Packs, Store and Happy Hour Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Packs, Store and Happy Hour Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


How do I buy packs ? It is a good strategy ? When is the next happy hour ? Which packs should I buy ? These are some of the questions that the community ask us everyday. The answers can be found in these particular packs, store and happy hour guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

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Introduction to Packs in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


FUT 14 is a FIFA game mode where we try to get the right cards to build the best team possible. Packs are one of the most important things of this game since
they make possible to introduce the cards in the game. Without them, there would be no cards and without cards FUT 14 would not exist.

All the cards are introduced in FUT 14 through packs by one of the following five methods:

    when registering a new team (‘starter pack’);
    when returned players access for the first time (‘loyalty packs’);
    when purchasing packs in the store;
    when winning tournaments or seasons whose prizes are packs;
    or when get Daily Gifts and other prizes.


99% of the cards are introduced in the game by the store, when players buy packs. This is what makes this game mode so special for EA Sports. It is a gold mine. Only in FIFA digital sales, which includes Ultimate Team packs, EA has profits higher than $300 million every year. FIFA digital net revenue generated over $145 million in the first half of fiscal 14, an increase of over 25% compared to the first half of fiscal 13.

Follow us in this guide to get to know how, where and when to buy packs.



It Is Worth to Buy Packs ?


This is probably the most common question about FUT 14. The answer depends if the player is using coins or real money to pay.

When a player is building his squad, he needs coins to do it. Some players believe that to use coins to buy packs is the best strategy possible. It isn’t true. We have made several huge tests and our conclusions are very obvious: buying packs with coins is not a good strategy to become richer or to get a better squad. We have opened hundreds of FUT 13 packs, have sold all the cards on the market and the coins we got with the sales were much lower than the coins we spent to buy the packs. The most experienced Ultimate Team players agree with us.

So why are there so many people showing of the fantastic cards they have got in packs ? Maybe because no one likes to show off rubbish and how us useless packs. If only good packs are shared, it gives the idea that all the packs have good cards. Nothing less true.

Many players also think that the only way to be millionaire is buying packs. They find other players on the market that are selling several very expensive cards and they think they got the money buying packs. They don’t. They probably are really good traders or have used scam techniques.

Don’t forget that this is the FIFA core business for EA Sports. Think about it. To sell more packs, they usual do two things:

    They try to give the impression that it is easy to get good cards in packs, using their social networks to show players that got a good card or supporting the most lucky YouTubers that publish videos opening packs with the greatest players;
    They don’t add good cards to packs, forcing players to try their luck again hopping to get the same good cards that other players and youtubers got.


Are you seeing how it works ? Youtubers want to be famous and to be supported by EA Sports, so they produce videos showing how easy is to get good cards in packs. Those who have the luck of getting good cards in packs also want to share it with the world, to show their happiness or simpley to make others jealous. They share it with EA Sports and the company share it with the world. All we see is good cards in packs, so why don’t we do the same. We buy one, two, three, four packs. ‘Maybe in the next one’, we think. Most of the times, players spend part of their coins of a good amount of money and they don’t get a single good card.

If players want to use real money to buy packs, they should know that they will need to spend a good amount of money to get a good squad. We are not saying that it is not a good strategy, we are just saying that it is not a cheap option. For who don’t cares with money, it is a decent decision but we also think that use that money to buy coins it is a safer and less expensive method.

We are not saying to not buy packs any more. It is important that people keep buying packs. First because they are paying the Ultimate Team mode (in the first year it was paid). Then, because the game only works if cards keep being inserted into the game and the only good way to do it is through the store.

Obviously, there are many players that already know that buying packs is not a good strategy. But that doesn’t mean that they give up from buying packs. Why ? First because our brain is always trying to find the path of least resistance and finding ways to give as less effort as possible. Then, because the need of being better, more popular and integrated in a group. This may seems a weird answer but the specialist Gonçalo Cunha explains this very well in THIS fantastic article.


Packs, Store and Happy Hour Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

The odds of getting Messi in a pack are like 1 to 60,000 for each card player you open in a pack.


For those who still don’t believe that buying packs is not a good strategy, we will show them with math.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team has more than 15,000 players. Which player do you want ? Probably the most expensive one, Ronaldo. Let’s see what the odds are of getting him in a pack. First we must know how many players cards have the pack you are opening. Let’s say that you are opening a pack with 4 players. It means that your chances of getting Ronaldo are something like 1 to 3,750, right ? Wrong! There are players with more cards in packs than others.

Cardweight is a metric used to estimate how often a particular card is traded on the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team transfer market. The higher the cardweight number, the higher likely this card is traded on the marketplace. It gives an indication of how rare cards are. The cardweight of Ronaldo is 2, the lower of all game. It means, for example, that he is 100 times less common than David Luiz which cardweight is 200. We know that cardweight does not measure the chance of finding a specific card in a pack since cards that are likely to be kept or quick sold by the original owner will not have an accurate weight. However, through complex calculations we have found a way to find the odds of getting a specific player in a pack using his cardweight, the number of quick sells of that card and the number of cards stored in clubs.

In this case, as Ronaldo is one of that players that when someone buys don’t tries to sell again, the chances of getting him in a pack are 10 times lower than the average of gold players which cardweight is 150. In other words, the chance of getting him are something like 1 to 150,000 for each card player you open in a pack.

What do you think about this ? Do these odds create a good opportunity ? Let’s see. Pick a number between 1 and 150,000 and keep it to yourself. Now, ask someone to try to guess which number you are thinking of. How many times did that person try to guess it ? Thousands, for sure. If you want to know how much money you will have to spend, just multiply the price of each player card in a pack by the number of tries. Now is that a lot of Money ?!

You probably would be happy getting other good players besides Ronaldo. However, all the good cards are very rare. In the top 10 players with best overalls, none have a cardweight higher than 40. For your information, every time someone get a player card in a pack, the odds of getting one of these players are only 1 to 1,400. As you can see, it is very difficult to get good cards in packs.

Final note: if you want fun, choose opening packs. If you want success, avoid them, unless you don’t care to spend real money. In that case, EA Sports will thank you.



The Packs of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


There are two types of packs: the regular and the special ones. The regular packs are always available on the store. The special packs are available only on specific periods of time, as the Happy Hours. Until now, there are six regular packs and three special packs in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team:



Category: Bronze (Regular)
Cards’ Type: Players, Consumables and Items
Number of Cards: 12
Number of Rare Cards: 1
Price: 400 coins

Great value for increasing club depth. A mix of 12 items, including players, club items and consumables, at least 10 Bronze with 1 rare.



Category: Bronze (Regular)
Cards’ Type: Players, Consumables and Items
Number of Cards: 12
Number of Rare Cards: 3
Price: 750 coins

Triple the rares of a standard bronze pack. A mix of 12 items, including players, club items and consumables, at least 10 Bronze with 3 rare.



Category: Silver (Regular)
Cards’ Type: Players and Consumables
Number of Cards: 12
Number of Rare Cards: 1
Price: 2,500 coins or 50 FIFA Points

Great value for building mid-tiered squads. A mix of 12 items, including players, club items and consumables, at least 10 Silver with 1 rare.



Category: Silver (Regular)
Cards’ Type: Players and Consumables
Number of Cards: 12
Number of Rare Cards: 3
Price: 3,750 coins or 75 FIFA Points

Triple the rares of a standard silver pack. A mix of 12 items, including players and consumables, at least 10 Silver with 3 rare.



