Celebrate 5 years of FIFA Ultimate Team with 5 free Packs

Celebrate 5 years of FIFA Ultimate Team with 5 free Packs


It is the fifth birthday of the most popular FIFA game mode. Celebrate 5 years of FIFA Ultimate Team with 5 free untradeable rare gold packs and find out more about the history of FUT.


Celebrate 5 years of FIFA Ultimate Team


The first day of FIFA Ultimate Team was on March 19th, 2009. When FUT was first introduced in FIFA 09, it started with just over 1 million paid users, known as founders. Today, more than 21 million gamers have played a match of FIFA Ultimate Team. If you want to know a bit more about the history of the most popular FIFA game mode, check the following infographic.

Celebrate 5 years of FIFA Ultimate Team with 5 free Packs

Get 5 Free Rare Gold Packs


To celebrate FUT’s fifth birthday, FIFA Ultimate Team will be holding special events throughout the week.

The first thing you should do is to go to your console’s or PC UT and open the 5 untradeable Gold Rare packs that are waiting for you until March 24th. Each pack has 12 rare cards that you can not sell and which discard price is 0 (like the welcome pack when you started playing FUT 14). These packs are available for everyone except for mobile players. Don’t look for them on your FUT Web App or Companion App. They will not be there. Only on your PC or console.

You can also expect several Happy Hours during the week and more surprises. Since the TOTW of this week has top players, like Messi, David Silva and Buffon (click HERE to check it), we may expect a drop in the cards’ prices.

Until March 20th 6pm, the 15k packs are available with a 10k coin-only discount. Take the chance to get up to five of these packs only by 5k each. Don’t forget also to open your Ultimate Team everyday until March 24th. There is a daily gify waiting for you.

Share with us which card you got. And good luck!


237 thoughts on “Celebrate 5 years of FIFA Ultimate Team with 5 free Packs”

  1. Not really related but on the iOS game I completed the have a team 85+ rating with 100 chemistry mission and got three gold player packs. I got 87 modric and I want to sell him but it won’t let me, why is this?

  2. Karl chirnside

    A cannit believe there untradeable i got 88 hazzard 88suarez if buffon if defoe and i also recieved aguero twice and also recieved david silva

  3. I still cannot believe my PS3 froze when i got SIF Messi!!! I was in the pack for so long – screaming in my living room! The worst part was that my cheeky little bro deleted the picture of him in the pack

  4. Jamie McCartney

    I got IF messi IF David silva and Ronaldo but there untradible so the worst but best luck ever

    1. And I still haven’t got it on my ps3 .do you think it is a bug because I got it in my Xbox onapril9 which is too late

  5. wtf i got David Villa and a few other decent players in two free gold packs and i can’t select them to play!


    Thanks for releasing the two free packs today as my brother has previously had very bad pack luck and wouldn’t stop moaning till today when he got SIF Reus and he fits well into his team which he is extremely happy about so I guess thank you for shutting him up eventually 😀

  7. Ben mitcheson

    I got yaya toure but can’t sell him which is annoying just want to sell him but at the moment building a bpl squad round him so not bad really hoping for more Aguero or David silva or van persie someone like that next time

  8. Why did i get free packs today as well? Same ones, gold 12 untradeable, 2 this time though not 5 or 10? Im confused

    1. Himanshu khatri

      For all the Cu how have faced the issue in Ultimate Team where users do not receive results while searching the Transfer Market EA as a good will gesture gifted 2 free untradeable Gold Rare 25K packs – now available to all FUTers who created an account before April 1st.

      Please login to the FUT Store on your console/mobile/PC game or the mobile companion app (not the Web App) to claim the free packs. Be sure to claim them before Friday April 11th at 11:59pm UK (3:59pm PT) or they will no longer be available.

  9. I got 15 packs on ps4 and my friend on XBOX got 10 and all other get free????? And would i be able to sell the players??

  10. Why are they only adding the free packs to some. Ios accounts, cuz I couldn’t get any.

    1. Hi.
      When something big happen, like TOTY release, the market is back to “normal” in 1.5 to 2 weeks. It depends of many factors. If EA doesn’t release any more very special happy hour, market should be back to normal again in a week. But as usually, the “normal” prices should be slightly lower than before the 5 years of FUT.

