Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


For all those players that plan to build an FUT 16 team based on the Barclays Premier League, we’ve conducted an extensive analysis on the best players.

Here is our guide to the top English league in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.


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Introduction to the FUT 16 Barclays Premier League Guide


Building a team is the biggest challenge in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. It doesn’t need to be the best team, this is because the budget may not allow it, but it needs to be the player’s stature for him to obtain success.

When choosing which players to play with, you will have to look carefully at their attributes. Choosing a team based on ratings is one of the most common mistakes on FUT 16. It’s precisely this aspect that this guide focuses on. For each position, and focusing on the truly important attributes, we’ll show you who are the best athletes to choose.

It’s also important that the player checks to see if the player he chooses fits the formations he likes to play in. For example, a good full back will be useless if the player only uses a formation with three defenders. According to these formations, the player must be cautious and look at the work rate. Try to relate them with the ones we advise in our Formations Guide.

Last but not least, it’s mandatory that you tune all of your team so that the individual and team chemistry will be as high possible. For this last step to be easier, the majority of the players start to define the type of team they’re building. Some choose to gather players of the same nationality, while others decide to form a team of players from the same league. There are also more experienced players that can form hybrid teams without damaging team chemistry a lot.

All of these steps are necessary to have; or it could mean that the team is not always well built as it could be. This article aims to help those that want to form a FIFA 16 Ultimate Team based on players from the Barclays Premier League. Even the players that have a BPL team, could take out some valuable conclusions from this guide that could help you make your team even better.

We received thousands of comments about similar guides that we have published in previous years. Most of them have asked us to help improve their teams and the players they had. It’s important that the readers understand that this guide is simply guidance. It’s a theme too vast and the player combinations are almost infinite. Besides, there are various factors that influence the choices, like one’s style of play, the formations used, the available budget, the preferences or even the time spent playing. There’s still one uncertain component: a good player for someone might not be for another. If there was a better team everyone would fight to get it. Part of the fun of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is this: everyone has their personal club and players.

Another important point and that must stay very clear is that whoever is reading this guide, it’s about some criteria we chose and should be of everyone’s knowledge:

  • Only Gold Players
    • In this guide we didn’t consider silver or bronze player. Most players don’t assume them to be a better option than gold players, so to simplify the guide’s analysis we didn’t include them. In the future we may come to publish guides exclusively talking about these categories.
  • Only Regular Players
    • In this guide we didn’t consider In Forms (IF). They’re extremely expensive and in most cases are not considered good value for money. They should only be used by players with generous budgets, that already have the best team possible and that want small upgrades.
  • Only Normal Players
    • In this guide we didn’t consider players that have been transferred to other clubs or that have been reviewed (UP). Only players that started their season in the Barclays Premier League and with their original attributes were considered.
  • Only Original Attributes
    • In this guide we didn’t consider changes made on a players performance such happens when applying training or chemistry styles cards.
  • Position analysis
    • To make the comprehension of this guide easier we divided the players in nine distinct groups in order of their original position: Goalkeeper (GK), central backs (CB), right backs (RB and RWB), left backs (LB and LWB), central defensive midfielders (CDM) central midfielders (CM and CAM), right midfielders (RM, RW and RF), left midfielders (LM, LW and LF) and forwards (CF and ST).
  • Prices at the date of publication of the guide
    • In the chapter where FIFA 16 Ultimate Team BPL teams are suggested, the prices considered are the ones of the date of the guide’s publication: October 2015. It’s natural that the prices have suffered some oscillations throughout the season, so we added a link where you can check the updated prices.



    Barclays Premier League


    No league is as spectacular as the main football competition in the United Kingdom. The champions in the second biggest league in the world are made through the made points system. Whichever team gathers the most points wins the league. The top four teams gain access to the champions league of the proceeding year, while the last three trade places with the first three promoted teams from the Football League Championship. Every season starts in August and finishes in May, having 38 game weeks with 10 matches each, being a total of 380 matches per season.

    The Barclays Premier League is the most watched football league in the world, broadcasted in 212 countries and in more than 600 million homes. It’s also the second football league with more assists and the second best league classified in the UEFA league coefficients.

    Since the competition began in 1992 the Premier League has only been conquered by 5 clubs. The dominant club is Manchester United, with a total of 13 titles. London’s teams together only won the league seven times while Manchester City won it twice and Blackburn Rovers once.

    As of last season, the BPL lost many good players such as Lukas Podolski (Galatasaray SK), Adama Traoré (FC Barcelona), Juan Cuadrado (Juventus), Didier Drogba (Montreal Impact), Filipe Luis (Atlético de Madrid), Iago Aspas (Celta de Vigo), Mario Baloteli (AC Milan), Steven Gerrard (LA Galaxy), Lazar Markovic and Robin Van Persie (Fenerbahce), Edin Dzeko (AS Roma), Frank Lampard (New York City FC), Stevan Jovetic (Inter), Javier Hernández (Bayer 04), Adnan Januzaj (Borussia Dortmund) and Roberto Soldado (Villarreal), they’re good examples of this. But, the biggest outgoing transfer was Di Maria’s move to PSG for £44 million pounds.

    These transfers didn’t necessarily make the league weaker. The English teams spent £870 million pounds on strong reinforcements, more £35 million than in the previous season. The most popular transfers were Pedro Rodriguez (Chelsea), Roberto Firmino (Liverpool), Kevin de Bruyne e Nicolas Otamendi (Manchester City), Alseksandar Mitrovic and Giorginio Wijnaldum (Newcastle United), Cédric Soares (Southampton), Shaqiri Xherdan (Stoke City), Heung-Min (Tottenham Spurs), Dimitri Payet (West Ham), Bastian Schweinsteiger e Sergio Romero (Manchester United). But the biggest signing of the season was made by Manchester United, with the purchase of Memphis Depay by the Red Devils for £25 million pounds.

    The team making decisions are made tougher, but in a good way because of the vast quality of players in the league. Keep in mind since it is in the United Kingdom where FUT 16 is played the most, the Barclays Premier League is the most seen inside game’s teams. This means it is also the most expensive league, so it is not recommended for players with a limited budget.

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

    Total Players: 623
    Gold Players: 300
    Average Rating (Global): 72

    Best New Cards:
    Kevin De Bruyne

    Highest Upgrades:
    Héctor Bellerín (13)
    Harry Toffolo (13)
    Dele Alli (12)

    Highest Downgrades:
    Robbie Brady (-6)
    Falcao (-5)
    Simon Mignolet (-4)



    Best FIFA 16 Barclays Premier League Goalkeepers


    Goalkeepers are the players that are used least on the field. Because of this they are also first ignored when building a team. Most players start their purchases with a forward, later they strengthen the midfield, the defence and only later the goal. The truth is a good goalkeeper may be worth a lot of goals. They are a good investment because they are normally the most economically accessible players.

    The goalkeepers with most prestige in the Barclays Premier League are the young stars Thibaut Courtois and David De Gea. With having the best rating they are also the most searched for by this league’s teams so this makes them more expensive.


    De Gea 86 Manchester Utd ESP
    Thibaut Courtois 86 Chelsea BEL
    Petr Čech 85 Arsenal CZ
    Hugo Lloris 84 Spurs FRA
    Joe Hart 83 Manchester City ENG
    Victor Valdés 82 Manchester Utd ESP
    Asmir Begović 82 Chelsea BOS
    Michel Vorm 80 Spurs NED
    Tim Howard 80 Everton USA
    Tim Krul 79 Newcastle Utd NED


    When choosing a good goalkeeper it’s not only down to his rating. There are two fundamental attributes for choosing a good goalkeeper: reflexes and diving.

    The first measures a goalkeeper’s agility when making a save. The best on this aspect are Hugo Lloris, De Gea and Courtois.


    De Gea 89 Manchester Utd ESP
    Thibaut Courtois 88 Chelsea BEL
    Hugo Lloris 88 Spurs FRA
    Joe Hart 86 Manchester City ENG
    Adrián 85 West Ham ESP
    Petr Čech 84 Arsenal CZ
    Asmir Begović 84 Chelsea BOS
    Michel Vorm 84 Spurs NED
    Tim Krul 84 Newcastle Utd NED
    Ben Foster 84 West Brom ENG


    Diving is a fundamental attribute when choosing a goalkeeper. It measures the capacity for a goalkeeper to make a save when jumping.

    De Gea is also the best one with this attribute, with a slight advantage over Lloris. For those who are looking for the cheaper solution, Joe Hart is a valid alternative.


    De Gea 88 Manchester Utd ESP
    Hugo Lloris 86 Spurs FRA
    Joe Hart 85 Manchester City ENG
    Thibaut Courtois 84 Chelsea BEL
    Petr Čech 83 Arsenal CZ
    Asmir Begović 83 Chelsea BOS
    Michel Vorm 83 Spurs NED
    David Ospina 83 Arsenal COL
    Victor Valdés 82 Manchester Utd ESP
    Tim Howard 82 Everton USA


    The most experienced Ultimate Team players know that another leaning factor on a goalkeeper’s performance without considering the remaining four attributes: height. The more tall a goalkeeper is, better his chances of having a clean sheet.

    This is where Courtois is better than De Gea. Even though he can’t be considered a short goalkeeper, the truth is United’s goalkeeper is 10 cm short of the mighty Costel Pantilimon, this gold goalkeeper holds the title of tallest Barclays Premier League Goalkeeper. Cech and Hart are both very tall goalkeepers.


    Costel Pantilimon 203 / 6′8″ Sunderland ROM
    Fraser Forster 201 / 6′7″ Southampton ENG
    Asmir Begović 200 / 6′7″ Chelsea BOS
    Thibaut Courtois 199 / 6′6″ Chelsea BEL
    Maarten Stekelenburg 197 / 6′6″ Southampton NED
    Joe Hart 196 / 6′5″ Manchester City ENG
    Petr Čech 196 / 6′5″ Arsenal CZ
    John Ruddy 193 / 6′4″ Norwich City ENG
    Simon Mignolet 193 / 6′4″ Liverpool BEL
    Alex McCarthy 193 / 6′4″ Crystal Palace ENG


    To start this guide: we have a tie!

    In our opinion, this position is in good hands (literally) whether you choose Thibaut Courtois or David De Gea. The two goalkeepers are similar stat-wise for the most important attributes. De Gea is better in the other less important attributes but Courtois is 6 cm taller. If we had to pick one, it would be De Gea who has superior reflexes and diving.

    In terms of cheaper goalkeepers, our suggestion is Asmir Begović. Only a few EPL goalkeepers have better reflexes and diving than him. Besides, he’s also the third tallest of them all, which should remove any doubt about his ability. For those who want an even cheaper option, Michel Vorm is also a good alternative.

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


    Best Players
    #1 David De Gea
    #2 Thibaut Courtois
    #3 Hugo Lloris
    #4 Joe Hart

    Economic Choice
    Asmir Begović


    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

    Best FUT 16 Barclays Premier League Goalkeeper



    Best FIFA 16 Barclays Premier League Centre Backs


    A goalkeepers task is made easier if in front of him are quality central backs. Their function is to stop the opponent from getting dangerously close to your team’s goal.

    John Terry and Vincent Kompany are the centre backs with best reputation in the Barclays Premier League.


    John Terry 85 Chelsea ENG
    Vincent Kompany 85 Manchester City BEL
    Nicolás Otamendi 84 Manchester City ARG
    Per Mertesacker 83 Arsenal GER
    Laurent Koscielny 83 Arsenal FRA
    Gary Cahill 83 Chelsea ENG
    Jan Vertonghen 82 Spurs BEL
    Martin Škrtel 81 Liverpool SVK
    Mamadou Sakho 81 Liverpool FRA
    Marcos Rojo 81 Manchester Utd ARG
    Phil Jagielka 81 Everton ENG
    Martín Demichelis 81 Manchester City ARG
    José Fonte 81 Southampton POR
    Toby Alderweireld 81 Spurs BEL
    Ashley Williams 80 Swansea City WAL


    On a centre back, two attributes assume particular importance on their performance: defending and physical, which represents strength, stamina, aggression and jumping.

    A player with good at defending will have an easier chance of dispossessing the opponent and avoid him reaching your box.

    It’s the case of the two best rated players, Kompany and and Terry, and also Mertesacker. It’s really hard to get past them. The most experienced players are normally those who have a higher rating with this attribute..


    Per Mertesacker 88 Arsenal GER
    John Terry 87 Chelsea ENG
    Vincent Kompany 86 Manchester City BEL
    Nicolás Otamendi 86 Manchester City ARG
    Gary Cahill 86 Chelsea ENG
    Laurent Koscielny 84 Arsenal FRA
    José Fonte 84 Southampton POR
    Jan Vertonghen 83 Spurs BEL
    Phil Jagielka 83 Everton ENG
    Martín Demichelis 83 Manchester City ARG
    Toby Alderweireld 83 Spurs BEL
    Chris Smalling 83 Manchester Utd ENG
    Angelo Ogbonna 83 West Ham ITA
    Martin Škrtel 82 Liverpool SVK
    Ryan Shawcross 82 Stoke City ENG


    The physical attribute shows the old heading capability but also how likely the players are to win game with their body. This is a crucial attribute when looking for the best centre back.

    In this chapter Mangala, Micah Richards and Huth are the strongest ones.


    Eliaquim Mangala 85 Manchester City FRA
    Micah Richards 85 Aston Villa ENG
    Robert Huth 85 Leicester City GER
    Mamadou Sakho 84 Liverpool FRA
    Ryan Shawcross 84 Stoke City ENG
    Virgil van Dijk 83 Southampton NED
    Jores Okore 83 Aston Villa DEN
    Nicolás Otamendi 82 Manchester City ARG
    Martin Škrtel 82 Liverpool SVK
    Marcos Rojo 82 Manchester Utd ARG
    Ashley Williams 82 Swansea City WAL
    John Terry 81 Chelsea ENG
    Vincent Kompany 81 Manchester City BEL
    Jan Vertonghen 81 Spurs BEL
    Phil Jagielka 81 Everton ENG


    Defending and heading may be useless against fast opponents. It’s necessary to fight fire with fire. No one likes feeling impotent when seeing you get overrun by extremely fast players. Even though, in a way, centre backs aren’t that fast, every team needs one of these players with a high pace attribute.

