A Ultimate Team promo is a time-limited themed event that usually features special items and other offers.
FC 24 Events


During the FC 24 lifecycle, Electronic Arts releases several events to improve community engagement. FC 24 promos are time-limited and usually feature special player items and other offers, like objectives and SBCs.

From Mad ready to Pre-Season, you can expect new FC 24 promos almost every week. EA Sports never confirms an exact schedule of which promos will feature and when, but there are plenty of staples that return year upon year that are almost guaranteed to show up.

FC 24 Promo Schedule

Our vast experience allows us to predict the calendar of FC 24 promos with a high degree of success.

Despite the new name of the franchise, iconic FUT events like Future Stars, Team of the Year, FUT Birthday, and Team of the Season are sure to arrive in Football Club 24 around the same time, as usual, loaded with stunning special items. In other cases, events may be released on different dates, different names or not be released at all.

FIFA 22FIFA 23FC 24Promo
22/09Mad Ready
15/1007/1029/09Road to the Knockouts
10/11Triple Threat
17/11FC Pro Live
26/1125/1124/11Black Friday
17/1223/1222/12Winter Wildcards
10/1205/01 Versus
21/0120/0119/01Team of the Year
18/0217/0202/02Road to the Final
04/0203/0209/02Future Stars
18/0317/0323/02Fantasy UT
04/0303/0315/03UT Birthday
29/0428/0419/04Team of the Season
11/1107/06Path to Glory
11/1107/06Greats of the Game
14/06Make Your Mark
28/10Out of Position
FC 24 Nike

Mad Ready

The first event of the Ultimate Team cycle is a collaboration between EA Sports and Nike, two renowned brands in the world of sports and gaming. This campaign, Mad Ready, is an exclusive for players who got early access by buying Ultimate Edition or subscribing EA Play.
FC 24 Road to the Knockouts

Road to the Knockouts

The RTTK event celebrates the UCL, UEL, and Conference League group stages. It is mainly known for its dynamic items, upgraded based on the teams’ results (qualification for the knockouts and 2 wins in 5 matches).
FC 24 Trailblazers


Trailblazers is a brand new promo that highlights players who have started the season with exceptional performances. These items receive a Playstyle+ or a completely new one if they already have one.
FC 24 Centurions


‘Form is temporary, class is permanent’. Centurions is a promo that celebrates longevity in football, combining more than 100 caps, goals, assists, or clean sheets, with special items, new Icon versions and several EVOs.
FC 24 Triple Threat

Triple Threat

Triple Threat is a brand new promo that takes place between the Centurions and Black Friday events. It features three special items from the same club: one man, one women, and one hero.
FC 24 Pro Live

Pro Live

FC 24 Pro Live is the first-ever event based on an e-sports competition. Depending on the tournament results, dynamic items are upgraded or not.
FC 24 Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the year’s shortest and most profitable events. It features hourly promo packs (including 250 and 125k packs for the first time), lightning rounds, flash SBCs, the re-release of the best TOTW items, and other offers.
FC 24 Radioactive


Radioactive is a brand new event in Ultimate Team. This promo introduces special cards into the game that make a greater contribution to chemistry.
FC 24 Radioactive


Dynasties is a brand new promo in Ultimate Team showcasing player items associated with family connections.
FC 24 Team of the Group Stage

Team of the Group Stage

The TOTGS event celebrates the best players of the UCL, UEL, and Conference League first stage. Contrary to most FC 24 promos, it lasts only one week.
FC 24 Winter Wildcard

Winter Wildcards

Winter Wildcards, Freeze, and FUTMas are different names for a Ultimate Team event created to celebrate the holiday season. It includes two teams of special items, but it is primarily known by its daily player SBCs.
FC 24 FUT Versus

FUT Versus

FUT Versus is a promotion where each selected player receives two special cards with very distinct characteristics, each of them released at different times: one in the Ice team and another in the Fire team.
FC 24 Ones to Watch

Ones to Watch

Ones to Watch is the third UT event to be released in the Football Club 24 cycle. It includes dynamic items from the latest transfer window, promo packs, objectives and SBCs.

Team of the Year

Team of the Year is one of the oldest and most popular events in Ultimate Team. It celebrates the best eleven players of 2023 with special items featuring exciting upgrades.

