Celebrate 6 years of FIFA Ultimate Team with 6 Free Packs

Celebrate 6 years of FIFA Ultimate Team with 6 Free Packs


It is the sixth birthday of the most popular FIFA game mode. Celebrate 6 years of FIFA Ultimate Team with 6 free packs and find out this week’s special FUT 15 events.


Celebrate 6 years of FIFA Ultimate Team with 6 Free Packs


To celebrate FUT’s sixth birthday, FIFA Ultimate Team will be holding special events throughout the week.
Let’s see which ones…


Free Packs


Everyone loves free packs. And EA know it. As a thank you for your support, they are giving away free packs to all FUT 15 players.

Between March 23 (Monday) and March 29 (Sunday), you will get a untradeable Gold Rare pack in your account, one per each day. You just need to go to your PC or console and open your FUT store. Remember to claim yours each day because they don’t carry over. You can not sell them and the discard price is 0. These packs should be available for everyone except for mobile players. A new free pack is announced every day at 6pm (UK time).

Don’t forget to share with us in the comments section what you pull from these free packs.


    Free Packs

    March 23 – 35k Mega Pack
    March 24 – 25k Pack
    March 25 – 15k Pack
    March 26 – 25k Pack
    March 27 – 25k Pack
    March 28 – 50k Pack


FUT Birthday Cup

Celebrate 6 years of FIFA Ultimate Team with 6 Free Packs


Community was asking why since March 18th, EA did not released a new tournament. Now, they know. To celebrate the sixth FUT anniversary, EA released the tournament of the year. The main rewards are not as good as the ones of St Patricks, but there are something more.

The FUT Birthday Cup starts at March 23 6pm (UK time) and ends exactly six days later at March 29. The only requirement to play is to use a five star rating team with full chemistry. If you win the online tournament, you get 15.000 coins. In the first win you also get a 50k Rare Players pack (12 rare players). If you win the single player version, in World Class difficulty level, the 15k reward is replaced by a 7k reward.

But, as we previously said, there are something special in this tournament: play at least one match in the FUT Birthday Cup for a chance to win rare tradable In-Forms from previous Team of Weeks. And we are not talking about common IF cards. As you can see above, the cards that will be assigned are from top-players. Each one of the six days, 1,000 gamers will get one of these amazing cards. Winners will be chosen at later date, so you will need to be patient. Once again, mobile gamers are not eligible to this giveaway.

You can know more about FIFA 15 Ultimate Team tournaments here.


Cristiano Ronaldo 99 TOTY
Lionel Messi 98 TOTY
Lionel Messi 96 TOTW
Arjen Robben 96 TOTY
Manuel Neuer 96 TOTY
Lionel Messi 95 Record Breaker
Philipp Lahm 95 TOTY
Cristiano Ronaldo 95 MOTM
Andrés Iniesta 95 TOTY
Pelé 95 Legend (XB only)
Lionel Messi 94 TOTW
Ángel Di María 94 TOTY
Sergio Ramos García 94 TOTY
Cristiano Ronaldo 94 TOTW
Arjen Robben 93 TOTW
Cristiano Ronaldo 93 TOTW
Toni Kroos 93 TOTY
Thiago  Silva 93 TOTY
Lionel Messi 93 Rare
Arjen Robben 92 TOTW
Cristiano Ronaldo 92 Rare
Zlatan Ibrahimović 91 TOTW
David Luiz 89 TOTY
Sergio Ramos García 88 MOTM
Philipp Lahm 88 TOTW
Thiago Emiliano da Silva 88 MOTM
Carlos Tévez 88 MOTM
Jérôme Boateng 87 MOTM
Arturo Vidal 86 TOTW
Mehdi Benatia 85 TOTW
Giorgio Chiellini 85 TOTW
Shinji Kagawa 84 TOTW
João Miranda de Souza Filho 84 TOTW
Łukasz Piszczek 83 TOTW
Ronaldo Aparecido Rodrigues 83 TOTW
Daniel Carvajals 81 TOTW
Leonardo Bonucci 80 TOTW


Daily Happy Hours


As usual in these special occasions, new pack offers will be available every day. Starting at March 23 and until Sunday, a new Happy Hour will be released at 6pm (UK time).

EA Sports has not announced which Happy Hours they will release, but it is easy to guess that they will release the most common ones: 15k, 25k and 35k during the week days and eventually 50k or / and 100k packs during the weekend. With all these offers, we may expect a drop in the cards’ prices this week.

You can know more about FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Happy Hours here


Good luck!


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  1. “when will the 6000 card giveaway winners be announced and how?

    EA’s way, what can I say…. What’s with that? Rodrigo do you have some informations about specific cards?

