How to Report a Cheater or a Player for Abuse in FIFA 21?

Do you want to report a Cheater or a Player for Abuse and Harassment in FIFA 21? You came to the right place. We explain here step by step how you can do it, so you and other players stay safe.


How to Report a Cheater or a Player for Abuse and Harassment in FIFA 21

Step by Step Guide

When you sign up for your EA Account, you agree to play by fair rules. These rules help keep FIFA fair and fun for everyone. If you face someone that doesn’t play by the rules, you can report him. You can also report abusive behaviours or contents that breaks EA rules. By these ones we mean something which is harmful, offensive, defamatory, obscene, harassing, threatening, hateful, degrading, intimidating or discriminatory in any way.

How to Report Someone
1. Click here;
2. Choose the game that you have a concern about (FIFA 21);
3. Choose the platform you’re playing on;
4. Choose ‘Report concerns or harassment’;
5. Select ‘Report player’;
6. Click ‘Select contact option’;
7. Enter your name and email address and describe your issue.

How to Report Club names and Squad names in FUT
1. Pause the match;
2. Open the Players List;
3. Select the player’s Online ID that you want to report;
4. Select ‘Report Offensive Content in FUT’;
5. Select ‘Report offensive Club name’.

How to Report Squad names and Avatar names in VOLTA
1. Pause the match;
2. Open the Players List;
3. Select the player’s Online ID that you want to report;
4. Select ‘Report Abuse’;
5. Choose what you’re reporting:
Report Squad Name
Report Avatar Name.

How to Report Club names and Avatar names in Pro Clubs
1. Pause the match;
2. Open the Players List;
3. Select the player’s Online ID that you want to report;
4. Select ‘Report Abuse’;
5. Select ‘Report offensive Avatar Name’.

How to Report on Your Console
If you found a cheater or a player who has sent you harassing messages in a chat on PlayStation or Xbox, you can report him directly to PlayStation and Xbox.

How to Report a Cheater or a Player for Abuse in FIFA 21?

Games are meant to be fun – they create a space where people can imagine, explore and connect without barriers. However, harassment is an unfortunate reality in the world today.

If you ever are harassed or feel threatened by a player when playing, discussing or interacting with FIFA, please report it. There are multiple ways to report harassment – in-game via your console, online to the specific site where the toxic behaviour happened (e.g. Twitter), or to the EA Help team at When reporting harassment, you’ll be asked a series of questions that will aid them in handling the issue. This will include the type of incident (real-life threat, player, website), a basic description of the incident, the platform it occurred, time and place and any other details you can provide (such as screenshots). There also have fields where players can report incidents at EA events or with EA partner programs, such as our Game Changers. For partner programs, in particular, EA expect anyone who works with or represents them to adhere to our standards and values. If incidents do occur, they will investigate and work with EA’s Trust and Safety team on appropriate actions, which could include expulsion from programs or permanent removal from all EA games and services.

Due to the sensitive nature of these inquiries, EA can’t always disclose information about their investigation or what actions they take on another player’s account due to privacy reasons. But rest assured that these reports are reviewed by real, human employees. EA take each one seriously and start a review within 24 hours of receiving each report. No matter where someone is from or what they look like, video games should be a safe place for people to have fun. There is no room for a cheater in FIFA 21.

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  1. please Ban SmalkXVII , as he uses a trainer cuz his squad were just Common gold but performance is beyond TOTS ,, so take action plz
    Platform PC – Origin

  2. jeremykcli on PC. Please ban him or do something with this guy, I’m begging you ea. This guy uses illegal programme called “legacy defending”. he played since 2017 but never banned pls ban him

  3. Ea sports currently right now I beat a guy named papi_giorgioo in division rivals he glitched my game and I can’t report him I can’t leave either or else I lose the match.So what he did was pause the game on minute 55 and he glitched the game after that on the top of my players name it said papi_giorgioo not mine which is XxHectorXx101.

  4. Been dedoosed or how ever it’s spelt last game I played was 3-3 about to make the break was past his CB and ball.was on the way he stopped moving then right before I shoot game freezes
    Takes a few min then kicks from game saying lost connection at first we will.see and determine the winner then it says not connected to ea servers
    Then check internet connection nothing re set up internet connection nothing turn off then back on modem and had it back it’s a weak move I wasn’t pumping him but could see he was butt hurt losing it was 3-0 his way first half I just pulled it back stayed in the game didn’t get to catch the username so can’t report it was the last opponent I played in fut div rivals if EA actually read these lol ? I got to agree with most I love this game been playing since 98 been trying to become pro player since 2014 with no luck match making is rigged div 8 players going up against div 4 players just because win loss record people play squad battles to practice and yes they will have a lot more.wins then losses the. You punish them players who actually enjoy the game and try to improve by putting them up again players four divisions higher because of win loss record is should be div 8 vs div 8-7 when your about to hit div 7 love this game but last two to three years it’s gone down hill and is now a pay to win game unfortunately

  5. Aaron Shickell

    PS4: Atlantic_zWidder is cheating on mangerial masterpiece he’s using a 79 rated squad which isn’t right, unfair advantage

  6. I lostconnor on Xbox is transferring coins.They have transferred over 1 million and is continuing to do it.Please transfer ban then it is very unfair.

  7. cataLino_Golden ps4, fifa 21 is cheating in fifa 21 online&cheating in fifa 21 division edited players…. This man don t know fifa i know him…. And speak agresive, is a medium player in fifa but cheating… Please do something

  8. Siempre que estoy jugando se traba y siempre que voy ganando y me manda al inicio que onda con eso este fifa21 esta mas chafa que el pess

  9. DonLeandro1809

    VINCENT-VEGA-FUT is cheating in Coop. Plays with Soccer Aid and Changes my Tactics.

  10. I just reported a guy via Origin, it was obvious he was using some FIFA trainer, his players skill were boosted like he was minimum 95 ovr squad but he was barely over 82, and of course he played on legacy defending just to exploit mindless press… No point in playing these kind of matches…

  11. Ps4 Unchida_Madarrra is cheating in FUT, played against him and all his players where like overal rating 99.
    I had much better players but and fast players and his players where faster, stronger etc.
    It was with squad battles online.

  12. Mihael Grudic

    Ban: janbobi he transfered fifa coins from his mini account to his main account. He do this every week and he insults me.

  13. Derrynameel FC, just played him/her on xbox and all my players were doing their own thing and running the ball out of play without me telling them to.

  14. Clifton Brown

    Iesss_hussain is quitting when ahead on FIFA21 Ultimate Teams , FUT Champions . If this was Seasons I would get a 3-0 Win but on Ultimate Team you allow cheats to benefit . You need to punish these people or you’re going to lose lots of fair players ! It’s wrong !

  15. Ps4: Zjannes_
    He has transferred more than 700k coins from his sbc accounts to his main account. Please ban him.

  16. It has happens many times while I was playing the season my formation gets change during the game and my defence depth goes to the middle of the pitch. I keep changing it and it goes back didn’t know what to do if anyone knows please help. The last player who this happened with was JB_Bizzle11

  17. Stefan_Aleks_99 on Playstation 4 in Fifa 21 Id cheting with sbc Account and is Transfering coins on His Main Account his secont Account Name is Aleks_M04

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