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FM 24 Covers

The Cover Art

The history of Football Manager covers spans several decades, with each annual release featuring a unique cover design. These covers have played a crucial role in the branding and marketing of the game.

The tradition of featuring football legends or prominent players on the cover started in the early 1990s when the game was known as ‘Championship Manager’. These covers served not only as visual representations of the game but also as a way to create excitement and anticipation among fans. Over the years, the covers have evolved in style, often mirroring the changing trends in football and the gaming industry.

Moreover, Football Manager covers have become collector’s items for dedicated fans. Some fans take pride in owning physical copies of the game with different cover stars, collecting them as memorabilia. This tradition has added a layer of nostalgia to the covers, and older editions have even become valuable among collectors.

In essence, the history of Football Manager covers is not just a visual timeline but a testament to the enduring passion and legacy of the game within the football gaming community.

Football Manager 2024 cover was clearly based on an image from a UEFA Champions League match, which took place last season at the Estádio da Luz, between SL Benfica and Juventus, when the home team scored their fourth goal. The image was edited concerning the colors, players’ faces, and their numbering. In almost every other aspect, the original photograph was retained.

FM24 Cover

FM 24 Covers

FM 24 features two different covers: one for PC and Mac, and another for consoles. If different covers are added, especially for Nintendo Switch and Android and iOS devices, we will update this page with the new artwork.

Football Manager 2024 Cover

Football Manager 2024 Cover