FC 24 Ligue 1 Goalkeepers

The Best Goalkeepers

Ligue 1 goalkeepers are the least utilized players on the field. Consequently, they are often overlooked when building a team. Most players prioritize acquiring forwards initially, followed by strengthening the midfield, defense, and finally, the goalkeeping position.

However, a good goalkeeper can have a significant impact, potentially saving numerous goals. Furthermore, they are often a wise investment due to their comparatively affordable prices.

When selecting a goalkeeper, it is crucial not to rely solely on their overall rating. Two essential attributes to consider when choosing a goalkeeper are reflexes and diving ability. Reflexes measure a goalkeeper’s agility when making saves, while diving indicates their ability to make saves when jumping.

Experienced Ultimate Team players understand that another critical factor influencing a goalkeeper’s performance is their height. Generally, the taller a goalkeeper is, the greater their chances of maintaining a clean sheet.
Gianluigi Donnarumma87
Keylor Navas85
Anthony Lopes82
Kasper Schmeichel81
Brice Samba81
Pau López80
Matz Sels79
Steve Mandanda79
Alban Lafont78
Yvon Mvogo78
Lucas Chevalier78
Yehvann Diouf77
Benjamin Lecomte76
Marco Bizot76
Gianluigi Donnarumma 8789
Keylor Navas 8587
Anthony Lopes 8286
Brice Samba 8183
Pau López 8082
Steve Mandanda 7981
Alban Lafont 7881
Kasper Schmeichel 8180
Matz Sels 7980
Yvon Mvogo 7880
Lucas Chevalier 7878
Yehvann Diouf 7778
Marco Bizot 7676
Benjamin Lecomte 7675
Gianluigi Donnarumma 8790
Keylor Navas 8584
Anthony Lopes 8284
Brice Samba 8179
Pau López 8079
Lucas Chevalier 7879
Marco Bizot 7679
Kasper Schmeichel 8178
Alban Lafont 7878
Yvon Mvogo 7878
Matz Sels 7977
Yehvann Diouf 7777
Steve Mandanda 7976
Benjamin Lecomte 7675
Gianluigi Donnarumma 87196 / 6′5″
Alban Lafont 78196 / 6′5″
Marco Bizot 76193 / 6′4″
Matz Sels 79190 / 6′3″
Kasper Schmeichel 81189 / 6′2″
Pau López 80189 / 6′2″
Lucas Chevalier 78189 / 6′2″
Yvon Mvogo 78189 / 6′2″
Brice Samba 81187 / 6′2″
Steve Mandanda 79187 / 6′2″
Benjamin Lecomte 76186 / 6′1″
Keylor Navas 85185 / 6′1″
Anthony Lopes 82184 / 6′0″
Yehvann Diouf 77184 / 6′0″
The Best FC 24 Ligue 1 Goalkeepers

Global Overview (GK)

Donnarumma and Keylor Navas are clearly the best goalkeepers in the French first division. The Italian is better in almost everything, and this superiority is further reinforced when you look at his height: he is 11cm taller than Keylor Navas!

If you don’t have enough coins to buy them, Anthony Lopes, and Brice Samba are the best replacements.

Top 10 GKs

1 Gianluigi Donnarumma
2 Keylor Navas
3 Anthony Lopes
4 Brice Samba
5 Pau López
6 Steve Mandanda
7 Alban Lafont
8 Kasper Schmeichel
9 Lucas Chevalier
10 Matz Sels