The FIFA 23 Leaderboard allows you to compare yourself with other players in four strands: Match Earnings, Transfer Profit, Club Value and Top Squad.
FIFA 23 Leaderboards

FUT Leaderboards

The purpose of a leaderboard is to show people where they rank in a competitive event. In the case of FUT 23, there are leaderboards for several game modes, like Squad Battles and Division Rivals, and also for the Ultimate Team game mode itself.

FUT leaderboards are very useful to show who are the best players in a such complex game mode like Ultimate Team is. Instead of a single ranking, there are four leaderboards, evaluating how good a player and his team are in the field and in the transfer market:

  • Match Earnings;
  • Transfer Profit;
  • Club Value;
  • Top Squad.
You can access the FIFA 23 Leaderboard directly from the FUT main screen. First, you must navigate to the [Club] tab and select [Leaderboards]. From there, you can consult any of the four leaderboards and refine your search with the two filters available: one lets you select the Top 100 or just your friends; the other one gives you the chance to see all the records or only those that occurred in the last month or last week.

Match Earnings

Total coins earned from matches and game mode rewards.
It measures how good player you are.

Match Earnings show how much you’ve earned playing. That includes the value that pops up at the end of every match, considering bonuses. It’s cumulative and never decreases. Even if you lose as many matches as possible, you’ll always get at least a few coins.

Another detail that might be a little confusing: when you delete your club and then compare it to your friend’s on the FIFA 23 leaderboard, you’ll have your match history reset but not your match earnings. That’s why sometimes you’ll see people with match earnings higher than yours while they’ve played fewer matches.

How Match Earnings are calculated
  • All coins you win at the end of each match;
  • Includes extra coins awarded depending on the game mode: FUT Draft, Squad Battles, Division Rivals or FUT Champions;
  • Includes the coin boost items.

Transfer Profit

Coin profits from purchases, sales and discards.
It measures how good trader you are.

Your purchase on the transfer market is deducted from your transfer profit. Any card you sell (at 100% of the sale price) is added to your transfer profit. For example, if you buy a card for 950 coins and then sell it for 1,000 coins, the Transfer Profit will increase by 50, even though you have essentially made no increase/decrease to your net wealth.

It’s also important to understand what happens when you buy a pack. Let’s suppose you have 1,000 of Transfer Profit. You buy a gold pack worth 500 coins and store everything in your club. How is your Transfer Profit now? 500. And it can even go negative if you keep buying many packs. It falls by the exact value of the pack.

How Transfer Profit is calculated
  • It doesn’t take into account the EA tax (5%);
  • The transfer profit decreases every time you buy a pack (it will increase again if you sell the content);
  • The transfer profit increases every time you redeem a coins pack;
  • The transfer profit increases every time you quick sell a card with a discard price higher than 0.
FUT 23 Leaderboards

Club Value

The total value of all players in your club.
It measures how valuable are your players.

Your Club Value is the sum of the values of all the players you have in your club (not only the ones in your squads). Each item has one value, which we’ll be calling from now on the “RV” (Reference Value). The RV rises little by little for each overall point. However, it is also affected by the type of card and if it is common or rare. In short, the value you see in Club Value is equal to the sum of all of your players’ RVs.

This value isn’t related to price ranges, with the number of coins you spent to buy the player or how much you’ll sell him for. In other words, even those untradeable citems in your club will count.

How Club Value is calculated
  • The players in your transfer list do not count; only the ones you have in your club do.
  • It isn’t affected by managers, consumables, stadium or club’s items;
  • High rated cards and special items contribute more to the club value;
  • Rare items contribute more to the club value.

Top Squad

Combined chemistry and rating scores of your best squad.
It measures how good your best squad is.

The Top Squad is a number that goes, in theory, from 0 to 132. Basically, it is obtained by adding the team chemistry to the team rating. For example: if you have an 89 rated squad with full chemistry, your Top Squad will be 122, which is pretty good. It’s very simple, right?

You can find Team Chemistry on the left side of your squad’s screen.

The Top Squad considers your best squad’s total rating. It doesn’t matter how many squads you have or which one is active; just the best rating. If you have an inactive 89 rated squad and you’re currently playing with a 70 rated one, your team rating used to the Top Squad will remain 89.