    This is where Terry is weak. Even Kompany’s pace was downgraded this year, making him less interesting than in previous games. There are much faster players in the Barclays Premier League. The first on the list is Chancel Mbemba. We don’t consider him a viable option since he lacks the remaining attributes necessary for a good central back. Koscielny, Mangala and Otamendi are also fast players. They possess these attributes and in that way they make themselves a viable option for a defence based on the BPL.


    Chancel Mbemba 82 Newcastle Utd DRC
    Jores Okore 81 Aston Villa DEN
    Laurent Koscielny 78 Arsenal FRA
    Eliaquim Mangala 77 Manchester City FRA
    Micah Richards 76 Aston Villa ENG
    Chris Smalling 76 Manchester Utd ENG
    Nicolás Otamendi 75 Manchester City ARG
    Gary Cahill 73 Chelsea ENG
    Angelo Ogbonna 73 West Ham ITA
    Winston Reid 73 West Ham NZL
    Kurt Zouma 73 Chelsea FRA
    Steven Caulker 73 Southampton ENG
    Geoff Cameron 73 Stoke City USA
    Marcos Rojo 72 Manchester Utd ARG
    Papy Mison Djilobodji 72 Chelsea SEN


    Kompany and Otamendi are our first choices for this position. Being fast with good defending and attacking attributes, they are the most expensive of all centre backs in the Barclays Premier League for a good reason.

    In our opinion, Koscielny, Vertonghen, Cahill and Mangala are the centre backs who are closest to Kompany and Otamendi in terms of overall quality.

    Pace is still very important in FIFA 16 and for that reason, unless you play with three centre backs, we suggest you avoid using Terry and other very slow defenders.

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


    Best Players
    #1 Nicolás Otamendi
    #2 Vincent Kompany
    #3 Laurent Koscielny
    #4 Gary Cahill

    Economic Choice
    Micah Richards


    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

    Best FUT 16 Barclays Premier League Centre Backs



    Best FIFA 16 Barclays Premier League Right Backs

    RB | RWB

    Full backs have the role of troubling the job of wingers. In addition, good full backs also support their team mates on offensive manoeuvres.

    Choosing the best right back for a Barclays Premier League Team is an extremely hard choice. There are various valid options depending on the style of play.


    Pablo Zabaleta 82 Manchester City ARG
    Matteo Darmian 81 Manchester Utd ITA
    Séamus Coleman 81 Everton IRL
    Nathaniel Clyne 81 Liverpool ENG
    Branislav Ivanović 80 Chelsea SRB
    Mathieu Debuchy 80 Arsenal FRA
    Kyle Walker 79 Spurs ENG
    Bacary Sagna 79 Manchester City FRA
    Cédric 78 Southampton POR
    Allan-Roméo Nyom 77 Watford CAM


    There are very important attributes for any right back: defending and pace.

    Since they’re defenders they should have good defending capacities. This reduces a team’s risk of conceding.

    Ivanovic is the player that best fits this aspect. The only other player that offers him any type of competition is the City’s Pablo Zabaleta.


    Branislav Ivanović 87 Chelsea SRB
    Pablo Zabaleta 85 Manchester City ARG
    Matteo Darmian 82 Manchester Utd ITA
    Bacary Sagna 82 Manchester City FRA
    Séamus Coleman 81 Everton IRL
    Mathieu Debuchy 80 Arsenal FRA
    Nathaniel Clyne 79 Liverpool ENG
    Joel Ward 79 Crystal Palace ENG
    Àngel Rangel 79 Swansea City ESP
    Allan-Roméo Nyom 78 Watford CAM


    A flanked game tends to be faster than a game based in the middle of the field. The players that fill these spaces are obligated to be fast, both penetrating defensive and attacking moves of the team. Pace is one of the most important requirements for a good full back. Even in FIFA 16.

    Kyle Walker is the fastest gold right back in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. The English international player is far superior in this aspect when compared to every BPL full back. Besides Kyle Walker, only Nathaniel Clyne may be considered reasonably fast.


    Kyle Walker 90 Spurs ENG
    Nathaniel Clyne 86 Liverpool ENG
    Allan-Roméo Nyom 81 Watford CAM
    Séamus Coleman 80 Everton IRL
    Matteo Darmian 79 Manchester Utd ITA
    Kieran Trippier 79 Spurs ENG
    Cédric 78 Southampton POR
    Glen Johnson 77 Stoke City ENG
    Joel Ward 76 Crystal Palace ENG
    Mathieu Debuchy 75 Arsenal FRA


    Pablo Zabaleta is the highest rated right back but once again, that doesn’t necessarily mean he is the best choice for this position. In our opinion, he and Ivanović are the kind of players who have good ratings but are not recommended as attacking full backs.

    On the other hand there are players like Kyle Walker and Nathaniel Clyne. They have a fantastic pace and their high attacking work rate make them good players for those that use full backs as second wingers. They are our top choices.

    For those who want an intermediate solution, in other words a player that defends and attacks well, we advise Séamus Coleman. He is a very balanced athlete, a cheaper player and, as a result, our economic choice.

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


    Best Players
    #1 Kyle Walker
    #2 Nathaniel Clyne
    #3 Séamus Coleman
    #4 Pablo Zabaleta
    #5 Matteo Darmian

    Economic Choice
    Séamus Coleman

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team - RB

    Best FUT 16 Barclays Premier League Right Backs



    Best FIFA 16 Barclays Premier League Left Backs

    LB | LWB

    Left backs have exactly the same role of their team mates on the other flank. In other words, they try to make a winger’s job hard and participate in the team’s offensive manoeuvres.

    There are three BPL players that stand out in this position: the solid Leighton Baines, the champion Azpilicueta and the speedy Gaël Clichy.


    Leighton Baines 83 Everton ENG
    Azpilicueta 82 Chelsea ESP
    Nacho Monreal 80 Arsenal ESP
    Kieran Gibbs 80 Arsenal ENG
    Gaël Clichy 80 Manchester City FRA
    Alberto Moreno 79 Liverpool ESP
    Aleksandar Kolarov 79 Manchester City SRB
    Ryan Bertrand 78 Southampton ENG
    Abdul Rahman Baba 78 Chelsea GHA
    Luke Shaw 77 Manchester Utd ENG


    Azpilicueta is the left back who defends better in this league.


    Azpilicueta 84 Chelsea ESP
    Leighton Baines 82 Everton ENG
    Nacho Monreal 81 Arsenal ESP
    Aleksandar Kolarov 81 Manchester City SRB
    Kieran Gibbs 80 Arsenal ENG
    Gaël Clichy 80 Manchester City FRA
    Ryan Bertrand 78 Southampton ENG
    Luke Shaw 77 Manchester Utd ENG
    José Enrique 76 Liverpool ESP
    Jose Holebas 76 Watford GRE


    The promising, Anfield tied Alberto Moreno is the fastest left back in the English league. He makes his speed his biggest threat, and only Clichy and Baba can be compared with him in this stat.


    Alberto Moreno 87 Liverpool ESP
    Abdul Rahman Baba 86 Chelsea GHA
    Gaël Clichy 84 Manchester City FRA
    Jose Holebas 84 Watford GRE
    Martin Olsson 83 Norwich City SWE
    Luke Shaw 82 Manchester Utd ENG
    Danny Rose 82 Spurs ENG
    Kieran Gibbs 81 Arsenal ENG
    José Enrique 81 Liverpool ESP
    Pape Souaré 81 Crystal Palace SEN


    Azpilicueta and Leighton Baines are with no question the best left back choices playing in the Barclays Premier League. Azpilicueta is faster, but the Englishman is generally a more complete player.

    Clichy is a valid alternative to these two players. He’s a good choice for more attacking teams due to his pace but lacks in passing and shooting.

    Of all the remaining players, Holebas is our cheap choice. He lacks a little in quality compared to those mentioned above but he’s fast enough to cause some offensive damage, has remarkable long shots and possesses reasonable defending.

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


    Best Players
    #1 Azpilicueta
    #2 Leighton Baines
    #3 Gael Clichy
    #4 Jose Holebas
    #5 Alberto Moreno

    Economic Choice
    Jose Holebas

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team - LB

    Best FUT 16 Barclays Premier League Left Backs



    Best FIFA 16 Barclays Premier League Defensive Midfielder


    Many of the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team formations require some midfielders that have a natural aptitude to defend. Central defensive midfielders distinguish themselves for being especially aimed to help the more retreated line of their teams. According to their attributes and their work rates, they can also be useful for starting attacks. They are players that occupy a very strategic position in the field.

    Now that Gerrard plays in another league, Matic and Morgan Schneiderlin are the players highest rated in this position.


    Nemanja Matić 84 Chelsea SRB
    Morgan Schneiderlin 82 Manchester Utd FRA
    Ramires 80 Chelsea BRA
    James McCarthy 80 Everton IRL
    Gökhan Inler 80 Leicester City SUI
    Daley Blind 80 Manchester Utd NED
    Cheick Tioté 79 Newcastle Utd IVC
    Alexandre Song 79 West Ham CAM
    Fernando 79 Manchester City BRA
    Lucas Leiva 79 Liverpool BRA
    Yohan Cabaye 79 Crystal Palace FRA
    Gareth Barry 79 Everton ENG
    Claudio Yacob 78 West Brom ARG
    Youssouf Mulumbu 78 Norwich City DRC
    Yann M’Vila 78 Sunderland FRA


    There are a variety of attributes in a central defensive midfielder that you have to give attention: defending, so that the first defender of team works; strength, so that you win all brawls in a prone area of the field; heading, to win possession in aerial moves like goal kicks; pace, so that you cover the most terrain on the field as possible; stamina, so they can equally participate in offensive and defensive moves (especially useful for players with high/high work rates); passing and possession so that he can properly start attacks. In our opinion the two first are the most important.

    Normally using a central defensive midfielder is associated with having a deficit of elements in your defence. So, it makes sense that when you search for a player to occupy this position you’d want players that can defend.

    The best central defensive midfielder plays for Chelsea: Matic. He is a good choice for teams that want to complicate an opponent’s game in the space between the midfield and the defence.


    Nemanja Matić 82 Chelsea SRB
    Fernando 81 Manchester City BRA
    Morgan Schneiderlin 80 Manchester Utd FRA
    Gareth Barry 80 Everton ENG
    Cheick Tioté 79 Newcastle Utd IVC
    Lucas Leiva 79 Liverpool BRA
    Claudio Yacob 79 West Brom ARG
    Ramires 78 Chelsea BRA
    James McCarthy 78 Everton IRL
    Victor Wanyama 78 Southampton KEN
    John Obi Mikel 78 Chelsea NIG
    Mile Jedinák 78 Crystal Palace AUS
    Alexandre Song 77 West Ham CAM
    Youssouf Mulumbu 77 Norwich City DRC
    Lee Cattermole 77 Sunderland ENG


    The area of the field occupied by the central defensive midfielders is the one where most ball disputes happen. Strong players will have a higher probability of winning the ball.

    There’s a lot of muscle between the Barclays Premier League. Tioté, Obi Mikel, Matic, Wanyama, Carlos Sánchez and Kouyaté are good examples of that. On the other hand there’s Ramires. Even though he’s a really special player, Chelsea’s Brazilian rarely wins a physical brawl due to being the weakest central defensive midfielder in the BPL.


    Victor Wanyama 89 Southampton KEN
    Nemanja Matić 88 Chelsea SRB
    Cheick Tioté 88 Newcastle Utd IVC
    John Obi Mikel 88 Chelsea NIG
    Carlos Sánchez 87 Aston Villa COL
    Cheikhou Kouyaté 87 West Ham SEN
    Alexandre Song 83 West Ham CAM
    Mile Jedinák 83 Crystal Palace AUS
    Morgan Schneiderlin 82 Manchester Utd FRA
    Fernando 82 Manchester City BRA
    James McCarthy 81 Everton IRL
    Etienne Capoue 81 Watford FRA
    Youssouf Mulumbu 80 Norwich City DRC
    Lee Cattermole 80 Sunderland ENG
    Valon Behrami 80 Watford SUI


    In our opinion, Matic is the right choice for this position. He is the CDM who gives more security to the back line but he is also a good offensive player.

    Ramires has a highly desirable cocktail of work rates, pace and stamina which allows him to be a presence all over the pitch. He is the fastest CDM player of the Barclays PL but is also the weakest.

    There are also very good options that are available at a cheap price who are still good quality-wise, like Kouyaté and Tioté.

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


    Best Players
    #1 Nemanja Matic
    #2 Ramires
    #3 Morgan Schneiderlin
    #4 Cheikhou Kouyaté
    #5 Cheik Tioté

    Economic Choice
    Cheikhou Kouyaté

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team - CDM

    Best FUT 16 Barclays Premier League Central Defensive Midfielders



    Best FIFA 16 Barclays Premier League Centre Midfielders

    CM | CAM

    A lot of games are decided in the midfield and not close to the goals. The players that play in these zones are the ones that should create the game and define its rhythm.

    It’s in midfield that there’s more quality in the Barclays Premier League. Some of the world’s best footballers play there. It’s the case of the Touré, Ozil, David Silva and the newcomers Kevin De Bruyne and Shweinsteiger.


