FIFA Ultimate Team Staff (Part 1)

Any club that has ambition to achieve the fame, need to have a group of technicians to support players’ work.

This article shows you who is FIFA Ultimate Team Staff and what effect they have on the success of your club.


FIFA Ultimate Team Staff – The Cards

In FIFA Ultimate Team, the strengthening of the technical team is made purchasing staff’s cards. All these cards have the function of amplify the effect of some consumables.
Here are the categories of FIFA Ultimate Team Staff Cards:

  • Managers
  • Head Coaches
  • Goalkeeper Coaches
  • Fitness Coaches
  • Physios


FIFA Ultimate Team Staff – Managers’ Cards

The manager’s role is the more complex within the staff category. These cards have three basic functions:

  • Contribute to the team’s chemistry;
  • Increase the players’ morale;
  • Help to extend the players’ contracts.


Firstly, all teams should have, at least, one manager. He contributes to the team’s chemistry by his presence, by his level and especially by his favorite tactic.

The staff that belongs to a club influences positively the players’ morale and players’ contracts. Each manager’s card shows his favorite tactic, the percentage gain in morale and the percentage gain in contracts that the manager provides.

By applying a team talk card or a contract card, the effect of these is multiplied by the sum of the managers’ coefficients that the club has. For more managers that you have, the sum of these coefficients can never be greater than 50%. This is valid for both cards: motivational speeches and contracts.

The only manager that needs contracts in order to continue active, is the one who sits on the bench.


FIFA Ultimate Team Staff
Owning into the club managers who, together, contribute with 4% for contracts, means that the contract cards will carry 4% more games.


FIFA Ultimate Team Staff – Head Coaches’ Cards

The head coaches are responsible for the development of players’ technical attributes. Each coach’s card shows, in addition to the attribute to which it is engaged, the increment percentage which this coach provides.

By applying a player’s training card, the effect of this is multiplied by the sum of the coaches’ coefficients that the club has. If you can gather all the coach cards of an attribute, when you apply the corresponding training card, this will suffer a 50% bonus.

To each one of the three levels there is a normal card and a rare card of each of six attributes, such as the following table shows:


FIFA Ultimate Team Staff
Effect of each of the 36 manager's cards in improving players' attributes


In the second part of this article, we will analyze the remaining FIFA Ultimate Team Staff: goalkeeper coaches, fitness coaches and physios.