my bank but I have yet to recieve my fifa points?

  44. Please, take note about question #5….I bought Fifa Points with my USA account, but I need to use it in my Chilean account…I can’t get to transfer Fifa Points to that account. I think that i just waste my money…

  45. hi i bought a psn voucher and i was hoping to buy Fifa points but it says were sorry but you cant buy fifa points why is this?

  46. Hi, if I purchase fifa points using another PSN account (but same EA account), will the fifa points I purchased be there if I use another PSN account on the same console??

  47. Hi, i’m playing Fifa on the ps3 and I was wondering why it costs £11.99 for 1575 fifa points but £23.99 for 2202 Fifa points. It works out better to buy 1575 twice and I just cant understand why.

  48. Hi, I can’t purchase FIFA points for my ps3. There would be an error message stating I can’t add FIFA points & to try later .. Been trying for the pat 2 dts but sill the same error.

    Do help.

    Fr Singapore

    1. Hi. FIFA Points are not available on early access, only when you get the retail copy.
      If you already have FIFA 13 retail copy and still get that error, try to contact EA Sports Support center.

      1. Hi, I keep getting the problem where when I go to buy fifa points it says they are unavailable and to try later, My account for psn is the us but my game is from the uae is that the problem?

    1. Hi. To buy a morale card go to trading – auction search – development search – team talks.
      To apply it, click on the player you want to give morale, select apply consumable and choose the card you bought.

    1. The results determine the morale of the players. When the victories do not appear, the players demoralize and their performances are affected. Since it playing badly brings more losses, the tendency is for the mental state to degrade and be very difficult to reverse this trend.
      In these situations, but not only, it is very useful the injection of morale by motivational speaking. They can be given individually or for the entire group by specific team talks cards. Learn more here.

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