FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup is a new separate game mode within FUT, available as a free update on 29 May for all the platforms.
If you want to know more about it you are in the right place.


    June 6th, 2014
    Added 6 new questions and answers about rewards and what happens when you delete your team.
    June 2nd, 2014
    FUT WC players list can be found here.
    May 29th, 2014
    Added new questions and answers about consumables and packs’ prices.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide


Q: What is the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup ?
A: FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup is a new separate game mode within FUT.

Q: How much does FIFA Ultimate Team World Cup cost ?
A: It is free. If you own a FIFA 14 copy, you can download the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup add-on without having to pay.

Q: I don’t own a FIFA 14 copy. There is any way to play the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup ?
A: No. You have to buy FIFA 14 to play this game mode.

Q: Do I need to buy the EA Sports FIFA 14 World Cup Brazil in order to play FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup game mode ?
A: No. FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup is a game mode for FIFA 14. It has nothing to do with EA Sports FIFA 14 World Cup Brazil.

Q: Which platforms is FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup available on ?
A: It is available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Q: How can I get the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup game mode ?
A: Easy. Just download the free update to FIFA 14. It is automatic and it will be available starting May 29th.

Q: The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup is not available for mobile devices ?
A: No. FIFA 14 mobile will get an update that will add he officially licensed national teams, kits, the Adidas Brazuca and new international matches of the week. FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup game mode is not available for mobile devices.

Q: Can I manage my FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup squad from Web App or Mobile Companion App ?
A: No. FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup can only be accessed from your retail copy of FIFA 14.

Q: The World Cup update brings more than FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup ?
A: Yes. With this upgrade you will get more free World Cup content as the FIFA World Cup Kick-Off.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide

If you usually don’t play FUT, you can play other World Cup game modes


Q: How do I start FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup ?
A: After you download the free update, go to your FIFA 14 main menu and select ‘FIFA World Cup’. Then, you just need to click in the in the right bottom corner ‘FIFA Ultimate Team’ as you can see in the picture below.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup is available from the FIFA World Cup menu


Q: What is included in the free FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup update ?
A: FUT World Cup features all 32 National Team crests, National Team kits, the official adidas® Brazuca match ball, the Estadio do Maracana and all-new look and feel within FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

Q: All the games must be played with official adidas® Brazuca ?
A: Yes. It is the only ball available.

Q: All the games must be played in the Estadio do Maracana ?
A: Yes. It is the only stadium available. If you want a more realistic World Cup experience buy the EA Sports FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil.

Q: Which game modes are available in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup ?
A: Online and Single player Tournaments. The mode includes full tournaments from group to knock-out stage and final.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide

You can play single player or online


Q: How can I invite a friend to play against me in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup ?
A: You can not do it. Play-a-Friend mode is not available in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup.

Q: Can I play with a friend in the same team ?
A: No. You can not.

Q: How many players can I keep in my club ?
A: You can keep as many players as you want in your club. However, only 23 players are allowed to be in your squad.

Q: How many squads I will be able to manage ?
A: Only one. The EASFC items that gives you extra squad slots don’t work with this game mode.

Q: Do I get a free starter pack to start building my squad ?
A: Yes. Everyone will gets starter packs with players, a badge and kits from the supported nation. It will be enough to start playing the game mode.

Q: How do I get more players for my club ?
A: Transfer Market is not available in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup. So, the only way to get more players is to get them in packs.

Q: How do I buy packs with FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup content ?
A: Players and consumables are available in special World Cup packs that you can buy in the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup store. World Cup content is not available in the regular FUT 14 store and regular packs.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World cards are only available in FUT 14 WC packs


Q: Do I need to use FIFA Points to buy FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup packs ?
A: No. You can buy using FIFA Points but you can also buy these special packs using coins. You’ll also be awarded coins and packs as you progress through the World Cup.

Q: How many packs there is in FUT WC and how much they cost ?
A: There is only one pack in FUT WC. It costs 5,000 coins or 100 FIFA Points.

Q: Can I use my coins from regular FUT 14 in FUT 14 World Cup ?
A: Yes. You can use your FUT 14 coins and FIFA Points in FUT World Cup to purchase packs from the FUT World Cup Store.

