Beginner’s Introduction Guide to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Beginner's Introduction Guide to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


Do you want to know what is FIFA 14 Ultimate Team and how it works ? You are in the right place. Welcome to our Beginner’s Introduction Guide to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.


Beginner’s Introduction Guide to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode of FIFA franchise. Everyday, 3.4 million games are played all around the world.

FUT 14, or FIFA 14 Ultimate Team as it is commonly called, is a free-to-play extension of FIFA 14 where we try to build the team of our dreams. It is like owning our very own fantasy team. And it is always an unfinished project. We are always finding new goals to achieve: testing other players, trying a new formation, winning a tournament, etc…The game never ends.

Ultimate Team is not only about creating unique squads with the players that we like. There is much more than that. We need to control several things to ensure the success of our club.

Firstly, we should know that everything in this game is a card that can be earned in packs, sold, bought or traded in a real time global market with thousands of players. In FUT 14, there are four groups of cards:

    Used to to build our squads.
    Used to give to the players what they need: contracts, training, healing sessions, etc…
    Used to manage the consumables in the best way improving our winning chances
    Club Items
    Used to customise our club with badges, kits, balls and stadiums.


Beginner's Introduction Guide to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

There are thousands of players to choose in FUT 14


Playing FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is not only about manage these four card groups. We need to find the right formation (formation guide available HERE) to our play style and to the players we picked. It is on the pitch where we see if we built an unbeatable team or not. We can play on online and offline tournaments and seasons or challenge our friends. FIFA 14 Ultimate Team combines your fantasy team with award-winning FIFA 14 game play.

To make the challenge of building our own squad even more fun and unique, there are some rules: the chemistry rules (chemistry guide available HERE). It measures how well the players like to play together. So we need to buy players with strong connections with team mates. In other words, we need to try to match their real-life nationality, league and club. A good relationship with the manager, loyalty and playing in the right position also helps the players performance.

As it happens in the real life, money is crucial to build something. Part of the FUT 14 fun is to know how to make profit in the market (trading guide HERE). The more coins (FUT currency) we have, the bigger will our dreams are.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is played on the consoles or PC but we can manage our squads on an Web App or on mobile devices.


Beginner's Introduction Guide to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team may be played on almost everywhere


If you want to know more about this game mode, just follow the links of this page or click HERE. We have the most comprehensive explanation about everything that is to do with FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.


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  1. Hey I have FIFA 14 on my pc I can play it offline but how can I play the ultimate team.
    Please Respond!!!

  2. I have an account that all ready made but I can only play offline how do I change so I can play online

  3. I’m planning on buying FIFA 15 Ultimate edition. How is it different from the standard edition?
    Will i be able to play the regular offline player and manager modes with real team like the standard version?

    Also since i don’t have an internet connection( please, no jokes), I was wondering if I’ll be able to play the ultimate team on offline mode?

  4. Hi I need your help, I was playing on my android and got to div 1 but now I bought an iphone so I installed fifa 14on it and I logged in to my origin account and when I went to play ultimate team it started from scratch. How do I get my ultimate team that I had on my android on my iphone pls help

  5. i was wondering how to change badges and kits in fut online. i know how to change the kits and badges through the ‘my club’ screen. but when your matched up with an opponent online there is a way to change the badge and kit so you don’t have clashing kits with your opponent, just wondering how this is done. thanks

  6. Martin Nilsson

    Hi! I have played as a anonymous player on fifa ultimate team 14. And I want do connect the anonymous carrear to my account. How do i do?

      1. Unless you have an origin account which you have played with your ios, then you can just log in on your android device and continue the FUT

  7. Im playing fifa 14 on ios IPAD


    Im playing with my friend so i went to online friendlies

    When i sent him the request and he accepts it it tells a error called

    Sorry the match is mising u dont have any friends something lyk dat

  8. Hi, I started a season by a mistake but I cant play in that season because it says (Min data2) 2 in 11 players or something like this but I want to re choose the season i want, how can i do that , thanks

      1. Yes i checked it btw im playing on iphone 4s, it doesnt have a forfeit button im afraid i cant cancel this season and dont know what to do exactly maybe ill feedback fifa and gather more info thank you

  9. Hey

    Im playing fut
    And i bymistake taken a hard season cup
    Can i leave the season cup?

