FIFA U Team First Birthday


Congratulations to all the FIFA U Team Website staff. It is our first birthday!


FIFA U Team First Birthday


The first FIFA U Team article was published on May 1st, 2012. One year later, our balance is extremely positive.

With lot of work and devotion, we created a website full of original and high quality articles. We quickly have become the biggest website specializing in Ultimate Team and probably the greatest website about FIFA.


But there are other reasons to make us happy:

  • We are Independent
  • We do not need the EA support or partnerships to bring the best of FIFA Ultimate Team to our readers.

  • We have quality
  • We write much more than news and small tips. We bring to you guides and tutorials on all topics. We try to explain everything about FUT so you do not miss any detail. Some of the articles exceed 10,000 words!

  • We are bilingual
  • Our website is written in English to reach the greatest number of players. However, we have a Portuguese version of FIFA U Team Website for even more users can read us.

  • We are recognized
  • We are recognized as providers of a excellence service. What you find on our website, you can not find anywhere else. We spent a lot of time testing and analyzing the content of what we publish. We do not want to be just another website. We want to be THE FIFA Ultimate Team website.

  • We are updated
  • We update content very often so you do not miss anything about the game. Every week, we released at least 5 new articles.

  • We help the community
  • All the questions of our community are answered within 24 hours. It is no coincidence that we have articles with more than 1,000 comments (!). The players know that they can rely on us. And we have prizes.

  • We are ambitious
  • If you help us, you can expect many good things from us. We are already preparing a lot of high quality contents about FIFA 14 that will be launched simultaneously with the game.




Name FIFA U Team
Topic FIFA Ultimate Team
Languages English and Portuguese
First Portuguese Article Release Date 01/05/2012
First English Article Release Date 10/05/2012
Visits 3 Millions
Countries of the Visits 212
Comments 6,000
Social Networks Facebook
Alexa Rank 180,000


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6 thoughts on “FIFA U Team First Birthday”

  1. Happy Birhtday !

    1 year old, I’m sure you will grow up!

    long live to your website

  2. Marcos Hernandez

    Happy Birthday!!! Your site is really good and extremely useful. Keep it up. Awesome work!!

    Congratulations from Venezuela!

  3. Happy Birthday! You are by far the best FIFA site I have ever seen! All your achievements are fully deserved!

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