Road to the Final

Road to the Final is a replica of the RTTK event, but in this case, player items receive upgrades if their teams win or advance at select times during the knockout stages of the competitions.
FC 24 Future Stars

Future Stars

The Future Stars event is centered on hot young prospects, which are released in packs, objectives, sbcs, and swaps. In addition, they receive special items featuring potential future ratings they may reach while on the top form of their professional careers.
FC 24 What If

What If

Three years later, What If is making a come back to FC 24. This popular event features dynamic items which are upgraded based on the goals and clean sheets of their teams.
FC 24 UT Birthday

UT Birthday

UT Birthday is a two-weeks event created to celebrate the Ultimate Team game mode anniversary. It includes many offers, but the most interesting ones are the special items with boosted ratings and weak foot/skills changes released in two teams, swaps, objectives, and daily SBCs.
FC 24 Golazo


Golazo is a brand new promo event that features special versions of Icons and Heroes, featuring improved stats. Contrary to other promos, there are no new special cards in this event.

Team of the Season

Released every year since FUT 12, the TOTS event releases twelve squads of special items, botm men and women, celebrating the best players of the football campaign across Europe and the rest of the world.
FC 24 Path to Glory

Path to Glory

With the rights secured for Euro 2024 and Copa América, the biggest European and South American national teams competitions are also coming to Ultimate Team through specific promotions. Path to Glory follows the journey of a group of players throughout these championships and rewards those who progress the furthest with upgrades.
FC 24 Greats of the Game

Greats of the Game

The Greats of the Game promo takes place simultaneously with Path to Glory but is essentially different in that it highlights Heroes and Icons instead of players participating in Copa América and Euro 2024. It assigns them dynamic items that are upgraded based on the number of goals scored by their respective national teams.
FC 24 Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark lasts two weeks, featuring dynamic cards of a selection of players who have never participated in the Copa América or the Euro Championship. These items are upgraded based on the number of matches played, goals, assists, and clean sheets.
FC 24 Shapeshifters


The Shapeshifters event is known for its special items featuring position changes and huge boosts. This promo is longer than usual (4 weeks) and releases more player cards (4 teams).


The UTTIES event celebrates the best of everything in UT 24 by bringing back some of your favorite content: SBCs, objectives, and ‘Best Of’ items. It also includes new special items votes by the community.
FC 24 Pre-Season


Pre-Season is the last event of the Football Club 24 cycle. The offers list includes rewards for the next title you can win by completing squad building challenges and objectives in FC 24.
FC 24 Rulebreakers


First released in FUT 21, the Rulebreakers event offers two teams of special player items, featuring game-changing stat updates (downgrades and upgrades).
FC 24 Out of Position

Out of Position

The name of this promo, ‘Out of Position‘, explains by itself what you can expect to find. It includes special cards assigned to a selection of players featuring with new main and alternate positions and attributes changes, as well as the potential for changes to their preferred foot, weak foot, skill moves, and work rates.
FC 24 Headliners


The Headliners promo is focused on players who are on an exceptional run of form during the first half of the season. The items you can find on the two teams, SBCs, and objectives are upgraded every time the player receives a new TOTW or MOTM item.
Frequently Asked Questions
FC 24 promos are time-limited events released by Electronic Arts to increase community engagement with the game. In addition, it usually includes themed offers, like special player items in packs, SBCs, and objectives.
There are many events during the Football Club 24 lifecycle. You can know which one is next by looking at the table published on this page.
The list of Ultimate Team events is never the same, but some promos are released yearly. For UT 24, we can expect many promos, including Ones to Watch, Black Friday, Road to the Final, Headliners, Future Stars, UT Birthday, Team of the Season, UTTIES, and Pre-Season.
The later is the event, the better are the rewards. You will find high rated cards in the last promos of the lifecycle but this is when many players are not playing anymore.
FC 24 promos can be as short as four days, as it is the case of Black Friday, or as long as five weeks, as it is the case of the Team of the Season. However, most UT events are two weeks long.
Team of the Season and Team of the Year are the oldest promos of Ultimate Team. They have been released every year since FIFA 12 and FIFA 13, respectively.
Except in rare cases, FC 24 promos are released on Fridays.