FIFA 14 Tips: Score and Save More Penalties

FIFA 14 Tips: Save and Score More Penalties


You can find here some FIFA 14 tips about how to save and score more penalties.


FIFA 14 Tips: Save and Score More Penalties


Power and placement is crucial, so it is a good idea to practice in the arena or with the penalty skill game. Turn the target reticule on with LT or L2 in the arena to gauge how much you need to move the stick to aim. Hold RB or R1 to curl a shot into the corner. Move the stick to aim your shot and press shoot to stop the accuracy gauge inside the green area of the accuracy bar. Make sure to not hold it down for too long.

Try a cheeky chip shot by holding LB and tapping shoot to flick a ball down the centre. This is best used if you anticipate the goalkeeper will dive to one side. You can also throw a keeper by using the stutter penalty. Press the shoot button during your run up and your player will hesitate, meaning the keeper may have committed to one side while you can slot the ball home in the other.

A good place to aim for from a penalty is high-centre in the goal. If the keeper is reading this during a shootout, then keeping it high but between the post and middle of the goal can be a very difficult shot to save.

If you are trying to save a penalty, consider moving to influence the shot or waiting until it is taken to see which way it will go.


FIFA 14 Save and Score More Penalties Video


This week tips on The Boot Room, Darren Cross from Match Magazine shares in a video how to save and score More Penalties in FIFA 14.



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