How Club Value is calculated
  • You get the Top Squad, adding the Team Chemistry to your highest Team Rating;
  • Top Squad is only affected by the starting eleven and substitutes – it doesn’t depend on the reserves;
  • The starting eleven’s ratings weigh more over the Team Rating;
  • The Top Squad will not vary if a player item is common or rare, regular or special, as long as they have the same rating.
Frequently Asked Questions
Leaderboards let you know how good you are when compared with other players. In FIFA 23, there are different leaderboards for different game modes.
Ultimate Team has its leaderboards: match earnings, transfer profit, club value and top squad. In addition, there are specific leaderboards for Rivals and Squad Battles.
You can see the Pro Club ranking on the official page.
To check the FUT Rivals leaderboard, please follow these steps:
  • From the main FUT screen, press R1/RB to select the [Play] tab;
  • Select [Division Rivals];
  • Press triangle/Y to access the Elite leaderboard (top 200).
To check the Squad Battles leaderboard, please follow these steps:
  • From the main FUT screen, press R1/RB to select the [Play] tab;
  • Select [Squad Battles];
  • Press R1/RB to access the top 200 leaderboard;
  • Press triangle/Y if you want to see the previous event’s results.
It depends on how you see the game. Each FUT leaderboard is focused on a different aspect: most skilled player, best trader, top manager or best squad.
No. There isn’t any reward for those who reach the top positions on FUT leaderboards.
It depends on the leaderboard:
  • win more matches, for match earnings;
  • buy low and sell higher, for transfer profit;
  • buy more high rated players, for club value;
  • focus your synergies in a unique strong squad, for top squad.
Some developers get to play the final game before its release date, and that’s why you can see some people with tremendous Match Earnings so early. In the same way, some players receive the beta version and reach high match earnings. However, their progress won’t be carried over to their original account.
No, transfer profit doesn’t take into account the 5% tax.
No. The players’ values that came from the pack don’t matter. You can get Mbappé or Eusébio in a pack that it doesn’t matter. The transfer profit will decrease by the value you paid for the pack. Only when you sell the players you may get it back. This way, you’ll lose 5,000 of Transfer Profit by buying a 5,000 worth pack, but if you get lucky, you can recover what was lost. So when you buy a pack, your Transfer Profit will decrease, and when you sell those cards, it will increase.
Club Value is calculated in different ways, depending on the item category and rarity.
For regular common cards: RV = ((rating – 15) ^ 3)/2
For regular rare cards: RV = (rating ^ 3)/2
For IF and special cards: RV = ((rating + 15) ^ 3)/2
Reference values used to calculate the Club Value.

99296 352485 150740 772
98285 894470 596721 449
97275 684456 337702 464
96265 721442 368683 816
95256 000428 688665 500
94246 520415 292647 515
93237 276402 179629 856
92228 267389 344612 522
91219 488376 786595 508
90210 938364 500578 813
89202 612352 485562 432
88194 509340 736546 364
87186 624329 252530 604
86178 956318 028515 151
85171 500307 063500 000
84164 255296 352485 150
83157 216285 894470 596
82150 382275 684456 337
81143 748265 721442 368
80137 313256 000428 688
79131 072246 520415 292
78125 024237 276402 179
77119 164228 267389 344
76113 491219 488376 786
75108 000210 938364 500
74102 690202 612352 485
7397 556194 509340 736
7292 597186 624329 252
7187 808178 956318 028
7083 188171 500307 063
6978 732164 255296 352
6874 439157 216285 894
6770 304150 382275 684
6666 326143 748265 721
6562 500137 313256 000
6458 825131 072246 520
6355 296125 024237 276
6251 912119 164228 267
6148 668113 491219 488
6045 563108 000210 938
5942 592102 690202 612
5839 75497 556194 509
5737 04492 597186 624
5634 46187 808178 956
5532 00083 188171 500
5429 66078 732164 255
5327 43674 439157 216
5225 32770 304150 382
5123 32866 326143 748
5021 43862 500137 313
4919 65258 825131 072
4817 96955 296125 024
4716 38451 912119 164
4614 89648 668113 491
4513 50045 563108 000
4412 19542 592102 690
4310 97639 75497 556
429 84237 04492 597
418 78834 46187 808
407 81332 00083 188
Leaderboards in FUT 23 have now a Global Leaderboard for all platforms, and a Local Leaderboard for just their platform (PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, for example). You will only be able to see the Global Leaderboard if you’ve opted into cross-play.

For Squad Battles specifically, the Top 200 leaderboard was removed as there is now a single reward tier for this group.