The Best FIFA 14 Teams, Formations and Tactics


You can improve your chances of winning before the match even begins. Find out how in this guide about the best FIFA 14 teams, formations and tactics.


Pre Match Set-Up Guide


Every day we work hard to help you to become a better FUT player. We know that we have helped thousands of players build strong teams filled with the best players of the world. However, to be a top Ultimate Team player, you will need something more. You will need to know how to play FIFA itself. That’s our goal now. We will help you with that. How ? We have made a partnership with, the creators of the best FIFA guide. Why it is the best ? Because the authors are the best professional FIFA gamers of the planet. They teach us everything, step by step, what we need to know to improve our FIFA skills.

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Best FIFA 14 Teams, Formations and Tactics
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Best FIFA 14 Teams, Formations and Tactics


By reading this free chapter, you will learn who are the best FIFA 14 teams, formations and tactics, according to top professional FIFA players.

Knowing the best FIFA 14 teams to play with will certainly give you an advantage over your opponents. In this guide, you can see who is the best choice for each star rating. Since most of players like to play with 5 stars teams, you can check a detailed analysis about the five best FIFA 14 teams, including offensive and defensive scouting report, suggested formation and recommended line-up.

If you go into the game with an understanding of formations and tactics then you give yourself the upper hand on the opponent. This amazing guide show you the top formations for attacking, counter-attacking and defensive styles, according to your preferences. For each one, you get a full review, with tips, suggested teams to play, strengths and weaknesses points. And what to do if your opponent is playing with one of these formations ? Don’t worry. The authors share with you how you could beat them.
In the end of this chapter, you can also check which are the recommended work-rates for each position.

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The guide will give you game changing tips and strategies specific to FIFA 14. It can help you:

  • Analyze your opponent’s formation
  • Maximize your controller skills
  • Master new skill moves
  • Get next generation platform specific tips
  • And much, much more…

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    1. Been reading the pro gamer’s fifa guide from OrangeOctopus and I must say that there are some gems to be pulled from the guide. I learned a lot about which skill moves to use. This really made attacking more fun. High quality content. Worth it.

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