FUT 14 Calculators – Discard Prices of Players

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In a partnership with the FIFA Game News website, we have built several FUT 14 calculators that make the things easier to the players and help them to understand better how the game works. The calculator that we are sharing with you today is about discard prices of players. It will allow you to find out with a single click the quick sell value of any player


FUT 14 Calculators – Discard Prices of Players


The discard prices of players are the values that you can get by selling a player you own without having to send him to the transfer list.
If you have read our guide about quick sell values (click HERE to access it), you probably already know that to calculate the discard prices is a very hard thing to do. You can use the tables we have provided in that article, but it would be much easier to not have to look on those long tables.

For that reason we created, in a partnership with the FIFA Game News website, a calculator that make the things easier. You only have to input the card type and the player’s rating and you will get the quick sell value for that player. Simple. Very simple.

With this calculator you will be able to make use of the Quick Sell Method to earn coins in a much easier and quickly way.



Besides this calculator, we also built another calculators that we already have shared here or that we will share very soon, like the individual and squad chemistry calculators, trading profit calculators, taxes calculator and match profit calculator. You can check them clicking on the respective link on ‘Related Posts’. Use them and share them with your friends.