    David Silva 88 Manchester City ESP
    Mesut Özil 87 Arsenal GER
    Cesc Fàbregas 87 Chelsea ESP
    Bastian Schweinsteiger 86 Manchester Utd GER
    Kevin De Bruyne 86 Manchester City BEL
    Yaya Touré 85 Manchester City IVC
    Santi Cazorla 85 Arsenal ESP
    Oscar 84 Chelsea BRA
    Coutinho 84 Liverpool BRA
    Christian Eriksen 83 Spurs DEN
    Aaron Ramsey 82 Arsenal WAL
    Roberto Firmino 82 Liverpool BRA
    Jack Wilshere 81 Arsenal ENG
    Dimitri Payet 81 West Ham FRA
    Bojan 81 Stoke City ESP


    Centre midfielders are responsible for discovering lines that break the opponents defence. Their passing quality has to be really good so they can assist forwards.

    Even though David Silva and De Bruyne have a great passing stat, Fábregas is the one who does it better in the whole Barclays Premier League.


    Cesc Fàbregas 90 Chelsea ESP
    David Silva 89 Manchester City ESP
    Kevin De Bruyne 86 Manchester City BEL
    Mesut Özil 85 Arsenal GER
    Santi Cazorla 85 Arsenal ESP
    Bastian Schweinsteiger 84 Manchester Utd GER
    Christian Eriksen 84 Spurs DEN
    James Milner 83 Liverpool ENG
    Dimitri Payet 82 West Ham FRA
    Mikel Arteta 82 Arsenal ESP
    Yaya Touré 81 Manchester City IVC
    Oscar 81 Chelsea BRA
    Coutinho 81 Liverpool BRA
    Jack Wilshere 81 Arsenal ENG
    Tomáš Rosický 81 Arsenal CZ


    A Centre midfielder usually needs creativity. Good dribbling allows the team to move forward, creating potential disequilibrium’s.

    David Silva is the player with best dribbling. Two other players share the second place of this list: Cazorla and Coutinho.


    David Silva 89 Manchester City ESP
    Santi Cazorla 87 Arsenal ESP
    Coutinho 87 Liverpool BRA
    Mesut Özil 86 Arsenal GER
    Bojan 85 Stoke City ESP
    Kevin De Bruyne 84 Manchester City BEL
    Oscar 84 Chelsea BRA
    Roberto Firmino 84 Liverpool BRA
    Jack Wilshere 84 Arsenal ENG
    Ander Herrera 84 Manchester Utd ESP
    Georginio Wijnaldum 84 Newcastle Utd NED
    Christian Eriksen 83 Spurs DEN
    Tomáš Rosický 83 Arsenal CZ
    Adam Lallana 83 Liverpool ENG
    Moussa Dembélé 82 Spurs BEL


    Kevin de Bruyne is the most interesting player in the Barclays Premier League midfield. He is level with the best players in various attributes including passing, shooting, vision, crossing and stamina making him our pick.

    David Silva is our second choice. His passing, dribbling, vision and ball control are simply amazing but is let down slightly by his 2 star weak foot.

    Another top player is Yaya Touré in large part because of his amazing strength and stamina. He is a very balanced player (although not as good defensively now) but his new medium-low work rate doesn’t allow him to give everything he has to give to the team. In our opinion, he was the best player in this position in previous games but is not any more. Obviously, he is still a wonderful player but if you have used him in the past, you will notice a considerable difference to him in FIFA 16.

    Oscar and Eriksen are cheaper players that can perform well as centre midfielders.

    Our budget choice falls to Jack Wilshere. He is a very balanced player and a great example of good value for money.

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


    Best Players
    #1 Kevin De Bruyne
    #2 David Silva
    #3 Yaya Touré
    #4 Cesc Fàbregas

    Economic Choice
    Jack Wilshere

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team - CM and CAM

    Best FUT 16 Barclays Premier League Centre Midfielders



    Best FIFA 16 Barclays Premier League Right Wingers

    RM | RW | RF

    The wingers are responsible for giving game width in the attack. They’re normally very explosive players.

    Mata and Willian are the most popular right wingers of this league.


    Juan Mata 84 Manchester Utd ESP
    Willian 82 Chelsea BRA
    Theo Walcott 81 Arsenal ENG
    Jesús Navas 81 Manchester City ESP
    Xherdan Shaqiri 80 Stoke City SUI
    Antonio Valencia 79 Manchester Utd ECU
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 79 Arsenal ENG
    Erik Lamela 79 Spurs ARG
    Adam Johnson 78 Sunderland ENG
    Víctor Ibarbo 78 Watford COL
    Deulofeu 78 Everton ESP
    Wilfried Zaha 77 Crystal Palace ENG
    Aaron Lennon 77 Everton ENG
    Florian Thauvin 76 Newcastle Utd FRA
    Aiden McGeady 76 Everton IRL


    There are three fundamental attributes for a winger: pace, dribbling and passing.

    Pace is probably the biggest weapon of these players. They use it to evade opponents and getting to the other side, many times via sprints on the side lines.

    The Barclays Premier League is extremely well served in this chapter. Four gold players have pace over 90, being the highlighted sprinter Theo Walcott, the fastest player of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.


    Theo Walcott 96 Arsenal ENG
    Víctor Ibarbo 92 Watford COL
    Deulofeu 91 Everton ESP
    Nathan Dyer 91 Leicester City ENG
    Willian 89 Chelsea BRA
    Jesús Navas 89 Manchester City ESP
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 89 Arsenal ENG
    Aaron Lennon 89 Everton ENG
    Andros Townsend 89 Spurs ENG
    Joel Campbell 88 Arsenal COS
    Xherdan Shaqiri 87 Stoke City SUI
    Wilfried Zaha 87 Crystal Palace ENG
    Aiden McGeady 82 Everton IRL
    Antonio Valencia 81 Manchester Utd ECU
    Florian Thauvin 81 Newcastle Utd FRA


    Just being fast doesn’t cut it to reach the opponents box, having good dribbling to surpass the opponents’ players that appear on the way.

    There are a lot of players gifted in dribbling, being Juan Mata and Deulofeu the best.


    Juan Mata 87 Manchester Utd ESP
    Deulofeu 87 Everton ESP
    Willian 85 Chelsea BRA
    Xherdan Shaqiri 85 Stoke City SUI
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 84 Arsenal ENG
    Erik Lamela 84 Spurs ARG
    Aaron Lennon 84 Everton ENG
    Jesús Navas 83 Manchester City ESP
    Adam Johnson 83 Sunderland ENG
    Wilfried Zaha 83 Crystal Palace ENG
    Víctor Ibarbo 82 Watford COL
    Aiden McGeady 82 Everton IRL
    Theo Walcott 81 Arsenal ENG
    Nathan Dyer 81 Leicester City ENG
    Florian Thauvin 81 Newcastle Utd FRA


    When reaching the opponents box the winger has to decide what to do. Normally, they choose to cross to the forwards. That is why it’s important for them to have good passing.

    The weakest point of the Barclays Premier League Wingers is surprising – passing. Only Juan Mata offers good quality passing. Deulofeu, for example, could’ve been an option to consider filling this slot in virtue of his fantastic pace and dribbling, but he’s affected negatively for missing frequently passes to his more forward team mates.


    Juan Mata 84 Manchester Utd ESP
    Willian 78 Chelsea BRA
    Erik Lamela 78 Spurs ARG
    Xherdan Shaqiri 77 Stoke City SUI
    Antonio Valencia 77 Manchester Utd ECU
    Adam Johnson 77 Sunderland ENG
    Jesús Navas 76 Manchester City ESP
    Theo Walcott 74 Arsenal ENG
    Florian Thauvin 74 Newcastle Utd FRA
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 73 Arsenal ENG
    Aiden McGeady 72 Everton IRL
    Joel Campbell 72 Arsenal COS
    Aaron Lennon 71 Everton ENG
    Steven Berghuis 71 Watford NED
    Andros Townsend 70 Spurs ENG


    Willian is our favourite to occupy this position in a team without budget restraints. He may not the best in any of the base attributes but he is always close to the top in this position.

    Mata is not a natural winger and because of that he is not our first choice despite having the highest overall rating. He also has the best dribbling, the best passing and is one of the best at shooting of all the right sided wingers. Impressive. However, he is also one of the slowest players in this position and only Navas is weaker than him.

    From the most popular there is also Shaqiri and Walcott. The Swiss player is a very balanced player while the Arsenal winger’s main strengths are speed and shooting.

    For those with a more modest coin total, there is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. This four star skiller is as fast as Willian, has better dribbling than Navas and Walcott and has much better physical stats than Walcott and Willian making him great value for money.

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team - RM, RW e RF


    Best Players
    #1 Willian
    #2 Juan Mata
    #3 Xherdan Shaqiri
    #4 Theo Walcott

    Economic Choice
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team - RM, RW e RF

    Best FUT 16 Barclays Premier League Right Wingers



    Best FIFA 16 Barclays Premier League Left Wingers

    LM | LW | LF

    The left wingers have exactly the same role as their team mates from the other side.

    Now that Alexis Sánchez has changed his position, Eden Hazard has finally competition to his position.


    Eden Hazard 89 Chelsea BEL
    Alexis Sánchez 86 Arsenal CHI
    Pedro 83 Chelsea ESP
    Samir Nasri 83 Manchester City FRA
    Raheem Sterling 82 Manchester City ENG
    Memphis Depay 81 Manchester Utd NED
    Ashley Young 80 Manchester Utd ENG
    Kevin Mirallas 80 Everton BEL
    Dušan Tadić 79 Southampton SRB
    Jeremain Lens 79 Sunderland NED
    Max Gradel 79 Bournemouth IVC
    Nacer Chadli 79 Spurs BEL
    André Ayew 79 Swansea City GHA
    Marko Arnautović 78 Stoke City AT
    Heung Min Son 77 Spurs KOR


    Just like it happens in the opposite side, there are four left wingers with pace equal or higher than 90.


    Raheem Sterling 93 Manchester City ENG
    Christian Atsu 92 Bournemouth GHA
    Eden Hazard 90 Chelsea BEL
    Memphis Depay 90 Manchester Utd NED
    Jefferson Montero 89 Swansea City ECU
    Kevin Mirallas 88 Everton BEL
    Max Gradel 88 Bournemouth IVC
    Yannick Bolasie 88 Crystal Palace DRC
    Alexis Sánchez 87 Arsenal CHI
    Heung Min Son 86 Spurs KOR
    Ashley Young 85 Manchester Utd ENG
    Bakary Sako 85 Crystal Palace MAL
    Jeremain Lens 84 Sunderland NED
    Jay Rodriguez 83 Southampton ENG
    Pedro 82 Chelsea ESP


    There’s a proportional quality between the left winger and his dribbling. It’s natural that Hazard and Alexis Sánchez are the ones most highlighted in this chapter.


    Eden Hazard 92 Chelsea BEL
    Alexis Sánchez 88 Arsenal CHI
    Raheem Sterling 87 Manchester City ENG
    Samir Nasri 86 Manchester City FRA
    Memphis Depay 85 Manchester Utd NED
    Pedro 84 Chelsea ESP
    Kevin Mirallas 83 Everton BEL
    Dušan Tadić 83 Southampton SRB
    Yannick Bolasie 83 Crystal Palace DRC
    Ashley Young 82 Manchester Utd ENG
    Max Gradel 82 Bournemouth IVC
    Jeremain Lens 82 Sunderland NED
    Steven Pienaar 82 Everton SAF
    André Ayew 81 Swansea City GHA
    Jefferson Montero 81 Swansea City ECU


    Now that David Silva is back to the centre, Hazard is clearly the best fitted passer between the remaining left wingers.


    Eden Hazard 84 Chelsea BEL
    Samir Nasri 83 Manchester City FRA
    Dušan Tadić 80 Southampton SRB
    Steven Pienaar 79 Everton SAF
    Alexis Sánchez 78 Arsenal CHI
    Ashley Young 78 Manchester Utd ENG
    Leon Osman 78 Everton ENG
    Pedro 77 Chelsea ESP
    Kevin Mirallas 77 Everton BEL
    Marko Arnautović 77 Stoke City AT
    Ibrahim Afellay 77 Stoke City NED
    Jeremain Lens 76 Sunderland NED
    Nacer Chadli 76 Spurs BEL
    Jurado 76 Watford ESP
    André Ayew 75 Swansea City GHA


    Hazard’s price prohibits him from being affordable for most, proving the worth of the player. He is without a doubt the best Barclays Premier League left winger. He’s the best dribbler, the best passer, one of the fastest and only Sánchez is better at shooting than him. He possesses a series of other highly rated attributes such as balance, agility, acceleration and ball control. And if you are not convinced yet, you should know that his work rates are now high/medium.

    For those who don’t want to pay so much for the Belgian, we suggest Sánchez. It’s impossible to talk about this player without comparing him to Hazard. He is not as good as the Chelsea’s winger overall but is far better value for money.

    Kevin Mirallas is the most complete affordable player and for that reason, our cheapest choice. He is faster than Sánchez and has better shooting and passing than Sterling. A great player especially for low budget teams.

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team - LM, LW e LF


    Best Players
    #1 Eden Hazard
    #2 Alexis Sánchez
    #3 Memphis Depay
    #4 Raheem Sterling

    Economic Choice
    Kevin Mirallas

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team - LM, LW e LF

    Best FUT 16 Barclays Premier League Left Wingers



    Best FIFA 16 Barclays Premier League Forwards

    CF | ST

    The forwards are the players on which fall the most responsibility of scoring goals.

    In the Barclays Premier League, the most popular are players that could play in any club in the world: Sergio Aguero, Rooney and Diego Costa


    Sergio Agüero 87 Manchester City ARG
    Wayne Rooney 86 Manchester Utd ENG
    Diego Costa 86 Chelsea ESP
    Daniel Sturridge 83 Liverpool ENG
    Falcao 83 Chelsea COL
    Olivier Giroud 82 Arsenal FRA
    Christian Benteke 82 Liverpool BEL
    Loïc Rémy 81 Chelsea FRA
    Wilfried Bony 81 Manchester City IVC
    Salomón Rondón 80 West Brom VEN
    Romelu Lukaku 80 Everton BEL
    Danny Welbeck 79 Arsenal ENG
    Jermain Defoe 79 Sunderland ENG
    Emmanuel Adebayor 79 Spurs TOG
    Shinji Okazaki 78 Leicester City JAP
    Sadio Mané 78 Southampton SEN
    Harry Kane 78 Spurs ENG
    Mame Diouf 78 Stoke City SEN
    Papiss Demba Cissé 78 Newcastle Utd SEN
    Andy Carroll 78 West Ham ENG


    To score goals shooting is necessary. If either by foot or head, the most important attribute for a forward are: shooting, heading and pace.

