FC 24 Daily Objectives are simple tasks released daily and contribute XP to your Season Rewards.
FC 24 Daily Objectives

Daily Tasks

At least three new objectives are released every day at 6pm (UK time zone), as part of the Season Objectives. They stay live for 24 hours, when they are replaced by other ones (or eventually by the same ones).

You can complete them in-game or in the web/companion app, depending on what is requested. From squad management goals to dynamic in-match challenges, the harder the objective, the more XP you’ll receive, and the higher your chances to win a better season reward.

When you complete all daily objectives available, you receive a 150 XP bonus. If you don’t claim rewards before the Objectives reset, EA’ll automatically add them to your Club, and a pop-up will inform you.

Daily Objectives are very easy to complete. If you actively play every day, you will complete them without noticing.

How to Access the Daily Objectives
  1. From the Ultimate Team main screen, navigate to [Objectives];
  2. Press R1/RB to go to [Daily];
  3. Scroll down to the objective you want.

List of Objectives

  • Play Match 50 XP
    Play any Ultimate Team match;
  • Score Goals 50 XP
    Score 3 goals in any Ultimate Team game mode.
Frequently Asked Questions
FC 24 Daily Objectives are simple in-game or squad-management tasks refreshed every 24 hours.
FC 24 daily objectives are refreshed every day at 6pm (UK time).
If the daily objective is squad-management related, you can complete it in the web or companion app.
Usually, two new objectives are released. However, they can go up to five.
Yes, you earn an extra 150 XP every time you complete all day’s objectives.