  10. Hi I have ultimate team on my tablet and im wondering how do I give my friend a player

    1. Easy.
      Ask to your friend to put a worthless card on the transfer market. Then, go there, find it and click on ‘transfer offer’. You will be able to offer 0 coins + that player for his card. This way you will avoid the EA taxes.

      1. Hey

        When i went to the transfer market i dint see the transfer offer??

        Does it only appear if that card is from my friend ?

        Oh btw i am using ipad ios fifa 14

          1. hello sir,
            By mistake i went to the wrong season, how can i choose another season ?

  11. When your player is on the tranfer list and the times run out how do you put it back into your active squad

  12. Hi, on Fifa 14 IOS ultimate team, is it possible for my ultimate team to play my friends ultimate team? This is on iOS

  13. in the manager tasks section I have completed all but one ‘apply a fitness item’ . I have applied a consumable fitness item to both a player and a team and this has still not worked or unlocked! do you have to wait to be prompted by Martin Tyler before this can be unlocked? thanks

  14. i play fifa 14 game on iphone 5 can i give a player to a friend in ultimate team.also how to unlock manager mode on it

    1. To play manager mode you need to buy the premium features. It is paid.

      It’s easy to send a car to a friend. First make sure you have added them to your friend list.
      Then, place on the market the card you want to send. Set a high price to avoid someone buy it. Give the details of your card to your friend. He just need to find that card on the market, using the filters and click on ‘Transfer Offer’. You will accept his offer (a bronze card, for example) and that’s it. In this way no one pay taxes. Your friend should check the name of your PSN ID / Gamer Tag to be sure that it is your card.


      1. where is the transfer offer button?? i have already tried to do it, i found the card and i cant seem to trade offer the card

  15. look I have downloaded fifa 14 on my samsung S3 but I cant play ultimate mode offline even online it cant do when I click it shows me some group of playes and tell me tap any way to continue when I do tap it shows so sort of cards with FUT logo then on far right of screen it shows login now and below lovin open your pack I do click there still it can not do how can I play offline games on ultimate coz I only play game of tbe week of which only few Barclays league and Seria A games are there then I also play penalties please help me how to play ultimate mode offline

    1. Fans who want a deeper experience with FIFA 14 will have the choice to upgrade their game, which will enable three additional modes. Manager, Tournament, and Kick Off are available for purchase in-game.

    1. Fans who want a deeper experience with FIFA 14 will have the choice to upgrade their game, which will enable three additional modes. Manager, Tournament, and Kick Off are available for purchase in-game.
      On the non-paid version you can only play Ultimate Team mode, penalties

    1. Yes, you can. Place that card on the transfer list and ask to your friend to find it. Then, he just need to click on “transfer offer” and you accept his offer (bronze card, for example). He need to be on your friend list.

  16. Hi, i play Fifa 14 UT, how to change difficulty level? Like World Class, Amateur? Sorry for my bad english

    1. On online games of Ultimate Team there is only one difficulty level. You can not change it.
      On offline games, each tournament has a difficulty level that you can see before starting it.

  17. Mark Rutherford

    My 8 yr old son has been playing Fifa14 for months and built up a good ultimate team.
    Today he was setting up a new squad for his brother, buying, selling players etc and now realised that it was actually selling the players from his squad!
    IS there any way to restore to a previous version of his squad to ‘undelete’ his sales/transfers?

    1. On the Active Squad Menu, click on that player and choose ‘Place on Transfer List’ (just click on FUT Web App; square on PS). Then, go to Transfers – Transfer List and set the price and duration of teh auction.