    Most goals are scored with the foot so good shooting is a necessary attribute for a forward.

    The best forwards are the ones that best shooting: Aguero, Rooney, Diego Costa and Sturridge. The exception is Defoe.


    Sergio Agüero 87 Manchester City ARG
    Wayne Rooney 86 Manchester Utd ENG
    Jermain Defoe 85 Sunderland ENG
    Diego Costa 83 Chelsea ESP
    Daniel Sturridge 83 Liverpool ENG
    Wilfried Bony 83 Manchester City IVC
    Falcao 82 Chelsea COL
    Olivier Giroud 82 Arsenal FRA
    Christian Benteke 81 Liverpool BEL
    Rickie Lambert 81 West Brom ENG
    Loïc Rémy 80 Chelsea FRA
    Romelu Lukaku 80 Everton BEL
    Papiss Demba Cissé 80 Newcastle Utd SEN
    Bafétimbi Gomis 80 Swansea City FRA
    Ola Toivonen 80 Sunderland SWE
    Andy Carroll 79 West Ham ENG
    Salomón Rondón 78 West Brom VEN
    Emmanuel Adebayor 78 Spurs TOG
    Harry Kane 78 Spurs ENG
    Mauro Zárate 78 West Ham ARG


    Jump, strength and stamina are the ingredients to the new physical attribute, very important when we are analysing the best forwards: jump to score with the head; strength to dispute the ball with the opponents; and stamina to sprint in direction of goal at any time of the game.

    That’s here where we see that Diego Costa and Rooney are great players. Aguero, for example, is almost in the bottom of this list.


    Diego Costa 88 Chelsea ESP
    Wayne Rooney 87 Manchester Utd ENG
    Christian Benteke 85 Liverpool BEL
    Wilfried Bony 85 Manchester City IVC
    Andy Carroll 85 West Ham ENG
    Troy Deeney 84 Watford ENG
    Olivier Giroud 83 Arsenal FRA
    Graziano Pellè 83 Southampton ITA
    Romelu Lukaku 82 Everton BEL
    Éder 82 Swansea City POR
    Cameron Jerome 81 Norwich City ENG
    Shane Long 81 Southampton IRL
    Salomón Rondón 80 West Brom VEN
    Harry Kane 79 Spurs ENG
    Rickie Lambert 79 West Brom ENG
    Danny Welbeck 78 Arsenal ENG
    Emmanuel Adebayor 77 Spurs TOG
    Mame Diouf 77 Stoke City SEN
    Michu 76 Swansea City ESP
    Aleksandar Mitrović 75 Newcastle Utd SRB


    Depending on the style of play and formation, having good shooting and heading may not be enough for a striker. Especially in games that privilege counter-attack, pace is a very important attribute.

    Mané, Diouf and Remy are the fastest strikers in FIFA 16. However, Aguero and Sturridge are also very fast players.


    Sadio Mané 91 Southampton SEN
    Loïc Rémy 90 Chelsea FRA
    Mame Diouf 90 Stoke City SEN
    Sergio Agüero 89 Manchester City ARG
    Daniel Sturridge 89 Liverpool ENG
    Cameron Jerome 86 Norwich City ENG
    Danny Ings 86 Liverpool ENG
    Danny Welbeck 85 Arsenal ENG
    Anthony Martial 85 Manchester Utd FRA
    Enner Valencia 85 West Ham ECU
    Divock Origi 85 Liverpool BEL
    Shane Long 84 Southampton IRL
    Saido Berahino 83 West Brom ENG
    Diego Costa 82 Chelsea ESP
    Romelu Lukaku 82 Everton BEL
    Salomón Rondón 80 West Brom VEN
    Arouna Koné 78 Everton IVC
    Fabio Borini 78 Sunderland ITA
    Christian Benteke 77 Liverpool BEL
    Jermain Defoe 77 Sunderland ENG


    For the final position, we believe Sergio Agüero and Diego Costa are the best BPL strikers. However, the Manchester City player has the advantage due to his better pace, passing and shooting. Even though his physical stat is quite low, no other BPL forward surpasses him in ball control, acceleration and balance.

    Choosing the best Barclays Premier League forward is a bit subjective because it depends on your style of play. The best alternatives to Aguero and Diego Costa are generally missing something: Falcão was downgraded and is no longer the force he used to be in past games; Wayne Rooney plays better as CF or even CAM than as a striker; Sturridge has bad passing, etc

    Far from the quality of these strikers, Lukaku is our economical choice. He and Benteke may cause a lot of damage on the opponents defence with their extraordinary strength and otherwise well rounded stats.

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team - CF e ST


    Best Players
    #1 Sergio Aguero
    #2 Diego Costa
    #3 Wayne Rooney
    #4 Daniel Sturridge

    Economic Choice
    Romelu Lukaku

    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team - CF e ST

    Best FUT 16 Barclays Premier League Forwards



    Barclays Premier League Team Suggestions


    A lot of people think that this is the most important part of the guide. It’s not. The thing that is really important to know is how to choose players based on their role and style of play that fits each player. The team suggestions that follow are simple graphic indicators of what we wrote previously. They should serve merely as orientation because it’s impossible to build a team that fits everyone. They depend on various factors we don’t know such as budget, formation, style of play and player preferences.

    To try and explore the needs of the maximum player as possible we suggest three teams with different budgets and formations: 4-1-2-1-2 with unlimited budget, 4-3-3 with 200k budget and 4-4-2 with a 50k budget.


    Now, to check the current prices of any player /squad, you just need to check ‘updated price


    Team with Unlimited Budget


    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

    Click on the image to maximize it


    • First Squad
      • GK: David De Gea
        110k | 104k | 56k | – | –

        RB: Kyle Walker
        13k | 9k | 9k | – | –

        CBR: Vicent Kompany
        63k | 58k | 43k | – | –

        CBL: Nicolás Otamendi
        56k | 54k | 44k | – | –

        LB: Azpilicueta
        9k | 9k | 8k | – | –

        CDM: Nemanja Matic
        36k | 36k | 24k | – | –

        RM: Willian
        41k | 32k | 29k | – | –

        LM: Eden Harazd
        375k | 360k | 205k | – | –

        CAM: Kevin De Bruyne
        143k | 143k | 82k | – | –

        STR: Diego Costa
        114k | 110k | 59k | – | –

        STL: Sergio Aguero
        395k | 390k | 198k | – | –

        Prices order:
        PS4 | XBox One | PS3 | XBox 360 | PC

    • Substitutes and Reserves
      • GK: Thibaut Courtois
        73k | 67k | 45k | – | –

        RB: Nathaniel Clyne
        15k | 12k | 10k | – | –

        CB: Laurent Koscielny
        36k | 32k | 24k | – | –

        CB: Jan Vertonghen
        18k | 16k | 9k | – | –

        LB: Leighton Baines
        12k | 12k | 10k | – | –

        CDM: Yaya Touré
        115k | 109k | 85k | – | –

        RM: Juan Mata
        19k | 20k | 18k | – | –

        LM: Alexis Sánchez
        175k | 178k | 116k | – | –

        CAM: David Silva
        84k | 85k | 49k | – | –

        ST: Wayne Rooney
        96k | 99k | 64k | – | –

        ST: Daniel Sturridge
        82k | 70k | 45k | – | –


    • Budget
      • Playstation 4: 2,080 million coins (1,355k + 725k)
        Xbox One: 2,005 million coins (1,305k + 700k)
        Playstation 3: 1,232 million coins (757k + 475k)
        XBox 360: –
        PC: –


    • Updated Prices and Squad Adjustments
      • The prices we have published are the ones of the guide’s publication date.
        If you want to know the current prices or test any adjustment to this squad, please click here.


    • Summary
    • The choice for this team’s players was based on the analysis made previously.

      Who to put in goal presents one of the most difficult decisions. De Gea and Courtois are both amazing goalkeepers and you will be fine with either of them.

      Otamendi and Kompany are the bosses of the back four. The Argentinian player is a great addition to this league, especially considering Mangala was not upgraded. To us, he is already the best centre back of Barclays Premier League. Kyle Walker imposes himself with his tremendous pace to be our choice at the right back position, while at left back Azpilicueta and Baines are both good enough to take the position.

      Although Yaya is originally a CM in FUT 16, he also plays well as CDM. He’s no longer a box-to-box player now with his new medium-low work rate which is why our favourite is Matić. No one defends as he does in midfield. The Serbian holds up the barrier between your goal line and the opponent, making his defensiveness, height and physicality count. For the other central midfield position, De Bruyne is our top choice. He is so good that he relegates David Silva to the bench.

      Willian is the right choice for the right side, largely because Mata does not have the right attributes for this position. Now, more than ever, Eden Hazard is so brilliant that he is second to none in left midfield.

      If your budget allows you, Agüero is the obvious choice for the attack line. He is the most expensive player in the league, which is a reflection of just how good he is. The other striker spot goes to Diego Costa but Rooney is also a good alternative.

      Once all the players reach maximum individual chemistry via loyalty (achieved by each player after 10 matches for your club or by being pack pulled) you can go without a manager for your squad. They’ll be of no use while wasting contracts.


    200k Budget Team


    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

    Click on the image to maximize it


    • First Squad
      • GK: Joe Hart
        35k | 34k | 30k | – | –

        RB: Kyle Walker
        13k | 9k | 9k | – | –

        CBR: Eliaquim Mangala
        16k | 12k | 13k | – | –

        CBL: Jan Vertonghen
        18k | 16k | 9k | – | –

        LB: Azpilicueta
        9k | 9k | 8k | – | –

        CMR: Christian Eriksen
        26k | 23k | 16k | – | –

        CMC: Ramires
        26k | 21k | 18k | – | –

        CML: Oscar
        34k | 29k | 28k | – | –

        RW: Xherdan Shaqiri
        14k | 12k | 13k | – | –

        LW: Sami Nasri
        19k | 16k | 15k | – | –

        ST: Romelu Lukaku
        16k | 14k | 14k | – | –

        Prices order:
        PS4 | XBox One | PS3 | XBox 360 | PC

    • Substitutes and Reserves
      • GK: Asmir Begovic
        14k | 13k | 8k | – | –

        RB: Nathaniel Clyne
        15k | 12k | 10k | – | –

        CB: Marcos Rojo
        14k | 12k | 10k | – | –

        CB: Micah Richards
        6k | 5k | 6k | – | –

        LB: Leighton Baines
        12k | 12k | 10k | – | –

        CM: Fernandinho
        14k | 11k | 10k | – | –

        CM: Morgan Schneiderlin
        14k | 14k | 9k | – | –

        CM: Roberto Firmino
        16k | 13k | 12k | – | –

        RW: Theo Walcott
        18k | 17k | 15k | – | –

        LW: Kévin Mirallas
        9k | 8k | 9k | – | –

        ST: Christian Benteke
        19k | 16k | 13k | – | –


    • Budget
      • Playstation 4: 377k coins (226k + 151k)
        Xbox One: 328k coins (195k + 133k)
        Playstation 3: 285k coins (173k + 112k)
        XBox 360: –
        PC: –


    • Updated Prices and Squad Adjustments
      • The prices we have published are the ones of the guide’s publication date.
        If you want to know the current prices or test any adjustment to this squad, please click here.


    • Summary
    • The choices for this more affordable team players was based on analysis made previously.

      In goal, Lloris is too expensive to this squad. On the other hand, Begovic is a genuine bargain who will hold his own against popular goalkeepers such as Joe Hart.

      Mangala and Vertonghen are both fast and solid defensively. Azpilicueta’s assertiveness and Walker’s speed completes our defending foursome.

      Ramires has to be the one in central midfield. However, you need to be very careful to not have him caught out of position too often due to his high/high work rates. Eriksen and Oscar complete the midfield.

      Shaqiri beats Walcott on the right wing and Nasri wins the spot on the left side. Sterling and Depay are too expensive to this squad.

      Over the attack line, Lukaku or Benteke are excellent choices. They’re very similar to each other and are the best choices for this budget thanks to their pace, strength and completeness.

      If you still have some room in your budget, Sturridge, Sterling and Fàbregas are players that would improve this squad a lot.


    50K Budget Team


    Barclays Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

    Clique em cima da imagem para maximizá-la


    • First Squad
      • GK: Michel Vorm
        1k | 1k | 1k | – | –

        RB: Séamus Coleman
        6k | 6k | 6k | – | –

        CBR: Micah Richards
        6k | 5k | 6k | – | –

        CBL: Jores Okore
        5k | 5k | 6k | – | –

        LB: Gael Clichy
        6k | 5k | 6k | – | –

        CMR: Jack Wilshere
        2k | 2k | 2k | – | –

        CML: Cheikhou Kouyaté
        2k | 3k | 3k | – | –

        RM: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
        8k | 7k | 9k | – | –

        LM: Kévin Mirallas
        9k | 8k | 9k | – | –

        STR: Mame Diouf
        7k | 6k | 7k | – | –

        STL: Cameron Jerome
        1k | 2k | 2k | – | –

        Prices order:
        PS4 | XBox One | PS3 | XBox 360 | PC

    • Substitutes and Reserves
      • GK: Simon Mignolet
        2k | 2k | 3k | – | –

        RB: Pablo Zabaleta
        6k | 6k | 6k | – | –

        CB: Angelo Ogbonna
        6k | 5k | 6k | – | –

        CB: Chris Smalling
        8k | 6k | 6k | – | –

        LB: José Holebas
        2k | 2k | 3k | – | –

        CM: Cheik Tioté
        2k | 1k | 2k | – | –

        CM: Ander Herrera
        3k | 2k | 2k | – | –

        RM: Erik Lamela
        3k | 3k | 6k | – | –

        LM: Ashley Young
        7k | 6k | 6k | – | –

        ST: Salomón Rondón
        6k | 5k | 6k | – | –

        ST: Wilfried Bony
        6k | 5k | 7k | – | –


    • Budget
      • Playstation 4: 104k coins (53k + 51k)
        Xbox One: 93k coins (50k + 43k)
        Playstation 3: 110k coins (57k + 53k)
        XBox 360: –
        PC: –


    • Updated Prices and Squad Adjustments
      • The prices we have published are the ones of the guide’s publication date.
        If you want to know the current prices or test any adjustment to this squad, please click here.


