Objectives in Football Club 25 are in-game challenges you can complete to earn rewards and progress throughout the Ultimate Team Season.
Objectives for Football Club 25

Objectives Explained

Objectives in Football Club 25 are in-game challenges that allow players to earn rewards for their Ultimate Team Club.

There are six groups of objectives in FC 25: Daily, Weekly, Season, Dynamic, Foundations, and Milestones Objectives. These objectives vary in availability, duration, and whether they contribute to XP progress or not.

Completing certain objectives earns you Season XP, increasing your reward level for the current season as you accumulate more XP. Rewards can include players, packs, club customization content, or other items, which can be claimed upon completing an objective or reaching a new level.
Frequently Asked Questions
Objectives are in-game challenges you can complete to earn rewards for your Ultimate Team Club and eventually progress throughout the Season.
Objectives are released in 6 ways: Daily, Weekly, Season, Dynamic, Foundation, and Milestone Objectives.

  • Daily Objectives
    These simple tasks are released daily and contribute XP to your Season Rewards. They automatically reset each day and expire after 24 hours.

  • Weekly Objectives
    Groups of objectives with rewards and XP associated with completing each individual objective are released weekly. If you miss one week’s objectives, they will remain active for a second week, except for the last week of a season, which expires when the season ends.

  • Season Objectives
    These are longer-term challenges that remain active until the last day of the season.

  • Dynamic Objectives
    Special time-limited objective groups without a regular release schedule. They end after a period determined by the dynamic objective group and may be tied to campaigns or real-world events during the season. Ultimate Team Events are also found here.

  • Foundation Objectives
    Designed for new players to learn the basics of Ultimate Team, these objectives cover subjects like trading, team building, and Chemistry. They replace Manager Tasks and Starter Objectives.

  • Milestone Objectives
    These are long-term objective groups not tied to any season. Once created, you can continue making progress against these objectives at your own pace, unlocking rewards as you go. League Group Objectives and League Squad Foundations are usually part of Milestone Objectives.
In Ultimate Team Events, you can collaborate and compete by completing Objectives in-game to unlock rewards as a community. There are two types of events:

  • Community Events
    With Community Events, each player who completes Objectives in specified groups will contribute to a global XP pool. As this pool of XP grows, the community will progress toward thresholds that unlock rewards for everyone who’s completed at least one objective in the Event.

  • Team Events
    Team Events in Football Club 25 bring the community together by dividing players into different teams to compete head-to-head for rewards. Joining a team is simple: when the event begins, you’ll have the option to support one of up to five teams, each with its own set of objectives and rewards. Competitions are balanced based on the average XP contributed by each team’s members during the event.

    Once you’ve chosen your team, start completing the objectives to help your chosen side climb the leaderboards. At the end of the competition, the winning team will receive new customization items to showcase their allegiance, as well as Coins or Packs. Even the losing team will earn a consolation reward. The types of rewards available may vary with each event throughout the year.
Select and enter the [Objectives] tile from the main Ultimate Team menu to view current Objectives and the current Ultimate Team Season.
Inside the Ultimate Team Objectives hub, you can track your progress towards Seasons Rewards, jump to the next season objective you choose to complete, and see your progression against Milestones and Foundation objectives.
While on FC 25 Seasons Objectives, you can see in the top right corner of your screen the current season, the amount of XP you have, the current level, and how many XP points you need to reach the next level and the remaining time to refresh objectives.
Completing certain Season Objectives will give you Season XP. As you gain more XP, your Reward Level for the current Season will increase. While on the HUB, you can see your current Season information on the Season Widget in the top right corner of the screen.
There are group objectives that cannot be unlocked before completing other groups. For example, to unlock the ‘Week 1 – Silver’ group, you must first complete the ‘Week 1 – Bronze’ group.
You can track your overall progress and see all level rewards in the Season Rewards screen for the duration of the season.
There is a diverse mix of rewards available in the objectives feature, ranging from packs, players, club customization content, or other items to help progress your club, such as match coin boosts.
Completing groups of Objectives will be key to you unlocking larger rewards to help you grow, customize or advance your Ultimate Team.

Individual Objectives you complete will earn you XP and Rewards, as well as help you progress towards completing the Objective group it is in.
Completing Objectives and earning XP will progress your Level on the Season Rewards tab. Each level has its Season Reward or Reward choice.

As you level up throughout the season, the bigger the challenges and rewards will become.
Rewards are delivered as soon as you complete the individual and group objectives. In addition, the rewards from season objectives are delivered as soon as you reach a new level.
It won’t be a problem. Rewards will be there the next time you open your Ultimate Team.
Each time you accumulate enough XP to reach a new Season level, you’ll unlock a new reward on the Season Rewards screen.

At certain levels, you’ll have the option to choose which reward you prefer. Once you’ve made your choice, you won’t be able to select the other reward options, so make your decision carefully!

Your reward level and XP total will reset at the conclusion of each Ultimate Team Season.
A fresh batch of daily objectives is out every single day, at 9am (UK time).
A fresh batch of weekly objectives is out every Thuersday, at 8am (UK time).
Each season will start as soon as the previous one expires. The Seasons have variable durations, usually between 4 and 6 weeks.
These groups are not released on a regular schedule and conclude after a predetermined period set by the dynamic objective group. They may be linked to campaigns or real-world events occurring in the game throughout the Season.
The first season starts as soon as the game is out.