    1. Yes.
      Just add him as a friend and then place that card on sale by a high price. He just need to find that card on the market, click on transfer offer and make you an offer of 0 coins. If you accept it, you will be sending him the card by free.

  18. If I buy the premium unlock, can I play offline? The free model only offers shoot out mode for offline content against AI

    1. Fans who want a deeper experience with FIFA 14 will have the choice to upgrade their game, which will enable three additional modes. Manager, Tournament, and Kick Off are available for purchase in-game.

  19. Hi. I have FIFA 14 on my iOS tablet. I just wanted to ask how so i make a player from ‘my club’ to ‘squad’? Thanks in advance

    1. As a free download, FIFA 14 includes FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, Games of the Week and Penalty Shootout.
      For a small fee, fans can upgrade their game and enable three additional modes: Manager, Tournament and Kick-off.

  20. How do you challenge other players and play multiplayer in android server? I really getting bored playing with the computers.

  21. anubhav sangal

    Hey I just bought a gold pack fifa 14 fut…. it has players too… I just wanted those players in one of my own squad… how can I do so? Please help… Thank you..

  22. I have fifa14 for Android. I added my friends recently. But I still haven’t figured out how to challenge them… how to do it?

      1. Hey
        Actually I invited them and I even bought the premium content but I still see no option…do you have any idea where I would find it?

  23. i saw for example pedro n he had 98 in most of the 6 attributes, how i can do the same?

  24. How do I change my club stadium because I need to do it and I will get a free gold pack with Messi on the front!

    1. Hi.
      You will get a pack but not Messi.

      Club – My Club – Stadiums – Make this Item Active

      If you have no stadium besides the active follow: Trade – Search Auction – Stadium Search

  25. How to play with my friends in fifa 14 mobile ? I cant seem to find the invite button

      1. Do we need to like purchase anything before we can play online with friends ? Cause online friendlies cant be seen anywhere. I bought it free from play store. Sorry for the trouble .

    1. New to EAS FC is the ability to send a Catalogue item to a friend as a gift. Simply select the item in the Catalogue, choose to redeem it, and you’ll be given an option to gift it to a friend. It only costs 50% of the regular price to send a gift and you can gift an item to a friend that hasn’t reached the level that the item is from.
      Find more about it HERE.

    1. Hi.
      You have to make space in your active squad first. Click on the player you want to sacrifice and select ‘swap with club’. You will then be able to replace that player with one from you club.
      Learn more about it HERE.

  26. I have no idea how to buy consumables.. My contacts are out and I can’t find where in fifa mobile to get them

    1. Hi.
      It’s easier than you think. Just go to ‘Transfer Market’ and you will find four filters. One of these is ‘Consumables’. Then you will get another filters: contracts, healing, etc

  27. Hi, I have bought fifa 14 for my xbox 360. I cant set up tounaments like i used to be able to do on all the previous fifas. My xbox is offline bt this hasnt been a problem in the past. Can u help me please?



      Goal: Change your club’s home and away kit
      Instructions: Club – My Club – (Select the Club that has the Kit) – Make this Item Active
      Note: If you have no equipment besides the active follow: Trade – Search Auction – Kits & Badges Search

      Goal: Change your club’s stadium.
      Instructions: Club – My Club – Stadiums – Make this Item Active
      Note: If you have no stadium besides the active follow: Trade – Search Auction – Stadium Search


      1. Hey, I just got FIFA 14 on PS4, and I can’t seem to find my kits in the My Club menu. It states that I have 6 kits (got these from packs earned in my first few tournaments), but I can’t find a way to open a kit category and then activate the desired card. I am very early in the Ultimate Team game, so is it possible that I simply haven’t satisfied some other requirement?

          1. Hey, I have a PS4 and my friend invites me to a match and I accept it and it says that it’s joining the game session, then it says that the game session is no longer available. Then I invite him to a match and I send him an invitation and I ready up but it says the same thing it says for me.

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