    • Summary
    • The choice for this budget team was based on analysis made previously.

      Vorm is the cheapest player in this squad but it doesn’t take away from his ability between the sticks.

      The same goes for the rest of the defence: Micah Richards, Okore, Coleman and Clichy. All of the players cost less than expected considering their quality, making them great value for money in a cheap team like this.

      In the midfield, Kouyaté (what a bargain!) and Jack Wilshere complement each other well. The first one is strong, quick and aggressive, the second is a player that usually pushes forward to assist his colleagues. Oxlade-Chamberlain and Mirallas fill the wings in order to assist Diouf and Cameron Jerome who have both been chosen for their combination of pace and strength.


    Follow our tips and you’ll become more successful on FIFA 16 Ultimate Team with your Barclays Premier League Team.

    The comments will be closed when we reach 200 comments. Please, be sure that you are not asking something that already was answered in other comments.

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    1. What do you think of this team 433-4 de gea baines and coleman cahill and koscielny as defenders ozil and silva with de bruyne in cam hazard aguero and willian as the forwards

    2. I used this guide and made this attack force (in 4-3-3):
      (Kane on subs)

      The chem, speed, shooting, and dribbling is insane.

      In midfield I have Ericksen, Dembele, and Ferhdanino and sub on some other non-rares (Bojan, Carrick, Wilshere).

      Ericksen, Dembele, and Ferhdanino are under-hyped, in my opinion.

    3. seeing as mahrez has rised up the ranks i dont know what to do. Im playing a 4-3-3, i rush and dribble through the wings and like to counter. What would be a better option for the RW, Hero Mahrez or Inform Willian. I feel Mahrez is too lazy for my playstyle and is never rushing or cutting in to atttack.

    4. Hi Rodrigo
      I play without wings so my formations is 4-1-2-1-2(2) OR 4-3-1-2
      i depend on 2 formations to avoid buying fitness cards
      my best team is from Serie A although its the cheapest but it has the best midfielders with best workrates like Guarin Nainngolan Marchisio Pogba Pjanic Pereyra
      so my main squad is from serie a but i have been trying many fitness squads
      recently im using a ligue 1 team
      but my problem is midfield is not as strong as serie a
      because Pastore is not good defender and veratti is small and a bit slow
      so i was thinking about a bundesliga squad with lahm, vidal and maybe thiago and muller as CAM but im not sure yet i mean there are no many options in bundesliga or ligue 1 cuz it will be bayern or psg with few alternatives but now im thinking about building up a BPL team with this formation and i like to pass alot n penetrate defence through middle and many short and one two passes
      so my question is if my main team is serie a which im satisifed with
      what if i want another fitness squad which league wud be the best
      do you think i should go to BPL or Bundesliga or Ligue 1
      i have tried BBVA and i think modric and iniesta are so weak to defend
      and if u recommend a BPL that means it will have many options cuz there are many good players
      do you think my team should be like that?
      GK: de Gea
      RB: Walker
      CB: Otamendi
      CB: Koscielny
      CDM: Matic
      CM Fabregas
      CM: Ramires
      CAM: de Bryune
      ST: Rooney
      ST: Aguero
      thank you!

    5. Adrian Carreño

      Hola Rodrigo!

      Tengo una nueva consulta! Tengo a roben de ED y no me esta siento tan eficiente como Reus. Me preguntaba si Bale seria mejor?

      Gracias por tu ayuda.

    6. Great Article Rodrigo, first time of being on this site. The reason I searched for this is because i’m currently at a point with my squad where I have most of the best affordable players, and in most cases (in attack) I could only improve by adding the likes of Aguero, Hazard, Sanchez which are all out of my price range (even after winning Div 1 a few times !!) as I like to only use coins earned by playing matches, so I was looking for other alternatives to boost my squad. From this article I have realised I could probably afford Willian to replace Oxlade-Chamberlain on the right for example. However, just a suggestion, maybe in future it might be worth adding in attacking players skill moves rating. This for me this is a game changer plays a big big part of it as I use skill moves a lot to get into better attacking positions, win penalties or create a great shooting chance out of nothing which is why I have done pretty well on ultimate team. For example, for my playing style bar Hazard, Yannick Bolassie trumps all the other left wingers because he has 5* skills, or another example is Diego Costa, I could probably scrape enough coins together for him and he has a high rating, but I would much rather have Loic Remy because of his 4* skill rating, he can do things Costa simply cant! Just a suggestion that it might be worth mentioning in future articles, but great articles nonetheless!

    7. Is this good making ST from Yaya Touré?
      Because, as CM not too good in my opinion.
      He is so strangth and good shoot atribute. What do you think ?

        1. Thanks Rodrigo.
          This is not too good idea. 🙂
          Yesterday I tryde Touré CDM position, and I saw , this is his position, very good powerful. I am not too good at defending, He helps me.

    8. Hi Rodrigo! Im using a 4321 formation, and I have only enough money to buy one big player, either hazard or aguero. With hazard i could potentially pair him up with Costa or Sturidge, with aguero i could pair him up with depay or sterling. Which combination is the best considering my formation and my direct play style, and i dont use skill moves much as well.


    9. Dion Selhorst

      Thanks again for the BPL guide.

      My current squads:

      1st team: 433(4)
      GK: Lloris
      RB: Walker
      CB: Otamendi
      CB: Koscielny
      LB: Azpilicueta
      CLM: Fabregas
      CRM: Matic
      CAM: David Silva
      RW: Willian
      ST: Sturridge
      LW: Memphis

      2nd team:

      GK: Begovic
      RB: Clyne
      CB: Cahill
      CB: Rojo
      LB: Clichy
      CLM: Schneiderlin
      CRM: Ramsey
      CAM: Firmino
      RW: Shaqiri
      ST: Bony
      LW: Mirallas

      I picked Clyne over Walker at first, but when i bought Walker i noticed why he is your number 1 right back. This midfield works absolutely brilliant for me. Matic is very strong, fast enough en reasonable long shot. Fabregas’ passing, dribbling and shooting is brilliant and silva dribbles past defenders so easily. To bad his shot is not the best, still okay though.

      Another player that really stands out in my current team is Otamendi… What a defender. By far the best defender in the BPL.

      Willian is amazing, Memphis is a nice addition to the BPL as well, his dribbling however is not on par with Willian though. Maybe Sanchez would be a nice upgrade here?

      Sturridge is a brilliant finisher and his pace is nice every now and then.

      The only position that seems weak in the BPL is the LB position in my opinion.

      Which position do you think I should upgrade first?


    10. I’ve recently started playing and I’ve been using a bronze (with one or two silvers) to smash through single player tournaments and seasons for a couple weeks. I’m now in the process of building a concept squad but can’t decide what league to use as a base, between La Liga and the Premier League. What is your opinion? Maybe even the Bundesliga one?

    11. What about Ozil he is amazing !! Dont you think ? I would pick him over Fabregas any day… comments…

    12. Hey,
      Great article.
      What are your thoughts about Rooney as a CAM.
      I’ve currently got him playing behind Aguero.

      Also, I’m using two CDM’s. One is Matic. I’ve converted Yaya Toure into the other. Do you think Toure is cut out to play this role?

      1. Hi. Thank you.
        Rooney is a good CAM. In fact, he is one of the best BPL players in this position.
        If I had to pick two players to play as CDM, it would be Yaya and Matic for sure.

    13. Hi Rodrigo,

      First and foremost, your site is really great. The complex and comprehensive guides helped me a lot! To my question, because I dunno, if the style, which I am applying is the a “good” one, or are there any tweaks which I need from your point of view.

      1. My style is various, sometimes I like to sit back, soak up the pressure and hit them on counter. Sometimes I like to keep possession and work my way through. I usually like stronger players (therefore no Silva, Özil etc.)
      2. I am using 3 teams and I am changing the team after every match (I have found out, if I play 2 matches in a row, the injury risk is greater)
      Formation: 4-2-3-1
      Team 1: De Gea – Azpilicueta, Cahill, Otamendi, Colema – Sissoko, Matic – Sturridge, Rooney, Toure, Benteke
      Team 2: De Gea – Baines, Kompany, Koscielny, Darmian – Inler, Schneiderlin – Coutinho, Oscar, De Bruyne,- Costa
      Team 3: Handanovic – Alex Sandro, Chiellini, Barzagli, Liechtensteiner – Marchisio, Nainggolan – Mertens, Guarin, Callejon – Higuain

      (All cards are gold rare, sorry for the typos in the names)
      Is there something, you will tweak?

      Best Regards


      1. Hi. Nice to meet you.
        Yes, the injury risk is greater when the fitness is low.
        I don’t have many suggestions to make. With more coins you can improve them, but they are OK for your budget. According to our guides, there are a few better alternatives to Cahill, Inler and Callejon.

    14. Formation:4-2-3-1(2)



      Should anyone from team two be in my first team to replace one of them as team one is my strongest.Also who should I get when I have saved up some coins.


    15. Hi again Rodrigo
      I have bought Vertonghen and was going to buy Ramires but then I realized that I almost could affort Toure because I noe have 50k
      You think I should still buy Ramires or do you think I should buy Toure. And if you think i should someone completly else come with your suggestion.

    16. Hi Rodrigo, i’ve read lots of your articles & realized you also give personnal answers to ppl. Those comments helped me a lot to figure out how to improve my team. I would now give my squad, could you advice me?
      About changes i could make, to improve it?
      I’m playing on PC & got ~ 30K

      As i saw in comments, you advice a 4-1-2-1-2, which i ve. My gameplay is mostly about speeding up on the flanks, and then crossing (on ST) or getting into area and shooting (long shot).

      A / B / C = A being choice 1, B choice 2, C choice 3, etc.

      Benteke / Rémy Lukaku / Rémy

      Eriksen / Dembélé / Fellaini [When loosing & in need of more Heading acc.)

      Mirallas / Depay (LW) Walcott/ Lamela

      Matic/ Schneiderlin / Fellaini (CM)

      Baines / Baba Alderweireld /Djilobodji Cahill/Mbemba Walker / Coleman


      Also got:

      Wijnaldum (CAM), Sessègnon (CAM), Valdès (GK), Shatov, (LW), Defoe (ST), Cole (LB), Routledge (LM), Townsend (RM)

        1. Playing on 2 Modes right now:

          1) 4-2-3-1

          Gk: Lloris
          Rb: Walker / Coleman
          Cb: Alderweireld/Cahill
          Cb: Mangala
          Lb: Azpilicueta / Baines

          CDM (R) : Schneiderlin / Ramires
          CDM (L) : Matic / Ramires

          CAM (Center) : Eriksen / Dembélé
          CAM (Left) : Sissoko
          CAM (Right) : Oscar / Fellaini

          + using Walcott (CAM R) or Mirallas (CAM L) when in game & in need of speed.

          ST : Benteké / Remy or Lukaku / Remy

          2) 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

          Gk: Lloris
          Rb: Walker / Coleman
          Cb: Alderweireld/Cahill
          Cb: Mangala
          Lb: Azpilicueta / Baines

          CM (Center) : Eriksen / Dembélé
          CM (Left) : Ramires
          CM (Right) : Oscar / Fellaini

          LW : Depay / Mirallas
          RW : Shaqiri / Walcott

          ST : Benteké / Remy or Lukaku / Remy

          How could i improve it by now? I mainly use setup 2), but switch to 1) when players are under 85 Energy.

          Best regards

            1. Hi,

              I did. But by now, where should I invest?
              I ve lots of coins atm (couldn’t afford Hazard or something), could go for players like Fabregas, Kompany, Rooney, even a De bruyne.
              So just be free to tell me w/o taking money in count (in certain measure)

            2. Hi.
              If you have many coins atm, please hold them a few more days because prices will go down soon.
              If your plan is to buy low and sell higher, invest in gold rare players of popular leagues up to 5k coins.

            3. Btw, vertonghen has left on preferred foot ( & 3 stars) which doesnt fit well with Mangala, if i m not wrong. Why do you prefer him overall?

              he also has High/medium .. which seems kinda risky to me, don t you?

    17. Tobias Wilbek

      Hi Rodrigo can you suggest someone for my team btw i have 20k and can easily get more:
      GK Begovic
      LB Azpilcueta
      CBL Micah Richards
      CBR Mangala
      RB Zabaleta
      LM Nasri
      CM Jack Wilshire
      RM Walcott i have Mata but i think he is too slow
      Right CAM Couthino
      Left CAM David Silva
      ST Benteke
      I play 4-5-1

    18. Hi
      this guide is brilliant its a life saver for a beginner like me.
      I have managed to improve my squad over black friday(hope I didn’t do it too soon)
      Please could you advise what to do next with my team.I like squad rotation and this is my team
      Is schniedelin a good back up for Matic?
      Who shall I buy to improve my squad?
      Many thanks.

      1. Thank you, Edward.
        It was a good decision to wait for Black Friday to build your team.
        You already bought the best players your budget can support. Yes, he is a good backup for Matic.
        As soon you have coins, try to buy Otamendi. He sill be a good improvement.

    19. Hi again rodrigo can you list these player from best to worst I have no idea on who to buy:

      Özil, Silva, Eriksen, Coutinho and Cazorla


      I play 4231 (2) My defending cdm is Matic, who should be my box-to-box cdm? I couldn’t decide. Can you list those from best to worst too please?

