Beginners Introduction Guide to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Beginners Introduction Guide to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team


Is this your first Ultimate Team experience? Do you want to know what is FIFA 19 Ultimate Team and how it works? You are in the right place. Welcome to our Beginners Introduction Guide to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, where new players are introduced to this amazing game.


Beginners Introduction Guide to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Short guide for first-time players;

Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode of FIFA franchise. FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, or FUT 19 as it is commonly called, is a free-to-play extension of FIFA 19 where you can try to build the team of our dreams. It is like owning your very own fantasy team. It is always an unfinished project. You will be always finding new goals to achieve: testing other players, trying a new formation, winning a tournament, qualifying for the Weekend League, etc…The game never ends.

Ultimate Team is not only about creating unique squads with the players that you like. There is much more than that. You need to control several things to ensure the success of your club.

Firstly, you should know that everything in this game is a card that can be earned in packs, sold or bought in a real-time global market with thousands of players. In FUT 19, there are four groups of cards:

Used to build your squads.

Used to give to players what they need: contracts, training, healing sessions, etc…

Used to manage the consumables in the best way improving your winning chances.

Used to customise your club with badges, kits, balls and stadiums.


Beginners Introduction Guide to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team


Playing FIFA 19 Ultimate Team is not only about manage these four card’s groups. You need to find the right formation to your play style and to the players you picked. It is on the pitch where you see if you built an unbeatable team or not. You can play online and single player tournaments and seasons, challenge your friends, try the Draft mode or compete on the FUT Champions and Squad Battles. FIFA 19 Ultimate Team combines your fantasy team with award-winning FIFA 19 gameplay.

To make the challenge of building your own squad even more fun and unique, there are some rules: the chemistry rules. It measures how well the players like to play together. So you need to buy players with strong connections with teammates. In other words, you need to try to match their real-life nationality, league and club. A good relationship with the manager, loyalty and playing in the right position also helps the players performance.

As it happens in the real life, money is crucial to build something. Part of the FUT 19 fun is to know how to make profit in the market. The more coins (FUT currency) you have, the bigger your dreams are.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team is played on the consoles or PC, besides mobile platforms, but you can manage your squads on the FUT Web App or mobile devices through the Companion App.

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