Category: Gold (Regular)
Cards’ Type: Players and Consumables
Number of Cards: 12
Number of Rare Cards: 1
Price: 5,000 coins or 100 FIFA Points

Great value for finding top-rate players. A mix of 12 items, including players and consumables, at least 10 Gold with 1 rare.



Category: Gold (Regular)
Cards’ Type: Players and Consumables
Number of Cards: 12
Number of Rare Cards: 3
Price: 7,500 coins or 150 FIFA Points

Triple the rares of a standard gold pack. A mix of 12 items, including players and consumables, at least 10 Gold with 3 rare.



Category: Special
Cards’ Type: Players
Number of Cards: 12
Number of Rare Cards: –
Price: 15,000 coins or 50 FIFA Points

You one-time chance to upgrade to a silver team. Includes 12 common silver items, with 11 players and 1 manager.



Category: Special
Cards’ Type: Players
Number of Cards: 12
Number of Rare Cards: –
Price: 30,000 coins or 75 FIFA Points

You one-time chance to upgrade to a gold team. Includes 12 common gold items, with 11 players and 1 manager.



Category: Special
Cards’ Type: Players and Consumables
Number of Cards: 24
Number of Rare Cards: 7
Price: 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points

Double the size of a premium gold pack with an extra rare. A mix of 24 items, including players and consumables, at least 20 Gold with 7 rares.



Category: Special
Cards’ Type: Players
Number of Cards: 12
Number of Rare Cards: 3
Price: 25,000 coins or 350 FIFA Points

Nothing but players to build out your ultimate squads. Includes 12 players, at least 10 gold with 3 rare.



Category: Special
Cards’ Type: Players
Number of Cards: 12
Number of Rare Cards: 12
Price: 50,000 coins or 1,000 FIFA Points

The most unique top-rated players, all in a single pack. Includes 12 items, all players, all gold, all rare.



Category: Special
Cards’ Type: Players
Number of Cards: 24
Number of Rare Cards: 24
Price: 100,000 coins or 2,000 FIFA Points

The most unique top-rated players, all in a single pack. Includes 24 items, all players, all gold, all rare.


In order to make it easier to compare packs, check out the following table, where you can also see which other packs may be included in the game:


NAME OF THE PACK [Coins] [FP] Players Consumables Items Total Rare
Bronze Pack 400 Yes Yes Yes 12 1
Premium Bronze Pack 750 Yes Yes Yes 12 3
Silver Pack 2 500 50 Yes Yes No 12 1
Premium Silver Pack 3 750 75 Yes Yes No 12 3
Gold Pack (*) 5 000 100 Yes Yes No 12 1
Premium Gold Pack (*) 7 500 150 Yes Yes No 12 3
Consumables Pack 3000 50 No Yes No 12 1
Silver Upgrade Pack 15 000 50 Yes No No 12
Rare Consumables Pack 20 000 400 No Yes No 12 12
Gold Upgrade Pack 30 000 75 Yes No No 12
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack 15 000 300 Yes Yes No 24 7
Prem. Gold Players Pack 25 000 350 Yes No No 12 3
Mega Pack 35 000 700 Yes Yes No 30 18
Rare Players Pack 50 000 1 000 Yes No No 12 12
Jumbo Rare Players Pack 100 000 2 000 Yes No No 24 24
(*) There is also the Gold 13 Pack and the Premium Gold 13 Pack which only difference is having one more non-rare card



The Best Packs to Buy


Other question that the community ask us almost every day is ‘which pack to buy’. Obviously it depends of what the player wants. If he wants to build a bronze squad, he should buy a bronze pack. If he wants to get more contracts and other consumables, he should try the consumables packs. However, most of the players want to put their hands in the best and most expensive cards of the game. In that case, they will need to buy Gold packs. But which one ?

Our advice is very simple: purchase the available gold pack with the lowest price per rare player card. These are the only cards that can make some one rich. The other cards are almost worthless. To know which packs have the lowest price per rare card, we only need to divide the price by the number of rare cards. It is easy to do it, following the table above. However, we should pay attention to the category of the pack and if there are other cards besides players. The best packs are the ones with guaranteed rare gold players cards. Into this group, the Premium Gold Players Pack is two times more expensive than the Rare Players Pack or the Jumbo Rare Players Pack. This difference is not so high if we use FIFA Points to pay instead coins. It may be weird but EA Sports doesn’t use a proportional relation between coins and FIFA Points. For example: Jumbo Premium Gold pack and Silver Upgrade pack cost both 15,000 coins but the first one may be purchased with 300 FIFA Points while to the second we only need 50 FIFA Points. Players should also pay attention to this aspect.


Packs, Store and Happy Hour Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Click over the image to learn more about the FIFA Points.



The Store


The store is the place where players can buy packs. They can access to the store through the console or through the FUT Web App.

It is possible to browse in the store until find the right pack. Details of each pack are also provided, including the number of rare cards each pack has.

There are two ways to pay: with coins or with FIFA Points. To know more about FIFA Points, click HERE.


Packs, Store and Happy Hour Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

‘My Packs’ can be found on the store and it is where players can claim any packs that they have earned but not yet opened



Happy Hour


There are several misunderstandings about what Happy Hour is and how it works. Some players insist to say that Happy Hour is a period of one hour in which the chances of getting better cards are higher. This is not absolutely true. We will try to clarify those people.

A happy hour is a period of time with special packs available on the store. It may be just one hour but it may also be a full day or even a weekend. Besides the regular packs, in happy hours also exists other packs. They are usually more attractive than the regular ones, because they have a lower cost per rare card. The chances of getting a good card during a happy hour are exactly the same. The only difference is that, most of the times, it will be cheaper to buy packs during Happy Hours.

There are a very rare kind of HH in which the chances of getting a good card are higher. These special Happy Hours are announced as ‘2x Chances’, which means that the chances of getting an IF card during this period are two times higher than usual.

The Happy Hours are not announced in advance. The players may know if there is any Happy Hour in the main page of the FUT Web App or the consoles while it is active, or a few minutes before starting in the Twitter of EA Sports FIFA.

It is impossible to know when will be the next Happy Hour but they are very common in these moments:

    – at Wednesdays, between 4pm and 5pm, just before the release of the new TOTW;
    – at most of the weekends, usually during large periods of time;
    – after a MOTM card release;
    – and during the Christmas period (last ten days of December and first two of January).


Packs, Store and Happy Hour Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

You can find the Happy Hours’ packs in the special packs section of the store



The Best Time to Buy Packs


As we already have explained, the best times to buy packs are during Happy Hours announced as ‘2x Chance’. It means that the probability of opening a pack with an IF card is twice higher than usually. However, these special Happy Hours are very rare.

Something that should be avoided is to buy packs between 5:30pm and 6pm of Wednesdays because it is impossible to get IF cards in these periods. In other way, it is a good strategy to buy packs during good TOTW weeks or on TOTY/TOTS weeks. In the case of success, the profit will be much higher.



Ultimate Edition and Season Ticket


There are many players confused about what they should do: buying packs on the store, subscribing the Season Ticket or buying the Ultimate Edition. We will try to give a help.

Let’s start by the Ultimate Edition. It is true that the packs purchased on the store are more expensive than the ones that Ultimate Edition offers. However, we strongly recommend to not buy this special edition since it only gives one pack per week. Which means that players need to wait 24 weeks to get all the packs. No one want this.

