FIFA 23 Achievements and Trophies are systems for measuring a player’s progress in the game.
FIFA 23 Achivements

How to Get Platinum in FIFA 23

PlayStation’s way of tracking a ‘completion’ of a game through bronze, silver, and gold trophies, while Xbox, Origin, Stadia, and Steam use an achievements system based on gamerscore. In the case of FIFA 23, those who complete all objectives earn a Platinum trophy, the most coveted of their kind, or 1,000 Gamerscore, depending on the platform.

In this FIFA 23 achievements and trophy guide, we will show you how to get every trophy in the game and achieve platinum or 1,000 Gamerscore. Platinum is earned by getting every other trophy in FIFA 23. The final milestone shows the world you’ve completed everything FIFA 23 has to throw at you. It is quite the bragging rights reward, so you will need to complete objectives in several game modes:

  • Pro Clubs / VOLTA 15
  • Ultimate Team 12
  • Gameplay & Skill Moves 5
  • Kick-off & Tournaments 4
  • Career Mode 3

You will need an online connection if your goal is to complete all objectives. You’ll also need to subscribe to Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus as some achievements/trophies require access to the multiplayer segments, which these consoles don’t allow without these services.

There are no hidden Xbox achievements or PlayStation trophies in FIFA 23, but you’ll have to put some time into earning all of them as some require you to win multiple games against other players, which can be challenging. Some are as simple as just playing a single match of a certain game mode, but if you want to earn everything and platinum FIFA 23, you will need to give your best.

The FIFA 23 achievements and trophies can be divided into

  • 15GS or bronze trophies 24;
  • 30 GS or silver trophies 12;
  • 90 GS or gold trophies 3.

You’ll need a friend’s help to earn some trophies, like ‘In Cahoots’ and ‘Best of Five’. Some of them require multiple friends to play with you. For example, it’s the case of ‘Teamwork Works’.

The Gold trophies are pretty straightforward. However, they aren’t easy to earn. You may have to play at least 200 FIFA Ultimate Team matches or win the European Champions League.

The real difficulty with Silver trophies comes with winning certain matches, such as the ‘In Cahoots’, which asks you to win 10 Co-Op games.

Bronze trophies are quite straightforward. Some of them, like ‘Bring It On’, ‘Power Shot’ and ‘Football is Everything’ can be gotten easily. Some require work, like ‘On the Way Up’ and ‘Parking the Bus’.

FIFA 23 features 39 achievements and trophies. That’s more two than in the last year. There is the same number of Gold trophies, but Silver and Bronze are not as balanced as they were.

Regarding the game modes, Career Mode lost most of its achievements. However, the existing ones are entirely new, asking you, for example, to play with a real manager (new in FIFA 23) or testing your transfer negotiations.
Frequently Asked Questions
There are 39 achievements and trophies in FIFA 23, not counting the platinum trophy. They are all described on this page.
Yes, some trophies and achievements are the same as FIFA 22, but most of them are new objectives.
Yes, the objectives in FIFA 23 are the same for all platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, Origin, Steam and Stadia.
It takes around 80-100 hours to unlock all of the FIFA 23 achievements or FIFA 23 trophies.
The most difficult objective is ‘Full Wardrobe’, which requires you to unlock 50 different vanity items.

Achivements and Trophies List

Gameplay & Skill Games575
Bronze Bring It On Bronze 15

Play a single player match with the Competitive Master Switch turned On.

Bronze Dead-Ball Specialist Bronze 15

Score a goal from a Free Kick.

Bronze Intuition and Execution Bronze 15

Win a penalty shoot-out without missing.

Bronze Power Shot Bronze 15

Score a goal using the power shot mechanic.

Bronze Training Addict Bronze 15

Complete all Main Menu Skill Games.

Kick-Off & Tournaments4150
Gold European Legend Gold 90

Win the UEFA Champions League Final.

Silver Girl Power Silver 30

Win a tournament with a team from the Women’s League.

Bronze Best of Five Bronze 15

Play 5 H2H matches with a friend in Kick Off.

Bronze Football is Everything Bronze 15

Play a women’s International football match.

Ultimate Team12330
Gold The Chosen One Gold 90

Reach 200 club appearances with a player in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Silver Let the Games Begin Silver 30

Earn enough FUT Champions Qualification Points to qualify for FUT Champions Play-Offs

Silver In Cahoots Silver 30

Win 10 Co-Op games with online friends in FUT Squad Battles or FUT Division Rivals

Silver I Played Them All Silver 30

Reach Milestone 3 in a FUT Division Rivals Season

Silver Momentous Achievement Silver 30

Earn 100 Stars in FUT Moments

Bronze Squad Building Connoisseur Silver 30

Complete 10 Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team

Bronze A Moment of Your Time Bronze 15

Complete 1 FUT Moment

Bronze Parking the Bus Bronze 15

Keep 10 clean sheets in FUT Squad Battles.

Bronze Safe House Bronze 15

Play a game using any House Rule in FUT Friendlies

Bronze Tactical Tinkerer Bronze 15

Create your own custom tactic in FIFA Ultimate Team

Bronze The Winning Formula Bronze 15

Build a squad with 33 Chemistry Points in FIFA Ultimate Team

Bronze Tune Your Club Bronze 15

Play at least a match with 3 different goal songs in FIFA Ultimate Team

Career Mode360
Silver High Grades Silver 30

Get an “A” rating for a transfer negotiation.

Bronze Like-Like Bronze 15

Complete a season with a real manager and his original team.

Bronze Multitasking Bronze 15

Complete 10 or more activities during a season.

Pro Clubs / VOLTA FOOTBALL15375
Gold Full Wardrobe Gold 90

Unlock 50 different vanity items

Silver Balanced Path Silver 30

Reach 40% Personality Points in two personalities of your choice.

Silver Dazzling Personality Silver 30

Have a personality trait being over 75% dominant.

Silver Make the Grade Silver 30

Receive an A grade in a Pro Clubs Skill Game.

Silver On the way up Silver 30

Reach Level 7 in a Season in VOLTA FOOTBALL or Pro Clubs

Silver Sharing is Caring Silver 30

Purchase a shareable item in the VOLTA Shop.

Bronze Volta’s Best Bronze 15

Reach 90 OVR with your Avatar in VOLTA FOOTBALL

Bronze Aiming High Bronze 15

Complete 10 enhanced objectives across all matches.

Bronze Becoming Unplayable Bronze 15

Unlock all the traits within a skill-tree in Pro Clubs.

Bronze First of Many Bronze 15

Complete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match.

Bronze Fresh Fit Bronze 15

Change an item in the “Outfits” tab.

Bronze Full-House Bronze 15

Play and Complete a Cup House Rules Match in Pro Clubs.

Bronze Shop till you drop Bronze 15

Purchase an item in the VOLTA Store

Bronze Specialist Bronze 15

Unlock an Archetype in Pro Clubs.

Bronze Teamwork Works Bronze 15

Win a VOLTA SQUADS match with 3 friends.