FIFA 22 Consumables are items that can be used on players and managers to improve some of their characteristics.
In modern football, good players don’t make a winning team. They need to be supported by their club. It may be a good contract or a simple treatment for an injury.

In FUT 22, this support is actioned by using consumables. There is no limit to the FIFA 22 consumables that you can store in your club. You still need to respect the slots available on the transfer list and on the transfer target, but you can store unlimited repeated items in your club.

To apply a consumable you should start by selecting the player or the manager in which you want to apply, going to ‘Squads’. With the item selected, you just need to choose ‘Actions’ and then ‘Apply Consumable’. This will bring up a list of all consumables, sorted in folders, and you will be able to choose the one you want to use. Once they are used, they expire.