About the Season Ticket the things are a bit different. As it happens with the Ultimate Edition, subscribers only get one pack per week but it is also true that Season Ticket holders pay 20% less to buy packs on the store with real money (FIFA Points). For who buys many packs, this may be something very useful. The one year subscription gets paid after buying packs that is worth 10k FIFA Points.


Packs, Store and Happy Hour Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Click over the image to learn more about the Season Ticket.



Frequently Asked Questions about Packs, Store and Happy Hour


Q: Should I Invest in Packs ?
A: In our opinion, no. Only if you don’t care about spend real money to get a good team. Learn more about it HERE.

Q: What is the Card weight ?
A: Card weight is a metric used to estimate how often a particular card is traded on the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team transfer market.

Q: Which Packs Should I Buy ?
A: Always look to the available gold packs with the lowest price per rare player card.

Q: Where do I need to go to buy packs ?
A: To the store. You can do it through the console, the FUT Web App or the Companion App.

Q: What is a Happy Hour ?
A: A happy hour is a period of time with special packs available on the store.

Q: It is easier to get better Cards on Happy Hours ?
A: No. Only in the Happy Hours announced as ‘2x Chance’.

Q: When is the next Happy Hour ?
A: Nobody knows. The HH are announced on the console when they start or on EA Sports FIFA Twitter a couple of minutes before.

Q: Should I buy Ultimate Edition or Season Ticket subscription or should I use that money to buy packs ?
A: If you buy packs too often, subscribe the Season Ticket. Otherwise, invest in packs and forget the Ultimate Edition and Season Ticket.


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  1. Hey,

    I play ultimate team on both ps3 and iphone, an there’s such a big difference. On the iOS (probably android as well) app you can make money a safe way just buying packs, I buy jumbo packs when they’re available and rarely make a small loss, because normal gold vontracts sell for 950-1400 and the special ones for 1800-2400. It was reason enough to hate buying contracts. Then I started this pack method so I was able to buy thiago silva, as I was having a ligue 1 team, with almost only psg players. Then I had a IF player in my pack (tevez or aguero, can’t remember, it was 88 rating) and it sold for 1.5 million. I bought Ibra, but after a while I wanted to have a higher rated team, a hybrid one. So I sold Ibra with 10% profit so I had a bit more than 1.5 million, now I have a 86 rating team (sirigu, jordi alba, ramos, thiago silva, daniel alves, xabi alonso, neymar, robben, james, benzema and suarez as 11). Now I’m trying to get ronaldo, because I also have van Persie to get the average to 87 if I must. I have like 150.000 at the moment with 2 free gold packs for being champion of division 2.

  2. Hi Rodrigo maybe of topic , but now when is fifa15 released , will fifa 14 get forgotten becouse there are no more special packs and no TOTW ,IF or there gonna some releases and do you know maybe when?

  3. Hey Rodrio!
    A little bit off topic, but is it common to get IF cards for less than 5k? I just got 2 for 3k each! So just asking, if I should look forward for other such oppurtunities!

  4. OK, I will try to ask from HQ page because this objective has a huge cost difference. Thanks Rodrigo!

  5. Hi Rodrigo,

    I am not sure how to complete the objective with 5 players rating 90+ in the squad.
    If there are 5 players just have 90 rating, will this complete the objective?


  6. Hi, why are there legends in Xbox but none in Playstation? I really want to get players like Franz Beckenbauer, Pele, Diego Maradona, Michael Owen and Zinedine Zidane.

  7. hi rodrigo
    i heard about something called ( ultimate team millionare trading center or auto buyer)
    do u recommend it ? or can u explain how it works ?

    1. It’s third party pogramm that can get you banned by EA. We have no experience with it and would highly recommend to be careful as you would have to enter all your FUT account data.

  8. i am trying to get more coins but the palyers are asking contracts and i am spending more fifa coins in it i want to save money give any ideas

    1. I prefer to have two squads, so one can rest while the other one plays for example offline – this saves the coins for squad fitness cards. You will always need contracts, it’s a good idea to invest into coaches so you get more games out of contracts – see our article for that.
      Further more you can make multiple Fifa accounts and start to trade on them to make coins.

  9. Hi.I started playing FIFA 14 from a while and I liked it so much.but I’am trying to get messi in a pack and my luck goes bad.there once I founded a green card of Kroos then I deleted the team because I’am out of money and contracts.when I must buy a pack that probably messi or Ronaldo or a players like him be in that pack ?I can only collect 10,000 coins

    1. Buying packs macks totally sense in the beginning, but you have to bear in mind that gaining a player like Ronaldo or Messi is like have the right numbers in the lottery – which means the odds are against you and chances are very low. I made that mistake myself, once I spent like half a million of coins during TOTW hoping to get one of those cards, but basically ended up, getting the same players over and over again. I would recommend you trading. You can for example open various Fifa accounts and trade on all of them and then pool the money to buy the players you want.

  10. Hey admin !
    I have a query ! I used to play fifa14 on my iphone some monthes back , but today when i logged in my new android phone i didnt get my old started from the very beginning :/ :/ help!!!!! I had a pretty decent team :/

  11. Hi, Do you know when EA will be bringing the special packs out? all rare players 50k & 100k packs.

  12. Thanks Hody for the info.
    It would’ve been nice to play with 98 rated messi I think.
    I will get him on fifa 15.
    If any one has chance to get 90 rated klose get him it’s worth it big time

  13. Yeah true played few games and he’s monster when it come to headers.
    Never had messi that’s why I was asking for your opinion.
    there is no one to trade.
    I may sell my team for real money and try on fifa 15.
    Got 88 rated muller (black) 88 Rodriguez (green)
    Pogba green Aguero suarez reus hazar 88.
    Got good team but when fifa 15 s out got to start again:(
    Thanks for advice anyway.

    1. Bought Messi and Bale when the market was very low. Not satifisfied mit Messi at all. I keep (Excel) statistics of my player and Messi was a real loss, so is Bale.

      My best Strikers (Goal/Assit Quote) so far are regular Ibrahimovic 0,71/0,39 (best player in this game), Balotelli IF 0,53/0,16, TOTS Dayro Moreno 0,64/0,18 (IF Immobile or Muriel or Ibarbo for low cost are also nice).

      Messi’s Quote 0,19/0,12 (26 Games), Bale 0,22/0,28.

      You can also look up how players perform for you at this page (currently not working)
      If you are using various teams make list of how they score and read or watch player reviews how players perform for one or the other…

  14. Hi Rodrigo
    Got another question.
    I opened pack the other day and got
    90 rated special klose
    Do you thing it’s worth selling and getting
    96 or 97 rated Messi?
    I don’t know is it really worth it to sell him.

    1. He is really great. But you may have a different opinion. Why don’t you try him and decide yourself ? Play with him 10 matches and you will see if he is enough good for you or not.

  15. Hi Rodrigo
    Got a question .
    What will happen to my players when fifa 15 is out?
    Can I use same ultimate account and same players with fut 15?
    Or do I have to star from scratch again.

  16. I think the best way to make a team in Fut is by buying players by the transfer market collect as much as you can of coin and buy the player how u want and I will give u a good plan to get a lot of coins all of you get to do is playing fut world cup and win the cup several time’s and u will get by every time 10000 coins i do that tell I built my dream team

  17. great article…but i have a question, when u buy a “team of the season” pack how many chances u have to get a player of the year? are the chances good or no? thank u

  18. which fifa points deal is the best 750 for 10.35 or 1050 for 14.45 and don’t just say neither your wasting ur money

    1. The 750 points. costs around 72.46 per point. The 1050 points. costs 72.66 per point (P.S. use a calculator).

      The difference is not much, so it depends on how many points you want. If you want to open a lot of packs or use a lot of points the 1050 is better but if 750 points is enough then the former is better.
      This way u wont be wasting a lot of money on unneeded fifa points.