Q: Can I use my coins from FUT 14 World Cup in regular FUT 14 ?
A: Yes. You can use your FUT 14 World Cup coins and FIFA Points in regular FUT to purchase packs from the regular Store.

Q: Since the world cup is only one month, what is the point to buy FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup packs ?
A: You will do it for fun. To reward your loyalty, you’ll receive one free Gold pack in FUT 14 for every pack purchased in FUT World Cup.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide

Everytime you buy a World Cup pack, you are buying a regular FUT pack


Q: Are the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup players cards untradeable ?
A: Yes, they are. You can not sell them or trade them with a friend. In fact, Transfer Market, Transfer Targets and Transfer List are not available in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup. All the other cards are also untradeable, including consumables.

Q: Can I use my regular FUT 14 players in the FUT 14 World Cup ?
A: No. To keep this experience as authentic as possible, you won’t be able to bring your current squads to the FUT World Cup. This is a completely separate game mode.

Q: Can I use my FUT 14 world cup players in the regular FUT 14 ?
A: No. Players found in FUT World Cup will only be available in the World Cup mode.

Q: Can I use my consumables of the regular FUT 14 in the FUT 14 World Cup ?
A: Yes. Consumables are the only cards that you can share between FUT’s. For example, you can apply a contract card that you have in the regular FUT 14 to a FUT WC player. That’s the reason why consumables are the only cards which visual hasn’t changed.

Q: How the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup cards looks like ?
A: Players, badges and kits have a new visual. Consumables cards not. Check the following image to see how the players cards look like.


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide

The players cards have a new look in the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup


Q: Players will keep their regular FUT 14 ratings ?
A: Yes. Most of them will keep the same rating. However, if a player receives an international MOTM card, his attribute boosts will automatically be updated in your FUT World Cup club.

Q: There will be special In Form cards for regular FUT 14 during the World Cup ?
A: Yes. International Man of the Match cards (iMOTM), the green ones (they were purple during Euro 2012).


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide

The iMOTM cards are back to FIFA Ultimate Team


Q: How can I add Ibrahimovic and Gareth Bale to my FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup club ?
A: You can not. Only players from the 32 teams attending the FIFA World Cup will appear in FUT World Cup.

Q: How chemistry works in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup ?
A: It is very similar to the chemistry in regular FUT 14. You will get individual chemistry points for:

    loyalty, after complete 10 matches with that player in your club;
    manager’s nationality, if it matches with the player nationality;
    position, if the player plays in the natural position or a similar position;
    nationality, if the player links with team mates from the same nationality (strong link);
    confederation, if the the player links with team mates from the same confederation but different nationality (weak link).


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide

Chemistry is different in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup


Q: Can you explain better what has changed in chemistry ?
A: Sure. In a general way, nationality links are now strong links (instead of clubs) and confederation links are weak links (instead of nationality and league). For example: Ronaldo and Messi are from different confederations but Iniesta and Rooney are from the same (Europe).

Q: How I delete my FUT WC club to start a new fresh one ?
A: There is not a direct way to delete your FUT WC club. You need to delete your regular FUT 14 club in order to get a new FUT WC.

Q: What happens when I delete my regular FUT 14 club ?
A: You lose everything: coins, records, players and other cards of both regular FUT 14 and FUT WC clubs.

Q: What is the reward of getting the title ?
A: 30k coins + 3 packs in on line mode and 6k coins + 3 packs in off line mode.

Q: The prize is always the same or if I win more than once the prize changes ?
A: It is always the same no matter how many times you get the title.

Q: Do I get anything if I don’t win the tournament ?
A: Sure. At the end of every game you get a pack with one player. You also get coins depending of your performance in each match and difficulty level (off line mode). When you finish the tournament you get another reward according to the stage.

Q: In single player tournament I get a lower reward if I play in a lower difficulty level ?
A: No. It is always the same. You get the same reward no matter if you play in amateur, semi, professional or world class. The difficulty level only affects the performance reward you get at the end of each match.

Q: I have another question about the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup. Can you help me ?
A: If you have a question about something else, feel free to use the comments to ask us.



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  1. Hey guys I have a question.
    Can you change your team after you already have chosen one in fifa 14 World Cup mode?

