Screenshots are images taken from FC 25 with the goal of promoting it.
FC 25 Screenshots


Football Club screenshots have become an integral part of the game’s culture. Players love to share their most memorable moments from the game, whether it be a stunning goal, an incredible save, or a hilarious glitch. These screenshots not only allow players to relive their favorite moments but also provide an opportunity for them to showcase their skills and creativity.

From sharing on social media to entering competitions, FC screenshots have become a way for players to connect and engage with the game’s community. Additionally, the improved graphics of each new FIFA release make for more visually stunning screenshots, adding to the appeal of capturing and sharing these in-game moments.

Every year, EA releases several screenshots promoting the new FIFA/FC videogame. These images cover several aspects of the game, including gameplay, Ultimate Team, VOLTA Football, Career Mode, and other game modes. You can expect around 50 official images of the new Football Club produced by Electronic Arts.

This page is updated every time a new screenshot gets released. Come back here to check all official screenshots for FC 25 and click on the images to access their high-resolution versions. Since this is the first title of the FC series, we have also included the images used for the marketing campaigns.

Marketing Images

Images used to introduce the new game to the players.

Gameplay Gameplay
Gameplay Gameplay

Gameplay Images

Screenshots captured in-game: players faces, stadiums and every new detail.

Gameplay Gameplay

Ultimate Team Images

Images from the Ultimate Team mode: menus, modes, layout and what’s new on FC 25.

Ultimate Team Ultimate Team


Screenshots from the VOLTA FOOTBALL and Club (former Pro Clubs) game modes: menus, gameplay and what is new in FC 25.


Career Mode Images

Screenshots from Career Mode: menus and what’s new in FC 25.

Career Mode Career Mode

Nintendo Images

Screenshots from Nintendo version of FC 25.

Nintendo Nintendo