      Ooh, I kinda sound like Rodrigo! (But I am not Rodrigo).

  19. Are all happy hours the same or are there any specific happy hours when chances are 2x and others when it is as usual normal? I have come across some happy hours (I only started with FUT 14 so, not many) and in none of them I saw 2x. Did I miss it or is it never there?

    Also I have a suggestion: can you make a squad guide for the Pyramid International Tournament (No. of leagues in starting eleven = 11!! + Max. 2.5 stars rating.

    P.S. Pls. make it ASAP; I want to complete the Achievement of finishing all the tournaments.

    P.P.S. Your squad guides are gr8. I have made a Bundesliga and BBVA squad according to ur guides and they play superb

    1. Hi Ahil. Thank you for your words.
      There are two kinds of Happy Hours: the regular ones and the 2x Chance. This HH in which the chances of getting an IF card are two times higher are very rare. They only happen 3 or 4 times each year.
      About the guide you asked, unfortunately we are not able to do it. It takes more than a week of hard work to publish a guide like that one.

      1. Can u give some tips about the Pyramid International squad? Is it okay to consult the online squad builders (e.g. futhead etc.) for squads. Also, which country do u think is the best for this squad? (I want 100 chem so all should be from the same country – obviously).
        Can you give me a rough squad I can use? I usually play along the wings and prefer pacy players in attack. I usually cross into the box but mostly play through balls to my striker from the wingers. I have a budget of around 100k. Sorry for the inconvenience I might cause you. Thanks a lot!!!!

  20. Hello Rodrigo! When is the promo packs coming out? 35k packs, 50k packs, and 100k packs if they are coming out, when?

  21. Hi Rodrigo,
    Nice article, I agree to 100% I played now over 2000 Fut matches this season and wasted a huge amount of coins buying any packs! But I have to admit that I drafted normal Ibra in a 100k pack on New Year’s Day! 😉
    Did you also recognize that if your team is overload with TOTS or IF players your team gettin lame as hell and you loosing so much by just one goal! After playing again with normal cards it stopped! Second question: do you have experiences with coins generating software?! There is one guy on YouTube which seems to be not a scam! Perhaps u can help me!

    1. Hi.
      IF players (TOTS is an IF too) are no as good as people think. Just check their In Game stats.
      There is no such thing as coins generating software. Send us the url os that Youtube channel please.

  22. Jordan Neuman

    Hey so I have a question. I sold my whole team and am going to build a new one for like 150k but do you think it would be worth it to buy a 100k pack and see what I get to maybe be able to build an even better squad? Or should I stick with a 150k squad?

  23. what time are they changing TOTS/W…is it the same time they change promo packs with 24hr expiration…. i cant seem to figure out what time is the happy hour on wednesdays here in the Philippines…. hope you could help me out…. good day

  24. Hi rodrigo do you know when i should buy my new team basically when will players prices lower thanks and btw love your website hope it stays on for many fifas to come

  25. Hi I have a questiin I see lots of if an totw offers on ebay selling cheap are these legit

  26. I don’t want to buy packs anymore.I decides to buy coins instead,but can you really say,that i can trust MMOGA?

  27. Hi Rodrigo,

    Ok so finally some luck. I stopped buying packs and had 2 teams I was happy to continuously play with. I wasn’t ever going to earn enough for the next step up in player (someone around the 1 million coin mark) so I just saved coins until special packs were released. Yesterday I opened some 25k packs and was delighted to get BPL TOTS Aguero. Value is around £1.3-1.4 mil. Although he should be worth a lot more. My question is (although I know this is frowned upon) would you advise I sell him or the coins generated from him (around £100) or hang onto him?
    If you do not feel comfortable in answering that perhaps you could advise me when or if his value will drop and when the price of 1million coins will drop and how low will it go? Hope you can help!

    Also just to add, the week before I got a TOTS community player (Perez 83 rating), only worth about 30k but hey I can’t moan. Also got an in form the pack directly after TOTS Aguero (again only worth 10k so quicksold). Also got Neuer, Ozil, Lewandowski, Cazorla, Lahm and Gundogan. German overload 🙂
    Finally some good pulls from packs! Apologies for the essay, it’s just nice to have some good luck and be able to tell you guys. Although after this great luck I still think investing in packs is a waste. I would only advise doing the same as I did, acquire the team(s) you want first then save up for special packs when you don’t mind wasting the coins.

    Good luck all!

    1. Hi.
      It is a good strategy, yes. First buy the players you want and then use the coins you don’t need in packs to get some fun.
      About TOTS Aguero it is not easy to know if his price will go up or not. TOTS cards have a irregular behaviour. Some will go up and other will go down. Everything we say now would be pure speculation.

      1. Hi Rodrigo,

        Thanks for your reply. Ok no problem, I will probably keep him for a few weeks or a month and then try to sell on before the market saturates too much. I have just also just had some more incredible luck. As I had sold my standard Aguero after getting the TOTS one I had some spare coins. An offer for 2 more 50k packs is running at the moment, I was going to wait for la liga TOTS but thought I’d give it a go anyway. In my first pack I took a loss, players of note were Alaba, Diego Costa and Alba. With the rest I probably lost 25k. In my second pack I got TOTS David Silva! I cannot believe my luck recently 🙂
        I’m sure many people will not believe this luck, I can barely believe it myself!

  28. hi rodrigo
    i want to know how often people get valuble players in fut i opened 4 *7500 coin packs and one 15000 pack and the only good player i got was iniesta

  29. hi rodrigo, great article love it

    i just wanna know i hav fifa on both my ps3 and galaxy s4(android) but i mostly enjoy it in my phone because i find it easier….ive been earning most of my money winning division one since im quite use to world class so i manage to make it to 15 points which lets me hold the title and gives me 7k…..sometimes if im lucky i even win the title and get 7.5k and a jumbo players pack…… question is what trading technique would u recommend for android because i see a lot of difference between the platforms….i started using training cards like all attributes + 10 on players and then sell them for double price to trick others but its old now nd ive lost like 100k coins since the past month in trading……so i got fed up nd blew up 75k on ten 7.5k packs thinking ill be able to pull at least one TOTS and u won’t believe that out of all the 10 packs i got one rare player only and his overall was 78 -_-… so i followed ur article and advise as to not open packs… im looking forward to some guidance to the new trading methods beacuse the ones im using are kinda stale and im only going in a loss…..and btw excellent job on the article again wish u good luck 🙂

    1. Thank you very much. Nice to meet you.
      In fact, our articles are published for consoles’ gamers. It may be applied to iOS/Android but there are things that are different. In mobile you don’t have the market you have in consoles. It is much harder to make trading. Our suggestion is to track the prices of several players between 1k and 5k, and buy them during the best Happy Hours. You will see that you can make a huge profit selling them just a couple of days before.