  2. hii..i want to know that ea still gives/provide happy hour for fut14?
    if yes, then when they announce packs of special cards with rare players like inform,momt,tots,totw…when they announce all these…i’m form plz sir tell me in indian time about pack announcement.

  3. I have opened up to 20 packs and the best player I got was 80 rated I have friends who get good players all the time after opening packs but they have won the world Cup and I haven’t so am wondering if you have to win the world Cup at least once to start getting good players

  4. I keep playing games and finishing but the coins dont change and it shows i have been awarded but no change

  5. Got a question when it stops giving you coins even when you finish a match and it shows how many points you earn and they still dont show up

  6. Hi I’ve won the World Cup mode (online) about 25 times so I’ve accumulated a lot of coins. But recently I won again and received no coins or packs is there a limit on how many times you can win?

    Appreciate any feed back

  7. I had a error on my fifa 14 ultimate team world cup final match plzz tell me How to fix it???… error is does not creating a season.?? Plzz reply ..

  8. Hi! Is there any possibility of changing the difficulty in the single player mode?

  9. Hey great article. I’ve got another question though:
    When I play in the online World Cup, is my opponent in the same round as me? I figured out in group stages that they simulate the other games but in knockout rounds is my opponent in the same round as me? For example, if I am in the finals, is it guaranteed that my opponent is also in the finals?

  10. Hey Rodrigo.
    I was playing the Trio Showcase tournament and before I started the final match, Totti lost his contracts. I applied more and tried playing my last match to win the tournament and an error popped up saying that it couldn’t create the game session. I heard that forfeiting a tournament fixes this but I haven’t figured out how. I also haven’t completed this tournament yet so I know it’s not due to repeating the tournament. Please helppp! Thanks

    1. Hi.
      Sorry but this is the kind of error that we can not help you. Forfeit shortkey is usually available at the bottom of the screen. If you really want to finish the tournament, you may give a try to EA support.

  11. On the World Cup mode on FIFA 14 what’s going to happen to my team that I spent FIFA money on do we lose our team or what

  12. Pierre Wilsson

    How long will i be able to play the world cup mode?
    Will it end when the world cup is over?

  13. *what will happen to the FUTWC players after it’s over?
    *will they be transfered to the normal fut14 ?

  14. How to reactivate players who got red card. They dont seems to be reactivating on their own. I am playing FIFA 2014 ON MY ANDROID PHONE. Your helpwill be highly appreciated. Thank you 🙂

  15. Hi, i have a question about fut wc.
    If i buy IMOTM would i get the player in wc mode?
    And 1 more thing,
    Im having trouble with ea errors saying cant create game session do u no anything about this?
    Thank you

  16. i can’t use team condition on my squad. I have 3 of them, but when i try to use them, it says that i have no items. how can i fix this? (don’t know where to ask)

    1. Hi.
      Are you sure you are not selecting ‘apply a consumable’ instead of ‘apply a card to club’ ? You should apply club fitness to the club, that you can find in the active squad menu – triangle (I think).

  17. Hey im just asking if u can keep WC mode going till fifa 15 cause i spent alot of money on this mode and if it gets taken down it wouldnt really be fair to me and everyone else who did the same……..

  18. Hello again… So I’m really annoyed. Has taken me ages to get to the final of the World Cup online tournament and when I try to play the final it says ‘error creating game session’ (!!!!) I have done lots of research and see this is a problem for many people. It will not be resolved. My question is do you think if I forfeit the tournament it will work from the beginning? Or should I just wait and hope they fix it?

    Also, are iMOTM cards only available for one hour, or can I get all of the iMOTM cards you mention above in packs still?


    1. Hi again.
      If you forfeit you will start the tournament from the beginning. You can try in other time but there are good chances to keep with that error forever.
      iMOTM cards are available in packs for 24 hours. You can see them all here.

  19. What will happend if you lose connection no during a match. Does it affect your place on the game. // This happend to me on season on regular FUT on the last match and i Didnt Get anything and i fricking som the season! It had to start all over again..

    1. We published in this guide:
      “Q: How I delete my FUT WC club to start a new fresh one ?
      A: There is not a direct way to delete your FUT WC club. You need to delete your regular FUT 14 club in order to get a new FUT WC.”

