FIFA Ultimate Team Players – All the Attributes

FIFA Ultimate Team could only be a success if all the players were different from each other.

Be able to choose the player that best suits the needs of our team and that best fits the way we play is a good thing about FIFA Ultimate Team.

The secret of the diversity and the realism of FIFA Ultimate Team Players is to differentiate them through more than thirty attributes that result in different behavior on the pitch.

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FIFA Ultimate Team Players Attributes

There are six basic attributes of FIFA Ultimate Team Players: speed, shooting, passing, dribbling, defense and heading. In the case of the goalkeeper, these six main attributes are: diving, handling, kicking, reflexes, speed and positioning. All of them are very important to define the quality of FIFA Ultimate Team Players.

In this article, we list and define all the attributes of FIFA Ultimate Team Players which contribute to their characterization:

  • Rating Attributes

1. Player Potential

The career peak of the player – your guess of how good the player will be, is, or once was.

  • Physical Attributes (Mobility)

2. Acceleration

The higher the value, the shorter the time needed to reach maximum speed.

3. Agility

How agile the player is while moving or turning.

4. Reactions

How quickly a player responds to a situation.

5. Sprint Speed

How fast the player runs while at top speed.

  • Physical Attributes (Power)

6. Balance

The ability to maintain balance after a physical challenge.

7. Jumping

The higher the value is the higher the player can jump.

8. Stamina

Determines the rate at which a player will tire during a game.

9. Strength

The higher the value, the more likely the player will win a physical challenge.

  • Mental Attributes

10. Aggression

The frequency & aggression of jostling, tackling & slide tackling.

11. Composure

The higher the value, the better the player performs when under pressure from an opponent.

12. Positioning

The ability of a player to take up good positions during a game.

13. Tactical Awareness

How well the player executes his team’s tactics.

14. Vision

The players awareness of the position of his team mates & opponents around him.

  • General Skills

15. Ball Control

The higher the value, the less likely the ball is to bounce away from the player after controlling it.

16. Curve

The higher the value the more curve/curl the player is capable of putting on the ball. E.g. Beckham free kick.

17. Dribbling

A higher value means the player will be able to keep better possession of the ball whilst dribbling.

18. Heading Accuracy

The heading accuracy of the player for either a pass or a shot.

  • Shooting Attributes

19. Finishing

The accuracy of shots using foot, inside the penalty area.

20. Free Kick Accuracy

The higher the value the better the accuracy of a direct free kick on goal.

21. Long Shots

The accuracy of shots from outside the penalty area.

22. Penalties

The accuracy of shots from outside the penalty area.

23. Shot Power

How hard the player hits the ball when taking a shot at goal.

24. Volleys

The accuracy and power of volleys at goal.

  • Passing Attributes

25. Crossing

How accurately the player crosses the ball.

26. Passing (Long)

How well a player performs a long pass in the air to his team mate.

27. Passing (Short)

How well a player performs a short / ground pass to his team mate.

  • Defending Attributes

28. Marking

The ability to track and defend an opposing player.

29. Tackle (Sliding)

The ability of the player to time sliding tackles so that they win the ball rather than give away a foul.

30. Tackle (Standing)

The ability of the player to time standing tackles so that they win the ball rather than give away a foul.

  • Goalkeeper Attributes

31. GK Diving

The GK’s ability to make a save whilst diving through the air.

32. GK Handling

How cleanly the GK catches the ball and does he hold on to it.

33. GK Kicking

The length and accuracy of goal kicks, from out of the hands or on the ground.

34. GK One-On-Ones

The ability to close down an opponent in one-on-one situations.

35. GK Positioning

The GK’s ability to position himself correctly when saving shots.

36. GK Reflexes

The agility of the goalkeeper when making a save.


If you understood what each of the attributes means, you can search for and choose FIFA Ultimate Team Players that best fit your profile game and your club.