  30. This week there are “TEAM OF THE SEASON” promo’s going on. Double the players with a bonus rare card. My first pack I pulled a Marco Reus. I foolishly sold him for about 60K, in order to be able to buy more packs. 5 packs later, and nothing even remotely close to his caliber of player, I have nothing to show for it.
    It is completely random and now having spent 100’s of thousands of coins and about $20 worth of FIFA points, its my honest opinion to build teams by trading and saving coins. Winning tournaments and the occasional free pack from tourney’s.
    For me it was simply the gambling and thrill to see if I can pull my favorite player Zlatan, because I surely would never be able to afford him without sacrificing hundreds of hours of game play. His high price along with the other superstars high prices, make the game frustrating, yet fun at the same time.

  31. Rodrigo,
    Having played both FIFA 14 UT and the American football game NCAA 14 UT, I have noticed something in common. Both games ask of you to select a favorite team or nationality. In both instances of playing the Ultimate Team mode, many of the cards I have pulled from packs, tend to be of my favorite team or nationality, not always the case, but more often than not. I tend to pull a lot of German players in FIFA and players from Univ. of Miami in NCAA. I wonder if this is a way for EA and its algorithms to deliver desirable options for its customers.

  32. Hi, they just release team of the season today and i wonder.. will they release an all-star team of the season after this? Because from what i see, only rooney 92 that interested me.

    Thank you..

      1. Really annoyed with the server error thing. Already play 6 times but it all ended with server error.. lost all contracts n victories. Any suggest with this issue?? Iys getting worse after this TOTS release. Cant even login to origin. Sigh..

  33. Hi, quick question, do packs expire?
    I have won a pack from a tournament, and it has been in my packs for a couple of days. Will it expire if I left it for a week or two?

      1. Couple of months before TOTY arrived I saved up to 40 free packs in my store for like 2 or 3 months, nothing dissapeared!

      2. Oh ok, I was hoping to do the same but it didnt work out.
        In the end, I spent around all my coins (150k) on packs and got two worthless informs… Got spurred on by other peoples luck in packs but didnt work out for me.
        Thanks for the reply.

  34. Hey Rodrigo I Have this Player for my 4-1-2-1-2 Formation and gets goals against. My Defense is very Badly when the my Opponent plays over my defence or cross in to the Box. I get every corner against goals.
    Which Player are for me the best when I Play with many Passes and chips over the oppenent ?
    TW: Casillas
    RB: Dani Alves
    CB: Ramos
    CB: Pepe
    LB: Marcelo
    CDM: Song
    RM: Di Maria
    LM: Guardardo
    ZOM: Iniesta
    ST: Benzema
    ST: Costa

  35. Yes sometimes those goals are based on pure luck, it may have hit the posts or the crossbars but if it didn’t, then that goal was a fluke. Sometimes the goalkeepers reactions are too slow even when it is supposed to be an easy save.

  36. Hi,on my iPad,there are 5 difficulties:beginner,amateur,Semi-Pro,Pro,World class.I normally play on pro and when I win,I win with 2:1 maybe… But FUT,it’s more difficult… It’s really hard against semi-pro,i just win 1:0… I ALWAYS LOOSE on pro… Maybe 0:3… And I realised,they have “functions”,I don’t have,like just stand on one point… And it seems like,my team is EXTREMELY worse in Cup’s like “Eggcelent” (xD)… In one game,the opponent shot from 30 metres and my goalkeeper(Who is NEUER) couldn’t catch it,although he was standing right… And it was the only shot from them… I had A LOT of chances,but NO GOAL!!!

    1. After playing for 2 years on Iphone and Ipad and over 8 years of playing on playstation I can certainly say that Iphone/Ipad is the easiest. I always play World Class and very occasionally I lose. Even with a silver/nomal gold squad. On the PS3 I never accomplish that. Take a good note at the instructions, there are a lot of combinations avaible with the few “buttons” you got on the screen with Ipad.

      On the inpossible goal I have to say your more than right. With Cassilas defending my base there are quite a lot of moments where I get an impossible goal against me!

      As of for the article I miss the consideration of being patient when it comes to selling the items you got in packs. Selling everything except for the lame balls, shirts, etc . It will get you an easily 5k – 7k , depending on players/rare items. Patience is the key word, just as it is with trading. Taking low losses can be balanced by pulling a high value player once in a while. Been doing this a long time got alot of profit out of it.

  37. Hey Rodrigo,
    I am thankful and grateful for your help but I need to know, what is a wager and pink slips. Also how do start a wager or pink slips? Thankyou for all your help!

    1. Hi.
      Maybe we should add something about it in future guides.
      A wager is a match in which the winner get coins. Like a bet.
      A pink slip is the same thing but instead of coins, players are betting a card.

      1. Thanks. but I need to know how do I start a wager or pink slips? btw your website is amazing and it has helped me learn a lot. And because of your help I got inform Neymar and Ronaldo in a pack!!!

        1. If you got these players in packs, we have nothing to do with it.
          To play wagers or pink slips you need to find someone you trust that want to do the same thing. If you want, you may take a look to the gamersaloon banner on the right side of this page.

  38. Hey,

    Thank You so much for the information. I wish I had read it earlier as I just sold Neymar (who i found in a pack) to open 25 more packs and I did not get anything. I will definitely not do that anymore.

  39. Preferred to stay unknown for my own safety

    Hello. I play FIFA14 on my iPad Mini. I have come to hear about a special shop allowing you to buy very special things and the ability to play on teams, such as the all star team. I have seen youtube videos and pictures of this store. It is supposed to be in the EAS FC, but when I look in there, no shop. Please help me find this.

      1. Preferred to stay unknown for my own safety

        When I check the store, it only has points and packs. But I think I messed up on my question. How do you get the MLS and Adidas all star teams? And why do you have to buy or unlock manger, tournament, and kick off mode? They where free/already unlocked on FIFA 13

        1. Hi.
          I think I got it now.
          What you have seen it is not available for mobile version.
          MLS and Adidas All Star Teams are offers when you bought the game and it depends of the stores. Amazon for example was offering the second one.
          It is paid on FIFA 14 mobile, yes. EA is trying to get more money in different ways.
          To unlock balls, kits, teams, etc you can go to the EASFC Catalogue that you can find in the console’s main menu.

  40. hi rodrigo i wanted wanted to ask that when do you think i should buy packs to get messi or neymar in them. THANKS

  41. I bought a normal gold pack and I stored all the consumables in consumable when opening the pack. For some reason they all went to the club so I can’t use them do you know why?

    1. Yes, you can. To use a consumable you don’t need to go to a consumable card. You need to go to the player, staff or team in which you want to apply.
      Imagine that you want to apply a contract. Just go to active squad menu, choose a player and then select ‘apply consumable’. You will see all the consumables that are stored in the club, including the contracts cards.

  42. I just want to know if its legit to buy coins cause im tired of having rubbish in pack.
    Very good job for this site btw

  43. Ola Rodrigo. Gostaria de perguntar quando são as happy hours, quais são os melhores pacotes e se recebemos melhores jogadores ai.

    Obg cumprimentos.

  44. cristian alamillo

    Hola rodrigo, tengo un problema, cuando quiero comprar los fifa points no me.deja, el jueves fue mi última compra con una psn de 20 dlls y ayer.que compre otra y agregue fondos y kise comprar los fifa points que. LA REGION DEL DISCO NO COINCIDE CON LA.REGION DE LA.CUENTA SE EA SPORTS,estoy no me.sucedía antes apenas ayer… espero pronta respuesta saludos

  45. I am fairly new to ultimate team and am wondering: What is the best pack to buy in order to get a TOTW card or legend card?

