Use one of the FC 24 celebrations to express your happiness when scoring a goal by pressing a specific combination of buttons.
FC 24 Celebrations

Celebrations List

In the real-world, professional footballers express their happiness when they score a goal in different ways. You can do the same. There are dozens of FC 24 celebrations ready to be used. From signature celebrations to finishing moves, plenty of choices are waiting for you.

You need to know which buttons you should press to perform a goal celebration. This page details the complete controls for FIFA 23 celebrations on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC (gamepad controllers and keyboard).

If you hate celebrations, you can skip them by pressing L1+R1 or RB+LB. Your opponent will thank you. On the other hand, if your problem is not knowing which one to perform, press circle or B, and the game will decide by you.

Basic Celebrations

You need to know these controls to keep things as simple as possible. For example, selecting signature celebrations will perform the celebration assigned to your club or player. You can also do a random celebration or cancel it. Be in kind that when canceling the replay, the celebration is still performed.

Running Moves

These celebrations are perfomed while the player who scored is running.

Finishing Moves (Basic)

These are the easiest finishing moves.
The speed walk celebration can only be performed offline.
New Celebrations

New Celebrations

Every year, Electronic Arts introduce new celebrations in the game, replicating the way real-world players have celebrated in the last year. They are professionally designed to make the game as real as possible.

So far, no new FC 24 celebrations were announced. FIFA 23 featured six new celebrations, which are replacing six other goal celebrations you won’t see again in the game:

  • Eye of the Tiger Backwards Worm
  • Dance Time Check
  • Gamer Push Ups
  • Slide Salute Karate Kicks
  • Slide and Flex Jump Kicks
  • Arm Swing Muevelo

Finishing Moves (Advanced)

These are the most difficult finishing moves.
Relax, Waddle and Calm Down celebrations can only be performed offline.
Frequently Asked Questions
Each goal celebration is assigned a specific combination of buttons you must press after scoring.
All celebrations and the respective buttons are published on this page. Look at the following images to know what do the buttons correspond to.

PlayStation Buttons

Xbox Buttons
Skipping a goal celebration is as easy as holding L1+R1 (PlayStation) or LB+RB (Xbox) after scoring.
You don’t need to watch your opponents celebration. Instead, the camera will be focused on your team. All you need to do is the follow these steps:
  • Pause the game and select [Settings];
  • Press L2/LT to go to the [Visual] tab;
  • Turn off ‘Hold to Skip’;
  • Change the ‘Celebration Camera Focus’ to ‘User Controlled Team’.
You can do the Sii celebration after scoring a goal with any player. All you have to do is press R1+circle (PlayStation) or RB+B (Xbox) once your player starts celebrating and running towards any of the two corner flags of your opponent.
In an effort to reduce toxicity in the game, EA removed the most toxic celebrations, like Dab and Shhh.
The most popular FC 24 celebrations are Sii, Scissors, One Eye, Nailbiter, Speed Walk, Challenge, and Knee Slide.