      Ramsey – Fernandinho – Fabregas – Ramires – Schweinsteiger – James Milner – Wilshere and Dembele, saving it for Yaya currently but need someone.

      Thank you very muchh!! Kind Regardss

    20. Rodrigo,

      Thank you for your advise.

      what do you think about Pedro and Nasri? and why?

      Best Regards

    21. I am looking for your advise.
      My formation is 4231 (2). Mostly passing in the centre and use though passes to break the line or cut inside from each sides. Current budget is 15k and considering upgrade sterling, toure, fabregas. What is your thought on this who should upgrade first,second and last?

      GK: Courtois ( Begovic )
      LB : Azpilliqueta ( Clichy )
      RB : Walker ( Clyne )
      CB : Company ( Vertonghen )
      CB : Kocsienly ( Cahill )
      CDM : Matic ( Scheneiderlin )
      CDM : Ramires ( Fernandinho )
      CAM : Silva ( Eriksen, Payet)

      Also, how can you rate among Remy, Lukaku, Benteke? By 1 to 3. Your advise is very much appreciated.

      Best regards

      1. Hi.
        1 Remy, 2 Lukaku, 3 Benteke.
        You will need more coins to buy those players. To be honest, you already have a good team and they are not crucial to you. Maybe Toure should be the first one.

        1. Ok so I got another question, more simple one :), Bundesliga, Serie A or BBVA, with the exception of Ronaldo and Messi of course, I am looking to build a expensive squad around 1 million coins in one of the leagues. Which one do you think is the best? Thankss

    22. Hi Rodrigo
      I have this team 41212
      I need your help for CAM and LM positions,is Sterling worth buying or i should continue with Mirallas and save coins for Sanchez?And for the Cam position i am really confused,De Bruyne is obviously the best choice but i cant afford him now and i am thinking about Coutinho,Cazorla or Rooney i dont want Silva or Ozil coz of the 2*WF.I have 60k now.

    23. What do you think about my squad? I’m in div 1


      Walker smalling cahill baba
      Dembele fernandinho ramire
      Lukaku remy

    24. hi,,

      i would like some advice, i have the unlimited budget and i am playing with the 4-3-3 basic version but it’s like something is missing, but i don’t know what

      i have courtouis , cause he has the long ball throw threat, which is amazing.
      Azpiliqueta – otamendi – kompany – darmian ( i took him over walker cause walker leaves his “man” often alone)

      Yaya Toure – Santi Cazorla IF – Matic

      hazard – Aguero – Sanchez IF

      Sanchez IF > beats william even though he is an LW, but i think i am missing something on my midfield, but i am unsure where.

      My playing style is variation ;

      crosses dribbling inside cut passes through the center … i like/do it all.

    25. Hi Rodrigo
      I have this team in 433 (4):
      1.Should I replace mirallas for nasri?
      2.How else could I improve the team with players of around the same price?

    26. Hey Rodrigo! im lookin to upgrade my team but don’t know where/who to upgrade.

      At the moment im playing 4-1-2-1-2, been switching between that and 4-3-3, don’t really know what to play with, im new to Fifa so any tips are appreciated

      GK: Begovic
      RB: Séamus Coleman
      CB: Micah Richards & Phil Jones
      LB: Azpilicuata
      CDM: Jemes McCarthy
      CAM: Wijnaldum
      RM: Gerard Deulofeu¨
      LM: Kevin Miralles
      STL: Salomon Rondon
      STR: Cameron Jerome

      I also got Lukake on the bench, but I don’t really like playing with him, to be he seems to be worse than Rondom and Jerome.
      Also got Schneiderling, Wilshire and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on the bench, if you could set up a squad for me maybe, or just tell me who/where to upgrade I like my defence so i’d probably want to upgrade my offense.

      I guess by the time you see this i’ll have about 25k coins, and im playing on PC if that helps somehow

      Thanks in advance!

      1. Hi David. Nice to meet you.
        If you don’t like Lukaku, sell him. You can use him to improve your budget.
        You have a decent team but, in my opinion, you should try these players:
        Okore instead of Phill Jones
        Kouyaté instead of McCarthy
        Fernandinho instead of Wijnaldum
        and finally Remy instead of Rondon


        1. Thanks for the response, really wanted to upgrade my team yesterday and I went with buying Nasri, Shaqiri, Kyle Walker and Mangala, should I sell any of these and buy the ones you recommended instead? or should I just keep them and get coins again for these 4?

          Thanks in advance again!

          1. GK: Begovic
            RB: Kyle Walker
            CB: mangala & Phil Jones
            LB: Azpilicuata
            CMR: Wijnaldum
            CMC: Jemes McCarthy
            CML: Wilshire
            LW: Nasri
            RW: Shaqiri
            ST: Salomon Rondon

            This is what the team looks like now btw

          2. The prices are now going down because of FUT United, so it is not a good time to sell. Play with the ones you bought (which are god players) and if you are happy, keep with them.

    27. my current team is 4-3-3 (flat)
      darmian reid smalling shaw
      wijnaldum fellaini herrera
      lamela lukaku gradel

      thoughts? don’t have any coins left though

    28. Sorry, just to add onto the last post really….

      I am very tempted to sell my team and go for La Liga instead, but am worried about whether I will be able to play with them effectively.

      I think to improve my team I really need to buy any one of the following: Bale/Suarez/Messi/Ronaldo/Neymar.

      I don’t think I can buy any of them yet though due to a lack of/shortage of coins (especially after buying Ramos and a few other guranteed La Liga team starters).

      I have been looking at potential hybrids but 4-4-2 doesn’t seem to be the most compatible formation for this.

      I will probably end up just selling benzema, Martial IF, Otamendi IF and buying Aguero and Costa (and probably Sanchez and buying Hazard when i can afford him).

      I assume other than the squad guide, you have no other specific advice for this?

      Current Team:

      Otamendi (IF)
      Sissoko / Schneiderlin
      Martial (IF)

      I suppose the obvious advice is just to go for the BPL team in the above guide 🙂



        1. Hi Rodrigo,

          Thanks for reading (and replying to) my past couple of posts.

          Your advice on Otamendi being better than IF Koscielny is very interesting, I trust you on this and won’t buy IF Koscielny (Maybe he’ll get a 2nd IF which would be worth investigating :D).

          Yes, I can appreciate there is never enough time to check out all In-Forms in a league and you guys have been busy with the other ‘Squad Guides’ which I have also read and are interesting.

          I sold IF Otamendi at a slight loss, as I didn’t find him to be worthwhile (maybe I am just bad at defending).

          I managed to buy Gareth Bale for 250k (I was very lucky i think) and he seems to be consistently worth 350k, do you have any prediction on what will happen to him during ‘Black Friday’?
          He still seems ‘fairly rare’ and there aren’t lots of the card around, as 87 rating and higher seems to be quite sought after (apart from Lahm being an example of not particularly expensive for this rating).

          However, after playing with him for 6 games, I am not getting on particularly well with him.
          He is not perfoming as well as I’d hoped (I will give it a few more games, maybe he just doesn’t suit my style).

          Do you find Bale particularly good in Fifa 16 UT?

          I have tried a sort of hybrid, comprising of:


          Ramsey links with Bale of course due to the ‘Welsh’ connection.
          Bale and Benzema get a Hyperlink and with Cazorla or Wilshere in the middle, it ensures all players have individual chemistry of 10.
          (This includes Mark Hughes as a manager, left as a ‘vanilla’ card with BPL league)

          Since selling IF Martial and using Remi, I I think I prefer Remi, he is better with all stats except dribbling.
          (I only changed this as so many opponents played with Remi against me and he was absolutely devastating, so I thought I would try him, especially as he has gone down to 6k coins).

          Do you have any recommendations on expanding this Hybrid, or any opinions?

          I have thought a lot about the BPL/La Liga hybrid and know that Azpilicueta could merge in well as he is Spanish.
          Also, I could swap Ramsey for a La Liga player and he would link well with Ramos at CB, who is a top defender at 87 rated.

          In your opinion, who are the best four defenders (playing in 4-4-2 formation) with a hybrid of BPL and La Liga?

          Your advice on In-Forms so far has been great and the input is very much appreciated.

          I am still at the point where I need to save more coins to get a good BPL/La Liga Hybrid. We will have to see if I get anymore luck while bidding.

          I think my other option is to go for Cazorla IF in the middle with my current setup.
          (I am experiementing with Cazorla loan card, as I am not sure I want to invest coins in a permanent solution, which is why I put the Wilshere/Cazorla’ slash in the team above).

          I found ‘Mark’s comment below for ‘unlimited budget’ interesting…. Quote:

          i have courtouis , cause he has the long ball throw threat, which is amazing.

          Do you have any comment on this and how to use it? I am unsure of how to use it and usually if I throw the ball out to quickly counter attack, it gets thrown to the opposition (which is infuriating), so I just take my time and hold the ball for a few seconds while the players move into position.

          Thanks for your ongoing advice. I am enjoying testing different players.


          1. Hi.
            Yes, Bale is a good player in my opinion. If you want to sell him, do it tis weekend. On Black Friday his price will be much lower.
            My favourite densive line from BPL-BBVA is Azpilicueta, Otamendi (or Kompany to link with Courtois), Ramos and Dani Alves.
            Avoid buying IF. There are better players than Cazorla IF.
            Once again, Remy is OK but there are other options on BPL like Sturridge.

            1. Hi Rodrigo,

              Again, thanks for the advice, I sold Bale and made some coin on him.

              I’ve been experimenting quite a lot. Including Liga BBVA.

              All teams I ever have are 4-4-2 (with CMs – not with CDMs), I strictly stay with this formation always – it is just my preference.

              It is quite interesting how many people seem to play two holding midfield players in Fifa 16 Ultimate Team, it seems the cover at CDM is very beneficial if you struggle to retain possession.

              I temporarily had the following team:

              De Gea (loan)
              Rakitic (loan)

              I seemed to struggle with this team, I played a good 12 games or so with them, all online matches. I find Suarez was nowhere near as good as I expected.
              Maybe my playing style needs more games with the players.
              I think the midfield didn’t have enough ‘defensive cover’ – but couldn’t afford Modric, as pretty much all my budget went on Suarez, Iniesta and Neymar.

              I sold Suarez, Iniesta and Neymar and did some experimenting with Legends as I play on Xbox.

              I found Steffan Effenberg quite an interesting player for CM as he has work rate of Attack – Medium and Defensive of High, he seems to help the balance of two CMs, usually more players have Medium/Low of defensive work rate.

              As the ‘Chemistry’ of Legends has changed this year, it seems easier to adapt legends into a team. If you have gaps in your team you cannot fill due to chemistry, you can probably fill the gap with a Legend.

              Rodrigo, your opinion on Legends this year would be very much appreciated.

              E.G. Are there any particular Legends who seem to be great ‘value for money’?

              (My assumption would be that you feel similar towards Legends as you do for In-Forms – they are expensive and there are alternatives who are almost as good for much less coins).

              Apart from trying Effenberg so far, I plan to try Robbie Fowler and Davor Suker tonight, in the following team:

              Sanchez (Loan)

              I will be interested if this works out better than my Liga BBVA experience.

              The articles on Fifauteam about ‘ball control’ and ‘dribbling’ I found very useful, so many thanks to the team for those… it probably explains why I am such a ‘Benzema’ fan, he is good at ball control it seems 🙂

              Thanks again for all your time.


            2. Hi.
              I’m a Playstation owner, so I can’t give you feedback about Legends. But yes, this year they are much more interesting because of their chemistry.
              We already have many attributes articles ready to be published, so keep following us.

    29. Hi Rodrigo,

      Unfortunately I’ve not had tons of time to actually play the game as have been working a lot, but a quick update…

      Yes, your advice on Otamendi was good, he is proving to be far better than Mertesacker.

      To try and solve my ‘Who to play with Benzema’ dilemma – I bought Anthony Martial IF.
      He was pretty good to start with and I am sure his ‘shooting’ stat appears better ‘In Game’ than it actually is, but he has gone off the boil a bit.

      After playing with Martial In-Form for a while and also doing a little bit of trading with Otamendi In-Form, they seem pretty good but as you say, In-Forms are very expensive for the small gain you get.

      This has brought me to a request though, I know you always do lots of research before writing anything, which is great, but I think if you could give opinions on In-Forms that could be really helpful.

      For example, if in the premier league one of the ‘best players’ in a position gets an In-Form, you could do a small comment section on how much better you feel they are ‘In-Game’ or even whether a ‘near best’ player in a position for a league gets an In-Form, whether this makes him the ‘best’. E.G. Since Koscielny also received an In-Form a week after Otamendi, who would you consider the better player?

      Many players feel that Koscielney’s pace means he can stop most attackers outrunning him, but Otamendi isn’t much worse for pace and has far superior ‘Physical’ stat and better ‘defending’.

      There are of course some In-Forms that are obvious, e.g. Aguero, De Bruyne. They are already the best in their position and the In-Form makes them even more formidable in that position, the problem with this I have is that they are so expensive! E.G. Aguero is 1 million coins.
      De Bruyne is 200-300k coins or so.

      Many thanks again for all your time and effort put into the guide/s, I have read all the league guides.

      I must admit, trading seems to have slowed down, I assume most players have now hit their ‘expected’ price and fluctuations will be smaller in the majority (except for tournaments to look out for, like the recent ‘MLS Play Off’). I managed to buy Dempsey In-Form when he came out for reasonably low amount of coins, 19k – so knew I couldn’t lose more than 9k coins on him due to his ‘quick sell’ value. In-Form Dempsey did come in handy for the tournament.

      Thanks again.


      1. Hi.
        Thank you for your feedback.
        Your suggestion is good but at this moment our priority is to cover more leagues. New IF cards are out every week and we don’t have time to test all of them. In our opinion, NIF Otamendi is better than Koscielny IF.
        Sell as many cards as possible because prices will go down during FUT United and then during Black Friday. You need coins to buy cards during these events.