  46. Hey great post by the way.
    So if i win a jumbo pack for winning season 1 offline seasons, if i left the pack for a week until the next TOTW week, would i have a chance at getting the previous TOTW players when I won the pack, or would it be the TOTW of the week that I open the pack?
    I’m just wondering as in the future I will keep winning them and just wait for a really good TOTW week so if i get an IF card then I should hopefully be able to sell for more 🙂
    Thank you!

    1. Hi. Thank you.
      That question is a great great question.
      EA Sports never have said nothing about it but we believe that you could get a TOTW card of the week you have opened.

  47. Mitchell kidson

    Also what is the best tournament to earn money , another question sorry about all the questions , what is the best rating squad to build with not much coins ( bronze , silver , gold ) ?? ?

  48. Mitchell kidson

    Hi , I was wondering what is the best way to earn money because I watch all these videos on YouTube and I can’t figure out what to do could u help me please

  49. Hello Rodrigo!
    Could you tell me the process of what happens in a “Pink Slips”?
    Like what happens when you lose and what happens when you win.
    Thanks again!

  50. I bought a gold pack and got a “free gold pack card” (it has a picture of messi with a +1) in it and I send all the items to my club and can’t seem to find it I’ve looked everywhere thanx in advance

  51. Hello Rodrigo.

    I play FUT14 in iPad. Would you please let me know how can i get TOTW or TOTY Cards?

    Thanks & Regards.

  52. Hi can you help me becasue i juts play fifa and i buy so much point but i open very bad but i see. On youtobe they are. Open. Always have good pack ? Can you hlep me thanks. So much

  53. Jake crabtree

    Is there any possible way that you can the players you got in a free pack. I got IF koscielny, rooney , jese ridriquez vidic pique chiellini but i cant do anything with them

  54. Hey there first time visting your website on FIFA ultimate team and it is amazing full of great advice but I got a question? I have a ps4 so would you be so kind to give me the best player in the game?!
    Many thanks William 🙂

  55. I obv want ronadlo or messi but … I want Ribery bale ibra van persie someone like that … Best guys I got was isco and piqué and they aren’t worth anything …. I wanna kno how these guys have amazing players like that

    1. Dear friend:
      look to our website with caution. We have lots of people that are very rich following our tips. If you know portuguese, visit our portuguese version of FIFA U Team.
      If you need more help, just ask please.
      Saudações Benfiquistas

  56. Is it worth buying the 25k packs. I bought 5 and have yet to get any good player

  57. Hi.
    can you explain why there are some websites selling fifa coin?
    do they had joint partner with EA?
    how did they operate and is it legal buying the coins?

  58. hi rodrigo,
    I am very agree with you for not to buy packs the precentage of getting good players is very very low. I just want to ask you 1 question. Is the chances are good for getting good players when u buy packs with fifa poins real money? Or is that same with coins or fifa points?

  59. Hi I’m worried do I bought yaya toure after a long hard grind getting there but when I bought him I disconnected from the ea servers I’ve checked everywhere he’s not there plus all my money has gone help me

    1. It doesn’t sounds stupid. Every time you play FIFA you are accepting the terms of use and conditions. According to these terms, you can not by or sell coins. So, it is illegal, yes.
      I don’t think you get troubles buying coins. EA is more worried with who is selling because they are affecting the packs sells.

  60. Hi rodrigo,

    When would you advise to sell players like Ronaldo (non IF 92)
    Is there a time of year the market usually drops? For example a few weeks before the next fifa is released. Is there any way of transferring your team from year to year? Or is it just start from scratch again?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi.
      There is no way to transfer your team from year to year. You will need to start from scratch again.
      The cards’ prices are always dropping since the first day. With the most expensive cards, as Ronaldo and Messi, it may be a bit different. But usually, they are cheaper after the TOTS in May / June.

  61. Its my birthday on the 11th getting fifa 20 pounds wallet top ups but is any thing exiting happening please just tell me what the best packs to get is it sounds like premium golds at the moment

  62. Hey Rodrigo, great write up, it’s going to save me some coin now as I switch from open and pray to hunting out the position change and contracts markets. Any other tips you may have to gain some $$?

    Thanks again, keep up the great articles, and take care!

      1. Yes, I like to believe so at this point. I wont say what position changes but when you find the low cards selling in these points, you make a profit of 6-7k per each on and they sell really fast. Also contracts are really easy to swipe and resell for big gains too. I hope to get into players soon too, but I have to see how the market is there. Thanks for your response.

  63. Mikey Lohhamtt

    Why my item transfer stuck on the market , while my coins can not back to me ?

  64. what time approx do weekend hh times happen usually start uk time please thanks in advance if u are able to reply

  65. When do have Jumbo Rare Players Pack deal again because last I didn’t get that

  66. Hi rodrigo
    How come my auto switch not word and my defense run backwards ? How can I fix that

    1. Check your controller, it could be the button l2 is stuck down, happened to me, my players would not sprint and defense ran backwards aha

  67. Hello friend

    Could you tell me the prizes for winning division 1 (fifa 14 ps4)
    I’m currently in division 2 but should be there soon, although winning it may take me a while. First time on fifa for 8 years, went pro evo for a while (many apologies for that)
    Also is there any way to acquire free packs? I don’t really want to spend any more coins, trying to save up, not sure exactly what for, I’m in the same boat as the gent a few above (Jan) not really anyone else I can aim for as the gulf in price is ridiculous. Seems to be one of the problems with fifa, money talks

    Kind regards

    1. Hi, I found out that there is a way to acquire free packs quite easily. In FUT you can play offline tournaments, right now there is a cup where you play against semi-professional AI and after four matches the reward is a free gold pack. It’s open until tonight. There is also an announcement for another cup offline where you have to play with three nationalities in your squad against professional AI, 4 matches and the reward is 1.000 coins and 1 free gold pack. Think that’s opening tonight too, for Xbox360 it is.

      So, I picked up this free pack yesterday evening and found out you can only do this once, because the reward of the cup is changed after you win it.

      The content of the free pack confirms what Rodrigo is telling about the packs. 4 normal players, one rare (Rami from Valencia, app.850 coins). The rest consumable cards. Estimated total value 2.000 coins. If I had paid 5.000 for this, I would be disappointed.

      But this way I do have a very, very, very small 🙂 opportunity to obtain a Ronaldo, or a Robben or whatever new player that gives new impulse to my squads. Playing the four matches is pretty boring but I try to use passing style and my aim is a 10-0 win. That’s is challenging even against Semi-Pro. Yesterday 8-0 against Barcelona Semi-Pro… 😉

      1. I was going to do the same thing but didn’t have time too! I run the 3-4-3 in tourneys like those and score in the upwards of 12-0+ against teams like AC Milan and BvB and so on in there. But I also have 75 chemistry and 81 overall with players like Navas, Casto, Tello, Kaka, Cazorla, and Diego Alves. I don’t recommend running that formation against top tier teams unless you have a top notch defense because it will get shredded. Hope this helps.

        1. You can change difficulty in the settings prior to the tournaments game to add more challenge.

    2. Thank you very much for this Jan. I’m fed up of buying packs and getting not even my 7.5k back. It is very disheartening, just one good player would make it all worth it but chances are so slim. No point saving my coins for anything else though so the hunt continues.

