59th Minute Method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


With the famous 59th minute method, you can get real bargains.

Great players can be yours for a price well below the market. Stay with them to your squad or sell them and convert them into coins.

What is the 59th Minute Method


In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team there are, at the same time, hundreds of thousands of items for sale. In general, market laws work perfectly and the demand curve crosses the supply curve in a point that sets the price of the item.

However, in a small minority of cases, the seller sets a price much lower than normal. If in these auctions the “Buy Now” is triggered, then it is created a good business opportunity. Just find out these cards and make the purchase before someone anticipate. The problem is that everyone will want to buy bargains and, to get them, you will have to be very quick and clever.

By default, the duration of any item that is auctioned is one hour. This means that the last cards to be put into circulation can be found on the 59th minute of bids’ list. If you update several times this page, you can find the cards on sale and buy them.


Why there are Cards with Prices so Low?


Who puts items on sale at prices far below what buyers are willing to pay for them, do it through ignorance of the market or simply by mistake.

For some this may seem unlikely to happen but not quite. Did you know that there are silver cards that worth more than half a million coins ? Apparently you could also get rid of a card that others would consider a bargain. And, thanks to the supersonic speed at which we put the items for sale, who never made a mistake in give them a wrong price?

The disgrace of some is the lucky of others…


59th Minute IF Messi


The 3-Step 59th Minute Method


Here are the steps to apply the 59th Minute Method:

  • Step Number One – Study the Market

To recognize the bargains, you will need to know the market very well. Try to specialize in specific niches so that you can be very fast when opportunities appear. And do not forget that the market is volatile. This first step must be repeated periodically.

  • Step Number Two – Find the Opportunity

If you already know the prices usually charged by certain cards, then it is time to apply the corresponding filters and head to 59th minute of the auction. Remember to refresh the page in order to have access to newly released sales (you should go to the next /previous page and return to the desired).

  • Step Number Three – Buy and Sell

Once you find cards with a BIN (Buy It Now) well below the market price, take advantage and anticipate up to competition. After purchasing the card, sell it and convert the added value in coins.


59th Minute Method Exemplified


To help the understand of how to earn FIFA Ultimate Team Coins thanks to the 59th Minute Method, we will demonstrate it with an example.
The image above illustrates the last two steps that must be followed to implement this method.

In this example, we started by searching for players using some filters. We restrict the search to a market where we feel comfortable: Maicon. Do not forget to enable the filter BIN (Buy It Now), preferably with the smallest possible value.

As soon as you find a bargain, like Maicon by 500 FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coins, do not waste it. The wait can be long but once you have more practice, you will begin to find opportunities faster. Applying the method in this case could be worth a minimum of 100,000 coins, representing the difference between the purchase price and sale, after discounting the 5% tax that EA charges on all transactions.

59th Minute Exemplified

Optimize the 59th Minute Method


Most of the players who bet on 59th Minute Method believe that this is the only way to build a good squad. They spend some time trying to make a small fortune and most of them just give up. It takes too much time and patience.

If you want to take advantage of the time spent to apply the method, always follow the three golden rules: filter with intelligence, be original and use the variants.


Filter Intelligently with the 59th Minute Method

One of the recommendations that we do is to not search for all FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players on page of 59 minutes and 50 seconds. Firstly, because the way to get to this page is too long and you will probably quit. Secondly, because the information you will need to examine is so extensive that is almost impossible for you to know the real market price of all cards.

To make use of filters intelligently is halfway to success. Here is what is important to do:

  • Define a market sample that you know well

Choose a single nationality, a single league or even a single player. If you know well the market into the filtered sample, you easily identify the targets to buy and quicker you will be in this procedure. However, you should be aware that if the filter is too restrictive, then the speed will not be important because you will never see any interesting card. The trick is to create a balanced filter for a market which you are expert and constantly update the page closer to 59 minutes and 59 seconds. To reach this page, there are those who use special software such as auto-click. A more effective option but least honest is the use of specific software such as Cheat Engine.

  • Do not search the same thing as others

Needless to say that is a bad strategy to make a filter only for a regular Messi card. There are many gamers looking for the highest possible profit. So, there are many people making filters for Messi cards. Try something different. Try filter something you have real chance to get.

