FIFA 14 Tips: How to Dribble in FIFA 14

FIFA 14 Tips: How to Dribble in FIFA 14


You can find here some FIFA 14 tips about how to dribble.


FIFA 14 Tips: How to Dribble in FIFA 14


Momentum is a key factor when dribbling. It is important to familiarise yourself with your player’s movement and pace so it is easier to calculate elements such as turning, stopping and sprinting both with and without possession. Opponents will often look at your body language more than the ball, meaning that it is sometimes more effective to employ simple moves. Sprinting towards a defender with the ball and then slowing implies that you are about to turn. Your marker will try to anticipate this so continuing the run is likely to throw him.

If space opens up, hold RT on your XBox controller or R2 on your Playstation controller and double-flick RS in the desired direction to knock the ball forward and capitalise on the room you have been allowed. This can be especially effective in the wider areas or if a gap has opened up in the middle of the pitch. If you’re heading into trouble, hold LT/L2 to protect the ball by getting your body in between the defender and the ball. This is a good position to either turn and sprint away or lay the ball off to an overlapping player.

Hold LB/L1 to stop your player and feint in one direction (using LS to manipulate the ball) before sprinting in another direction when a defender attempts to intercept. If you prefer a speedier and more direct approach, hold LT and RT or L2 and R2 with the ball to face an opposing player and decide how you are going to dribble past. For the more creative, using specific skill moves such as the turn and spin (flick RS forward, then left or right) and the heel chop (flick RSx2 diagonally back either left or right) can be an effective and a pretty stylish way to overcome a defence.


How to Dribble in FIFA 14 Video


This week tips on The Boot Room, Darren Cross from Match Magazine shares in a video how to dribble in FIFA 14.



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