FIFA Ultimate Team Coins: Buy Them (P2)

You know almost everything about the method of buying FIFA Ultimate Team Coins with real money.Or at least you think so. We are here to help you. Know the market research we did about prices that are usually traded FIFA Ultimate Team Coins, learn how to optimize the method and decide if you want to apply it with the help of our list of advantages and disadvantages.


Optimize the Method of Buy FIFA Ultimate Team Coins

You want to buy coins as quickly as possible in order to spend them immediately and to create your dream club. But how many coins should you buy? You should start by choosing the cards that will acquire and valuing them. The sum of the partial prices is the quantity you should ask.

The greater the number of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins you buy, the bigger the discount will be and consequently the lower the price per unit. It is usually sold multiples of 100,000 FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. But it is not required to be. You may agree with the seller a different number. Note that when you ask a quantity of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins, is that quantity that is supposed to enter in your account. Why we say that? Because, if the delivery of coins is bought by selling a card, there is a place to tax. Many sellers think that buyers should pay 5% tax. Stay alert!

When looking for a seller, in addition to the security issue, you should also pay attention to price. If you read the study that we published with the reference prices for FIFA Ultimate Team Coins, you will be able to guide and optimize your search. You will know, for example, that the lowest prices are on Facebook Pages. If you want to buy some coins immediately, please contact us.

When you finish the deal, do it with a secure payment. PayPal, for example, allows you to claim your money if something goes wrong.

To help the community to do secure business, we will publish an article with a blacklist of sellers who can not be trusted. We ask for your help. Please send us the addresses of those who tried to cheat you. Together we are stronger!



FIFA U Team Fórum
The FIFA U Team Forum has a topic for the purchase and the sale of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins


Advantages and Disadvantages of the Method

The main advantage of this method is that, virtually, you can accumulate all the FIFA Ultimate Team Coins that you want. The limit is your wallet. If you have money and if there are sellers with stock (which always exist), you can increase your account with more FIFA Ultimate Team Coins and buy everything you want.

The efficacy of the method is absolute: you pay in cash and receives in FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. No other method will guarantee a great success. You get the coins immediately, which means that at the same time that you decide to buy FIFA Ultimate Team Coins, you can also invest in your club. It is a method extremely simple to understand and to apply.

There are also reasons for not applying this method. The main factor is the money. Putting the method into practice means spending real money and this is one of the things that people do not like to do. To build a team of stars, you may have to spend a few tens of pounds, dollars or Euros.

There is also the safety factor. It’s easy to find on the internet who sell FIFA Ultimate Team Coins (websites, forums, facebook, etc …). But beware: lot of them are not honest and may just want your money. With some caution you can overcome this obstacle.

Finally, there is a moral issue. Is it fair to gain advantage over other players just because paid for it? Somehow, buying FIFA Ultimate Team Coins is distorting the fairness of the game. EA does not allow it directly but do something similar: sell packs in exchange for real money. It is up to you.

Effective, fast, simple and easy; theoretically, you can accumulate a quantity of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins almost endless.
Cost real money; it is not easy to find honest sellers; low morally acceptable

Should I use this Method ?

This is probably the easiest method to tell if the player should apply it or not. The question is very simple: if money is not an issue, continue; otherwise, there are other methods to try.
This Method is efficient, simple, fast and does not bring problems. It’s almost all a matter of money …


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