FIFA 14 Tips: How to Build an Effective Attack in FIFA 14

FIFA 14 Tips: How to Build an Effective Attack in FIFA 14


You can find here some FIFA 14 tips about how to build an effective attack that allow you to create more goal scoring opportunities.


FIFA 14 Tips: How to Build an Effective Attack in FIFA 14


It can be very difficult creating goal scoring opportunities, but with a bit of practice and patience, you will soon see results. Take the time to look at the space available to attackers and plan passes accordingly. Passing to a player who is surrounded by defenders will more often than not result in a loss of possession. If a striker is in trouble, playing the ball is a quick way to relieve pressure and can sometimes result in an opportunity for a cheeky through ball.

Using LB on your XBox controller or L1 on your Playstation controller to modify player runs can be a great way to create chances, but make sure that the overlapping player is not running into an isolated area. If space is not opening up on the wings, switching the play across the pitch with X (xbox) or square (playstation) can pull defenders out of position and create chances. Looking through the team management screen for your best passers can benefit when it comes to the match, as you know which players will have the most success with both effective and ambitious passes.


How to Build an Effective Attack in FIFA 14


This week tips on The Boot Room, Darren Cross from Match Magazine shares in a video how to build an effective attack in FIFA 14.



This article is based on The Boot Room, an EA magazine.

We will publish more FIFA 14 tips that help you to improve your game play. Stay alert and good games!


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  1. Comment: I want to learn new attacking style. I am used to the 1-2 balls but it can be easily prevented by my opposition

  2. What Workrates make a player take runs when they see
    Free space or what kind of players , pace or what?
    Cuz i like bale on H2H but cant afford him on UT
    And i want a player similar to him but a bit cheaper. 🙂

  3. hi
    i play on xbox 360 and sometimes when im in a match my players will randomly do side steps with the ball but im not doing anything differant with my controller please can u help me

  4. Hi Rodrigo,
    Hope all is well with you.
    When I play online on my iPad, my opponent’s players always are much faster than mine though they have 99 fitness. Are they playing on ps/xbox or what?
    What’s going on? Any advice will help. Thanks.

    1. Thank you very much.
      You only play against people on the same platform (in this case iOS devices).
      Fitness and pace are different things. Always check before every match if your players have, at least, fitness 90. If not, give them a rest. You can also apply them fitness cards but we don’t recommend to spend coins on this.

  5. Hi Rodrigo, I play on Xbox 360. Yet I cannot flick the ball up for stunning finishers. Please help, because any old monkey can just run and kick it into the net 😐

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