FIFA Ultimate Team Coins: Cards Discard (P2)

FIFA Ultimate Team Coins: who does not want them? Now that you have read the first part of the article, and realized how the cards discard method works, it’s time to learn how to apply it effectively.


Optimize the Application of the Cards Discard Method

OK. I already know how to apply the method. But where should I start? The question is legitimate and we are here to guide you. The truth is that it is not easy to find good opportunities with high profit margins. When it happens, there is a greater chance of having a larger profit in the market than at discarding it. It is therefore very important to know what to look for.

First, you must know perfectly the quick sell values. These values ​​are only available to the cards’ owners. When you are searching for an item, you do not have access to this information. The only solution is to consult the FIFA U Team tables with all quick sell values. That’s what you should do.

You can search for any card whose price that seller asks is less than the value of the quick sell. Enter on the market and bid all the cards that meet this requirement. The vast majority will not be for you, but the winning bids will mean profit 100% secure.

If you want to earn lot of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins with this method, then you must be smarter than the competition. Try to take advantage of the ignorance of some. If you have a full wallet, you should look for players In Form (IF). Why? Because most of people do not know that the quick sell of these cards can mean the gain of many thousands of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins.

If you are patient and do not mind to accumulate several small profit, then gold level players can be a good option. Filter by BIN’s (Buy It Now) 200 or even 300 coins and buy everything you find. Do not forget to check the quick sell values to make sure that you are doing  a good deal.

[pullright]It is very important to know in advance the quick sell values.[/pullright]Another important tip is to remind you that the various methods of earning FIFA Ultimate Team Coins can be applied together. Try, for example, follow the tips we have indicated above, but combined with the 59th Minute Method or the Time Method . The effectiveness of this Cards’ Discard Method will be even greater …


How to Know the Quick Sell Values

For the success of this method is important to know in advance the quick sell values. You can find that values on our article about this subject.

As an example, we will check the quick sell values of the cards Jesús Navas IF 87 and Balzaretti 80.  Discarding the card of the spanish will result in 10.614 FIFA Ultimate Team Coins and discarding the card of the Italian will result in 320 FIFA Ultimate Team Coins.


FIFA Ultimate Team Coins - Example of Discard Card


Advantages and Disadvantages of the Method

This method of earning FIFA Ultimate Team Coins thanks to cards’ discard has two main advantages. Firstly, if the player apply the method well, the risk is zero. There is no chance of losing coins with this method because we know in advance how much we will pay and how much we will receive. That’s why this is the safest method of all and the success rate is 100%. It also has the advantage that there are no taxes in quick sells.

But not everything is good. Discarding cards also has its disadvantages. Be able to find items that are being sold at the lower value of its discarding value is not easy. It consumes too much time to reveal itself as an effective method. Another problem is the fact that the profits are very low. In the few cases where the selling price can guarantee us a high margin, it is preferable to put the item on the market to have an higher profit. This method makes sense only for relatively low income.

No risk and high success rate.

Time consuming and small profits.


Should I Use this Method?

It depends. If you’ve evaluated the pros and cons, then you must have formed an opinion. We still advise you to lose a few minutes to test the effectiveness of the method and compare it with others.
This method is recommended for those who do not like to take risks and have time to go adding small profits. Remember that to make a fortune you will need time, patience and much intelligence.