FC 24 UEFA Euro 2024 Expansion Guide

FC 24 UEFA Euro 2024

From June 06, 2024, you can download for free and play the FC 24 UEFA Euro 2024 Expansion. This DLC doesn’t include Ultimate Team mode, but you have plenty of choices from where to choose:

  • UEFA Euro 2024 Kick Off;
  • UEFA Euro 2024 Kick Off Tournaments;
  • Online Tournaments;
  • Lead Your Nation;
  • Online Friendlies;
  • The European Journey.


Kick Off Mode

FC 24 UEFA Euro 2024 Expansion Guide

Immerse yourself in the UEFA EURO 2024 excitement with an extensive lineup of matches, including the final, semi-final, and group-stage clashes, all set in nine meticulously recreated authentic stadiums. Choose your favorite team from any of the 24 qualified nations, or take a different path by selecting from other European national teams available in EA SPORTS FC 24, allowing you to rewrite history in your own unique way. Compete against friends in local multiplayer matches or challenge the CPU AI for a solo experience.

Enhance your gameplay with the ‘Match of the Day’ feature, which updates to reflect every real-life tournament matchday leading up to the Final. Relive the thrill of the tournament as it unfolds, bringing each pivotal moment to life in the game.



Euro 2024 Tournaments

Experience the most authentic UEFA EURO 2024 gameplay with real-life stadiums, broadcast packages, the official match ball, and the coveted trophy, all meticulously designed to bring the electrifying atmosphere of the tournament straight to your screen. Immerse yourself in the official tournament mode, where you can play with all the teams that have qualified for UEFA EURO 2024, capturing every thrilling moment as it unfolds.

For those who love to explore alternative scenarios and create their own football legends, set up a custom tournament. This mode allows you to choose from a wide array of European teams and players who didn’t make it to the actual tournament. Whether you’re aiming to change history or just enjoy matches with your favorite underdog teams, this feature offers endless possibilities for unique and personalized gameplay experiences.


Lead Your Nation

Lead Your Nation

Step into the action by playing as an individual player or creating your own custom Avatar to captain your chosen team on the exciting journey to Berlin. As you progress through the stages of the tournament, you have the option to control either your individual player or take command of the entire national team, giving you the flexibility to play the game your way.

Before each crucial match, engage in a variety of training drills designed to hone your skills and earn up to seven distinct PlayStyles. These drills not only enhance your player’s abilities but also provide a deeper and more immersive gameplay experience. By mastering these PlayStyles, you can significantly boost your performance on the field, making strategic decisions and executing flawless plays as you lead your country to glory.

Whether you’re focusing on developing a single player’s career or managing the dynamics of an entire team, this comprehensive approach ensures that every match is a step towards ultimate victory. Prepare yourself for the intense competition and enjoy the thrill of guiding your nation on the road to Berlin.


Online Friendlies

Online Friendlies

Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of the UEFA EURO 2024 Final as you reconnect with your competitive spirit through online friendlies at the iconic Olympiastadion Berlin. Engage in thrilling matches against your friends, reigniting the passion for football as you compete for victory on the virtual pitch.

In these online friendlies, you have the freedom to choose from any of the 24 qualified teams participating in the tournament, or select from a vast array of other European national squads available in the game. Whether you’re representing a powerhouse nation or a rising underdog, every match promises excitement and intensity as you battle it out against your friends.

Exciting news for players: online friends cross-play will be available, allowing you to challenge and compete against friends who are on the same platform generation as you. This feature enhances the camaraderie and competitiveness of the experience, enabling players across different platforms to come together and enjoy the thrill of UEFA EURO 2024 online friendlies.

Prepare to showcase your skills, strategize with your team, and experience the adrenaline rush of competitive football as you take on your friends in UEFA EURO 2024 online friendlies at the legendary Olympiastadion Berlin.


The European Journey

The European Journey

Embark on an unforgettable European Journey and unlock exciting rewards across your favorite game modes as you immerse yourself in the thrilling world of UEFA EURO 2024. Dive into a series of challenges carefully crafted to reflect the diverse ways to experience this prestigious tournament, allowing you to showcase your skills and strategic prowess across various gameplay scenarios.

From mastering the art of precision passing to dominating the field with your goal-scoring abilities, each challenge presents a unique opportunity to test your abilities and earn valuable rewards. Whether you prefer to compete in head-to-head matches, participate in skill-based drills, or engage in dynamic team-based gameplay, there’s a challenge tailored to your playstyle and preferences.

By successfully completing all the challenges, you’ll unlock a special reward that marks the culmination of your European Journey. But the excitement doesn’t end there—stay tuned until the tournament’s thrilling conclusion to discover the ultimate reward awaiting you. With each challenge you conquer, you edge closer to unlocking new opportunities and achieving greater heights in your gaming journey.

Prepare to embark on an epic quest filled with excitement, challenges, and rewards as you journey through UEFA EURO 2024. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of football gaming, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this unforgettable adventure.