FC 24 Marquee Matchups are SBCs highlighting the vital real-life matches for the coming week or UEFA matchday.
FC 24 Marquee Matchups

Marquee Matchups

Marquee Matchups are a series of SBCs themed on upcoming real football matches that are either globally or regionally popular. They were designed to highlight the key matches for the coming week or UEFA matchday.

The MMs usually require players from either of the two teams, league, and/or the nation that the teams play in. By completing their challenges and groups, you can claim rewards such as tradeable packs and cosmetic items.

In Football Club 24, there are two types of Marquee Matchups:
  • Regular;
  • UEFA.
New regular MMs are released every Thursday, featuring four challenges. They are based in domestic league matches and, less often, international fixtures. When no essential matches are scheduled for the coming week, Electronic Arts re-release ‘Throwback Marquee Matchups’.

Additionally, UEFA challenges are also out on selected Tuesdays. They also last for seven days but, instead of four matches, they only feature two from UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League or Conference League competitions.

How to Access Marquee Matchups
  1. From the Ultimate Team main screen, navigate to [Squad Building Challenges];
  2. Press R1/RB to go to the [Live] tab;
  3. Move to the right until you find [Marquee Matchups].

Marquee Matchup List

List of FC 24 Marquee Matchups sorted by date.
All times are shown in the UK time zone.

Regular MM W2 | 28/09 18:00 7d
  • Team 1 v Team 2
  • Team 1 v Team 2
  • Team 1 v Team 2
  • Team 1 v Team 2
Regular MM W1 | 21/09 18:00 7d
Premium Gold Players Pack
  • Arsenal v Tottenham
  • Atl Madrid v R Madrid
  • PSG v Marseille
  • Ajax v Feyenoord
Frequently Asked Questions
FC 24 Marquee Matchups are squad-building challenges highlighting critical and popular real-life matches for the coming week or UEFA matchday.
Regular marquee matchups are refreshed every Thursday at 6 pm (UK time). They remain available for seven days when the new ones replace them.

UEFA marquee matchups are refreshed every Tuesday at 6 pm (UK time). They also remain available for seven days.
FC 24 Marquee Matchups are easy to do. First, you must select [Squad Building Challenges] from the main Ultimate Team screen. Then, select [Live] and move right until you see [Marquee Matchups].

Once in the active marquee, you must access each challenge and submit your team respecting the requirements. As soon as the four challenges are completed, redeem your tradeable rewards.
Yes. FC 24 Marquee Matchups can be completed in the Web and Companion App, just like any other squad building challenge.
By completing Marquee Matchups, you can claim tradeable Ultimate Team packs and, less often, other items.