    30. Hey Rodrigo

      Do you think Anthony Martial is a good striker option, or would someone like Lukaku be better?

    31. Hi rodrigo,amazing guide…the accuracy in every details is incredible.
      Could u give me some advices to improve my team.
      This is my squad 4-3-3
      Azpilicueta koscielny okore walker
      Ramires wilshere Henderson
      Mirallas Remy oxlade
      Budget 60k
      Thanks for your time
      Ps i was thinking about sturridge

        1. What do you think about the squad? Has it balance?and what about the defense? Thanks again

    32. Hi Rodrigo, excellent work. Keep up the effort!
      This is my current BPL squad How can I improve it, I’m on a tight budget. The formation is 3-5-2. I like doing through passes a lot!
      GK: Begovic
      LCB: Rojo
      MCB: Smalling
      RCB: Richards
      LM: Mirallas
      LCDM: Tiote
      RCDM: Kouyate
      RM: Oxlade-Chamberlain
      CAM: Payet
      LST: Lukaku
      RST: Benteke

      Thanks, greatly appreciated.

    33. Hi Rodrigo
      Can you help me to improve my team, I’m on a limited budget and I play the 433(4)
      Gk: courtois
      Rb walker Cb zouma Richards Lb Tremoulinas
      Rcm Ramires Lcm krychowiak Cam dembele
      Rw shaqiri St lukaku Lw Konoplyanka

    34. Hi Rodrigo,
      I was wondering which hybrid squad is better: a bpl-bundesliga hybrid, or a bpl-liga bbva hybrid

    35. Hello,

      Quick questions, would you care to sort of upgrade the guide including TOTW players? What would be a best choice for a CAM given the fact that Sterling, Cazorla and De Bruyne are TOTW?Also, would you consider Sturridge TOTW over normal Aguero?

    36. Hi Rodrigo,
      I’m almost having sleepless nights wondering how to go about improving my current team. Playing a 4-1-2-1-2 formation currently with Vorm(GK), Otamendi & Cahill (CB’s), Coleman(RB), Jose Enrique(LB), Matic (CDM), Walcott (RM), Depay (LM), Coutinho (CAM), Sturridge and Remy (STs). Had tried Shaqiri at RM but Theo suits me better. Have enough coins to buy 1 big player now. Any suggestions ? Also, do you prefer Cahill or Koscielny ?

        1. Thanks. Aguero was too expensive so bought Azpilicueta (LB) and Lloris (GK) instead. I would love to draft in more Man Utd players into my squad. Apart from Depay and De Gea, can you recommend any other United player who would strengthen my current squad?

            1. Thanks Rodrigo. So, after our discussion, I was able to buy Koscielny on the cheap. After linking him up with Otamendi/ Cahill, I played around 10-15 games and in my opinion, Cahill was better than Koscielny. I had 2 major problems with Koscielny: 1. Strength & 2. Positioning. Apart from these, Cahill is also better at Heading and Interceptions. It felt like the only area where Koscielny held an edge over Cahill was his pace. However, with a 73 pace, Cahill didn’t get outrun often. So, after 5 mins of INTENSE speculation, I was finally able to see in Koscielny what LVG will see pretty soon in Rooney and decided to put him on the transfer list. So now finally , after all that trouble, all that’s left is for someone to buy him off me and hopefully book a lil profit in the process.

    37. Hi ,

      i have a BPL team been struggling to find a formation , the best i play is with a 4-3-3 with 1 CDM..
      this is my team





      any recomandations pls

    38. Hi Rodrigo, your guides in fifa 15 were great and I am so glad you have continued them!

      At the moment I am using a BPL team (4-1-2-1-2):

      GK: Pantilimon
      CBs: Zouma & Smalling
      LB: Baba
      RB: Nyom
      CDM: Kouyate
      LM: Arnautovic
      RM: Ibarbo
      CAM: Barkley
      ST: Lukaku
      ST: Welbeck

      I am liking how Jack Wilshire plays this year (and he is ENGLISH!) and would like to fit him into the team. I have tried a 4-1-2-1-2(2) but I miss my wingers and Henderson, on the right, wasn’t very good.

      I have 10,000 coins –
      Should I use Benteke instead of Welbeck?
      How can I change my team to fit Wilshire in?

      Thanks, Rudolf1330

    39. Hi,Rodrigo if opt to use a4-2-3-1 (2) formation which would be the ideal Bpl squad for you assuming I have unlimited budget?

    40. Hi Rodrigo, I play 4-1-4-1 , like this
      Phil Jones

      I want to upgrade wilshere, diouf, shaw and djilobodji. In Cb i need your advise over Rojo, Vertonghen or someone else. In Lb, I am considering between Azpilicueta and clichy, but it might be azpilicueta because of his defensing stats., but still want your advise. In Cm, i want to place a CAM, who should i pick between Oscar, Coutinho, Ericksen, Firmino, Payet, can your enumerate them form 1 to 5 plis? And finally, I am thinking to cange Diouf with Lukaku, Remy or Benteke, who should i Pick. I have 60k.

      1. I don’t know your platform but my suggestions are:
        CB Vertonghen
        LB Azpilicueta
        CAM 1 Coutinho, 2 Eriksen, 3 Oscar, 4 Payet, 5 Firmino
        ST Remy (but Lukaku is a better good value for money)

          1. Hi Rodrigo, I might need your advice, again.
            I have uptated my squad form my previous comment. I am playing a 4-3-3 (4) with cam and i have 115k in PS4. My team is: Valdes, Clyne (such a good player), Vertonghen, Cahill, Azpilicueta, Fernandinho (CM), Ramsey (CM), Oscar (CAM), Shaquiri, Lukaku, Depay

            I want to update my Gk with Cech, Lloris or Hart, wich one is better. Im Ok with the defense. In the mid, i want a more defensive player like Matic or Ramires, and a better Cm and Cam … wich players should i use between Fabregas, Ander Herrera IF, Schweinsteiger, Cazorla (should i use him as a cam or cm), Silva, Ozil, Rooney Cam? Finally, the player i want to update the more is the St, so im between Sturridge, Rooney, Kane SIF? (Aguero too expensive and i just dont like Costa)

    41. FUTUnited ? When in Nov?

      Plus Nainngolan is a better player than Guarin?

      I am thinking of a 4-4-2

      Vorm, Rose, Vertonghen (Okore), ogbonna(Sakho), Darmian

      Mirallas, Eriksen, Nainggolan, Cuadrado

      Benteke, Dybala

      Subs: Mertens, Jovetic, Palacio, Fegouli, F.Anderson and Diego Lopez(Alves)

    42. Omar Mestekawi

      Dear Rodrigo,

      I play with 4-2-3-1 Wide

      Walker – koscielny – jagielka – moreno
      Yaya Toure – Ramires
      Walcott Payet/Wilshere Mirallas

      What do you think, what are you suggestions?

      1. Hi.
        It depends of many factors, like your play style, preferences and your budget (the most important one!).
        Unless you got him in a pack, Yaya is too expensive for that team. In my opinion, you should try to save a few coins to buy Azpilicueta (yes, e is much better than Moreno) and Otamendi (or Kompany).

    43. Hi Rodrigo I play a 4-3-3(2) BPL formation with Fellaini CDM, and Fernandinho and Dembele CMs. I have 20k to spend, who do you recommend in these positions?

      I also have Remy at ST who has been quite good for me. Is it worth upgrading him to a ST less than 50k? If so, who?

      1. If you need someone better on the defence, buy Matic. Otherwise, Ramires is a good option.
        If you are OK with Remy don’t replace him now. Prices age getting cheaper and you may use your coins to improve other positions.

    44. Rodrigo,

      Who is better Sakho or Zouma as a CB?

      Plus is there a need for a pacey CB this FIFA or not?

        1. And also how about Toby Alderwierd? Spurs CB?

          I need a Belgian CB for my hybrid squad to be able to raise Nainggolan Chemistry and I can’t afford Vertonghen now.

            1. I agree – not in order to get Vertonghen, I need to sell one of Lamela or Nathan Dyer (L city) what do you think ? I have Cuadrado, Perisic, Fegouli and the mentioned 2 above for the RM role – what do you think? I will buy one on Shaqiri or Alex Chamberlaine also for that position but near future – plus you said that prices of BPL will decrease in Dec? Only BPL ? And why?

            2. Vertonghen is more important to you than these two players. You can sell them.
              Except for the top players, prices are going down. It is expected a bigger price drop in FUTUnited (November), Black Friday (last week of November) and Xmas (16Dec-2Jan). And TOTY, of course.

    45. Hi Rodrigo
      Which two centre backs are best out of ogbonna, Richards and okore? Thanks in advance!

    46. Hi rodrigo i was wondering what is a good formation for the bpl team i also need a good striker who is cheap like benteke lukaku or martial

        1. Thanks what day do you think is best for me to buy the players (what day are players cheapest)

        1. Hello Rodrigo,

          Once again sorry if I was a bit rude. But dembele has a combination of strength, dribbling and 4 skills which is very interesting. Moreover he is quite complete in others attributes. In practice when you use it, in higher division where people mastered 2nd press man and pressure is always here. He is really interesting.


    47. I don’t see why richards would be a better choice than ogbonna. Moreover I think Mbemba or okore may be mentionned.

      1. In our opinion, Richards is better than Ogbonna.
        In the six basic stats, Micah wins five: he has better passing, physical, shooting, dribbling ans pace. He is also much much better in some important attributes for a CB like aggression, positioning (Ogbonna is awful), ball control, short passing, balance, etc… He played very well when we tested him, so we don’t see how Ogbonna could be better than him just to be taller and defends better.
        Please, be sure to read the complete article before post comments. As you can see, Okore in our low budget starting eleven team and about Mbemba we said that “we don’t consider him a viable option since he lacks the remaining attributes necessary for a good central back.”

        1. Hello Rodrigo,

          In my opinion, passing and dribbling skills are not so important for a centre back. At this position you should not take risks and just play. Moreover Richards attribute’s are better but remain also awul… (59 at positionning…. ). About the aggression attributes, even if it’s interesting it can also lead to penalty kick.

          For your inforation, Ogbonna is the player of my team that score the more header on corner.

          Sorry if I appeared a bit rude, the but want I want to say is that sometimes stats are not so important. For example, last year, Cavanda was in practice one of the best RB of the game to defend even if the stats didn’t show it. The same way, tall defender was able to better cut crosses than some players with much more heading….


          1. Hi.
            Of course stats are not the most important. That’s why we have to test all the players before publish a guide (and for that reason we take a few weeks to publish them).
            I have a different opinion about Micah and Ogbonna but I respect yours. Like I always publish in all my squad guides ” a good player for someone might not be for another“. We all play FIFA in a different way.

    48. I build hybrid squad
      Diego alves
      Lichstainer-juan jesus-pepe-tremoulinas
      Parolo-alvaro pereyra-enzo perez
      What do you think?

    49. @Rodrigo
      can you help me with origin (PC) prices for these as well…last year it was already given along with the xbox n ps prices here
      help me out for these
      thanks in advance mate

    50. Azinuddin Karim

      Hi Rodrigo,

      Thanks for the superb guide. I have now set up this team in a 433(2):

      Clyne Mangala Vertonghen Azpi
      Yaya Matic (CDM) Oscar
      Willian Lukaku Mirallas

      1) Should I continue with Oscar or replace with Eriksen? I have him as a sub.
      2) With about 120k, which area should I improve?
      3) If i were to get a ST, would Sturridge or Costa be a better fit?


      1. Thank you.
        1) Both are good players. If you are having success with Oscar, keep with him. Otherwise, give a try to Eriksen.
        2) Koscielny and Diego Costa. And maybe Depay.
        3) Costa.

        1. Azinuddin Karim

          Thanks for the quick reply Rodrigo! Now the bigger problem seems to be finding players online, but that’s a topic for another time I suppose. Thanks again, looking forward to your other guides!

    51. Hi great guide, was very useful in helping me build a team. I think Bolasie is being overlooked on LM/LW. He has pace and dribbling on par with Mirallas but is possibly (I didn’t check) the strongest LM/LW in the BPL which helps in outmuscling the right backs that are marking him, probably an underrated and (IMO) a better economic option than Mirallas. Ander Herrera for budget CM is also another shout out. Total in game stats Wilshere is better but for creative potential, that 88 short passing Herrera possesses is insane for through balls and passes to feet. Angelo Ogbonna is arguably a better cheap alternative for a CB compared to Richards as well. He’s like a poor man’s Kompany but with better pace. Just my 2 cents though, in case people are missing out on these bargain players as well =)

    52. Rodrigo, sounds like there are 2 AKs

      I am the first one though,

      So if I have the option to choose between 2 players that will both improve the quality and chemistry of my side but I can t afford both at the same time, which do I opt for at first? Eriksen or Benteke?

      Please let me know

        1. Again – I was the one asking for 11-15 top players out of 22 players.

          This other guy is different so can you please ask my question?

          I also got Eriksen and will wait for Benteke!

          Which formation are you playing with as of now at FIFA 16?

            1. Me too – haven’t decided yet! But I play more with the 4-4-1-1 formation though

              Because I got Benteke now, I want to play with 2 strikers so I am btw 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-4-2 flat

              Please keep me posted regarding ur formation testing

    53. Hi Rodrigo,

      Great stuff here. I currently have the following BPL team but would need input on whats best to improve it:


      Clyne Richards Mangala Azpi
      Eriksen (CM) Schneiderlin (CDM) Oscar (CM)
      Shaqiri Lukaku Mirallas

      I have about 100k and i packed Oscar a few days ago. Still undecided if i should sell Oscar and buy Fabregas or Coutinho (or anyone else), as he seemed to be outmuscled easily. Previously i used Dembele at CM. Or should I keep Oscar and invest in another area (e.g. CB or ST).

      If it helps, I usually play through the RW or LW and cut inside to score/pass if in a quick transition, or to pass around in front of the penalty area to spot an opening.