  11. hey pal, I was just wondering if you get the 5 free promo pack on ps3 as my mate did not receive them. if so how could he get them xxx

  12. I got at least 2 team fitness cards but they never show when I want to assign them to a player. To be honest this always seems to be the case if I send a fitness card to my club…….

    1. One thing is a team fitness card. Other thing is a player fitness card. You probably got team fitness card that can not be applied on a player. Pressing square (Playstation) on the active club menu you will go to the actions menu. There you can apply a team fitness card, which means that the fitness of all your players will be improved.

      1. Whenever I select the team fitness cards from the club menu on the xbox, it only gives me the options to list or sell – which you obviously can’t do. It’s the same with ones I’ve purchased in the past. I have to basically assign them straight away

  13. Hi,
    I usually never play FUT but when I heard about the free packs I created my team, I went in to the store and saw I had no packs to open, I turned my console off and then on again but nothing happened, I erased the team and made a new one like 2 times but nothing happened pls help me

    1. Peope use multiple accounts to get more welcome packs, daily gifts, etc… That’s why EA made those cards untradeable. Multiple accounts may also be used to expand the transfer list slots.

  14. I’ve spent probably over £100 on FIFA over the year and I’ve spent more on an account that I had before,but never I have I got any players close to what I got out the free packs, why is that.. Cos it’s a slap in the face when u play FIFA loads and always try getting decent players..then just get given amazing players with no value..why is that ???

  15. can you not just remove the free packs and then people can sell the players that they got

  16. Tyler Jackson

    All the people that got 10 packs aren’t lucky the people who got 5 are because in the 10 packs you get 12 items and 3 rares in the 5 you get 24 items and 17 rares I got IF Buffon and Yaya Touré in mine I play on Ps4 but I opened them in the app. If you’re on any console released before the Xbox Elite or Ps3 slim you would have got the 10 packs. If you have those consoles or any released after you get the five. Each one has it’s advantages the 5 is more players and more rares and the ten is more chances to get InForms

      1. Tyler Jackson

        Because all of my friends were saying how lucky they were getting 10 packs instead of 5 and I thought they were aswell but the 6 of my friends who said that 2 of them are on Xbox 360 and 4 on ps3 but one of my friends just got his new Xbox One and said he only got 5 packs. And all of them told me that they got 12 items in each and one of my friends brothers got a Ps3 slim and is selling his Xbox Elite and he got five packs on each. I don’t actually know 100% but it adds together perfectly when thinking about it

  17. Hi, do you know why I could open the packs on the companion app and the web app. And I only received 5 when most got 10

  18. there is a myth that you can sell the untradeable players after an amount of games, is this true?

  19. Hi. I didn´t get any packs. I went to my UT account. Game was saying There are 5 packs available for you, but there is nothing. I need some help.

      1. No. There is nothing like that. At the main page at the start of the game there is a picture saying You got five packs on your UT, but only thing i can see with the number 5 is 25 k packs.

    1. Hi.
      Try to do the following: go to ‘My Club’ – ‘Players’ and go to the very end of that list. They should be after the bronze players, because that list is sorted by quick sell values.

  20. zack herbison

    have two accounts one is running out of membership and other is renewed got neymar in my free packs and was wondering could i swap him to my other account is this possible as he is untradeable?

  21. I opened my 5 packs the other day on xbox one, but can’t find the players anywhere when I go on now?

    1. Try to do the following: go to ‘My Club’ – ‘Players’ and go to the very end of that list. They should be after the bronze players, because that list is sorted by quick sell values.

  22. We should be able to sell these free players, got IF Gerrard,Iniesta,Rooney,Ramos,C & Gundogan sitting in my club, fucked us over again, rather have nothing, for fuck sake EA!

  23. The only useful card I got in my 5 Free Packs was Vidic. I did get Dante, Song, Ramires, but already had them so had to junk them for a whopping Zero coins. Oh well.

  24. I already opened my packs , got an gerard iF but i cant find him on my squaq what happen?

  25. I got Ibra!!!!! in the free packs. wanted to sell him to buy upgraded Suarez and Hazard

  26. Got humbles, isco and so many contracts!!!! (not that thats such a bad thing) also got a couple of players i already have so now i can sell those players and make a bit of money by selling them (good advice trust me). Also 8k bonuses in the packs was a nice surprise

  27. hey rodrigo!
    i have a lot of players to sell! should i wait one week or sell an soon an possible?
    i think waiting is better, isn’t it?

