FIFA 23 Pro Clubs & VOLTA Football News

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

There are many new things coming to FIFA 23 Pro Clubs and VOLTA Football, including shared seasons progress and new skill games.


New FIFA 23 Pro Clubs & VOLTA Football Features

From new skill games to the shared season experience, enjoy VOLTA and Pro Clubs with new FIFA 23 features.

Skill Games in Clubs
Through 66 Skill Games, you’ll be able to earn Player Growth XP up to a weekly cap, while competing for bragging rights for the top spot on each of the Skill Games leaderboards against your club teammates. This means if you only have a few minutes to play, you can still spend it sharpening your skills while making progress and growing your Pro.

Clubs XP from VOLTA FOOTBALL Matches
All VOLTA FOOTBALL matches, including Arcades, will now give you Pro Clubs Player Growth XP for your time spent in VOLTA. You can level up your Pro by hitting your friends with dodgeballs, beating them in Foot Tennis or scoring the most points in one of our new Arcade games, Battle Buckets.

Match Rating and Leveling Changes
o further reward a player’s contribution to Pro Clubs matches, a more diverse range of gameplay actions will award Player Growth XP and the amount of XP awarded for each action has been adjusted. This is to ensure a more fair distribution of XP for supporting players who contribute to success without putting the ball in the back of the net themselves.

Seasonal Event Progression
This year EA built features that bring the Pro Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL experiences closer together, so that regardless of how you and your friends feel like playing on any given day, you’ll be making progress. Climb the Ranks in Pro Clubs, or Battle each other across the range of Party Games in VOLTA Arcades.

HyperMotion 2 + Matchday Experience
Pro Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL get all the benefits from the Gameplay and Matchday Experience teams’ hard work, including the new AR Replay System and the pitch improvements.

Four new Player-based Perks have been added to FIFA 23 allowing you to further refine your play style:

  • Poacher
    Increases your all-round finishing (including boosts to Volleys, Finishing, and Heading Accuracy) when inside the box.
  • Light Passes
    Increases your teammates’ ability to trap and control your passes.
  • Interceptor
    Improves your ability to intercept & disrupt your opposition’s passes & shots when defending and in close proximity to the ball.
  • Chase Down
    Increases your pace when defending immediately following a loss of possession. The perk will deactivate after 40 in-game seconds if you have not regained possession.

In a bid to make Drop-Ins a faster paced and more engaging experience, Pro Clubs Drop-In has undergone some changes for FIFA 23. Most noticeably, Half Length has been reduced to four minutes and matches will proceed to Golden Goal extra time in the event of a draw at the conclusion of 90 mins. Matches will not proceed to penalties at the end of two periods of Golden Goal and instead, the match will end as a draw.

Post-Match Accolades
New post-match Accolades recognise the top five performers, assigning them for topping statistical categories such as most tackles, furthest distance run, and more to celebrate players for their all-round performance.

Arcade Game Updates
There are six new Arcade Games at launch:

  • Dribble King
    Stay inside the moving circle, collecting trophies and avoiding obstacles. If you exit the circle, you’re eliminated.
  • Obstacle Course
    Race to the end of a pitch filled with obstacles and score a goal before any of your opponents.
  • Foot Golf
    It’s like golf, but with goals…and kicking. Score a goal in the given net in the fewest shots possible.
  • Four-Squares
    When the ball comes towards you, kick it into any of your opponents’ squares. If it bounces in your square two times or if you kick it out of bounds, you’re eliminated.
  • Battle Buckets
    Battle opponents one on one to gain possession of the ball, and then lob it into a bucket in the center of the pitch to claim it for your team. Claim the most buckets to win.
  • Capture the Ball
    Just like capture the flag. Steal the ball from your opponent’s “base” area and bring it back to your own.

New XL Stadiums
It was introduced new ‘extra large’ small-sided stadium which comes with more space, bigger nets, higher and bouncier walls.