      Thanks a lot!

    54. Hi Rodrigo,

      I packed YAYA and Otamendi early on and managed to sell Yaya for good amount of coins and bought Sturridge. For me Danny Sturridge is better in game that some of his stats suggest. But I’ve now sold my BPL team and I made a BBVA team. I’ve got 35,000 coins to spend on a good striker, I have Amrabat from Malaga and Rodrigo from Valencia in my subs, but I’m using ON LOAN Griezmann until.his games run out. He is exspensive to buy but Jackson Martinez is maybe too slow for me but has great strength and decent numbers. Who would you pick be?! I’d love to get your opinion on my first team, as I’ve always followed your blogs and every year I’m always impressed with the guides.

      GK – Brava
      LB- Felipe Luis
      CB – Mathieu
      CB – Abdennour
      RB – Juanfran
      CDM – Krychowiak
      CAM – Koke
      CAM – Raul Garcia
      LW – Konoplyanka
      RW – Feghouli
      ST – Griezmann (ON LOAN)

      1. Hi.
        First of all, thank you very much.
        We are working in the BBVA guide right now. As you probably know, we never give suggestions before we test the players. Please, wait a few more days. We believe that the BBVA Guide may be published in less than a week.

    55. Hi Lopes!

      I’ve got some issues for my BPL team.

      I’ve tried using 433(4), 433(2), and 4321. The result is not consistent enough and mostly causing lost for me.

      Here’s all my players in BPL:
      GK – Vorm
      CB – Gabriel
      RB – Coleman
      LB – Holebas
      CDM – Tiote
      – Besic
      CM – Milner
      – Rodwell
      – King
      RM – Shaqiri
      – Thauvin
      LM – Chadli
      ST – Rondon
      – Rooney
      – Toivonen
      – Wickham

      Can you suggest which formation is suited for my BPL players above?

      My style of play:
      1. Crossing
      2. Uses through pass and lob through pass most of the time

      Thanks, peace 🙂

      1. Hi.
        Sorry but that’s something we never do: we don’t suggest formations according your players or league. That’s wrong to do it. Formations should be chosen according your play style and preferences.
        Take a look here, please.

    56. Thanks Rodgrigo for addressing my post above – so the aim is to have 18-22 players max now right? Because I have many of those medium / reserves kinda players since I like to explore a lot.

      Also when will the market go down? Does it go for all leagues or BPL only? I presume it s the former but want to double check – oh boy! Kouyate and Okore are such a bargain

      Your thoughts on Lamela, Origi, Rondon, ogbonna and Carlos Sanchez please

      1. You can stay with lower quality players to have more fun or you can invest your coins in a top squad to win. It’s up to you.
        Most of the prices (BPL and other leagues) in the first week of December will be much lower.
        None of those players are better than the ones of our suggestions.

        1. Thank you Rodrigo – my question: what do you think of those players? I didn’t say or requested a comparison btw the ones you suggested

          Plus – from you perspective, what is the ideal number of players one should have? Many or merely 22 players with 11-15 top level ones? I think it should be the latter.

          Also I can’t afford many of the players you suggested as of now. Can’t wait for the prices to drop!

          1. 22 players with 11-15 top level ones.
            Lamela – too bad physical
            Origi – not good for UT. Bad Passing
            Rondon – Bad stamina and bad passing which can be bad if you play with another ST
            Ogbonna – Decent CB with interesting WR
            C. Sanchez – Needs better sliding tackle and marking stats

            1. Thanks a lot Man – my only problem towards having only 22 players would be a limit of variety – I like to build multiple hybrid teams this I need for instance (4-5 CBs) that will be able to fit in and keep the chemistry at bay 4-5 CBs from different leagues but same nationality as some other players I have in my original lineup.

    57. Hi,rodrigo,my name is Jugoslava and i wanna ask you something.I build bpl squad anx i dont have money for otamendi and kompany so can you tell me beetween cahill,mangala,vertonghen and koscielny who is 2 best for me? Please answer me. 🙂

    58. Who would you say is better Erikson or Coutinho? Do u have any recommendations for any other midfielders at a similar price

    59. As always Rodrigo this is an amazing job, I have a couple of questions, I guess that you upted for unlimited budget the formation 41212 because it explores most of the amazing players BPL has to offer, I personally play 41213(2), which eliminates the very costly wingers from the equation, here is where I need some advice…. although BPL has many midfielders I cant seem to find to CM that are good at dribbling and passing while sustaining there stamina here is my team:

      Walker/ Coleman, (Otamendi Cahill Williams) Shaw /Rose
      Matic / Ramires
      Fernandinho / Ramsey / Oscar / Wilshere
      Firmino / Cazorla
      Remy / Lukaku / Rondon

      So lets focus on CMs, not CAMS although some cams can play as CMs not all of them have the strength or defensive commitment
      So what do you recommend Yaya is super expensive, and well I cant think of anyone else, although putting cazorla to a CM and buying De Bruyne might be an option?


        1. 41212(2) The one that doesnt use wingers but 2 cms 1 cdm and 1 cam in a tighter diamond

    60. Hi, I play with 4-3-3. (4)
      Walker. Otimendi kompany azpilaqeta
      Toure. Fabregas.
      Willian. Sterling
      Do you like this setup or should I change formation?

    61. Good thoughts Ed.

      I also love 4-4-2 and to can also try 4-4-1-1. It s similar in attack and will give you possession especially if you high press like myself.

      Your thinking actually remind me of myself – what s ur nick at FIFA 16? Would like to play a match against you

    62. Everyone that has played with Hazard in Fifa 16 knows his numbers are good but in-game he doesnt live up to them at all. No offense but this guide seems to just pick the players with highest numbers and they are not beeing measured how they perfom in-game at all. Would be great to know players that actually feels like they make a difference in-game. High numbers does not guarantee that at all in fifa.

      1. Hi.
        We respect your opinion but this is probably the most tested guide we publish.
        Before we publish a squads guide, we test all the players from that league. Usually it takes weeks and that’s the reason why we can’t publish a new guide every week.
        There’s still one uncertain component: a good player for someone might not be for another“. Probably Hazard is not a good player for you but for us he is the best one in his position and we believe that happen to most of the players.
        Obviously, it is impossible to make a guide like this without numbers. We need something to support our conclusions.

    63. Hi,rodrigo.I have serbian team
      Can you tell me what can i change?

    64. Hi Rodrigo,

      Great squad guide as always.

      I drew a few similar conclusions on some of the players, at this moment in time I am sitting with the following squad…

      Courtois (I bought him early on and couldn’t afford De Gea at the time).

      Zabaleta (I haven’t tried many players out, but he seems sound defensively which helps me a lot), it was Debuchy before I upgraded to Zebaleta.
      Mertesacker (Seems great at interceptions, yes, does suffer from pace issues at times though!)
      Azpilicueta (seems like the #1 for this position).

      Nasri (seems alright)
      Sissoko (good and cheap all rounder)


      I packed Benzema early on and he seems great, is still, scoring at least a goal every game.

      I feel the major weaknesses to the team are probably: Giroud, Mertesacker and Thauvin (maybe Sissoko could do with an upgrade too).

      Anyway, the main reason for the French players (Nasri/Thauvin, Giroud and Sissoko) is of course to ensure good chemistry with Benzema is achieved.

      Can you offer some advice on how you would incorporate Benzema into a BPL team please?

      Currently I play 4-4-2.

      A quick few questions….

      1) Would you recommend to simply drop BPL and move with BBVA for a ‘moderately’ priced team. E.G. Total 500k coin team?
      (As I probably won’t ever afford Messi/Ronaldo, Neymar etc, this is probably a bad idea?)

      2) Do you have any recommendations on what formation would best suit fitting Benzema into the BPL Hybrid team with the best player combination?

      I can’t decide whether to swap Fabregas for De Bruyne and whether to swap Giroud for Remy.

      I have around 180k coins to spend at this time, can you give any good advice on the best way forward with my team?

      Maybe before anything else I should swap Mertesacker for Otamendi?

      Your advice is much appreciated and the time you invest helps many folk on here.

      Thanks Again.


      1. Hi. Let’s see:
        1) BPL is more expensive but there are more options. Moving to the BBVA seems to be a good decision but since we are still testing this league, we can not give you a definitive answer.
        2) I think you should go to Otamendi, yes. There are no secrets to include Benzema in a BPL squad: you need to use Nasri, Remy or Girourd. The best you can do is to build a hybrid, half BPL, half BBVA. See here how to do it.

        1. Thank you for the reply, I have now purchased Otamendi, first two games with him in the team and I conceeded record number of goals, 11 in 2 games…but he’ll have to settle in and I won’t blame him as such, is always the way 🙂
          (Similar to that in fifa15, I had SIF Costa, he was fantastic, I then upgraded him to TOTS Costa and he seemed awful, even after 20-30 games he still didn’t seem as good, but maybe the level of opposition improved?!).

          Anyway, the Hybrid guide I remember reading last year but didn’t pay too much attention to it, I’ve had another read and am mulling over some decisions regarding my team.

          In the immediate, I cannot decide whether to spend the remaining money I have on De Bruyne (to replace Fabregas), or whether to keep Fabregas and just buy De Bruyne as well (one can go into the 2nd team/training squad if need be).

          Do you think replacing Fabregas with De Bruyne is worthwhile with my current setup?

          Either that or I buy Willain (who I know you’d recommend). With other people’s squads improving a lot, Thauvin seems to be a ‘weak link’.

          I am worried Willian and other players rated between 82 and 84 will come down in price soon and will regret not waiting before I pick them up, but that’s the market I guess.

          It’s either buy De Bruyne or save up for Hazard or someone like Aguero.

          (Or try out a hybrid with Bale/Ramsey/Benzema, which could work, but I think that will struggle because there are no decent Welsh RB players to link with Bale, unless I change formation to accommodate).

          I could of course ‘swap’ Benzema for Costa (with some extra money), but until I can afford the best BPL players, I feel I may as well keep Benzema/Nasri/Sissoko.

          I think amongst all of the above, I am going to attempt to put Schneiderlin into the team in place of Sissoko, the work rates may work better with Fabregas playing alongside.

          It’s either that or a formation change, but I love 4-4-2 and it is practically all I ever use in football games.

          Decisions, decisions 🙂



          1. No, I am confused. 🙂
            I believe that you will get used to Otamendi in a few games.
            De Bruyne is better than Fabregas except if you play through the middle with many passes.
            Willian is a good addition but, as you said, his price will come down soon.
            I still believe that you should build a Hybrid squad but you need to think if you should do it now or later when prices come down.

    65. Hi and thx for the guide,
      Have a 4-3-3
      De bruyne/fabregas/toure
      What do you think about that team?

    66. hi when do you think i should build a new bpl squad do you think prices will drop soon or should i just make it now

    67. Can you also have a post Rodrigo on buying players vs saving coins or how often do you change superstars in your team?

      For instance, as soon as I get a lot of coins, I go for players that I like and explore them out – only problem is I don’t sell the old players who statistically have actually helped the team and this may cause some hindrance in adding coins and going for superstars.

        1. What do you think then? Shall I keep playing with my squad and replace a star player by each new star player so that tnere is no loss in my profit of coins?

          I want to enjoy playing and at the same time gather a lot of coins to get top level world class players because I never could without buying coins at FIFA 15

          What would be the best strategy from your standpoint?

          1. Yes, I believe that the first thing to do is to play which starting eleven you want and which substitutes. Then, start by buying the substitutes because they are cheapest. Then, everytime you have enough coins, buy a player from your starting eleven until you have your team finished.

            1. You mean choose them (starting 11) based on Concept players – can you please elaborate your post Rodrigo


            2. My apologies. After reading again what I wrote, I think was very tired.
              If you want to have a good team in the shortest time possible you’ll have to buy with intelligence. Most importantly in the beginning, if you make the wrong decision, you may be mortgaging your future. Now that you’ve saved up some coins, try starting to fill places in your squad with medium players that will serve as substitutes or reserves in the future. Every time your balance allows, buy a first team player. One by one you’ll form your team. This way, you’ll have time to analyse the behaviour in the market of your next purchase and you’ll be able to buy good players at lower prices.

    68. Daniel McPhilimey

      First off, thanks for the guide! They honestly really do help.
      Secondly – My current team is: (4-2-3-1 with wingers)

      Willian-Eriksen-Mirallas (soon to be Depay)

      Would you take Hart over Cech, and Koscielny over Cahill?
      Thanks 🙂

    69. Thoughts on Coutinho over Silva & Walcott over Mata in the 1st team subs/reserves?

      1. There are many good centre midfielders in BPL. Coutinho is one of them. The biggest difference between him and Silva is pace (Coutinho is better) and passing (Silva is better). To us, Silva is the right decision because he is a player who decides the game better.
        With Mata and Walcott the things are different. Walcott is essentially pace. Mata is everything except pace.

    70. harry lundberg-brown

      do you think would work as well 4 2 2 2 the same back 4 as the middle team Begovic in net ramires and schniderlin in cdm eriksen and oscar in cam and benteke and lukaku up front

    71. Hi can you pleeeaaaase do a serie a squad guide or if you cant can you tell me one i can get with 70k in a 4222 or a formation of your choice. Thanks in advance

        1. Oh well thats great but i might of changed teams by then so if you dont mind can you type a quick serie a team but if your too busy for that i understand

    72. well that’s a great team!
      But Futhead,I wonder if the 2016 BPL team is better than a Liga BBVA/BUNDESLIGA/BPL hybrid one with the same rating but around 80-85 chemistry?

    73. Great job!

      What are your thoughts on Henderson (Liverpool) and
      Harry Kane or Danny Rose (Spurs)

      1. Henderson is a decent player. He runs a lot. However, there are many quality players for this position in BPL.
        In my opinion, passing quality of Rose is not good enough. A Left back needs to be a good passer.
        I have the idea that Kane is better in real life than in the game. He is slow, for example.

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