  20. is uprgade on alexis sanchez, robben,neymar… will be for always or just 24hours?

  21. I can’t use positioning cards or squats fitness cards on my FUTWC, I have them in my club but it doesn’t give me an option for them. It says I have no squad fitness cards available when I clearly have 7 of them and I have loads of positioning cards but it doesn’t give me the option. Please help

  22. Mr. Lopes one question : when fut world cup finish ??
    And thanks for your hard work on answering questions

  23. jacob thompson

    Hi sorry to bother you i just staryed and my record is terrible and so is my team is there any way to deltete you fifa world cup ultimite team and start over?

  24. When I win the tournament, will the prize be less money like in regular FUT or will the prize be 30 000 every time I win the tournament?

  25. Mark Baldwin

    Rodrigo, just started & won WC offline, as above received 6000 coins + 3 packs – question :
    do you receive different amounts depending if you play amateur, semi or prof etc. levels or is reward the same ?, thanks

  26. Rodrigo, is there a bonus for winning the online or offline tournament – do you get FUT Coins for winning either or them and how much?

    1. Sure, there is. Both. In fact you get a reward any time you finish the tournament, even if you only get until 1/8 final. Offline title gives you 6000 coins and 3 packs.

  27. Hello Rodrigo, I’m a huge fan of your website and your threads helped me effectively on my FUT experience
    I have a feeling that world cup gameplay somehow feel different than regular FUT gameplay.
    May be its the ball or playing different squad or both but it certainly is sloppy and easier to lose control of the ball when being challenged.
    By the way, if you are planning having Korean version of your great threads, im your man let me know bro!

    1. Hi. Thank you very much for your words.
      I totally agree with you. The gameplay is different. I prefer the regular FUT gameplay.
      About the Korean version, I’m always interested in bring our work to more people. Are you from Korea ? What are your plans ? If you want, send us an email to [email protected] It will be a pleasure to discuss that with you.

  28. Hi! I’m sorry to bother for such a thing, but I’m having some problems. I’m quite sure that WC is much more laggy than the normal FUT. Does this problem concern only me or anyone expirienced the same?

  29. Hi does anyone know if the rewards vary bu skill level – Looks like you can switch between amateur and pro between games but does it make any difference to the prize money ?

  30. Will there be a transfer market released anytime soon?
    And will this World Cup game mode be deleted after the World Cup is over?

  31. Marcus McConkey

    When you play either tournament (single or online) on the World Cup, can you win the same amount of prizes every time you play the tournament? Is it different from tournaments on Ultimate Team?

  32. Hi, I accidently chose the wrong team when choosing the country to play as…. Is there any possible way to change it? I wanna be Australia not Spain!!!

  33. we will not get back our coins what spend on packs when fifa world cup finish??

  34. What are the online match rewards for this mode? (group stage, finals, final). Are they different for each stage of the tournament?

  35. Hi, are you telling me that after the WC they’ll lock my team down and I won’t be able to use it anymore?? Please don’t tell me that!

  36. what will be when fifa wordl cup close and we bought packs on fifa world cup how to we get our coins back

  37. ATM i got 60k, when futwc comes out do you think it will be worth buying futwc packs? I heard that there will be one free pack out of the ones you open? Also, I heard that it is much easier to make money with this mode as the tournaments are really good and the rewards are great, both in terms of coins and packs? Is it true you can get like 6k reward and 3 packs ?

    1. Don’t expect good packs on the FUT 14 offer.
      Yes, the rewards are better but don’t forget that you don’t have a market. So, trading is not available and coins can only be used to buy packs. And the cards are untradeable…

  38. Hi,
    What about managers? Are they the same cards of regular FUT or we can only use only the WORLD CUP managers? and what about their confederation?
    i.e. Can I use Montella or Mourinho though they are not coaching any national team?
    And can we change the confederation of the manager as we do with the manager league in regular fut?
    Thank you


    1. Hi. Let’s see:
      1) If you skip the video of this page to the 44 seconds, you will see that WC managers are different from the ones of FUT 14. There is no Nigerian manager in FUT 14. You can only use WC managers in FU WC.
      2) You need to use the managers of FUT WC. Just need to check their card to see their confederation. We don’t believe that Montella and Mourinho would be in FUT WC.
      3) Confederations can not be changed. There will not be any new consumable in FUT WC.

