FC 24 Bundesliga Defenders

The Best Centre Backs

The presence of skilled central defenders in front of a goalkeeper greatly facilitates their task. These defenders play a crucial role in preventing the opposing team from approaching your team’s goal in a dangerous manner.

Two attributes are particularly significant for central defenders: defending and physicality. A player with strong defending abilities has a higher likelihood of successfully dispossessing opponents and preventing them from reaching the penalty area. The physical attribute measures the players’ ability to use their bodies effectively in winning possession.
Matthijs de Ligt86
Niklas Süle84
Kim Min Jae84
Matthias Ginter84
Nico Schlotterbeck83
Benjamin Pavard83
Willi Orban83
Mats Hummels83
Emre Can83
Dayot Upamecano82
Edmond Tapsoba81
Jonathan Tah81
Ramy Bensebaini80
Leonardo Bonucci80
Mohamed Simakan79
Lukas Klostermann79
Piero Hincapié79
Philipp Lienhart79
Danilho Doekhi78
Castello Lukeba77
Mats Hummels 8386
Kim Min Jae 8485
Nico Schlotterbeck 8385
Niklas Süle 8485
Matthijs de Ligt 8685
Benjamin Pavard 8385
Matthias Ginter 8485
Willi Orban 8385
Emre Can 8382
Edmond Tapsoba 8182
Leonardo Bonucci 8082
Dayot Upamecano 8281
Lukas Klostermann 7981
Jonathan Tah 8181
Philipp Lienhart 7981
Robin Knoche 7781
Mohamed Simakan 7980
Piero Hincapié 7979
Ramy Bensebaini 8079
Timo Hübers 7779
Emre Can 8387
Matthijs de Ligt 8686
Niklas Süle 8485
Jonathan Tah 8185
Kim Min Jae 8484
Dayot Upamecano 8283
Rani Khedira 7683
Nico Schlotterbeck 8382
Attila Szalai 7682
Danilho Doekhi 7882
Waldemar Anton 7582
Andreas Hanche-Olsen 7581
Willi Orban 8381
Kristijan Jakić 7581
Mohamed Simakan 7980
Matthias Ginter 8480
Ozan Kabak 7580
Julian Chabot 7580
Edmond Tapsoba 8179
Ramy Bensebaini 8079
Maxence Lacroix 7684
Dayot Upamecano 8283
Piero Hincapié 7982
Lukas Klostermann 7981
Hiroki Ito 7581
Kim Min Jae 8480
Emre Can 8379
Nico Schlotterbeck 8378
Odilon Kossounou 7678
Castello Lukeba 7778
Lukas Kübler 7578
Josip Stanišić 7578
Ramy Bensebaini 8077
Sebastiaan Bornauw 7677
Silvan Widmer 7677
Timo Hübers 7776
Edmond Tapsoba 8175
Tuta 7675
Mohamed Simakan 7974
Niklas Süle 8473
The Best FC 24 Bundesliga Centre-Backs

Global Overview (CB)

The signing of Kim Min Jae by Bayern has been warmly welcomed by Bundesliga enthusiasts. He has quickly risen to the top tier of the league’s best central defenders, thanks to his speed, physicality, and defensive abilities. Upamecano is also an excellent defender with relatively similar characteristics, but the Korean’s Work Rate (Low/High) is more reliable for those looking to keep their goal secure.

Another intriguing player is Can. The Borussia Dortmund defender possesses qualities that allow him to rank among the best defenders and defensive midfielders. Schlotterbeck and de Ligt could potentially outperform him if it weren’t for their very risky work rates (High/High) and lack of speed, respectively

Top 10 CBs

1 Kim Min Jae
2 Dayot Upamecano
3 Emre Can
4 Nico Schlotterbeck
5 Matthijs de Ligt
6 Niklas Süle
7 Lukas Klostermann
8 Benjamin Pavard
9 Matthias Ginter
10 Piero Hincapié
FC 24 Bundesliga Defenders

The Best Right Backs

The role of Bundesliga right backs is similar to their counterparts on the opposite flank. Their primary objective is to make it challenging for opposing wingers and actively contribute to their team’s offensive strategies.

Defending and pace are crucial attributes for any right back in the Bundesliga. As defenders, they need to possess strong defensive abilities to minimize the risk of conceding goals.

