Consistent But Never IF TOTS Prediction


Everyone want to know who will be the players of the TOTS. Find out our prediction about the gold most consistent but never IF players in FUT 13.


How it works the TOTS ?


At the end of each season, EA selects the best players of the season and release them in special In Form cards and very improved attributes.

They split the 184 best players by 8 different teams. It means that each one has 23 players.


In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, the release dates to each one of the Team of the Season should be (to be confirmed):

  • Gold Most Consistent but never IF TOTS
    May 8th 2013;
  • Silver/ Bronze Most Consistent but never IF TOTS
    May 8th 2013;
  • English Leagues TOTS
    May 15th 2013;
  • Northern Europe Leagues TOTS
    May 22nd 2013;
  • Southern Europe Leagues TOTS
    May 29th 2013;;
  • BBVA League TOTS
    June 05th 2013;
  • Unknown TOTS


How it works the Gold Most Consistent but never IF TOTS ?


The players of the most consistent but never IF TOTS have been consistently play well throughout the season but have not received an IF in FUT 13.

This TOTS has 23 players: 11 on the starting XI, 7 on the subs and 5 on the reserves.

The most consistent but never IF TOTS has at least six British league players, two Spanish league players, two Italian league players, two German league players and two French league players.


Gold Most Consistent but never IF TOTS Prediction


If you want to know who will be in the Gold Most Consistent but never IF TOTS, take a look to our prediction:

Simon Mignolet GK 76 Belgium Barclays PL Sunderland
Yann Sommer GK 76 Switzerland Axpo Super League FC Basel
Phil Jagielka CB 79 England Barclays PL Everton
Diego Godín CB 79 Uruguay Liga BBVA Atletico Madrid
Salvatore Bocchetti CB 78 Italy Russian League Spartak Moskva
Eliaquim Mangala CB 77 France Liga Portuguesa FC Porto
Niklas Moisander CB 76 Finland Eredivisie Ajax
Sascha Riether RB 75 Germany Barclays PL Fulham
Matija Nastasic CB 75 Serbia Barclays PL Manchester City
Javi Martinez CDM 83 Spain Bundesliga FC Bayern
Landon Donovan RM 82 United States MLS Los Angeles Galaxy
Mikel Arteta CM 81 Spain Barclays PL Arsenal
Borja Valero CM 80 Spain Serie A Fiorentina
Selcuk Inan CM 79 Turkey Turkish League Galatasaray
Carlos Vela RW 79 Mexico Liga BBVA Real Sociedad
Claudio Yacob CDM 77 Argentina Barclays PL West Brom
Maxime Gonalons CDM 77 France Ligue 1 Olympique Lyonnais
Pirmin Schwegler CDM 75 Switzerland Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt
Rémy Cabella CAM 75 France Ligue 1 Montpellier SC
Luis Fabiano ST 82 Brazil Liga do Brasil São Paulo
Alessandro Diamanti RF 80 Italy Serie A Bologna
Jeremain Lens RW 78 Netherlands Eredivisie PSV
Dejan Damjanovic ST 76 Montenegro Sonata K-League FC Seoul

Gold Most Consistent but never IF TOTS Prediction

Starting Eleven of the Gold Consistent But Never IF TOTS Prediction
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To the Starting XI we selected those players that were more consistent but never had an In Form card on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.

On the goal, we picked Simon Mignolet. He has been instrumental in Sunderland’s relegation fight. On the right side of the defense, we picked Sascha Riether who was named Fulham’s best player of the year. To the other three positions of the defense we selected Diego Godín, 3 times man of the match, Salvatore Bocchetti, who was consistently strong defensively with Rubin and also Spartak, and finally Phil Jagielka, that have an impressive 70% of duels and tackles won.

To the midfield, we chose three Spanish players of different European leagues. The best one is Javi Martinez with a brilliant debut season. Another player with a great debut season was Borja Valero, a key element to Fiorentina’s push for Europe. Mikel Arteta was great this season winning back possession, dictating tempo and starting attacks. There is a good chance to be on the Most Consistent but never IF TOTS.

Donovan is the first choice to the attack of this FUT 13 TOTS. He led Galaxy to a 2nd successive title and was named in Best XI for record 6th time. Alessandro Diamanti was named MOTM four times and made great performances all the season. That’s why probably he will be on the Team of the Season. The striker of this TOTS prediction is Luís Fabiano. He scored 30 goals in 41 matches.


We will see soon if this prediction match or not. In the meantime, remember the FUT 12 most consistent but never IF TOTS.


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  1. I think that gold packs are a waste of money that’s why I buy silver packs u get rarer players like I got kelvin =30k and ur supposed to look them up and they are normally worth somthin

  2. Hi i want to ask you about Robben i have Robben can i sell Robben before he plays the nest game or i wait because i want to know when Robben´s price will be increased? thanks.

    1. Hi! Nice to meet you.
      Nobody can be sure about what will happen with players’ prices. You should have sold Robben few weeks ago. We think that his price will continue to drop until the Northern Leagues TOTS release. Regards

      1. Hi so you suggest me to sell him thanks for the advice. I want to know were i can contact you guys is there any other pages or it is just this website, i mean facebook page that i can send you some messeges if i need help not the main page. Thansk regards Admin.

  3. In the month of feb and march, I have opened around 40 bronze packs with 2-3 players in each pack and not a single special card came up. During the happy hour on may 1, I thought the tots had come out but I only had money for bronze pack so I did and the same result happened. It seems like it is impossible to get a special card. Anyways, whenever the TOTS come out, I will buy some bronze packs and hopefully I will get something

  4. Also, suppose there is a bronze TOTW card. Will he be available only in bronze packs or in gold packs?

  5. Can you please show your predictions for each category on this website? Also, since even EA has confirmed that Borja Valero will be a part of the Gold Consistent but Never IF cards, I have his normal gold card. Should I sell this normal card before TOTS or later? Will the normal card value rise since he is in the TOTS?

    1. We will try but we don’t know if it will be possible.
      If you have a card that will be on TOTS, you should sell it before the TOTS release. It is expected that the prices of these cards will be lower after the TOTS release. But some times, it doesn’t happen as we expected.

  6. How can I increase my chances of getting a TOTS card or even any IF or TOTY or TOTW or basically any special card. Will opening the pack just after it comes out give me a chance? If not, how to increase my chances?

    1. It is very difficult to get an IF card but there are some things you can do to ensure a higher success rate:
      -Try to make the purchase when Happy Hour is active, because the cost per card is usually lower. Better yet, if you buy in Happy Hours advertised as “2x Chance“. This means that the probability of opening a pack with a IF card is twice higher than usually.
      Another precaution you can take is to buy packs in weeks which TOTW are formed by top players. It is no coincidence that adherence to the packs is higher for weeks with TOTY.
      You should try to buy the packs with higher number of rare cards. They are more valuable.
      There are also those who try to increase their chances of success gathering players who bet their coins together and share the respective prizes.

      It seems that opening packs just after it comes out doesn’t give you better chances.

      You can learn more about it HERE.

  7. You all do understand that Phillip Lahm’s nickname is indeed ‘Mr. Consistency?’ He obviously hasn’t had an IF for FIFA 13 yet either, so why wouldn’t he be in the squad? Could it simply be because he’ll be in the Bundesliga TOTS?

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