Football Manager 2024 prices list vary according to several factors like time of the buy, edition, platform, region, store, promotions, and discounts.
FC 24 Prices

Price Factors

Football Manager 2024 is a detailed football management simulation game where players take on the role of a football manager, making strategic decisions to lead their club to success.

The game is out on November 6 and you will need to buy it if you plan to play it. The price you will pay depends on several factors.

There are different price tiers, according to the platform. Prices also vary from region to region as is covered extensively on this page. You can also find different FM 24 prices in different physical stores, especially a few weeks after the game goes out when promotions are more common.

Those who pre-order the game, pay 10% less. After the official launch, prices gradually drop until June, when they are cut up to 50%.

Frequently Asked Questions
Price varies according to several factors, like platform, region and store. As a reference, the regular price is €59.99, $59.99, £44.99.
No. Prices remain the same for most countries compared to FM23
If you don’t want to buy Football Manager 2024 on its launch date because of its high price, the best thing to do is to wait until Black Friday or the Holiday season.
Football Manager 24 prices during Black Friday usually drop up to 30%.
Football Club isn’t free to play, so you will have to buy it.
If you really want to save, the best you can do is to follow our method.
FC 24 Prices

Football Manager 2024 Prices

Regular price on launch date, without any discount or promotion applied.

Region Price
“Flag” Argentina $14,990
“Flag” Australia AU$ 79.95
“Flag” Austria €59.99
“Flag” Belgium €59.99
“Flag” Canada CAD$ 74.99
“Flag” Chile $39,000
“Flag” Colombia $179,000
“Flag” Czechia KČ 1,349.00
“Flag” Denmark KR 419.00
“Flag” England £44.99
“Flag” France €59.99
“Flag” Germany €59.99
“Flag” Greece €59.99
“Flag” Iceland 7,999 ISK
“Flag” India ₹ 3,399.00
“Flag” Israel ₪ 199.00
“Flag” Italy €59.99
“Flag” Japan ¥ 5.990
“Flag” Malaysia RM 199.00
“Flag” Malta €59.99
“Flag” Mexico MXN$ 849.99
“Flag” Netherlands €59.99
“Flag” New Zealand NZ$ 89.95
“Flag” Northern Ireland £44.99
“Flag” Norway KR 599.00
“Flag” Peru S/.159.00
“Flag” Philippines ₱ 2,299.00
“Flag” Poland ZŁ 249.00
“Flag” Portugal €59.99
“Flag” R Ireland €59.99
“Flag” Scotland £44.99
“Flag” Singapore SG$ 59.00
“Flag” South Africa R 749.00
“Flag” South Korea ₩ 59,000
“Flag” Spain €59.99
“Flag” Sweden KR 599.00
“Flag” Switzerland CHF 59.90
“Flag” Turkey 899.99 ₺
“Flag” UAE USD$ 54.99
“Flag” USA $59.99
“Flag” Vietnam ₫ 99,000.00
“Flag” Wales £44.99
Official FC 24 prices