  39. So in packs there is a good chance to get a good player as there are only the best teams in the world cup 2014? E.g Aguero,messi,ronaldo, robben, ribery

    1. Yes. The players you get in packs are from the 32 national team that will play the World Cup.
      The chances of getting a Messi are higher because in regular FUT 14 there are +15,000 players and in FUT WC there will be less than 1,000.

  40. Hi,

    I play FUT on Android. I understand that the green players world cup cards are only available in other platforms. I just want to ask if you know what is the colour of the IMOTM cards during world cup season. WIll it be the same orange as regular MOTM cards or will they be different?


      1. What do you mean by the ‘budget’ of the starter pack are from the nation you support? The nation you support doesn’t seem to change anything except the kits… Thanks.

  41. i want ask you when is best time to sell my team from fut and wait for fut world cup and buy packs there.Is better to sell players on fut and buy packs in fifa world cup?
    is there be able to play online season or something where you can earn money.
    how many pack will be cost.
    Thanks in advance you are best 😉

    1. Hi.
      Now it is not a good time to sell. Prices are really low. We believe that selling players in FUT and buying packs in FUT WC is a good strategy only if you want to quit from FUT and keep playing FUT WC.
      In FUT WC you can earn coins playing online and offline tournaments. There is no other game modes.
      The prices of the packs were not unveiled.

  42. Will the free gold packs that are recieved by opening a FUT World Cup pack be able to be listed on the transfer market

  43. in the started pack i will get random players from all countries and levels or just bronzes like the normal FUT?

  44. If I sold my squad on the normal fut so I got loads of coins to open packs on the World Cup fut , when I buy the packs on my World Cup fut will the coins still be there or gone from the normal fut?

    1. “Q: Can I use my coins from regular FUT 14 in FUT 14 World Cup ?
      A: Yes. You can use your FUT 14 coins and FIFA Points in FUT World Cup to purchase packs from the FUT World Cup Store.”
      According to this I can understand that the the coins you gather can be used for both game modes meaning that if you had 20,000 FUT coins and you buy a pack for 5,000 in the FUT World cup, 5,000 coins will be deducted from your FUT game mode and the FUT World Cup game mode because the coins that you use are the same for both of the game modes.

  45. Can I just ask, do you have an association with ea which gives you all this information? i.e are you a beta tester. Because its great you share it with us and I personally thank you for your work. Keep it up

    1. Thank you for your words.
      No, I don’t have any relationship with EA. In fact, I suspect that they don’t like me. I help them to sell thousands of games but they don’t like to have someone sharing information about their games when it should be them to do it. Last time when I published the BPL TOTS one hour before they do it, they have banned me in EA Forum. The only thing that I did it was publish the TOTS that I got because they published it by mistake during 5 seconds.

      1. well us much as EA may hate you, we love you and everything you do to stop these shifty blokes at ea! cheers for the reply and all your excellent work

  46. Questions:
    *- Will all 32 squads be complete in FUTWC ? even players that are currently not in FUT 14 ? (like Luis Montes from Mexico)
    *- We will only be able to have one card of each player, right ?, what happens to duplicates if there is no Transfer Market ?, will we have to discard them all ?
    *- Will there be one single type of pack ? or different ones with different prices ?
    *- Will FUTWC only be available during the WC (one month?), or until when ?
    *- What will happen with all the FUTWC content once the WC is over ?
    While this is EA’s way of selling more packs during the WC, it still sounds like a different and fun idea.
    I will be able to play more tournaments, which is the main reason to have the game, with Wold Class players in my squad that I can afford for the first time. We will have to see if it is as fun as it sounds

    1. Hi.
      It is great when someone make us god question as you are doing. When we write a guide like this one we try to guess what people want to know. You are helping us with that job.
      Let’s see:
      1) We are not 100% sure but we don’t think they will add new players to the database. So, the squads are not complete in FUTWC.
      2) We will only be able to have one card of each player. You will have to discard duplicate players.
      3) According to EA Sports there is only one pack.
      4 and 5) I am not sure about this one but I think it lasts until the end of FIFA 14.

      1. Thank you. Just one last question: Will there be only one starter pack (with a full squad + manager) or more than one ?

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