  • Pay attention to the number of cards that circulate in the market

The odds of doing business are higher if the chosen filter covers cards that trade a lot in the market. Is better to bet, for example, on regular player’s cards like Torres, Fabregas and Tevez, wich reaches over 1,000 transactions per day, than do it with Lampard and Pique, who usually do not exceed 400 cards exchanged.

  • Pay attention to the value of the cards filtered

Naturally, applying the 59th Minute Method to cards that worth 1,000 or 2,000 coins is very unrewarding. Who loses so much time expect a consistent reward. When you apply the filter, you must be careful to select cards with some monetary expression. Finding a Thiago Silva at half price is not quite the same thing as finding a Mario Gomez at half price…


FUT 13 Filters
Knowing how to use the filters is half way to success


Be Original with 59th Minute Method

In a market full of buyers hungry for doing good business, it is not enough to be very quick to be well succeed in the 59th Minute Method. You must predict how most of the gamers think and get alternatives. Basically, dribbling competition.

Try to bet, for example, in filters of less known leagues. If you have success, maintain and keep secret. Otherwise, keep trying to innovate.

Unless you consider yourself someone caressed by good luck, do not try to filter by players who are currently highlighted in the real world. These players are those who have more searches. Remember that people who play FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, love football too.

Leaving aside your emotions is another requirement to increase your chances of success with the 59th Minute Method. Forget your preferences for players and clubs. By doing so, you will not only increase the sample size, as you will be away from most of the trends.

One of the most important tips is about the type of card. The overwhelming majority of users search for high profits. They are restricted to players. However, the number of people that discard items of another type at sale price is huge.

Try searching for stadiums, contracts or staff newly launched and you will realize that it is not difficult to find them at prices much lower. Besides the existence of less competition, making it easier you can actually buy, going to the page of 59 minutes is a lot less painful. It is obvious that the profit margins are smaller, but is better to buy 10 items with 1,000 profit each, than one with 5,000 coins margin.


Use Variants to the 59th Minute Method

Much of the success of the 59th Minute Method has to do with the fact that the default duration for an auction is one hour. But we can change that.

FIFA U Team estimate that more than two thirds of the players change this period to 3, 6, 12, 24 or 72 hours. This means that if you belong to the group that strictly follow the 59th Minute Method, you are losing a large part of deals. Instead of looking at the page of 59 minutes, try doing it with the pages that precede the other durations auction. Although the number of items sold at bargain price is lower, you will have much less competition. And it will be even lower because there are few who can navigate pages so far. It is here that you must re-apply the filter and the originality rules and beat your opponents.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the 59th Minute Method


It is easy to understand the advantages of applying this method. With it we can buy bargains, which otherwise would not be possible. If we are very persistent, we can even make a great team spending too little. Basically, we go to the right place to wait for bad luck or ignorance of some.

The main disadvantage of this method is that it requires lots of time. Firstly, we must get to 59th minute page, which sometimes it may seems like an eternity. There arrived, we have to invest much time to examine all the cards that have just been launched on the market. We can spend hours without getting a single good buy.

If you are considering trying this method, we warn you that you must have much time available and be extremely patient, especially in cases where you loose a good deal by mere seconds.

This method also requires something essential: a deep knowledge of the market. If you do not know the normal price of a card, how could you quickly identify if the item price recently released is a good opportunity or not? If you are familiar with the reference values ​​of the cards then you can avoid the hesitation at time of purchase often responsible for losing the deal. Not know the fair price of a card may result in bad purchases and consequent losses.


In some cases, the profit can be extremely high.

Requires a very deep knowledge of the market and of the game rules.
Requires lots of time to get to 59th minute page and to research the cards.
The pressure to act quickly can take to mistakes.


Should I use the 59th Minute Method ?


Among all the methods to make good deals on FIFA Ultimate Team, this is probably the most popular. The reason is simple: the profits can be extraordinary.

In general, we believe that there are other methods more balanced towards the fortune. The 59th Minute Method is especially recommended for those who have too much free time and want to monetize it.


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