Given the nature of play on the flanks, which tends to be faster than the central areas of the field, right backs need to be quick, capable of both defensive and attacking movements, and able to penetrate the opposition’s defenses. They play a vital role in supporting the team’s overall gameplay.
Joshua Kimmich88
Niklas Süle84
Jeremie Frimpong83
Benjamin Pavard83
Noussair Mazraoui82
Lukas Klostermann79
Mohamed Simakan79
Ridle Baku79
Marius Wolf78
Benjamin Henrichs78
Josip Juranović77
Mitchell Weiser77
Julian Ryerson77
Christopher Trimmel77
Kevin Mbabu76
Odilon Kossounou76
Silvan Widmer76
Thomas Meunier76
Josip Stanišić75
Junior Dina Ebimbe75
Niklas Süle 8485
Benjamin Pavard 8385
Joshua Kimmich 8882
Lukas Klostermann 7981
Mohamed Simakan 7980
Noussair Mazraoui 8277
Odilon Kossounou 7676
Josip Stanišić 7576
Benjamin Henrichs 7875
Christopher Trimmel 7775
Jeremie Frimpong 8374
Thomas Meunier 7674
Stefan Lainer 7574
Julian Ryerson 7773
Lukas Kübler 7573
Ridle Baku 7972
Marius Wolf 7872
Kevin Mbabu 7672
Pavel Kadeřábek 7572
Silvan Widmer 7671
Jeremie Frimpong 8394
Josip Juranović 7785
Kevin Mbabu 7684
Junior Dina Ebimbe 7583
Mitchell Weiser 7782
Lukas Klostermann 7981
Ridle Baku 7981
Marius Wolf 7881
Aurélio Buta 7580
Noussair Mazraoui 8279
Odilon Kossounou 7678
Josip Stanišić 7578
Lukas Kübler 7578
Silvan Widmer 7677
Mohamed Simakan 7974
Benjamin Henrichs 7874
Julian Ryerson 7774
Niklas Süle 8473
Stefan Lainer 7572
Pavel Kadeřábek 7572
The Best FC 24 Bundesliga Right-Backs

Global Overview (RB, RWB)

There is a lack of quality among the right-backs playing in Germany. Most of these players are slow and don’t even have good defensive skills. Fortunately, Frimpong is one of the few exceptions. He’s extremely fast and has good dribbling skills, but in everything else, he is just decent.

The best alternative to him is Mazraoui, who is a more balanced player but also slower. We left Kimmich and Meunier out of the top because, in our opinion, a right back has to be fast, which is not their case.

The 10 RBs/RWBs

1 Jeremie Frimpong
2 Noussair Mazraoui
3 Kevin Mbabu
4 Ridle Baku
6 Josip Juranović
7 Marius Wolf
8 Mitchell Weiser
9 Benjamin Henrichs
10 Lukas Klostermann
FC 24 Bundesliga Defenders

The Best Left Backs

The role of Bundesliga left backs is similar to their counterparts on the opposite flank. They aim to make it challenging for opposing wingers and actively contribute to their team’s offensive strategies.

Defending and pace are crucial attributes for any left back in the Bundesliga.

As defenders, left backs need to possess strong defensive abilities to minimize the team’s risk of conceding goals. Given the faster pace of play on the flanks compared to the middle of the field, left backs must be fast, capable of both defensive and attacking movements, and contribute to the team’s overall gameplay through their penetrating runs and defensive contributions.
Alphonso Davies83
Raphaël Guerreiro82
Ramy Bensebaini80
Christian Günter79
Robin Gosens79
David Raum78
Borna Sosa78
Philipp Max78
Benjamin Henrichs78
Julian Ryerson77
Joakim Mæhle77
Josip Juranović77
Maximilian Wöber76
Jérôme Roussillon76
Anthony Caci76
Jakub Kamiński75
Ramy Bensebaini 8079
Grimaldo 8476
Raphaël Guerreiro 8276
Robin Gosens 7976
Anthony Caci 7676
Benjamin Henrichs 7875
Maximilian Wöber 7675
Alphonso Davies 8374
Christian Günter 7974
Danilo 7674
Julian Ryerson 7773
David Raum 7871
Jérôme Roussillon 7671
Iago 7571
Borna Sosa 7870
Philipp Max 7870
Joakim Mæhle 7770
Josip Juranović 7770
Jakub Kamiński 7547
Alphonso Davies 8395
David Raum 7888
Grimaldo 8487
Josip Juranović 7785
Joakim Mæhle 7783
Jérôme Roussillon 7682
Christian Günter 7981
Iago 7580
Robin Gosens 7978
Ramy Bensebaini 8077
Philipp Max 7877
Borna Sosa 7876
Benjamin Henrichs 7874
Julian Ryerson 7774
Danilo 7672
Anthony Caci 7669
Raphaël Guerreiro 8265
Maximilian Wöber 7665
Jakub Kamiński 7585
The Best FC 24 Bundesliga Left-Backs

Global Overview (LB, LWB)

In our opinion (and probably almost everyone’s opinion), Alphonso Davies is the best left-back player in Bundesliga. He is the fastest LB in the world and one of the best dribbling opponents.

The biggest issue with the Canadian is his price. Fortunately, Grimaldo moved to Germany, providing a quality alternative. The Spaniard is fast, dribbles and passes well, and is defensively better than Raum, our third choice

The 10 LBs/LWBs

1 Alphonso Davies
2 Grimaldo
3 David Raum
4 Ramy Bensebaini
5 Robin Gosens
6 Josip Juranović
7 Christian Günter
8 Jérôme Roussillon
9 Joakim Mæhle
10 Iago