16 Days of FIFA Short Guide

The Best FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Squads


16 Days of FIFA. Is this familiar to you ? If this is something new to you, don’t miss this short guide. We will explain what is the biggest social giveaway of the year..


16 Days of FIFA Program


Copies of FIFA 16

Sergio Aguero Package
(Signed shirt + Signed FUT Item + In-Game Item)

Spurs Package
(Signed shirt + Kane Signed Ball + FUT Squad)

Chelsea Package
(Signed shirt + Fàbregas Signed Ball + FUT Squad)

BPL Package
(Signed Liverpool, West Ham, Leicester City, Watford shirt)

Second BPL Package
(Signed Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Manchester United, Swansea shirt)

Gary Neville Package
(Signed boot + Signed FUT Item + In-Game Legend Item)

Third BPL Package
(Signed Leicester City, Everton, Southampton, Sunderland shirt)

Ryan Giggs Package
(Signed boot + Signed FUT Item + In-Game Legend Item)

Reus Package
(Signed shirt + BVB FUT Squad)

FC Barcelona Package
(6 Signed shirts + 6 Signed FUT Items)

Arsenal & Manchester City Packs
(Siged shirts + FUT Items)

Real Madrid Package
(Signed shirt + FUT Squad)

Pelé Legend Item
(XBox only)

Two free Mega Packs

XBox One console and FIFA 16


16 Days of FIFA Short Guide


Q: What is ’16 Days of FIFA’ ?
A: It is an event that EA organizes to celebrate the holiday season.

Q: When will take place ’16 Days of FIFA’ ?
A: Probably 16 days before Christmas. In other words, it will starts on December 10 and runs until December 25.

Q: When was ’15 Days of FIFA’ ?
A: 11-25 December.

Q: Which are the highlights of ’16 Days of FIFA’ ?
A: This event is announced as the biggest social giveaway of the year. In other words, EA Sports will be giving away new prizes everyday to their social networks followers.

Q: What exactly are the prizes ?
A: You can check the program in the top of this page. During the event, EA Sports FIFA will be offering FIFA 16 copies, signed jerseys and more merchandising.

Q: How can I be eligible for these prizes ?
A: You need to follow at least one of the three EA Sports FIFA social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and reply to their posts.

Q: Are these prizes available for all platforms ?
A: Yes.

Q: ’16 Days of FIFA’ is something about the first days after its release. Right ?
A: Wrong. You are talking about another thing, ‘The first 16 Days of FIFA 16’ that you can find here. There is a great infographic about it here.

Q: What will happen to the market because of ’16 Days of FIFA’ ?
A: Nothing. The market can be affected by other events, like FUTMas, but ’16 Days of FIFA’ has no effect over it.


Good Holidays !


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