    1. Depends if you want to buy other cards or not. If you don’t want him for your team you have two options:
      1) Sell him now and use the coins you got to buy other player by a good price;
      2) Sell him in 1 to 2 weeks by 30% more but the other cards will be more expensive too.

  28. Brandon qayum

    I got Inform schweinstager which I am very happy with, will I never be able to sell him

  29. Can you ever sell these players or are they just stuck in your club with a no cost quick sell?

  30. Hi I got motm Rvp Suarez and aguero would I be able to put them on the same account

  31. I have heard rumours you can sell these ‘untradeable’ cards after ten matches-is this true? And if so, do you have to play the player for ten matches or does he automatically become traceable after you have played ten more matches? Thanks!

  32. Apparently after 10 games you can sell the players what you get in the 5 free packs is that true

  33. Kyle fielding

    Hello rodrigo,after 10 games can you sell the pleaders you get in the free packs

  34. Jamie goulding.

    I got larsenn legand card. Two informs. I got aguero. I got sergio ramos. I got hart.

  35. Hey ! I play Fifa Ultimate team on ps3 and on pc – yesterday i logged in with my pc and i received 10 packs… dont know why – but do i get also 5 packs on my ps3 account ? or is it like 5 packs per account so i get 10 packs in total on my pc ?

  36. I got 10 packs but whe I opened my first it disconnected me from ultimate team…when I came back I only had 5?Please help

  37. Its so annoying i got David luis and upgraded benteke and if defoe good packs but there untradable

  38. i havent been given any packs is it because i havent been playing for a while or is it a bug?

  39. Hello Rodrigo,

    I have a question. You said that players will receive a free gift everyday if they open fut until 24th March. Does it require the web app?

    1. It’s like the Welcome pack.
      Ea is giving you packs but they know that you will not be able to use all the players without building new teams and spending more coins and FIFA Points on it.

  40. Can’t do anything with these free player if you can’t sell them. Thanks ea. rather have a free bag of water

  41. i am on ps3 but i don’t have a controller so i went on web app and i don’t
    have any packs :/

  42. Hello Rodrigo,

    I am a PC player and use a very old model, so my computer always says that ‘your screen does not have high enough resolution’ when I enter the store. And as I can’t get my packs on the Web App, how can I redeem my packs?


      1. I tinkered repeatedly with the settings and finally got into the store. Unfortunately, my players weren’t that good. Only players above 83 were Vidic, Nasri, Khedira, and Kroos.

  43. Hi,

    Yesterday I got 10 packs and it was on mobile iPhone app… Found Pique, Santi Cazorla, De Rossi, Alaba, Demichelis and some others not worth mentioning.

    Guess I’m just lucky to have 10 packs and on mobile app 🙂

  44. Hello, I´m playing on pc and i haven´t recieved any free pack. What should I do?

    1. oh, i guess i solved it, but it´s wierd, because i´ve got them on a phone app

  45. rito kinsuken

    Hi, i opened the 5k packs….the best player i got was kompany.
    Should i sell him now or wait for a day or two?

    1. Depends if you want to buy other cards or not. If you don’t want him for your team you have two options:
      1) Sell him now and use that coins to buy other player by a good price;
      2) Sell him in 1 to 2 weeks by 30% more but the other cards will be more expensive too.

  46. i just have one question, i got teves and santi in pack and i can sell them but they go for like 8 k should i wait like 1 week and they mby will go for like 15 k again

  47. hallo, my problem is that i cant sell my players that i got in free packs.
    i got defoe and tadic inform but they are usseles to me….
    plss can u guys fix it and let us sell the players bro

  48. will i be able to sell the players out of the 5th birthday packs ????? (the fre ones) 🙂

  49. I got inform silva, godin, kompany and some borussia dortmund player called blasekowsky, he is a RM.

  50. Kim Rasmussen


    My friend who plays on Xbox 360 got 10 free packs. Is this a bug? I only got 5 on PS4 🙂

  51. Tabeesh Fatiya

    Got fabregas , muller , kolarov , if defoe and balotelli

    But they’re untradable :/

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