FIFA 17 Top Investments of the Week

FIFA 17 Top Investments of the Week


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FIFA 17 Top Investments of the Week

FIFA 17 Top Investments of the Week 34

Weekly Top 3 Investments
FIFA 17 Top Investments of the WeekKEVIN DE BRUYNE

Having got a goal and 2 assists during the 5-0 win that City got against Palace, KDB is looking very likely to get an inform card! Every Wednesday when the TOTW is released at 3:00pm UK cards that are included with previous IF items can sometimes be great investments. For those of you that are not aware these Previous, lower rated inform versions begin to drop in price as people frantically sell them as they will be a getting a new inform card. However by late Wednesday night continuing into Thursday these lower rated inform cards often bounce back up in price and therefore you can ‘flip’ the cards you invested in.

When to Buy?
If KDB is featured in the TOTW look to buy within the hour prior to the TOTW announcement and this is when a lot of undercutting takes place. His lower rated inform cards should drop considerably so make sure you invest when he looks to be at his lowest price.

When to Sell?
Although there is never any certainty when ‘flipping’ cards he should begin to rise once people see the high price of the new IF card and therefore, many will look to purchase the lower rated versions. So be prepared to sell late Wednesday (UK) evening or Thursday. The choice is yours, profit is profit, don’t get greedy.
FIFA 17 Top Investments of the WeekKASPER SCHMEICHEL

Both of these cards can be purchased for under 40k on both consoles. Now Kasper is a good investment for many reasons. He may be needed for a potential TOTS related SBC as he is a high rated special card that could be required. Not only this but he may also fit into various POTM options. The POTM SBC could include a need for high rated PL special cards as EA are always looking to come up with new requirements to catch people out.

On top of this Eriksen is included in the POTM voting so if he wins the award Kasper may become a useful player for a potential Denmark related squad that requires special cards.

FIFA 17 Top Investments of the WeekGABRIEL JESUS

From the 13th of May, Manchester city will be playing 3 games within the space of 8 days. The young Brazilian has just returned from injury and on his return Aguero picked up a slight injury and therefore Jesus is looking to be the starting striker to the last few games. A good performance in any of these games would send his OTW price up as people anticipate a SIF item that will consequently upgrade the stats on his OTW.

When will his price rise?
Throughout the week his price will gradually increase as Saturday’s game gets nearer and nearer, this principle will occur prior to any of the upcoming City games.
However his price will considerably increase when:
(If) He is announced in the starting 11.
(If) He scores his price will rise 30k+.
An (assist and goal) or (2 goals or more) will mean his price will rise 60k+.
However if it’s almost a certainty that he will feature in a TOTW make sure you sell before the TOTW is released at 6pm UK time. OTW cards that will be upgraded can suddenly drop from 6pm onwards as a mass selling of the cards is present.