Foundation SBCs are available from launch: basic sbc is designed to teach beginners how to submit SBCs; and advanced sbc is focused in players with experience.
FC 24 Basic and Advanced SBC

Foundation SBCs

Foundation SBCs, previously known as Basic Challenges, allow you to submit your squads in exchange for rewards. They were designed to teach players how to play with SBCs.

In FC 24 Ultimate Team, there are two types of foundation challenges:

  • Basic SBC;
  • Advanced SBC.
Basic Challenges were designed to teach beginners how to submit SBCs. You start by exchanging a bronze player, and in the last challenge, you are already submitting SBCs with several requirements.

Advanced Challenges are focused on more experienced players. These SBCs ask you to solve complex puzzles by exchanging squads with multiple leagues and nations.

Because they are all game-management challenges, you can choose where to complete the foundation SBCs: in the Web App, the Companion App, or on the console / PC.

How to Access the Foundation SBCs
  1. From the Ultimate Team main screen, navigate to [SBC];
  2. Press R1/RB to go to [Foundations];
  3. Move to the right to go to the SBC you want to do.

SBC List

These SBCs are always available.

Foundations I
Two Players Pack U
  • Break Away
  • A Brace
  • Hat-Trick
  • A Pair of Pairs
Foundations II
Premium Loan Player Reward Pack U
  • All About that OVR
  • A Quality Trade
  • A True National
  • Bring It All Together Now
Foundations III
Two Rare Gold Players Pack U
  • Leagues
  • Advanced Leagues
  • Nations
  • Advanced Nations
Foundations IV
Two Rare Gold Players Pack U
  • Hybrid Chemistry I
  • Hybrid Chemistry II
  • Hybrid Chemistry III
  • 10 Chemistry
Foundations V
Two Rare Gold Players Pack U
  • Defensive Development
  • A Better Buildup
  • A Better Buildup
  • Multi League & Nation
Hybrid Leagues
Rare Mega Pack U
  • The Final Four
  • Six of the Best
  • Elite Eight
  • Around the World
Hybrid Nations
Rare Mega Pack T
  • The Final Four
  • Six of the Best
  • Elite Eight
  • Around the World
League and Nation Hybrid
13,000 coins + TOTS Away Kit
  • The Challenger
  • Advanced
  • Fiendish
  • Puzzle Master
Frequently Asked Questions
FC 24 Foundation SBCs are challenges especially created to teach players how to play with SBCs. There are two types of Foundation SBCs: basic and advanced.
FC 24 Foundation SBCs never refresh. They are available from the launch and remain available until the end of the game.
You should complete them as soon as possible. Basic challenges are straightforward, and you can complete them in a few minutes. All you need are the items you packed in the first packs and don’t need. Advanced SBCs are more complex, but you can use the rewards from Basic SBCs and a few other cards you buy on the transfer market.