      All the best

  68. Hi, you said best time to buy is Wednesday 4-5 pm what time is that I’m in pacific time

    1. Hi.
      I haven’t said that it is the best time to buy. It is common to have Happy Hours on that time and it is a good thing. Only that.
      4-5pm in UK is the same that 8-9am in PST.

  69. Please give me a good time and day because I’m gonna buy as many packs as possible. I’m frustrated with Fifa and I want to blow off all my coins.

  70. Hi Rodrigo,
    I’ve read most of your tips and tricks and decided not to buy any packs. At this moment I have two gold teams which I can switch when injuries happen or fitness drops below 90.

    I also have 70k coins. What to do next? An improvement in my Bundesliga team would be Robben for instance, but he is over 270k coins. An improvement in my Ligue 1 team would be Ibrahimovic but he is 1.000k coins. So now I am getting bored with FUT and thinking about buying packs with good luck??

    Or do you think prices will drop coming months and Robben wil come down to 100k?

    Thanks for your advice.

    1. Hi.
      I don’t see how it will be possible to get a Robben by 100k on the coming months. Are you sure you can not improve your teams any more ? And what about IF cards ?
      Thank you Jan.

      1. Mmmm, IF cards might be a good idea. I play with João Moutinho for instance. Normal card 850 coins, IF card 75k coins. Rating 83 vs. 84. Would you consider this worth the investment?

        In your experience, IF cards make a huge difference in performance?
        Thanks for your tips.

        1. In my opinion IF cards don’t have a huge difference in performance. They don’t worth the investment.
          However, if you don’t have more coins it is one of teh few choices you have. It is better than spending everything in packs.

  71. Hey, do you have to buy IF players or get them in a pack? Can you build up a regular player to be IF?

    1. To get IF cards you need to buy them on the market or, if you are a very lucky guy, get them in a pack. Cards never change. Regular cards stay regular cards forever and IF cards stay IF cards forever.

  72. Hi Rodrigo.

    Just bought a pack (gold 7.5k fifa 14 ps4) and had a player with a consumable card attached (deadeye)
    He wasn’t IF or even rare. Is this a glitch or just uncommon?
    Like many of us I have the pack addiction, not had anything great yet but still have very battered and diminished hopes 🙂

    All the best


      1. Thanks for reply.
        Thought it was strange. I wondered if any more I opened possibly had consumables attached that I had missed but going through my whole club I couldn’t find any. I can only presume it was some sort of glitch or mistake. Shame it couldn’t have mistakenly gave me a better player instead 🙂

  73. Hello I had a very important question to ask. I recently bought 2 20 dollar psn cards in the past few weeks, one of them was today actually. I obviously spent them on fifa points and bought gold packs, but as I went to check my club where I placed my players, I found they were not there.. Could I have been hacked? I contacted Sony through psn, but they never replied

  74. When the complete TOTY going to be available in packs or has it already wrapped up?!?

  75. I was wondering if it was possible to get Ultimate Team seasons wins or draws in the catalogue? I’ve bought seasons wins with my FCC but they do not apply to ultimate team.

  76. Hi,

    Sorry if this is a question already answered. You have in the pack descriptions at the top the special packs like the rare players pack and jumbo gold packs. I cannot find them in the store are they only available at certain times?

  77. Hi, i’m sorry if this has been asked before but, is it possible to find an IF card in the gold packs that i receive each week as an Ultimate Edition purchaser? In that case should i be only opening those packs after that team’s TOTW is out? Which is on wednesday? Thanks

    1. Yes, it is possible.
      There is always one TOTW active. If you open before Wednesday 6pm UK you can get a cards from previous TOTW. If you open after that, you can get a card from the current TOTW.

  78. When someone earns packs from single player seasons, do they expire or do they stay in the store until you open them?

  79. Hey was wonder why there has not been any jumbo rare gold packs on ps4 since xmas. I see that xbox one has jumbo packs but not ps4. Why is this?

  80. Hi Rodrigo, I have 35K to spend, and I need good RM and LM. Who should I get? Or should I wait for the next special pack?

  81. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! just got pavel neveds in a normal gold pack so happy just wondered what the odds on me doing that was?

  82. So i might be the luckiest person in the world but im wondering what my chances were, last sunday i was opening 3 happy hour 15k gold packs and on the last pack, i got ribery, amazing, right? Three days later opened only 1 25k all rare gold pack and got neymar, my luck is finished, right? Wrong, the next day i bought 1 more all rare gold pack and got ribery again but it was TOTY ribery, i was wanting too know my chances for each player, i now have 2.8 million

  83. Hi.
    Is the chance of getting rare or IF players the same on the companion app as it is on FUT WEB or on console?

  84. I have spent over NZ$500 on FIFA points to buy packs and i am very unhappy with the quality of players i have received. I have only gotten two players worth a significant amount of money and they are Sergio Aguero and Bastian Schweinsteiger. From these players i have made about 300,000 FIFA coins and i know that that is a large amount to some people but i believe that for the amount i have spent for FIFA points i have definitely not gotten my moneys worth and i am very unhappy with it. Is there anything that can be done about this?

  85. I’m on the Ipad and it says the goalkeepers and defenders from the team of the year are available… where are they?

  86. Matthew Minne

    When it says that like defenders and goalie are only available between Monday and Tuesday for TOTY, does that mean u can’t get them in pack anymore after those dates?


    1. Right now for example. You have 5 TOTY players in packs. This week it will not happen again. If they release all players together next week, it will be a good time to do it too.
      Pay attention to the happy hours.

  87. I just started playing FUT recently, and in the 15+ packs that I’ve opened (via coins and spending $1 US for the Futxmas special), I’ve been incredibly lucky from all accounts then. I’ve gotten Thiago Silva, Hulk, Nani, and a few 80-82 rare, mostly BPL players that I’ve sold to finance a Serie A team and consumables.

      1. And also do you know when the Ballon dor is going to be announced in GMT? Regards and once again this site is continuing to impress me. I also know this has nothing to do with Fifa but I would acknowledge it if you replied.
        Thank you 🙂

          1. Thanks Rodrigo
            And finally, (Another stupid question) do you know who made Fifa? I mean like the one person who was in charge to make the game. I can’t seem to find who it is I’m just very curious!! Oh, and also people have been saying that there are 100k packs after all the TOTY’s are out, if there are would you recommend me buying them and how many ffifa points would one 100k pack cost? So sorry about the questions I know you are busy!! 😉

          2. Hi.
            FIFA is a franchise of EA Sports. The division of Vancouver is who ‘make’ the game.
            There is a good chance to have 100k packs, yes. Probably they will release all TOTY at the same time too.
            I don’t recommend to buy packs, but if you want to do it 100k packs is a good choice. You can see the prices and more details HERE.

  88. Heya, I’ve got a question for you. Say I got 500.000 FIFA coins & I want to spend them on FIFA packs. If I spend them all on Premium Gold Pack (500.000/7.500=66,666(…)) That’s atleast 66 Premium Gold Pack I would get and there is atleast 3 rare gold cards in each of them. (66*3=198) That’s 198 rare gold cards.
    However.. If I spend all 500.000 on Jumbo Rare Players Pack, well I would get 5 packs of those. There is 24 rare gold cards. (5*24=120) That’s only 120 rare gold cards. So I would get 78 more rare gold cards, if I bought Premium Gold Pack for the 500.000 coins.
    So why on earth would people buy Jumbo Rare Players Pack instead of Premium Gold Pack?
    It’s late night, I might be abit woozy and sleepy. But I can’t figure it out.