  2. HI, I won the online tournament and I did not receive neither the coins OR the pack, do you know why?

  3. A question completely unrelated to this article.
    Is it possible for me to carryover my FUT15 progress from xbox360 to ps4?
    Or FUT15 to FUT16 (when fifa 16 releases) from xbox360 to ps4?

  4. Well I’ve been wondering if I am the only unlucky in here..I won only an IF benteke and an (86ovr) Diego Costa in the free packs plus I won both the offline and online tournaments on my first tries..I expected to win better players not all these garbage..Is this happening only to me?????

      1. Also,when the winners will be announced and where can i see them(the winners)?Since i won the online tournament do you know if i have more chances to win?

  5. I packed an IF Pique, somehow lost it, submitted a claim, to which EA resolved as “Inconclusive”. It may have been a fluke, but I checked the transfer market and didn’t find a single IF Pique. Oh well, back to getting smoked on World Class…

  6. do you know if you can play either the online or offline tournament to enter the draw? or should it be the online one?

  7. Why the Fu€k EA is so shi#??? Why transfer market is down on fifa 15 mobile version, why the fučķ there no free packs on android or iOs and wtf is price range???!! What have you done, EA????!!!!!

  8. Did not get any packs on my iOS web app. In fact I only have premier cup tournament. Which I don’t see listed as a new featured tournament for FUT 15. Guess I gotta get the console version to enjoy this then

  9. I won the online birthday cup last night and didn’t receive the pack or coins. I gave it a day hoping it just needed time, but still nothing. Is there anyway to resolve this?

  10. Pulled a Robbin! Great for my bundles team.
    Also an if of Melano
    Had another pack so I sent all cards to club.
    Now they aren’t there. No Robbin, no if melano
    Super bummed. Seems the only cards that did end up in club were consumables.
    Bummed now. What a tease. Will they show up later in my club?

  11. Got Benzema, Chiellini, and TOTW Carrick, Mandanda.
    From the free packs and online tournament pack.

    I hope TOTW 28 has better BPL players.

  12. hey! it says people can win an inform card or motm or toty…. If you play a season match can you also win the players there or only in the tournament?

  13. Hi Rodrigo. I was wondering, what time does your pack come out every day? I thought it was Noon but I was just making sure

  14. GiganticTurtle33

    Is there any chance of motm yayas price range to go down soon on Xbox? Thanks for your help

  15. I won FUT Birthday Cup and i didnt get coins and 50k pack ! ( i won without penalties.. )

  16. To win If card should i play online or offline tournament? and if i play one a day is that increase my chances to be awarded?

    1. We think it has to be the online tournament, but we are not sure about it.
      If you play only one day, you will be eligible only for 1000 cards. If you play once a day until Sunday, you will be eligible for 6000 cards.

  17. I think its really unfair that EA continue to discriminate against mobile users… Massively restricted game, no free packs, no transfer market, no Birthday cup, no online mode on Android… the list goes on and on and on… Yet in true Capitalist fashion, they are quite happy to screw mobile players over for every penny they can get.

  18. Dear Rodrigo, I’m not sure if you have been made aware of this but FIFA 15 for ios and android have had their transfer marker removed by EA since Friday. It’s now been over 3 days with no market and we also not getting any 6 year celebration packs or anything. Could you use your contacts and maybe let us know what’s going on? There are thousands of FIFA 15 Mobile players and they are not telling us anything. Thank You

    1. Yes, we know about that.
      As always, EA is disrespecting the community. Transfer market is down in mobile and they don’t say a word about it.
      As we have published here, the 6 years celebration is not extended to FIFA 15 mobile.

    2. thousands of players?? there’s over 10,000,000 downloads on Android alone

  19. Steven williams

    I just won the birthday cup and didnt recieve my coins or my pack._can u sort this out please.

  20. UMM yea

    packed a cr7 in the 15k packs on the companion app and it auto sold the whole pack as soon as it went to the screen to put packs in club or sell wtf is with that cost me 7mil

    1. lots other players on twitter have been reporting the same issue with top stars – they were advising players to contact their customer service regarding reimbursement…

  21. Can you play the offline and online tournament more than once to get more packs?

  22. I’m at boarding school till Friday and won’t have access to my console. Will all of the free packs be kept in my store

  23. will we be able to store our free packs and packs we win in the tournaments and open it during the tots time?

  24. if we keep a free pack until the next day, will we still recieve a free pack that day?

      1. glad to know, I was going to save mine for the new totw but I didn’t want to risk losing it

  25. Thiago Alberto

    Rodrigo, where is the update the Portuguese version of your website? it’s a shame because many people like to have this information and your opinion of this EA more action.

    Best regards.

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