      1. However.. In Premium Gold Pack, you can get items and consumables. So out of the 3 rare you get in the pack, it could be for an example; a rare gold contract. So there is a 33% chance to get a rare player. That’s 1 rare player card for each pack, which is 66 rare gold players, but only by the odds ofcourse.
        In the Jumbo Rare Players Pack, you only get player cards, no items and no consumables. Which leaves us with a 100% chance of getting rare player cards. (Duh)… That’s a total of 120 rare gold players, guarantee.
        So if you got 500.000 FIFA coins and want to be sure to get 100+ you shoyld go for the Jumbo Rare Players Pack. If you’re feeling lucky, you should get the Premium Gold Pack.
        Man.. I’m on fire today. Have a good day Sir.

  89. hi Rodrigo!

    grettings from mexico,

    do u think is the same probabilty to find an IF or rare card if I buy one pack per day??? or 10 packs in a hour, for example.
    this means when EA put the HH, we have 10 packs tu buy on this time, and maybe someone buy the ten packs in ten minutes with bad results, or if u buy maybe 1 pack every hour on this HH, for example.
    the probabilty to find an IF changes? or its the same?

    great post rodrigo


  90. Hi! Got a question about these regular gold packs. How do i do the mathwith price per rare ones?
    Is regular gold pack 5k worse or better than premium gold pack 7,5k?

    1. In our opinion the only important thing is the rare cards. Your profit is on rare cards, not on the other ones.
      In the gold pack you pay 5k by one rare card while on the premium gold you only pay 2.5k by each rare card. Premium gold is better.

      1. So even though it does say great value for finding top rated player, this doesnt mean anything special comparedmto the premium gold pack?

        i would also agree opening packs is pretty waste of time and money, bought some packs for myself and got some joy out of doing so. But i wouldnt recommend it to others unless they like doing it, like i do 🙂 just dont spend to much money! A friend of mine has spend thousands of norwegian kroners on the game which means from a few hundred dollars to several hundreds.

        1. Yes, when we recommend to not spend many money on packs we are talking about the chances of getting good cards. If the goals is to have some fun, go ahead! 🙂
          About your first question: Yes, it doesn’t mean nothing.

          1. Thx rodrigo, this was very helpful 🙂 your site is awesome!

            do you have any simple recommandation for getting coins, i have tried to trade but im losing more than i am earning. What i make my coins on is single player season though. Made loads there, but not enough to get the big players unless you farm for ages on ultimate or legendary.

  91. In your opinion, what’s the best club to use for my ultimate team franchise?

  92. I got ibraa in a pack last Saturday and sold him For 1 Million and a half coins and then i went somewhere and when I Came Back all my rare players where gone and I Only had 26k left

  93. Hi, I’ve got gold pack as I won online tournament. If I wait till Wednesday when TOTW release and then I open it, will I have more change to get IF cards?

      1. jorlan aseron

        hi may ask is it after the release of TOTW to get the IF cards… except 5:30 to 6:00 U.K time???

        and what mostly the time in wed. they release the team of the week???

        thanks in advance

  94. When i first started Fifa 14(android, Ipad), I have to spend some real money to buy the Gold Pack because i always run out of Contract. Seriously EA really know how to do business, they will find a way to ppl to spend Gold or real money to upkeep with the game’s progress.. It is $1 or 5K gold pack sound like not a lot of money but if you add it up.. that can be like $15 a month or More…

    Once I get

  95. Isaac Bishop

    Hi Rodrigo,
    I’m looking for advise, when shall I open my packs? Now, or wait until special packs come out? If you know when the next special packs are out I would like to know that also. Sorry about all the questions I just really need to know.

  96. When talking about the Happy Hours, you give specific times, what time zone are they meant to be in?

  97. a weird question, is there any time limit of opening “My Packs”? (i bought/earned)…means do i have to open those in a limited time and is there any chance they will get vanished after some time if i kept them for 4-5 days without opening?

  98. Alex Crawford

    Hi! I have been playing fifa for almost 9 years now and there is one thing I still don’t understand! I have bought a whole everton team and when I open packs I usually get an everton player that I already have! It did the same thing in fifa 13 when I had an England team I usually got English players in my packs! Is there a special reason for this?

  99. Hi Rodrigo
    Is it possible to buy Fifa Coins? I have come across many sites offering coins for sale, but I dont know if its legit..

  100. Hi,
    Are FIFA releasing the 100k packs this year caus it’s the last 10 days of Christmas and first 2 of jan and nothing??

  101. I don’t get what u mean by purchasing the available gold pack with the lowest price per rare player card

    1. Hi.
      Packs have different prices as you know. The rare cards are the ones where you can find good deals. So, the most important thing is to buy the packs with more rare cards by the lowest price.

  102. Why is it not happy hours now? It says the last ten days of December and first 2 of jan?

  103. Hi, i just got FIFA 14 for my Xbox 360 and is there any website or video that helps me with learning about Ultimate team and what quick sell and how packs and all tha work because it seems very confusing to me!
    Thanks a lot!

  104. Hi there

    I have a really stupid question but here goes! On my iPad I can’t find MY PACKS? Could you help me please thanks!

    By the way your websites been very helpful to me in the past so thanks man 🙂

    Best regards

  105. Hi Rodrigo, I bought the gold upgrade pack, and only have the silver upgrade pack in the specials section, will promos like Jumbo Rare Players still go to the specials section even if the silver upgrade pack is still there? Because I rarely see any promos

    1. Hi.
      Yes, the Jumbo Rare Players goes to gold section. But there will be other packs on special section too.
      Now with Xmas coming, EA Sports will release lots of special packs. Probably the 100k packs, too.

        1. GK: Hugo Lloris (12k
          RB: Micah Richards (2k)
          CBR: Vicent Kompany (38k)
          CBL: Younès Kaboul (3k)
          LB: Gaël Clichy (7k)
          RM: Jesus Navas (25k
          CMR: Santi Cazorla (17k)
          CML: Samir Nasri (5k)
          LM: Willian (25k)
          STR: Samuel Eto’o (40k)
          STL: Stevan Jovetic (14k)

          If you see that you need a more defensive midfielder, use Fellaini instead of Cazorla.

  106. Gerardo Suarez

    Hi, how are you? I bought new xbox one and for first 10 days I was being offered crazy promos, and happy hour packs all the time, new ones.

    Past few weeks I’ve gotten ZERO. I’ve been playing more, so not sure what’s up… is this the same for everyone else?

      1. hi so the special packs the one that cost 75 fifa points are ther rare gold players in there ore ony normal gold ?

  107. Hi Rodrigo,
    I have got 1 question. My friend said that he got a silver IF in a Gold Pack. Is it possible?

  108. Caro Rodrigo, parabéns pelo post.
    Você saberia informar qual a Happy Hours para os jogadores brasileiros?


    1. Olá. Obrigado. Este mesmo post sai dia 24 de novembro na nossa versão portuguesa.
      Como sabe as Happy Hours não têm data e hora marcada mas é muito normal ocorrerem durante todos os fins de semana e terça-feiras entre a 1 e 2 horas da tarde de Brasília.

  109. Am wondering.. How come when opening premium gold pack.. We get silver card in it?!!
    Is this normal… Or what they call it.. A glitch.
    Best regards

    1. It’s not a glitch. It says mostly gold not all.

      In the end I could beat div 1 ultimate season with bronze mostly bronze team ENG 2 league. So making better team to beat what…???

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